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Did You Wake up to a Dream of Being Robbed? Find out what it means!

Did You Wake up to a Dream of Being Robbed? Find out what it means!

Updated on Aug 08, 2022 | Published on Nov 09, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Being Robbed - 40+ Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Did you have a terrifying dream of being robbed? Robbery dreams are shaking to the bone and sometimes, extremely disturbing.

You may wake up in a threatened state and check on your valuable possessions, the locks of your residence, and even your car parked outside.  But, these dreams don’t necessarily indicate a robbery in waking life.

In your dream, you might have been hurt during the robbery or you have been involved in a robbery yourself. But, you don’t harbor such intentions in your mind.

So, why would you get such dreams… Is your life at risk?

Don’t worry, I’ll share all the details about it.

Dream of Being Robbed - 40+ Different Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dream of Being Robbed – 40+ Different Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dream of Being Robbed – General Interpretations

Dream about being robbed can have multiple interpretations. Right from your need for privacy or insecurities to major trust issues, it can imply many things.

A dream of getting robbed can be very upsetting. Nobody wants to be vulnerable to any dangers or be unnecessarily involved in it.

Your dreams about getting robbed might be related to your lack of privacy in life or because of being hurt several times in life. The constant fear of losing something or someone can also reflect your dreams.

So, let’s dig into a few of the general interpretations of these dreams.

1. You need privacy

Your dreams of being robbed can be an indication of a lack of privacy. You’re probably dealing with some nosy acquaintances a lot these days.

Probing people are more frequent in family members or neighbors. But that doesn’t mean they don’t frequent professional areas. These people don’t feel bad about eavesdropping either. Your privacy is at stake and you can’t turn them down because it may impact your relationship.

Their snoopy nature is making you feel paranoid and trailing your dreams as well. You really want some time away from these people but you don’t have other alternatives. Your subconscious is wishing for a deserted place where such people do not haunt you or your privacy.

2. Your sense of security is hyperactive

These dreams also reflect on a strong sense of security which is the primitive instinct of all living beings. You are constantly stressed about the security of your belongings.

Maybe, you’re extremely cautious about your possessions. And you’re not to blame for that! You probably had a bad experience in this context. You dislike the thought of someone intruding on you even if they didn’t harbor ill intentions and you fear someone might steal your possessions.

Further, you believe in protecting yourself by locking all doors or windows to your residency and vehicles. Guess what? That’s a great habit!

Your hyperactive sense of security and alertness is entering your subconscious. This can be the reason behind these dreams of being robbed. You might also be suffering from reduced sleep because of your worries.

3. You have major trust issues

Maybe, you had a bad experience after trusting someone. Those few times of deception in your life led to the embedded trust issues in you.

It is hard to bond with others when you have built so many walls around your heart. This is impacting your relationships in life. You are emotionally distressed for not bonding easily.

Have you noticed when you experience robbery dreams the most? Perhaps, it is frequent after meeting new faces?

Your dream is probably trying to bring your vulnerability to your notice. You can try putting your faith in your subconscious and see what life has in stock for you.

4. You are insecure

Are the regular occurrences in your life-impacting you negatively? Maybe, you do not approve of those occurrences? If that’s the case, a deep feeling about changing things is cultivating inside you. Your dreams about getting robbed have some connection to this feeling in your real life.

You dislike these people indulging in activities you disapprove of and you’re not feeling safe for that. In such situations, it is best to avoid them to further ensure your security.

This will buy you time to understand their intentions. You never know who is trying to take advantage of your presence around them.

If you feel negative around these people, the chances of your subconscious conveying something are pretty high. These recurring dreams of being robbed might be about your looming insecurity in life.

5. Someone else took credit for your work

The threats of being robbed are not limited to your possessions or belongings alone. Sometimes, efforts are lost too. In professional platforms or personal life, opportunists always have an eye on your efforts and hard work.

Maybe somebody stole the credits while you worked all-nighters for a promotion? Such incidents engrave deep scars in human minds. You probably still feel resentful towards them for that. Such actions are not acceptable and neither should you let them go.

This person stole your accomplishments and you have every right to call them out. Your dreams about getting robbed might be suggestive of how the incident scarred you.

6. You’ve lost something valuable

At times your dreams about being robbed can be indicative of losing something valuable in your real life. Perhaps, you are not alert lately? The lack of alertness can lead to this loss.

But the loss is again not restricted to objects. It can be a family member, a friend, or a lover. Your diminished interest in your relationships can cause misunderstandings in life.

Your dream is suggesting you value this thing or person when you have the opportunities. Care for loved ones.

