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Dream of Being Buried Alive – 21 Plots and Inferences

Dream of Being Buried Alive – 21 Plots and Inferences

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jun 01, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Being Buried Alive - 21 Plots and their Intriguing Interpretations

Each human being is fearful of death to various extents. Some of them get terrified by the thought of being buried alive. This fear can even make them see the dream of being buried alive.

The dream stands for contemplation or knowledge. You need to move ahead towards fulfilling your wishes. There is a need to improve your level of communication with someone.

This dream of being buried alive also stands for the need to embrace changes and versatility.

Read on to know more-

Dream of Being Buried Alive - 21 Plots and their Intriguing Interpretations
Dream of Being Buried Alive – 21 Plots and their Intriguing Interpretations

Dream of Being Buried Alive – General Interpretations (Symbolic Meaning)

The dream of being buried alive is a sign that fears and apprehensions are taking control over your life. It tells you to relax and live in the present, without thinking too much about the future.

Dreams can come up to give crucial omens, warnings, and revelations about your personality. 

Hence, the dream of a funeral or that of being buried alive can be quite terrifying. Anything linked with death can instill fear in your mind.

Still, in dreams, it is not always what you see is how things happen to be in life. The dream of burial usually refers to the emergence of new roles and responsibilities in life.

Let us take a look at the dream of being buried alive symbolism-

1. Avoid Going Through Turmoil

Some people do not want to take up new duties and carry them out in their lifetime. They all seem to be quite a headache and cause a lot of pain for them.

It is almost like feeling that they would prefer death to get buried alive. This will enable them to avoid suffering and attain salvation.

2. An Unknown Fear

You can even dream of getting buried alive when an unknown fear engulfs your mind. It does not allow you to concentrate on your work.

There is a feeling of restlessness that goes on, which makes it difficult for you to attain peace and happiness.

3. Illness or Sudden Death

This dream in which you are getting buried can appear when you are suffering from an illness that does not have any cure. You are at the fag end of your life.

You are also more than likely to have this dream when someone close to you has recently passed away. He or she could be your relative or friend.

4. Anxiety in Real Life

If there is some sort of anxiousness in waking life, you may see this unpleasant dream. 

The anxiety could be about securing a good job, getting a promotion at your present job, getting admitted to a prestigious college for higher studies, or even marriage.

All these are practical concerns that have a direct relation to your real life. Until and unless things take shape, you will keep thinking about them. 

Hence, there is a distinct possibility that this dream might even recur in the future.

5. Quest for the True Potential

Presently, you are concentrating on an important aspect of life and putting your wholehearted effort to get the best out of that situation.

Despite the attempts, you are somehow unable to attain your true potential. Hence, this dream comes up to make you unlock your hidden capabilities. 

It would ultimately result in absorbing the best of things that life has on offer.

Dream of Being Buried Alive – 21 Plots and Interpretations

When you dream of being buried alive, irrespective of whether it is you or any other individual, it carries a simple message.

It tries to convey that you are making someone learn a lesson in his life. Apart from this, your mind also tries to prevent you from experiencing any pain.

This comes as a sign of hesitation in trying to disclose exact feelings, approaches, and hidden ideas. You require spending time alone to ponder over a situation and increase your energy level.

Let us now discuss various scenarios linked with this dream-

1. Dream of Being Buried Alive

Even though we have already had an overall discussion of this scenario, still it would be interesting to see the exact interpretation of the dream of being buried alive.

It shows that odds are working against your favor.

You must pay attention to your surroundings. They include people and the situations you come across. It signifies your ability to maneuver through the ups and downs of life.

2. Dream of Being Buried Alive Up to the Neck

When you see yourself getting buried alive but only up to the neck in a dream, it means that you feel overburdened while carrying out all your responsibilities.

You feel as if you are getting buried while trying to tackle people’s problems. Somehow, you are feeling jealous, seeing others enjoying themselves freely.

3. Dream of Being Buried Alive with Thick Layers of Soil on Top

It is an auspicious sign for your waking life. The sequence denotes that your financial condition will see a massive boost. You might receive this help from an unlikely source.

Probably, your father or a rich relative will leave behind a substantial amount of wealth and assets in their will. 

This will give you an opportunity to take forward their legacy and build a good future for yourself.

4. Dream of a Dead Person Burying You Alive

If you notice the dream of a deceased individual burying you alive means that you have not repaid someone’s debts.

It could also be that someone can get held up and made to repay his dues, as his securities were not accepted. Perhaps he will be forced to come up with other ways to clear off all his dues.

5. Dream of Someone Else Being Buried Alive

When you come across a dream in which you see an unknown person getting buried alive, it signifies the end of a stage in your life. You should devote time to your family and togetherness.

