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66 Types of School Dreams and their Meanings

66 Types of School Dreams and their MeaningsUpdated on August 31, 2021 | Published on August 20, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Johanna Lamm, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

School Dream Meaning - 66 Scenarios & their Interpretations

School is a symbol of your certain mind states like when you care about your thoughts. If you are very careful about something or you are facing some sort of trouble in your professional or personal life, these thoughts can result in school dreams.

Sometimes if you are very frustrated with your current situation in life, these dreams can be an opportunity to escape from reality and allow you to experience your favorite days once again.

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School Dream Meaning - 66 Scenarios & their Interpretations
School Dream Meaning – 66 Scenarios & their Interpretations

What does it mean when you dream about school?

School dreams can symbolize your anxiety and your insecurities. It can also represent your thoughts and fears. Sometimes your subconscious tries to remind you of certain lessons you have learned during school through these dreams.

School dreams can have different meanings for different people. It is very important to remember all the details of your dream. Your feelings in your dream are very important for understanding the meaning of it. 

School life is considered a period of learning. People learn about their culture and society, their responsibility, and moral values during this period.  These life lessons help an individual to grow as a human being and face the challenges of life.

School dreams can sometimes help you to remember a lesson that can help you resolve certain issues in your life. These can help you to understand your potential and increase your self-confidence. 

If you are a school student, such dreams can reflect your memory or current experience. If you are an adult and have school dreams, it can represent your childhood conflicts or insecurities that are not resolved yet. 

Let us discuss some probable meaning of school dreams –

Need for understanding and knowledge

If you are dreaming about school that means there is a need for knowledge about something in your life. You need to gather information or you have to do some research on something. 

You may need some deep understanding regarding something. If you are facing some trouble understanding something and need to seek the truth, that can also cause certain dreams. 

Unresolved childhood conflicts

School dreams can appear due to some unresolved conflicts from your childhood. If you have experienced something crucial or any traumatic experience in your early days, such dreams can appear. 

Such dreams mean there are some insecurities or confusion regarding something in your life.

Judgment and fear

If you are going through any confusion and you need to make a judgment, your conflicts can reflect through such dreams. Certain dreams indicate your fear of something. It is possible that you are afraid of some situations or you are afraid to make a decision.


School life is the basis of our education. Education helps to get the best opportunity to reach your goal.  Sometimes a school dream signifies the need or drives to learn something new. 

Such dreams indicate a bigger opportunity is waiting for you soon and you need to grab it. These dreams can also direct you to search for new opportunities or scopes in life.  


School dreams often indicate anxiety and worry in your life. You may be worried about something crucial in your life. Such dreams signify that you are facing some anxiety issues and conflicts. 

So many factors can be responsible for your anxiety. Something is bothering you to move forward in your life. Maybe you are going through some changes or something from the past is bothering you.


For some people dreams about school are a reflection of their good memories, for some it is bad. If you have just passed out from school such dreams signify that you are not ready to move on.

If you left school a long time ago and yet you have dreamed about the school, some old memories from your school days can be responsible for that. Such memories can help you learn something new or warn you of something bad.

School Dream Meaning – 66 Scenarios & their Interpretations

Now we will discuss all possible types of school dreams and their interpretations. 

1. Dreams of being in school

Being at school in your dream indicates your journey of learning. If you see yourself at your own school that means there is something more to learn. You may have some unfinished tasks that you need to complete. 

If you see yourself at a new school that means you are going to learn something new. You are going to experience a transformation or you may face new challenges in life. 

2. Dreams about being late for a class in school

If you have a dream about being late for school or being late for a class, that means you are not ready for something. There may be a huge change waiting for you. You may have to make a huge decision but you are not prepared for it. 

Such dreams mean there is a big opportunity in your life but you are not sure whether to grab it or not. 

You may not be ready to move forward and face a new challenge. You are afraid of new challenges and changes in the track of life. These dreams represent your fear of the future. 

3. Dreams about being late for an exam at school

These dreams signify your worries in life. If you are facing any difficulties or any problem, such dreams can appear. 

Your subconscious tries to catch your attention through these dreams so that you can identify the reasons behind your worries.

These dreams are a reminder that you need to understand your thoughts and identify the cause of your problems. You need to solve them and move forward in your life. 

You can find a probable solution to your problem through these dreams but you need to remember all the minute details of your dream. 