However, this dream can also symbolize someone trying to exploit your goodwill. It can impact you deeply and make you lose sleep. Your lost possession might be the harmony or happiness of your life as well. Be wary of such people to erase these worries from your subconscious!

Dream about Being Robbed – 23 Scenarios & Their Meanings

So far, the general interpretations might not be enough to understand your situation. Are you still feeling confused about your dreams?

There might have been more details about your dream about getting robbed and you want to know the exact dream symbolism. Don’t worry, that wasn’t the end of this discussion.

Different details of your dreams speak of different entities and occurrences in life. Let’s dive in and find your dream here…

1. Dream of being robbed of money

In a dream, if the robber stole your money, the dream symbolism is extremely clear: You are worried about some financial issues or authority. There might be a situation threatening your authority or finances that is disturbing you.

Are you aware of the reason behind this threat? Identify the responsible person for this situation and keep an eye on them.

The indirect interpretation is your uneasiness about your job as it is a source of income and financial support. Stress about any monetary issue can result in dreams about getting your money robbed. Look for methods of stabilizing your situation to avoid these dreams.

2. Dream of being robbed at knifepoint

In dreams, pointed and sharp objects like knives symbolize feelings of anger or hostility. In reality, one approaches you physically to threaten you with a knife. A victim is left helpless in such situations.

Your dream about being robbed at knifepoint is an indication of your helplessness in waking life. Did you see a familiar face in the dream? If so, your authority and security feel threatened by that person. As these kinds of robberies need close proximity, it is suggestive of the fact that the person is very close to you.

Moreover, any details about the knife can deepen the interpretation. If the knife was rusty or blunt, it is symbolic of the looming grief. But, if the knife was sharp, it represents a close person.

If you see yourself getting stabbed by the robber along with it, it is a prediction of distressful circumstances. You have to stay alert for a while.

3. Dream of being robbed of jewelry

Jewelry is a symbolism of wealth and very intimate possessions. A dream about getting robbed of jewelry indicates the loss of dignity due to a close one in your personal or professional life.

This person has harbored ill feelings towards you for a long time. So, you might be deeply troubled by what they are about to do. Instigating your friends and family is very easy for this person.

Jewelry can also be symbolic of your spiritual wealth and motivation in life. So getting your jewelry robbed in a dream can imply hopelessness too. Loss of friends and family is another interpretation. Your dreams can also be the image projected from the fear of forgetting the lost person.

4. Dream of being robbed at gunpoint

Dreaming about being at gunpoint and getting robbed can feel stressful. This is again a bad sign of facing difficulties in life. 

In reality, nobody needs to get physically near you to threaten you with a gun. So, the person responsible for your difficulty might not be someone close to you.

On the flip side, avoiding gunpoint is very risky and tricky. This is an implication of future difficulties being hard to avoid. You will need your entire might, will, and wisdom to overcome this situation.

Yet, this is only a prediction and hasn’t turned true. You still have a chance to reduce the looming risks in the future. If you’re about to take a risky step in your personal or professional life, this dream is suggesting you weigh all your options before you move forward.

5. Dream about getting robbed and seeing the robber

In your dreams, if you get robbed and find out the identity of the robber, it implies that someone is troubling you and not bothering to hide their trail.

This behavior indicates that they see you as helpless and think that you can never defend yourself. Such behavior can be perceived as a provocation.

This person is provoking you to take a wrong step in an attempt to save themselves. He/she can be someone very close to you and knows a lot about you. They want to use everything for their gains. Maintain distance with this person and think before you step forward in your defense.

6. Dream of being robbed all of a sudden

A dream about being suddenly robbed is indicative of unanticipated financial problems. You might be working on a business venture or a project for a long time. But, did you go through all the details carefully? It wouldn’t hurt to do so once again.

The problems can arise from being careless of some crucial details. You should double-check all of your options before locking your investments. You should also eliminate any scope of fruitless expenses.

The prediction is not set on stone. This is a warning and you can avoid it by paying attention.

7. Dream of finding out that you were robbed

In your dream, you might have later realized that something was stolen from you. Such dreams usually arise from the stress of financial imbalance in life.

Either your income has reduced considerably or there is news of some loss in your business. This dream might also be a warning about your unstable finances or some newly-found income source.

Make conscious efforts to capitalize on income opportunities or otherwise your financial condition can suffer. Reflect on your necessities before spending. Mindful money habits can increase your ability to avoid such problems.