As you start concentrating more on the people around you, you will find that you will have a lot stronger and more meaningful bonds with them. 

This dream suggests that you should show compassion toward others.

6. Dream of Dog Being Buried Alive

Did you see a dream of a dog getting buried alive in your dream? It predicts that you will get your due reward for doing a good job. You are turning your attention to food and making it your companion.

There is a guilt feeling for having done something which you should not have done. Now, you are seeking forgiveness for the same. 

You are accepting and fulfilling the needs of your subconscious mind.

Dream Meaning of Being Buried Alive in Different Places

Possibly, you can come across the dreams of being buried alive in different places. They include mud, dirt, snow, and many more.

Each carries significant meanings for your real life. You can carefully check out the details and align the following interpretations with those details.

7. Dream of Being Buried Alive in Mud

When you have a dream of being buried alive in the mud, it hints toward gaining clarity. Perhaps you are rushing to achieve something in life. It is making you feel exhausted and want a break.

This plot refers to success. You are not willing to look at a particular point of view or another perspective on an issue. 

Therefore, this sequence might tell you to widen your horizon and look into a particular aspect from different angles.

8. Dream of Being Buried Alive in Dirt

If you see yourself getting buried alive in the dirt, it refers to comfort, protection, and guidance. You might be questioning yourself about what you wish to do in life.

Probably, you are looking for a shelter along with a place to keep things that are close to your heart. 

Your dream is a sign of growth, early advancement toward attaining wealth, and advancements toward securing honorable positions.

9. Dream of Being Buried Alive in Sand

You can come across a scenario in which you find yourself getting buried alive in the sand. 

It refers to the process of healing and purification. There is far more belief in your abilities along with self-confidence to face different situations in life.

It is your words and verbal expressions that are enabling you to express the power you possess. The dream expresses a new beginning. You are currently enjoying your leisure hours.

10. Dream of Being Buried Alive in Snow

Have you dreamed of being buried alive in the snow? It shows that you always carry out all your duties in a free and fair manner. You avoid doing any injustice to others.

This plot also denotes that you are having some kind of apprehension. It is a sign of the path between earth and heaven. 

You might come across a situation in which you have to defend your respect and honor.

11. Dream of Being Buried Alive in a Coffin

When you see yourself getting buried alive inside the coffin, it refers to your inability to look beyond the happenings of the past. Perhaps, there was some misunderstanding in the situation.

You feel as if you do not deserve to have some of the things in your life. This dream comes up as a warning that you need to care for an individual. 

Somehow you are not getting the right kind of guidance and hence set forth on a negative path.

Dream Meaning of Different People Being Buried Alive

Seeing the burial of dead loved ones in dreams can be quite heart-wrenching. How about dreaming of your loved one buried alive? They can turn out to give you a pathetic feeling, right?

Various thoughts arise in your mind. You start pondering over all the possible reasons that could lead to these dream instances.

Go through the following scenarios and their interpretations to understand what they try to convey for your waking life.

12. Dream of Brother Being Buried Alive

You can have a dream in which you can see your brother being buried alive. It is an indication of an event or looking back at a memory. You are not willing to agree to some approach.

Some kind of emotional disturbance is causing a lot of problems. You are trying to get rid of this phase. It might be the result of sorrow, grief, and bereavement.

Unfortunately, things are not turning out as per your expectations. Hence, you have to make necessary adjustments and act accordingly.

13. Dream of Child Being Buried Alive

If you come across a child, who you know or may not know, getting buried alive in your dream, it refers to ideals, goals, and aspirations. 

You must make conscious decisions while carrying out your work.

The hard work that you have put in all this while is starting to show its effect. You are gradually reaping its benefits. 

This plot is a premonition for different aspects of your personality that you are not revealing.

Probably, you are not getting a clear picture of the happenings around various spectrums of life. 

You are still seeking answers to some queries, where you need to know the reasons behind a few occurrences.

14. Dream of Baby Being Buried Alive

You can have a dream of a baby, who is getting buried alive. It is quite a pathetic scene to view, even when it comes in the form of a dream.

If the baby is from someone you know quite well, it signifies that the individual needs your help. 

This scenario comes up as a warning to make you better understand your surroundings and offer help to all who are in need.

15. Dream of Sister Being Buried Alive

When you see your sister in a dream being buried alive means that there is a possibility that an old friend would talk of her intention about starting a long journey. 

She is shedding some light on a relationship.

It is also possible that someone might be looking to take you back to a specific time in your life. 

You would have the urge to renew a relationship and put in the same kind of effort as before. Still, you must take sufficient rest.