4. Dreams of giving an exam at school

Dreams of giving an exam indicate your present mental state and your personality. Such dreams represent that you are demonstrating different behavior or different mental states. You may have several problems in life but you are not expressing them.

This means you are dealing with so many things and facing difficulties but you are not showing that near your friends or family. 

You are dealing with your issues all by yourself. You have so many problems to deal with and to resolve but you are not willing to take help from others. 

High school exams can be the symbol of the problems that you are dealing with. You may be too afraid to express your true feelings and situation. You are pretending to be okay when you are with someone.

Through these dreams, your subconscious is trying to send you the message that it is time to express your true feelings and seek help from others. 

Appearing for an exam in a dream can also represent the test of your abilities. You are going through some difficult times where your qualities and your potential are being tasted. You are getting judged by others and you are afraid of it.

You are afraid that people will recognize all your weaknesses and insecurities. You are also afraid of failure. 

5. Dreaming of failing an exam in school

Such dreams indicate that you are not confident enough about your abilities and success. You are not sure what you are doing. These dreams can also mean that you are not prepared for your next step. 

If you are a school student and have such dreams that means you are genuinely afraid of some exams and you are not prepared for it. 

You are not sure whether you can pass or not. There is a lack of self-confidence and you are questioning your abilities. 

If you have left school a long time back and having these dreams that signify you may have some unresolved anxiety issues from your school days. Something from the present has triggered your hidden feelings and caused these dreams. 

If you are facing some anxiety issues in your work life and getting criticized by your supervisor these dreams can appear. You try to set very high expectations for yourself and you get disappointed in yourself if they are not fulfilled. 

Your subconscious mind tries to reflect your hidden fear and insecurities through your dreams so that you can start working on them. They try to warn you that it is time to resolve those issues and work on your self-confidence again. 

6. Dreams of passing a test at school

Dreams about passing a test with good results bring positivity in life. That means your confidence and self-esteem level are high and you are prepared for any challenging situation. You can achieve your goals with your hard work and a positive mindset.

These dreams indicate you try to be prepared all the time for any negative situation and you plan your life and try to work accordingly.  

7. Dreams about boarding school

Such dreams indicate your thoughts about the importance of education. You may believe that learning is a never-ending process. You try to learn new things to increase your knowledge. 

Sometimes boarding school dreams signify your present situation and emotions. If you are facing some issues and unable to solve them, these dreams can appear. You may be stuck with some problems and fail to find a solution. 

They can also represent your anxiety and insecurities. You can be afraid of something or worried about something for a long time. 

You don’t know how to resolve that and how to overcome your fear or anxiety. Such dreams can be a warning for you about your present condition.

8. School bus dream meaning 

If you are dreaming about a school bus that symbolizes a journey towards your personal growth and success. School is an institution of knowledge and learning. A school bus takes you to your destination and such dreams mean you are on your way to learning and growth. 

Sometimes dreams about riding a school bus mean you are following the crowd. You are afraid to make your own decision and rely on the decision taken by the majority of a group. 

You have a fear of leaving behind. You are afraid to express your feelings and opinions in front of others. 

Your subconscious tries to send you the message that it is time to take your own decisions and act on them. You need to believe in yourself and follow your instincts. 

9. Dreams of missing a school bus

Such dreams symbolize that others are leaving you behind physically or emotionally. You are unable to walk with the rest of your group in your life. They indicate any recent rejection of your life. 

If you are a school student this dream means you are still behind in your class. You need to upgrade yourself and complete your pending tasks to catch others. You need to work on your learning and complete your lessons. 

If you left school a long time back this dream indicates that you are not working your best and others are way ahead of you in the competition of life. If you want to reach your goal, you need to start working towards it. 

10. Dreaming about an accident of a school bus

If you have had a dream about an accident on your school bus, you may face an embarrassing situation in your real life. 

You are not prepared for the next step and yet you are going for it. You need to stop and work on your abilities so that you can reach your target.

Experiencing an accident on your way to school means you may face certain distractions and barriers in your journey of life. You need to boost your self-confidence and work hard towards your goal. 

11. Dream about the arrival of a school bus

Such dreams bring the news of a good opportunity for your future. You may get a chance to learn something new and update your knowledge. Some good opportunities are waiting for you and you need to grab them. 