8. Dream of being robbed without seeing the robber

A dream of getting robbed but failing at identifying the robber is an implication of manipulation in your life. Someone very close to you is pretending to be a well-wisher and manipulating your thoughts and decisions with their “advice”.

You have great faith in this person and believe in their words because of the close relationship. If you confront them, they will try to play innocent. It will be better to not listen to their “advice” and wait for their responses. This person might show their true colors if you stop listening to them.

Be careful when you try to unmask this person as he/she is very cunning.

9. Dream of house being robbed

A house in a dream implies your personal life. A dream about your house getting robbed suggests problems revolving around close relationships.

The problems might arise from differences in thoughts between the two of you. Things might only turn for the worse if you keep arguing with that person regarding your choices.

It will be better if you maintain some distance for a while. Take some time for yourself and consider the positive and negative aspects of the choices of both sides.

If you feel you can compromise about the subject, then be upfront about it. If not, try explaining your stance to the other person.

10. Dream of being robbed by someone you know

A dream about being robbed by a known person is very worrying and leaves you with a heavy heart. It is symbolic of past conflicts with a family member. You have probably lost touch with this person after all the tension between you two.

Your dream also symbolizes your guilt towards the situation and the involved people. Your subconscious is warning you to stop behaving as you’ve in the past.

Further, it also means that your soul is engraved with regrets and you need to relieve them by reflecting on your behavior.

11. Dream of being robbed and chased

Your dreams about being robbed and the robber chasing you are a symbolism of a rocky relationship and your desire to get rid of it.

You might feel this person is taking you for granted and you have reached your limits. You might want to get away and live peacefully.

This person has kept you caged and you are trying your best to break free. This can be a personal or professional relationship.

12. Dream of being robbed in public

You might have a disturbing dream of being robbed in public but nobody was there to your aid. This dream symbolizes an unfortunate incident ruining all your scopes to achieve your desires. The worst part is that the people around you will not come for your rescue either.

You might be working hard to achieve something in your professional life. But there are tremendous chances of failing at it.

Someone around you will be the cause of this failure. Your team members or colleagues will be incapable of helping you despite knowing the situation. The responsible person might have more power than you.

13. Dream of being robbed without being present

Dreams of getting robbed in your absence depict the important changes in life without your knowledge.

Perhaps, things are already changing right now and you are unaware? Your professional life might be facing some problems and you aren’t provided with the details.

Your rivals might plan to trick you and snatch away some important opportunities. You must secure your finances first so that you don’t incur grave losses.

14. Dream about your car being robbed

A dream about a car being robbed is an indication of delayed movement and flexibility in your real life. Some life choices might lead to dead ends. You might not find an easy way out of it. It can also be challenging to proceed with your current plans in professional life.

Further, evaluate the risks well before you invest heavily into it, else your finances might get deeply wounded. Paying attention to every small detail might prevent you from making a wrong decision.

Opportunists are out to find targets! Try to lay low for a while else they will try trapping you.

15. Dream of being robbed of phone

If you dreamed of your phone getting robbed, it is indicative of the loss of your ability to communicate.

Somebody might try to suppress you in your professional platform and take away the limelight from you. Your power to communicate might either be granted to someone else or forcibly snatched by the other person.

This person might try to take away your efforts too. Do not let them steal your hard-earned reputation so easily!

The person might be somebody who knows crucial details of your work. Keep evidence of your work for your safety and convey your thoughts by yourself.

16.  Dream of being robbed at work

Any dream of being robbed at your workplace implies threats to your professional life. Some employees are gossiping about something. Try to stay away from these gossip mongrels around you. They only need a spark to blow into a huge incident.

Moreover, someone might try stealing your efforts or your recognition in your workplace. It is important to find out this culprit and stop sharing details of your work. They might be taking sensitive information from your work in the form of a helping hand.

17. Dream of being robbed at a place you no longer live

If you dream of places you don’t live anymore, it is connected to a past that you cannot visit. Dreaming about being robbed at that place is an indication of releasing resentful feelings from your past. You might have been cheated or hurt deeply.

Your subconscious wants you to move on from that traumatic experience. Your dream itself cannot relieve you from that pain.

If it is appearing in the form of disturbing dreams, you should seek help from a close friend or an expert.

18. Dream of being robbed of clothes

A dream of your clothes being robbed is symbolic of your vulnerabilities. You feel people around you are disrespectful towards you. These people do not understand your worth and try to make you feel less than what you truly are.

You must check these people and their intentions. It is time to remove the toxic people from your life and make the rest aware of your limits. People will take you seriously only if you handle your situation properly.

