If you dream of being attacked by an invisible force, it symbolizes an urgent message about your waking life. Often these are a result of emotional issues, but other times, it portrays that you need to be more assertive about your desires.

So, let’s dig in!

What does being attacked by an invisible force in dreams generally mean?

Being attacked by an invisible force in dreams usually highlights your emotions, vulnerabilities, and desires in your waking life. So, let’s know more about them here.

  • Anger: The dream shows that you’ve faced too much toxicity and now you feel angry and frustrated but you must deal with your emotions better.
  • Creativity: It shows your ways of expressing yourself in creative ways.
  • Control: You feel you’ve lost control over some aspects of your life and want to conquer it. But it’s beyond reach now.
  • Spirituality: It represents you long to reconnect to spirituality, religion, or nature and not just stick to materialistic desires.
  • Protection: You are in danger due to a person or a situation and you must prepare to protect yourself.
  • Doubts: You need to stop doubting yourself if you want to make progress in reality.

Spiritual Meaning of Being Attacked by Invisible Forces Dreams

Dreams about being attacked by an invisible force, spiritually, ask you to recognize and prepare to deal with any kind of harm that might be inflicted against you. It can be in the form of false rumors, criticism, or stealing your credits. It might also be self-inflicted harm.

Or, you’re harming others unintentionally and it asks you to stop.

Common Dreams about Invisible Forces Attacking

Here are the most common kinds of attacks by invisible forces in dreams and their interpretations:

Being held down by an invisible force and being unable to move

This type of dream represents your limiting thought patterns. Even before you try to reach your greatest potential, you second-guess your abilities and defeat your spirits.

The higher realm asks you to change your thinking style and be optimistic. Chant self-empowering thoughts every day to make a difference in your life!

Being held down and molested by an invisible force

This might be a repressed memory or a result of your suppressed sexual urges. Or, it symbolizes that you feel someone is forcing you to do something which makes you feel violated.

Being dragged by an invisible force dream meaning

It shows that your circumstances and people’s expectations of  you control your life. You hardly have any say in the way you lead your life. This is a sign to be more assertive about life, follow your heart, and abide by your ethics and values.

Being stepped on by an invisible force in a dream

The dream reminds you to be confident and let go of self-doubt. Otherwise, you will become the greatest obstacle in your path to achieving success. Moreover, it asks you to avoid being bossed or distracted by others.

Being pulled by an invisible force in your dream

You might soon encounter a massive issue in your waking hours. Or, it implies that you’re being controlled and your emotional expressions are suppressed.

Your hair being pulled by an invisible force

This is a wake-up call for you to change your approach. You are on the wrong path and must rethink everything from scratch. It also tells you to stand against your bullies with your wits.

Being held down and shouted at by an invisible force

It is a divine message to keep high expectations from yourself, chase better standards, and try to be better than what you believe you can be.

Being held down and choked by an invisible force

The dream is symbolic of your bottled-up frustration, anger, and resentment. It suggests letting go of these emotions or they’ll mentally haunt you. You can be more productive only if you accept this change.

Being held down in water by an invisible force

This shows that you lost your peace and connection with your faith. Or, it implies you have violated your values repeatedly.

Dreams of being attacked by an invisible evil force

In your daily life, you consume materialistic goods and spend money on yourself to achieve something. The dream tells whether you must accept all of these goods or abstain from a few. You need to tune in with your emotions to understand the message completely.

Invisible Force Attacking Dreams with Various Weapons

If you see the invisible force using a weapon, there are added messages. So, let’s know about those here.


You have been dealing with a stubborn problem for a while. Or, you have been fighting a battle but you’re losing on a streak. This might even affect your finances, so you must focus!


It shows that you have anger issues which lead to wrong decisions. You need to calm yourself to make better choices.


This implies that you need to be careful of someone in your waking life. That person might harm you or indirectly put you in troublesome situations. Or, it might indicate that your life circumstances are dangerous.


You must reassess your choices and change your actions and behaviors for the better. If you let others control you, you’ll face grave consequences.

Biblical Dream Interpretation

Biblically, such a dream is a sign of your real-life problems, worries, or a message from God about your lack of faith in religion or yourself. It might also symbolize a physical or verbal attack or a traumatic event.

A word from ThePleasantDream

The dream theme of being attacked by invisible forces is so scary because it often highlights urgent messages. So, make sure you start working on your life ASAP or you’ll face grave consequences.

Stay alert, change poor habits, protect and prioritize yourself, and you’ll thank yourself later!

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