12. Dreaming of a school uniform

School uniform represents your personality pattern and your concerns. Wearing a school uniform can represent two different aspects according to your personality. You may be struggling in your real life and trying to fit in a certain group. 

You may feel that you do not belong in certain situations or groups. Yet you need to be a part of that for a greater cause. You are trying your hardest to conform to the group norms and be a part of it.

Sometimes, these dreams can symbolize the fact that you are losing your individuality. You rely on other opinions too much to fit in. You need to stop pretending and start believing in yourself. You need to value your opinions and express your true feelings.

Sometimes school uniforms symbolize the importance of discipline for your growth. You need to obey the ethical and social norms to lead a good life. 

If you have forgotten to follow certain rules, these dreams can remind you not to repeat the same mistake. 

13. Classroom dream meaning

Such dreams symbolize the need to learn about yourself. You have a desire to learn about your interests and own needs. You want to explore your ideas and concerns. You should think about your worries and concerns and try to resolve them. 

Classroom dreams indicate that you are willing to improve your thoughts and behavior. You want to change your negative and childish behavior. You want more sophistication in your life and increase your social status.

Such dreams also represent your knowledge and learning. You need to apply your knowledge in real life and walk towards your goal.

Seeing a classroom in your dreams means you are going to experience team spirit, competition, or friendship soon in your life. 

If you are sitting behind in a class in your dream, you are afraid to express your knowledge and ideology. You need to work on your expressions and self-confidence. If you are sitting in the front row of your class, you are ready to take initiative and responsibilities in your life. 

14. Dreams about school bag

Carrying a school bag in your dreams can have several interpretations. Sometimes it represents your knowledge and responsibilities. 

You have learned so many lessons in your life. Carrying a school bag means you have learned so many things and are ready to apply them in your life.

A school bag can symbolize your thoughts. Carrying a bag means you may have so many deep secrets and desires in your life. 

A bag can represent all your hopes. Such dreams mean you are a positive person and you try not to lose hope even in difficult situations. You always try to be positive about your future. You try to inspire other people too.

Sometimes carrying a bag indicates all your baggage in life. You may have so many burdens and responsibilities that you are tired of. You want to free yourself from all this baggage and live a normal life.

15. Dreaming of a school hallway or corridor

These dreams represent your anxiety and insecurity during a transition in life. If you Are at a transition point in your life and you are going to step into a change, such dreams indicate your worry and concern about this new phase.

Sometimes if you have some bad memories in your school hallway or corridor such dreams signify your concern about other people’s thoughts and judgments. You are worried about several opinions and criticism that may come from others. 

16. Dream of forgetting about a class at school

Such dreams indicate that you are overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and workload that you have. 

You are worried and stressed about your duties and you are not ready to take any more workload. You are concerned if you can fulfill all the requirements and all the needs. 

You need to take a step back and consider all your duties. You need to plan and organize your work process so that you can fulfill all your responsibilities. Sometimes these dreams represent distractions and surprises too. 

17. Dreams about private school

If you are a private school student and you dream of it, that can be a reflection of your stored memory.  

If you are not a private school student such dreams can bring a valuable life lesson. You are about to learn something new and gather some new information.

On the other hand, such dreams signify your ability to handle responsibilities and your self concerns. You are mature and intelligent enough to make new choices in life. You can resolve your insecurities and conflicts all by yourself. 

18. Dreaming about homework of school

If you dreamed about doing your homework that represents your life lessons and knowledge. You need to observe and remember the minute details of your homework to understand what it resembles in your real life.

If there is any due work in your dreams, you have a lot on your plate in real life. You are stressed about your duties. You are worried if you can complete all your work in time. 

19. Dream about skipping school

These dreams indicate that you are avoiding something important in your life. You may have so much work to complete but you are not paying attention. 

You are afraid that you will not be able to fulfill your goal. The fear of failure is keeping you away from facing your duties.

Your subconscious guilt of avoiding the importance is creating such dreams to remind you of your responsibilities. You need to face your fear and start working towards your target.

20. Dreams about elementary school

They symbolize your insecurities and concerns. You are facing some issues in your life and you are very sensitive about them.

You are afraid to take a step and resolve it. Such dreams can represent the fear and anxieties that you are dealing with.

Dreaming about your old elementary school means you are trying to confront your feelings and emotions. Such dreams symbolize growth and success. You need to adopt some changes in your life to take a step towards your growth.