19. Dream of being robbed of cash

A dream of someone robs you of cash symbolizes your financial instability. You might be unsure of your financial safety and the stress is haunting your dreams.

Further, it is also possible that you will have a change of heart in terms of your business or occupation.

Do not take risky challenges at the moment. Your first objective is reaching financial stability. If your income is stabilized, you’ll have multiple chances of taking risks in the future.

20. Dream of a friend robbing you

If you see a friend robbing you in a dream, then you are having trust issues. You might have been betrayed in the past and you can’t seem to accept anyone as a friend. Deep inside you’re worried about being cheated again.

You’re also having trouble communicating with your close ones. Try testing them in harmless ways. If they meet your expectations, you should try putting down the walls. Everyone does not have ulterior motives. You should let your paranoid side rest once your suspicions are cleared.

21. Dream of family stealing from you

Since our family members are the closest to us on earth since our birth, they have access to all of our weak spots.

Sometimes, instead of being supportive, some family members feel it is alright to hurt your weak spots. You might be feeling negative about someone in your family and are unable to express it.

You should talk to other members and communicate your anguish to stop the current situation. Hope you will get over this troubling period soon.

22. Dream of being robbed by strangers

When you see a stranger robbing you in a dream, there is a possibility of that stranger being “you”. Your reflection appears as a stranger in your dream because you are doing something without being aware.

The complete meaning of this dream is that your actions are unknowingly stopping you from being your best version. It can also be a representation of your rebellious self. This might arise from uncertainties about your real life.

23. Dream of being robbed very fast

A dream of getting robbed too fast is again a bad sign about your financial situation. It speaks of the unkempt state of your finances. You might not be regulating your own finances and have no scope of tracking it. Or, you might have been spending too much for your own good. 

As finances are connected to professional life, your actions at work might endanger your job security and funds along with it!

Spend carefully as your subconscious is warning you.

Spiritual meaning of dream about being robbed

Spiritually, dreams about being robbed indicate the loss of spirituality due to several reasons in your personal or professional life like loss of authority or capabilities.

Your dreams about getting robbed might imply a spiritual robbery. It is possible that your mind is feeling insecure about your spirituality. Every person has a sense of spirituality, and yours seem insecure due to perils in your life.

Spirituality also represents a person’s capabilities in life. Maybe something has shaken your power or authority recently. You’ve been following certain beliefs in your life and some situation has risen that is questioning those beliefs.

So, the loss of spirituality can also result in the loss of capabilities in your personal or professional life. You’re in a dire situation and want to overcome it somehow.

You do not want to let go of your authority or your beliefs but you are afraid of that turning into reality. Your worries have taken the form of your dreams and are disturbing your peace.

You should consult a spiritual expert and seek a solution for your current distress.

Questions to Ask Yourself to interpret being robbed dreams correctly

It can be hard to interpret your dreams correctly even after reading so much. So, here are a few pointers that can help relate to your situation…

Take some time for yourself and ask yourself these below-listed questions, the answers will help identify the right message your dream is trying to communicate to you.

  • Are people around you prying into your life?
  • Did anyone lie to you and you found out later?
  • Did someone emotionally abuse you after gaining your trust?
  • Were you cheated by a lover or a family member you deeply trusted?
  • Did someone steal credit for your hard work in your professional platform?
  • Did a seller overcharge you for some inferior quality item?

Now, there might be cases where you were not being robbed, instead, you were robbing someone… or you were seeing a robbery happening in your dream. 

So, let’s find out what that means. 

Robbery Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Robbery dreams can be interpreted in various manners like unjust treatment around you, feelings of hopelessness, or even flaws in your character.

So, you possibly did not get robbed yourself in your dream. It might have been someone else getting robbed, or there are chances that you yourself were the robber in the dream.

However, if you were not the focus of the robbery dream, then it has a different interpretation.  

Don’t panic, we’re going to discuss those too. So, let’s begin!

1. There’s a lot of unfair treatment happening around you

Lately, are you suffering from anyone’s biased behavior? Maybe, someone is being hostile towards you. It can either be out of jealousy towards you or some other reason.

You’re constantly feeling a deprivation of justified behavior and for obvious reasons, you’re finding it unacceptable. Your disturbed emotions are impacting your subconscious too.

Furthermore, the negative feelings might project into your personal or professional life. You’re well aware of the effects of the biased treatment and want to change it. But you haven’t been able to change much yet.

This feeling of loss against the unfair treatment is demotivating you. Your robbery dreams are probably projecting the loss of motivation because of such treatment. Try to seek justice; you don’t deserve to be mistreated.