16. Dream of Burying Someone Alive

When you have a dream in which you are burying a known person alive, it refers to your hidden masculine or feminine energy. Probably, a relationship is not allowing you to live freely.

You are aware of the right things that you should do but still refuse to follow suit. There is an imbalance of thoughts in your mind and heart. 

The scenario portrays the level of dissatisfaction you are facing in a relationship.

17. Dream of an Unknown Person Being Buried Alive

You can even have a dream in which you notice someone you do not know, being buried alive. It has two possible interpretations.

The first one denotes that you feel someone requires your assistance. Despite this, you do not exactly know who they are. In this regard, you must look to observe and speak to people close to you.

Another interpretation states that you are fed up with the same old things in life, and hence miss some new stuff. 

It shows how much you love innovation. Due to this reason, you might even feel the need to get out of your comfort zone.

18. Dream of a Prophet Being Buried Alive

If you see a prophet being buried alive in your dream, it issues the warning of a major catastrophe. It would soon occur in your life.

Hence, you must make prior arrangements and try to prevent the occurrence of any kind of mishap in your life.

19. Dream of a Close Friend Being Buried Alive

When you dream of your close friend being buried alive, it shows that someone in your group of friends is not behaving truthfully. He or she hides facts and does not reveal exact information.

All these make communicating with them extremely difficult. You never know which of their statements you can trust and act on it.

20. Dream of a Famous Person Being Buried Alive

There are famous people all around, who have gained popularity and recognition for their work across different fields. Now, have you seen one of those famous personalities getting buried alive in your dream?

If it is so, then this sequence means that all your wishes in life will get fulfilled. Unfortunately, they would come at such a time when they will not be of any value to you.

Even if they arrive at the right time, they might not turn out to be as good as you had thought they would turn out to be. Hence, you should keep your feet on the ground.

21. Dream of a Wise Man Being Buried Alive Inside His House

If you see that a wise man is getting buried alive inside his own house, it means that someone will be as knowledgeable and acquire the same kind of status.

Therefore, you need not worry about how your family or business empire would move on after your death. Your son shall become sufficiently eligible to carry out all the responsibilities.

Dream Meaning of Digging Yourself Out of a Grave

In this segment, we are going to discuss a dream where you see that you are digging yourself out of a grave. This dream carries several interpretations.

It means that you are looking to find a way out from all those things that are dragging you back in life. In other words, it shows that you are willing to make a fresh start and break up with your past.

This particular dream is also a sign that one of your decisions does not allow you to break free. 

You feel as if you have been trapped in something and desperately wish to come out of the situation.

There are instances when seeing yourself dig out of the grave could signify that you have become bored with life. 

You are in search of something interesting, which will help to rejuvenate your mind and body, thus bringing forth a new lease on life.

Biblical Meaning of Getting Buried Alive in Dream

The Biblical interpretation of this dream of getting buried alive happens to be a negative sign.

It says that if you see yourself going through the process, then that means either a relative or a family member might suddenly pass away.

This interpretation is certainly going to cause disturbances in your mind.

The dream might appear as a warning so that you make your loved ones take necessary precautions to protect themselves from getting succumbed to health problems.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dream of Being Buried Alive

If you look at this dream of burying someone or yourself alive from the spiritual perspective, it highlights your need for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Your soul is in dire need of spiritual guidance. It is necessary for all-around growth and the development of your personality.

You are seeking to connect with your inner-self and get a better perspective of your wants. Once that happens, you will know exactly how to move ahead towards fulfilling your wishes.

Dream of Being Buried Alive – Psychological Perspective

When you consider this dream from a psychological point of view, it shows that you are about to commit a great mistake. 

There is also a chance some of the mistakes committed earlier in life are resurfacing once again.

It will open up the possibility for your enemies to use it against you and cause problems. 

If you happen to see that you have been safely rescued from the grave, it would mean that your tough times would finally take care of all your misadventures.

Islamic Interpretation of Buried Alive Dreams

If you look into this buried alive dream from the Islamic perspective, it refers to imprisonment or suffering hatred from others.

Islam also believes that the dreamer will get such a brutal punishment, which would make his reprimand an ideal lesson to others.

The following video will help you understand more about buried alive dreams and their interpretations.

Closing Comments

You could be facing some challenges at work. It is an indication that you must take far more concrete action while tackling certain issues.

The overall picture that this dream of being buried alive tries to portray is that you are undergoing a helpless situation.

You do not seem to have any idea of how to solve your existing problems.

Some of these problems might exist, while others could be only your figments of imagination. Whatever be the case, you have to find a way out and see how you can attain peace of mind.