Elementary school dreams represent hidden desires and repressed thoughts. You may face some conflicts in your life. You need to think and believe in your decision. 

Sometimes elementary school signifies that you are holding onto your past and unable to let it go.

Your subconscious is trying to say that it is time to move on and accept new challenges. You are not willing to come out of your comfort zone.

If you want to reach your goal, you have to accept the transformations and face your fear. You need to increase your self-confidence and work hard to fulfill your duties. 

21. Dreams about secondary school or high school 

High school dreams represent your power and capabilities. You want to take more responsibility in your life.

You are concerned about judgments and criticism by others. They indicate your quality of life and ability to handle a problem. 

If you are dreaming about your high school, that is a representation of your good memories. Your subconscious is trying to remind you of something. Maybe they are helping to remember any specific lesson that yo0u can apply in your real life.

22. Dreaming about the cafeteria of your school

This means something is bothering you in real life. You are unable to find out the problem that is troubling you. You need to observe and remember the details of your dream to find out the issues and resolve them.

Such dreams can indicate group discussion or group work. Interpersonal problem solving or understanding is an important representation of them.

Cafeteria dreams mean that you are being observed by others and you can build an interpersonal relationship with them.

Sometimes these dreams can indicate that something hidden from your life is going to be disclosed. Your secrets can be disclosed by someone you trust.

You need to be careful and choose the right path to avoid any embarrassing situation at that point.

23. Dreams of using a calculator in school

This means you are trying to evaluate something in your life. The calculator symbolizes your doubts and confusion. You want to consider all the alternative options and choose the right path.

24. Dreams about the computers of school

Computer dreams indicate your brain and your thoughts. You need to think about your choices and your interests in life. You should work on your issues to improve yourself.

25. Dreams about desks in school

Dreaming about desks at school represents the thoughts of resolving an issue. You are facing some problems in life and you need to think of a solution. 

If you are sitting at a desk without doing anything in your dream, that means you are trying to avoid some problem. You are not paying attention to the responsibility you have.

You need to be serious about your life and work hard to fulfill your goals.

If you are sitting on someone else’s desk in your dreams, that means you are trying to solve a problem from a different perspective. You need to look for all the possible solutions. 

26. Dreams about school books

Books represent your ideas or information. The meaning can vary according to the title or the subject of the book. Your learning and your thought process can reflect through these dreams. 

27. Dreams of attending specific classes at school

Attending a specific class in your dreams represents your thoughts. If you are dreaming of a geography class that means you need to think in a different way about your life choices.  Attending a P. E. class in your dream represents your desire of being more active and healthy. 

Attending a math class means you are trying to control your emotions and evaluate your decisions. Attending English class in your dreams suggests that you are on the right track in your life.

28. Dream of your school lunchbox 

Lunchbox indicates your stored energy that you can use in emergencies. This symbolizes your preparation and hard work to achieve something. An empty lunchbox in your dream signifies your lack of spiritual energy and understanding. 

29. Dreaming about your school auditorium

Such dreams help you to notice certain problems that you are facing. Sometimes auditorium dreams can help you to find out about your desires.

If you overlooked some issues that can affect your life, certain dreams catch your attention towards the solution of those issues. 

30. Dreams about taking school notes

The notes represent the important thoughts or information that you should remember. If you want to keep track of anything they can appear in dreams through your school notes. 

Any overlooked issues, experiences, important lessons, or important memories can reflect through these dreams. 

31. Dreams about your school playground

Certain dreams represent your carefree attitude and desire to do anything you like. You are going through some situations where you can work according to your own choices. 

You are experiencing some free time and you want to explore your carefree attitude and enjoy it.

32. Dreams about principal’s office

Dreaming about the principal or principal’s office at school indicates your need for justice. You may have faced some betrayal and now you want to get back at them. 

The principal of a school has certain powers to control the students and make certain rules. These dreams can reflect your desire to control someone or do something that is not in your hand. 

33. Dream of being lost in school

Such dreams can represent your insecurities and worries. You are facing certain difficulties in your life and you are not able to find a probable solution. You are unable to find a way to relieve yourself from this issue and move forward. 

34. Dreaming about asking questions in class

This dream symbolizes your desire to learn. You are open to new opinions and you are a good listener. This dream can reflect your need for advice to deal with certain issues. 