2. It is a sign of some bad traits in you

If you are having dreams of committing a robbery, your dream symbolizes a flaw in your character and you’re unaware of it.

Perhaps, you were not aware your behavior is unacceptable or have recently realized you’re being rude to people. You want to own all the valuable things or even people in your life. Despite knowing it is not possible all the time you might forcibly want the unachievable.

You must remember that happiness doesn’t only define materialistic pleasures. It’s in the little things like a hug, smile, or even a handshake. So, you need to learn to be happy with your current possessions.

Many people don’t have half as much as you. So be grateful for what life has given and what you achieve without brute force. If you change for the better, your luck will naturally start favoring you.

3. You are losing hope

Dreams about robberies can be related to the loss of something from your life. Likewise, another dream interpretation can be losing hope in your life.

You might be tense about your future and it seems you tried your best at resisting what is about to come. You might have accepted the approaching loss in your future. It is also possible that you might be feeling hopeless for giving in to the situation.

Here, your dream is conveying the message that you have done enough and it is time to let go and move on. Your subconscious is aware of the consequences. It also suggests you stop taking risks meanwhile. And you can start all over if you’re more careful with your decisions.

4. You feel powerless

Lately, is there any situation that you feel is going out of control? It might be making you feel powerless. Robbery dreams can also be an indication of feeling extremely low and sad about a situation in your real life.

Another interpretation of this dream is restraint. Maybe an elder or a mentor is limiting your desires for achievements in life. You might feel like striving for a lot more than what they want you to. Yet, you are being limited by their choices.

You probably don’t get to express your mind in decisions about your life and aspirations now. You want to fly high but they are holding you down.

This dissatisfaction with people around you along with the lack of independence from the roots of your robbery dreams.

Go ahead and express your feelings to this person. Try changing their mind, if not, try understanding their point of view.

Dream about Robbery – 21 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

You might be seeking something more specific where you can relate to the details.

Did the robberies occur in the street? That explains how much you like taking challenges. Or was it in a bank? Then you have to stay alert of people with ulterior motives. Or maybe, you were the robber in your dream which is a good symbol.

So, let’s get down to the business of robbery dream interpretations!

1. Dream about witnessing a robbery

In your dreams, if you witness a robbery, it is a depiction of feeling powerless in waking life. In reality, your personal life might not be going according to your plans. You might be lacking direction. The feeling of helplessness might have risen from this lost feeling.

However, if after witnessing the incident you tried to stop the robbery in your dream, it is symbolic of gaining lost power and opportunities by your own strength.

But, if you were in the middle of a crowd when the robbery occurred, it is indicative of undergoing an emotional period with your close ones. The overflowing emotions might be due to happy or sad reasons.

Lastly, if you know the person you see getting robbed, this implies that someone close to you will force you into doing something soon.

They will pretend to be incapable of doing the work and use you for it. Your goodwill might be taken advantage of. You might even feel they are wasting your time. If someone like that approaches you, turn them down strictly!

2. Dream of an attempted robbery

In reality, one must stay alert to prevent any attempt of a robbery. Similarly, your dreams of an attempted robbery speak about your real life.

You need to be more careful of your surroundings and yourself. This dream can also be interpreted as someone who might catch you doing something you wouldn’t want them to know.

So, be careful of your actions and surroundings. Your actions do not necessarily have to be something bad. But you would not want the other person to be aware.

Being more careful of your surroundings can help you in this situation.

3. Dream of a street robbery

A dream about street robbery speaks of the challenges in your future. If a robber is attacking you in a dream in the streets, it symbolizes that people around you are opposing your positivity about life. They are speaking negatively about you and your thoughts.

If you witnessed a street robbery in your dream, it signifies that your soul is looking for a challenge in life. You are too bored with the mundane lifestyle and want some spice for a change. You have overcome a lot of challenges in your life.

Suddenly, your life does not feel as challenging and you are not feeling comfortable with it. This is a good sign as it expresses your readiness for the probable hardships in the future. You’re ready for some progress in your life.

4. Dream about preventing a robbery

If your dreams are about preventing a robbery, it is an implication of your capabilities in preventing problems. You might also be an expert in avoiding them smartly.

Others around you do not see you face many challenges and have the misconception of you leading an easy life. But, in reality, you have a lot of potential in you. You know how to deal with many situations and hardships by experience.

This dream is signaling the importance of all the steps in your life. It also implies the advantages you might gain from continuing your way of living.

This dream can also indicate that many challenges are on their way in your life and your experience will come in handy during this phase. As you were preventing the robbery in your dream, it depicts your capabilities in facing poor situations and emerging as a winner in all of them. 

