Dreaming of losing gravity can indicate that your mind is filled with negative emotions or that you are lacking your own identity.

Alternatively, this dream can also mean that someone is depending on you, or that you have too many responsibilities. 

General Interpretations about Dream Meaning of Losing Gravity

Naturally, it’s not possible to experience losing gravity or “zero-gravity” unless you go to space OR jump from a high to a low plane. And of course, the phenomenon is pretty unnerving.

So, does your dream of losing gravity bring similar news? Let’s find out…

Your mind is filled with negativity

One of the most popular dream interpretations of losing gravity is that your mind is always occupied with negative emotions like anger and hatred.

You lack your identity

It can also be that you are currently suffering from a lack of self-confidence and self-identity.

You have someone depending on you

In the positive sense, dreaming of losing gravity can indicate that someone very important in your life depends on you to do something for them.

You have too many responsibilities

It can also symbolise that you have too many responsibilities in your waking life.

You have to train yourself

This interpretation can be regarded as either positive or negative. Losing gravity in your dreams can be a message from your subconscious to train yourself for the future.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dream of Losing Gravity

Spirituality says that losing gravity in your dreams or jumping higher and higher is a positive sign that you will soon reconnect with a powerful spiritual force.

This force will completely change your life and you will become much wiser and calmer. Your mind will be spiritually nourished and expanded.

Dreaming of Losing Gravity – Various Types and Interpretations

Different details of your losing gravity dream focus on different aspects of life. So, if you remember more about your dream, find what it means here…

Dream of the earth losing gravity

In your dreams, if the earth has lost its gravity all of a sudden, it’s not a good sign. Here, the earth is a representation of someone whom you deeply love. This person will go away from you and might not ever return.

Or maybe they will be with you but emotionally, they will be in a completely different place. This emotional detachment will cause you a lot of pain but you will eventually overcome it.

Dream of people floating after losing gravity

It means that these people will be ready to help you sometime in the future.

You will get to know them eventually. Whenever you’re going through tough times, these people will stand by you and offer you their support and love.

Dream of yourself floating after losing gravity

On the other hand, if you dream that you’re the only person floating alone in a gravity-less world, it indicates forgetting something important.

You’ll probably forget an important event, like a client meeting or a family member’s birthday, and then feel embarrassed about it.

Another planet losing gravity

In your dreams, if the planet that has lost its gravity is a small one, such as Mercury, it foretells a small problem that will occur in your workplace. Maybe someone will try to ruin your reputation.

It means that the problem will be a huge one and you need to be careful right from the start. Keep your eyes and ears open for now.

All planets losing gravity

If all the planets in the solar system lose gravity together, it can create chaos beyond your imagination.

This is only a message from your subconscious to sort out your feelings because you have been suffering from a lot of stress and sadness lately.

A child floating after losing gravity

If you see a child floating away in your dreams, it means that you constantly worry about small things in life that often have little significance.

Losing gravity in a space station

Dreaming about losing gravity and floating in a space station indicates you have things under control for the time being, both in your personal and professional lives.

Losing gravity on the moon

Dream where you see yourself on the moon but floating due to the absence of gravity indicates that you will soon shift to a new city or country.

Losing gravity on a star

Although humans haven’t been able to go to a star in real life, anything is possible in the dream realm.

So if you dream that you somehow landed on a star and then you started to float there, it shows that you have incredible powers within you.

Losing gravity on the sun

It symbolises that you have a fierce temper just like the fiery sun. You are straightforward and honest, which often makes people admire you greatly.

Losing gravity at home

It is an indication of your love life. It means that something very surprising and joyful will soon happen to you.

This dream is a sign that your significant other will romantically propose to you. Alternatively, this dream can also mean upcoming marriage.

Feeling happy after losing gravity

You will soon come across some powerful and influential people who will be impressed with your work.

They will find your attitude refreshing and will also be interested to form a partnership with you.

Feeling scared after losing gravity

Dreaming of feeling scared after floating away signifies some major challenges in your personal life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Whether your dream of losing gravity brings good news or bad, remember that in the end, it’s always a blessing in disguise. 

Be thankful for positive messages. But don’t forget to show gratitude for the negative ones either as they will help you spot the troubles and get rid of them ASAP.

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