35. Dreaming about a school trip

If you are dreaming about a school trip that means you are going to make some new friends. You may plan a new vacation with your friends or family.

Dreaming about a field trip represents your concerns about yourself. You are trying to search for something in your life. You want to verify some information and explore it. 

36. Dreaming about school library

Such dreams mean that there are so many things that you need to learn and understand in your life. 

You are searching for so many answers and you can find them with your dedication and hard work. You want to gather more knowledge and improve yourself.

This dream can represent your negative and unpleasant feelings towards seeking knowledge and learning. 

Dream of a disorganized library symbolizes your frustration level. That means you are very upset with your current situation and dealing with so many things at once.  

37. Dreams about school gymnasium

This symbolizes being your best at something. You are concerned about giving your best and not sure whether you can do it or not. You are ready to work hard and take risks to prove yourself and to achieve your goal.

38. Dreams about a chalkboard in school

Chalkboards signify an open platform to represent your thoughts and ideas. This dream interprets your need to explore and experiment with new ideas and a new attitude to solve certain problems.

A chalkboard is a symbol that you are walking in the right direction and you can solve the problem if you continue your work.

If your teacher asks you to write something on the chalkboard in your dream, that means you are interested in alternative solutions. You want to explore new areas and reconsider your thoughts about something. 

39. Dreaming about your school locker

A locker represents your hidden abilities that are waiting to be unlocked. You may have some different potential that is not discovered yet. 

You need to explore yourself and find out all your abilities. A locker can also mean some secrets that you are hiding from someone.

If you are not able to unlock your locker in your dream, that means you are not sure of your potential. You are experiencing some conflicts regarding some decisions.

The combination lock of your locker represents your emotional needs. If you are experiencing certain dreams that means there is a need for emotional or situational support in your life.

40. Dreams about running away from school

Such dreams signify your childish attitude and irresponsible behavior. Running away from your school means you are not ready to take responsibility. 

You are least interested in your work. You are not willing to follow any norms or rules anymore. 

41. Dreaming about your school being destroyed

This dream suggests some unresolved childhood insecurities and conflicts. You are stuck in your past and unable to move forward. 

Your experience is somewhat ruining your future. You need to move on and learn from your mistakes. 

42. Dream of a messy school

This means someone is trying to ruin your life. You are about to experience something bad in your life. A messy school symbolizes jealousy and rivalry. You need to focus on your work and be prepared for all possible situations.

43. Dream of an empty school

Empty school means you have lost your contacts with old friends. You have some beautiful memories of your school life. 

You miss all your friends but you are unable to track them. You need to keep patience and try harder to find their contacts. 

44. Dreaming about an abandoned school

If you are dreaming about an old abandoned empty school, where you are alone, that can be scary sometimes. 

If your life was affected by something in the past and you are suddenly missing it, these dreams may appear.

Change is a part of life. You can not have something or someone forever. You need to create beautiful memories and move on. If you get too attached to the past your future will be compromised. You need to think about the present and plan about your future. 

45. Dreaming about the school report card

If you are a school student and experiencing such dreams, you are just anxious and tense about your grades. If you are an adult then this dream signifies that you are evaluating your performance in real life. 

You are facing some conflicts regarding your work and life choices. You want to evaluate and reconsider your decisions. You want to perform your best in life and grade yourself.

46. Dream of your school credits

Dreams of your school credits symbolize your achievements and experiences in life. You have accomplished so many things in life. You have enough knowledge about your work and you are ready to move on to the next level.

If you are dreaming about not having enough school credit that means you are lacking something in life. You are not prepared for the next step. You may not have enough information or skills about your work. 

You need to pay more attention to learning and improve your abilities for a better position. 

47. Dreams about school sports

Dreams about school sports symbolize the insecurities and anxiety of your life. If you are struggling with such emotions these dreams can reflect your mental state. 

You may be confused and afraid of the challenges that you are facing. 

Your personal experiences and emotions can cause these dreams. They can be a warning for you that it is time to resolve your issues and work on your negative emotions.  

48. Dreams of high school homecoming 

Dreams about your high school homecoming signify that you need to appreciate your past for your present. 

You should be thankful for all the support you had in your life. Such dreams are more related to your relationship with your friends or family. 