5. Dream of a car robbery

A dream about a car robbery indicates an attack on your personal life. It could be related to your identity, your financial stability, or the relationships in your personal life. The attacker might be anyone who is close to you and possesses knowledge about your daily life.

Car robbery dreams are indicative of any sudden change in your professional life. There is a scope of impacting your life either way. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for dealing with all kinds of possible challenges.

However, this dream can also be a positive sign. Some businesses might finally produce the desired results or some hardships are about to end.

To understand the actual indication, you must first consider your current state in life. All the troubles around you may be solved soon provided you continue your hard work.

6. Dream of witnessing a bank robbery

A bank robbery in your dream is a warning from your subconscious. You need to be more aware and careful about the intentions of the people around you.

There might be people trying to take advantage of you in your personal or professional life. You find turning down people’s requests very hard and people are misusing them. You have to stop giving in to people’s demands.

This dream can also mean that you have to suppress your true feelings for a while before you trust them completely. People with evil intentions are lurking around and you must stay alert for your safety.

A person might befriend you and pretend to be a savior. They will grab your attention and gain your favor in this manner. No matter the situation, do not express yourself too much to anyone for a while.

7. Dream of preparing for a robbery

A dream about preparing for a robbery is an ominous dream. It suggests that you might disappoint your family, friends, or mentor soon.

But this is a warning, and you might not have done anything worth disappointment yet. Try to avoid this prediction by being careful and weighing all the future decisions carefully.

Also, do not refuse any job or task only because you are being wary. Refusing your duties is another form of disappointment. You have to be careful that you do not let down the people precious to you.

This dream can also indicate advancement in your life. But you will be able to leverage this advancement only if you sacrifice something or someone in your life. This again goes back to the disappointment of people around you.

8. Dream of being a robber

If you’re having dreams where you are the robber, it is a good sign. It is the representation of great achievements in your life. You are about to be surprised about the ways you conquer your professional life. This is the peak of your profession and you must try making the best out of it.

This dream can also be a prediction of a future romantic encounter with a person older than you. An age gap in a romantic relationship signifies lesser misunderstandings due to the maturity of either of you. Your romantic life is about to be settled.

Also, another interpretation of the dream is that your actions are influenced by your self-respect.

So, it returns to the different kinds of feelings you experience during the dream!

9. Dream of catching a robber

The dream of catching a robber is a positive indication. It means that you are about to achieve something in life and will receive appropriate recognition for it. So, keep thriving for the best as you have been doing. You’re very close to reaching your goals.

Moreover, if you caught the robber and handed them over to the police or you saw other police in your dreams, it is a representation of authority in your life.

It might either mean someone possessing great power will favor you for your recognition and accomplishments or you will receive authority after achieving a milestone in your life. Look forward to your future!

10. Dream about a robbery as a crime

Perhaps, you had a dream where you reported a robbery to the cops? Or you called the cops on the robber? This dream is a symbolism of your earnest desire for achieving something in your waking life.

You are very passionate about this desire and it has entered your subconscious. But great obstructions are in the way of achieving it. The challenges keep on coming to you and you’ve been struggling for a long time.

Your passion is nevertheless backing this fight to your glory. This might be an item on your bucket list. It is something that you always wanted to do but never got any opportunities for.

Due to the multiple challenges in life, you are bound to feel stressed and sometimes even contemplate your decisions. But it is best if you don’t stop now.

You’ve come a long way and you’re very close to reaching your destination. Have faith in your passion! If you give up on this dream, you might regret it for a lifetime.

11. Dream of robbing someone

Your dreams of robbing someone do not indicate your criminal intentions, calm down! In reality, you might be feeling a little lost.

You’re not sure about which path to follow as there are too many. This confusion led to the dream of robbing someone.

Maybe you’re struggling to focus on your goals in life. You might also be forcing yourself to focus on other important things in life.

You’re trying your best and will soon get results for it. Difficulties and challenges do not stay in life permanently. Soon, this phase will be over!

12. Dream of being caught after a robbery

Dreams about being caught after committing a robbery are a sign of financial instability. Maybe you don’t know that you’re spending too much or you can’t control your urges for spending.

This has stressed you out and the worries are projecting it in your dreams. You must find a way to control your habits, otherwise, the troubles will not end anytime soon. Take the help of a family member or consult an expert regarding your habits. Surely, you’ll find some solution for it.

Or, you are about to take a wrong step in your professional life and that is capable of threatening your revenue. Think twice about the decisions in the professional platform.

If you can’t be too sure, take the advice of a trustworthy ally. Your dream is warning you of a major mishap in life. So, be aware.

13. Dream of a church robbery

A church in a dream is an indication of your religious beliefs. A robbery in the church is a symbolism of a change in your beliefs. Maybe, you’ll be asked to commit something that is against your religious faith.

For some unfortunate reason, you will comply with such demands. This incident will torment and attack your religious beliefs forever.

You might be shaken to the core after knowing of it. Try to avoid this incident with all you have. Protect your beliefs with your soul. You are about to meet a difficult stage of your life.

14. Dream of planning a robbery

A dream of planning a robbery suggests great planning for the future. Your plans consist of many unbelievable aspects. People around you might not have faith in your idea as they find it strange.

But you have checked all of the possibilities and obstructions in your way. So, the chances of your success are much higher than they can imagine. Your close ones might discourage you as they cannot see the farsighted view of your plans or do not have faith in your choices.

Don’t be disheartened by their words as your dream is signaling you of your success. Keep working hard and prove everyone wrong.

15. Dream of robbers at home

If in your dream, you see robbers at your home, it is a depiction of someone stealing your happiness. It might be your financial support or any harmonious relationship.

Someone might be instigating some troubles behind your back, and they have enough information to cause disruptions in your daily life. So, the close proximity of this person is highly possible.

If you can identify this person, stay away from them and express your concerns about them to your valued people. If you cannot identify this person, train your heart for accepting some turmoil in your life.

16. Dream of armed robbery

There are certain additional aspects connected to the dream of armed robbery for the correct interpretations.

If you dream about finding armed robbers far away from you, it is a sign of the safety and security of your possessions.  So, your future is secured and your finances are safe.

If you notice the armed robbers are near you and you win a fight with them, it is a representation of achievements and victory in the professional platform.

However, if you lose the fight, it means there are people who are hiding things from you. They are showing you a façade and trying to take advantage of you. Interpret your dream properly to avoid possible problems.

17. Dream of a robber caught

The sight of a robber getting caught in a dream is suggestive of the fact that you are about to overpower a difficult situation concerning your occupation or finances.

Did you see the robber being imprisoned? Then your subconscious is conveying the message that you will reach your goal soon. You should not get distracted during this crucial period and your hard work will be answered with tremendous fortune and power.

If you continue being devoted to your professional platform, a surprise is awaiting you. It might be in the form of a promotion, a bonus, or in some other form.

18. Dream of death in a robbery

A dream about a death in a robbery is again a bad symbol. It is a warning from your subconscious about any loss in your professional life or finances. But, did you notice who died in the dream? Because there are few different possibilities in this case.

If someone else dies in the hands of the robber, you need to be alert and prevent any kind of mistakes in your job.

If the robber dies in the dream, then it is a good symbol. It signifies stability in your financial situation as well as your professional life.

No matter what your dream is, do not forget that it is only a warning and you have all the chances of preventing it!

19. Dream about your relatives being robbed

If you see your relatives or any familiar person, get robbed in your dreams, it is indicative of your worries for them. Perhaps, they are going through a difficult phase right now? You probably want to help them dearly.

If you are worried to the extent of seeing them in your dreams, you should speak to them and try to understand their concerns.

You might be able to find a wonderful solution to their problem or provide them with great support to overcome their struggles. Either of you shouldn’t be shy and communicate!

20. Dream of trash robbery

In reality, trash robbery exists despite the absurdness of the thought. If you see a dream of trash robbery, it indicates that you have a lot of “trash” on you. No! I’m not insulting you! This trash is the accumulated negative emotions you collected throughout your life.

Every time we proceed from one stage of life to another, we need to let go of the past scars, resentments, and all the negativities.

It will be hard to lead your life if you don’t let it go. Your subconscious is aware of the negativity and needs you to move on.

21. Dream of stalling a robber at a mall

A person visiting a mall either carries cash or a card for transactions. If you have a dream of stalling a robber in the mall, it is a depiction of theft of something very valuable like your dignity. Here, the robber represents your doubts about yourself.

Did you see any familiar faces in the dream? If so, this person is precious to you and supports you throughout all decisions of your life. This person is a huge pillar of your self-confidence. He/she also motivates you dearly in your real life.

You should try understanding this person’s faith in you. He/she believes in your capabilities because you have what it takes. So be comfortable and confident however you are!

Dream of robbery when you are single?

If you’re single, robbery dreams indicate the beginning of your romantic life. You may be getting several proposals in your recent future.