49. Dreaming of your school prom or school dance

School dance dreams represent power and freedom. You have so much positivity in your life. School prom interprets some new changes and a new beginning. Sometimes it can be a reflection of your memory or your expectations. 

Such dreams symbolize your desire to be recognized. You want others to like you. 

You want them to follow your path. This can also represent your leadership qualities. Sometimes this dream can reveal your insecurities and your need for attention and approval.

51. Dream about getting lost in a school 

Such dreams indicate you have lost your way in life. You are confused about your direction and choices. 

You have something missing in your life. If you are not able to find your class and dream, that means you are unable to meet your target.

This dream is a symbol that you need to work hard and think about your choices. You need to find the right direction. You have to plan your way and work on it to reach your goal. 

In your dream, if you are running inside the school without any idea of where you are going, that means something or someone is distracting you to reach your goal. You are not able to use your actual potential.

52. Dream about your school friends

Dreams about your school friends can indicate your interpersonal relationship in real life. You may face some issues in your present relationship with your family or your friends.

You need to be careful about your responsibility towards your friends and family.

This dream can also indicate that you want to go back to your school day and experience the warmth of your past friendships.

You want to go back to the innocent days where you had fewer conflicts and fewer responsibilities. 

Seeing a friend in your dream represents your current relationship with that person. 

If you see a new person as your friend whom you do not know, that means you are going to experience something good in life. Such dreams reveal your supporting and helping nature.

Dreaming about the death of a friend indicates negativity and loss. You may lose something or experience something bad. You can lose your control over life and feel less powerful.

If you are talking or eating with your friend in your dreams, it indicates you are worried and stressed about your interpersonal relationship. 

If you dream about the same friend multiple times, that means your subconscious is trying to tell you something. You are searching for something in your life.

Dreaming of fighting with your classmate or the death of a classmate represents that you are having some major problems in your relationship. 

53. Dreaming about your school teacher

A teacher in your dreams represents your need for guidance in life. You are searching for appreciation or approval from someone. You want to please someone with your performance. 

If you are going through tough times and you want attention from someone, these dreams may appear. Such dreams can also mean that you have a desire to learn more and increase your knowledge.

54. Dreams about night school

Night school dreams indicate your seriousness about something. You are trying to reach your goal but your methods are not working, you need to try some new methods. They indicate your effort to learn and improve your skills in life.

55. Dreams about medical school

Medical school dreams indicate your concern about other issues. If someone you know is going through a difficult situation these dreams may appear. This dream also interprets that someone is having any medical emergencies or health issues.

56. Dreams about law school

Law school dreams represent your power of concentration. The positive interpretation of this dream can be your need to learn new skills to prove yourself. 

You have a desperate need to prove someone wrong and you are trying to learn everything to reach that goal. 

The negative interpretation of this dream is your desire to control others. You want everybody to follow your directions. 

You want to ruin something for someone or get revenge and you are trying to learn new skills to meet your target.

57. Dreams about catholic school

Dreaming about catholic school means you are dealing with some serious issues. On one hand, this problem is affecting your normal life, and on the other hand, you are unable to do anything due to some ethical boundaries. This conflict can reflect through such dreams.

Sometimes these dreams may mean that you always prioritize your faith and believe in God even if it is the reason behind some serious problems in your life. 

58. Dreams about being a teacher at a school

If you are a teacher by profession and dream of being a teacher in some school, that reflects your memory or goal. 

If you are not a teacher in real life this dream can have different meanings depending on the details of your dream. 

If the students you are teaching in your dream are very interested in your lessons and listen to you, that indicates people respect and value your opinion in real life. You are ready to express your feelings and others will appreciate it. 

If the students in your dreams are chaotic and disobedient that means your life is not good. You are not getting enough respect and appreciation. You are losing your control and power over life. 

If you are enjoying your profession in your dream that indicates you are ready to move forward and satisfied with your life. If you feel miserable in your dream, that indicates how difficult your life is. You are not happy with what you have and struggling to achieve your goal. 

59. Dreams about high school graduation

Your dream about being graduated indicates your journey and effort to achieve something. It represents a big transition in your life. 

A graduation cap in your dreams symbolizes your achievements, and graduation clothes signify your personality pattern.

If you are unable to graduate in your dreams that means you are not prepared for the next phase of your life. You may face some difficulties to move forward in your life.