If you are currently not in any romantic relationship, your dreams of robbery indicate some drastic change in your romantic life.

You might be getting a lot of proposals from admirers. And this might continue to be so in the future. People will find you irresistible and try to win you. You will have multiple choices for starting a new relationship.

But, do not be blinded by them. Do not be fooled by external appearances or charming gestures alone. Try to understand them and seek the best for yourself. You might even start having thoughts of getting married soon in the future.

Don’t be too open to your admirers as they will use every chance at their disposal to impress you. This might make it hard for you to judge and find the right person. Pay attention to them. Best wishes for your future!

Psychological Interpretation of Robbery Dreams

Psychologically, robbery dreams are the representation of your guilt for some of your actions. You may be trying to make up to that person, but it might have been too late.

In terms of psychology, robbery dreams relate to the troubles in your real-life relationships. The fear of losing a close person is embedded in your psychology. You value this person too much to lose them.

You might be feeling guilty about something towards this person and will try to recompense the person for your past mistakes with other forms. Or, you might even try to make them forget about your past deeds with impressive gestures and still fail at seeking forgiveness.

There are high chances of this person being your romantic interest. Maybe, you feel that they do not find you as attractive anymore and feel you are drifting apart.

You must understand you cannot easily persuade a scarred heart. Your approach at persuading their heart is commendable but, it might have been too late. Continue putting enough effort to see if the person changes their mind.

If not, you should try to move on. You can feel that a sad phase is lurking around you, and your subconscious is presenting it to you in the form of robbery dreams.

Spiritual Meaning of Robbery Dreams

Spiritually, robbery dreams are warnings of troubles in your waking life along with your feelings of discomfort.

Spiritually, robbery dreams point towards things that motivate you. Your dreams about robbing or being robbed are observed as good signs spiritually.

Although, most of them have negative implications, yet they are all warnings. You can change your fate if you interpret them correctly and do accordingly.

So, start searching for the indications of your dreams and then identify the possible troubles around you. If you are getting these dreams, you have the chance of rectifying your mistakes and starting afresh once again.

Your robbery dreams also indicate your anxiety and helplessness. You have always questioned the numerous struggles you have faced in your life. The fear of a new struggle is haunting you.

You’re tired of fighting for so long that you are disappointed how things turned out so differently than the others. These negative feelings accumulate and show themselves in your dreams.

Every robbery dream has a deep meaning and you have to find the correct interpretation to save yourself from further suffering.

It might seem that others are not suffering, but that’s not true. Every living being has its difficulties. Nobody is living without facing challenges. But the circumstance or context of the challenges is different for everybody.

Biblical meaning of robbery dreams

The biblical meaning of robbery dreams refers to your helplessness regarding certain aspects of life. It can also be due to your guilty conscience due to your wrong-doings.

According to the bible, robbery dreams are a symbolism of feelings of helplessness. You feel that your independence, optimism, and authority are feeling threatened and it has been manifested in your subconscious in the form of robbery dreams.

You may also feel that all kinds of situations are going beyond control in your life. Or, you are feeling so confused with the present situation that it is turning you into a pessimist.

Another biblical meaning of robbery dreams is your guilty feelings about compelling people to commit to something against their wishes. Or, you have a guilty conscience because you’re trying to rob somebody’s efforts. Your conscience is signaling you to stop that silently.

If this is the case, you should question and reflect on your actions. Take some time alone for yourself and evaluate your motives towards yourself. If you’re feeling guilty, then think of some corrective measures that you can follow.

Or if you’re feeling low, think about the things that are affecting you the most. Take care of one issue at a time. Have faith, you might find an end to your problems in the near future.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret robbery dreams correctly

The motives of your subconscious showing you a dream are different for different robbery dreams. So, you have to make sure of a few facts before you actually reach your dream interpretation of robberies or getting robbed.

  • Where did the robberies occur in your dream?
  • Who or what was the target of the robbers?
  • Did you see the face of the robber or the one being robbed?
  • What were you doing during the robbery?
  • Did the robber achieve their intentions?
  • How did you feel about the dream?
  • Who or what was the first thing that came to your mind after having the dream?

Closing Thoughts!

Dreams of robberies or getting robbed have different meanings in different situations and phases of life. It is related to your present situation too.

So, you should try relating all the elements before you interpret them. It is possible that your dream does not have all the elements described here. Remember that each element in your dream has a different symbolism. Therefore, you should try observing them and note them as soon as you wake up.

And hey, these are just dreams! So, don’t fret over it even if you can’t find the meaning. The best way to deal with robbery dreams is to tighten your security in every aspect of life.