60. Dreams about a high school reunion

High school reunion dreams symbolize your memories and old friends. Your feelings of being lucky for having what you have can reflect in your dreams. These dreams can also represent old conflicts, jealousy, or rivalry with your classmates. 

61. Dreams about bullying at school

If you see a bully in your dream that indicates someone or something is preventing you from achieving what you want. You are not in control anymore. Someone is trying to control your life and ruin it.

If you have experienced bullying in high school this dream can be a reflection of your fear and insecurities of losing control. If you were a bully at your high school this dream can appear from your unconscious guilts and regrets. 

62. Dreams about a school shooting

Dreaming about a school shooting signifies that someone in your life is projecting their frustration. 

If you see yourself as a victim in your dream that means someone is displacing their anger on you and you are facing difficulties in your life. You need to get your control back before it’s too late.

63. Dreaming about leaving school

This represents your lack of responsibility. Leaving school is a symbol of your subconscious frustration. 

You are tired of your duties and you want to leave everything behind. This indicates your carefree attitude and lack of seriousness in life.

64. Dreaming about being at school but not studying

It means you have so much wisdom and knowledge. You need to move on and start applying your skills. You should spread your knowledge and help others. 

You have a good professional and personal life and good interpersonal relationships.

65. Dreaming of going back to school 

If you are an adult and dreaming about going back to school, that can remind you of some lessons you learned back in school. 

You are dealing with some issues and the solution you need is something you learned during your school years.

You may have some unresolved issues or some traumatic experiences during those days and something from the present has triggered those feelings. 

Sometimes if you had a very good time at your school, this dream can be a result of your desire to go back at that time again.

These dreams can interpret that you are doubting your abilities or achievements and want to start fresh from the very beginning. 

You may feel that you are unable to fulfill the expectations you had. This can be a warning that you need to take some time to appreciate your journey. 

If you have a dream of being pregnant and going back to school that indicates the problems you are facing in your romantic relationship. 

You are unable to trust your partner. You are dealing with anxiety and stress because of your bad relationship. 

66. Recurring dreams about school

If you are having recurring dreams about school that means your subconscious is trying to send you a message. Maybe you are missing something in your life. 

If you are trying to solve an issue in real life you may need to remember a lesson from your school and your mind is trying to help you through these dreams. Your subconscious is trying to remind you of something important.

There can be some desire to live in the past. You have some unresolved issues or conflicts from your school days. 

You are not ready to let go of the past and move on due to some sensitive memories. You want to go back to that time and experience the best time you had. 

Spiritual meaning of school dreams

School dreams can represent your thoughts and beliefs. Your faith in God can reflect through your dreams. Dreams about catholic school are very common that indicate your spiritual connection. 

They can represent your habit to give priority to others. Dreaming about your classmates implies that you are trying to cherish your old memories and improve your interpersonal relationships.

The psychological meaning of school dreams

School dreams can reveal your internal conflicts and insecurities. They can imply how you feel about your journey in life and your achievements. 

Dreams about graduation indicate that you are ready to take the next step and face some new challenges.

Dreams about leaving school represent your lack of responsibility. Your desire to control others can reflect through your dream of bullying. 

Your subconscious warning to move on from the past or to try new methods, your desire to learn and improve your skills or your need to evaluate your abilities can be the reason behind different dreams about school

Positives and negatives of school dreams

We can point out some positives and negatives of school dreams. 

The positive sides of school dreams are 

  • Self-confidence 
  • Desire to learn
  • Wisdom
  • Achievements
  • Experience 
  • Appreciation
  • Power
  • concern

The negative sides of school dreams are

  • Self-doubt
  • Over evaluation
  • Feeling of rejection
  • Obstacles
  • Loss of interest
  • Lack of responsibility

Points that you need to remember to interpret school dreams

The details of your dream are very important to understand the symbolic meaning. The interpretation can differ according to the subject and your mental state. There are some points that you need to remember to understand the interpretation of your dream. 

  • What was the school setting in your dream?
  • Were you a student of the school you have seen in your dream?
  • Have you seen the environment of your dream in real life?
  • What were your feelings in your dream?
  • Who else was present in your dream?
  • Did you see someone familiar in your dream?
  • What was the exact mood of your dream?


Most of the time school dreams are related to your current situation or mental state. They can help you evaluate yourself and understand your ability. Such dreams can also help to resolve your insecurities and interpersonal relationships. 

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