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Dream of Chips – 20 Types and Interpretations

Dream of Chips – 20 Types and Interpretations

Updated on Jan 27, 2023 | Published on Jan 27, 2023

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Chips - 20 Types and Interpretations

Did you know that if you dream of chips, any kind of chips, it can indicate quite a lot of things about your waking life?

Most of the dreams related to chips are positive ones but if you wish to know more about such dreams, then you’ll have to go through this think piece!

Dream of Chips – General Interpretations

Seeing a packet of chips in your dreams can indicate that you easily make friends with others or that you’ll get something of your dreams. Alternatively, it can also mean that you will spend all your money on a good cause or that you have become overconfident.

Potato chips, or chips, are one of the most popular snacks all over the world. There are hundreds of brands in different countries, and each brand comes up with its very own flavor.

Since manufacturing chips is quite a creative process, maybe your dreams are hinting at your creative side? Come on, let’s see the general interpretations!

1. You can easily make friends

One of the most common positive dream interpretations of a packet of chips is that you are outgoing and fun, which is why people love to hang out with you.

You find it easy to make friends because wherever you go, the room lights up. Everyone in your social circle knows how popular you are.

2. You will achieve your dreams

Another positive dream meaning of chips is that you will soon achieve something that your heart has always wanted. Perhaps it is a job promotion or can even be a person.

You have worked really hard for a long time and the universe has finally granted your wishes. However, be sure to value and cherish it always.

3. You will spend your money on a good cause

This dream interpretation is a little uncommon but gives a special message to the dreamer.

It means that you will soon receive a lot of money, but instead of spending it on unnecessary things, you will spend it on a good cause, such as donating it to your local church or charity. This dream points at your generosity.

4. You are overconfident

In the negative sense, dreaming of chips can symbolize your overconfidence. Since you are popular and successful in your career, you know that your performance is above average.

However, this fame and success have probably taken control of your emotions. You have become arrogant and overconfident.

5. You are not being creative enough

Another negative dream interpretation of chips can also be that you are unable to channel your inner creative spirit due to some reason.

Perhaps you’re going through a creative block, or something else is bothering your mind. But don’t worry because you will soon regain your creative spirit and determination.

Dreaming of Chips – 20 Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of eating a packet of chips indicates that you aren’t taking care of your health, whereas seeing someone else eating chips indicates that you will soon meet this person.

Well, if all this seems too confusing to you, then let’s check out the detailed dream descriptions!

1. Dream of eating a packet of chips

If you dream of eating a packet of chips all by yourself, it is not a good sign. It foretells that you might soon suffer from a minor illness, most probably a stomach problem, because you haven’t been taking care of yourself.

You constantly eat junk food or go for hours without eating anything healthy. Your body is asking you to stop worrying about other affairs and start paying attention to yourself.

2. Dream of eating more than one packet of chips

If you eat multiple packets of chips simultaneously or one after the other, it is a symbol of your lack of self-control.

Just like gluttony is considered to be a sin, your lack of self-restraint is also affecting your personal life.

Maybe this is related to some bad habits that you have, such as drinking or smoking too much. If you’re finding it difficult to cope with your addiction, you should seek help.

3. Dream of someone else eating chips

This dream can be considered a positive dream because it indicates that you will soon meet this person after many years.

They might have been a close friend or relative who was forced to move to another place.

But now they have come to visit you, and you both will talk for hours about the good old days. You now have the opportunity to renew this friendship, so make sure to do it.

4. Dream of buying chips

If you dream that you are buying chips from a store or supermarket, it reflects your good fortune and wealth.

You will soon receive a large sum of money either through promotion or the lottery. What you do with this money is up to you but remember to invest it in a good and reliable place.

Don’t overspend your fortune on unnecessary things. This dream is telling you to be careful with your finances.

5. Dream of selling chips

Selling chips in your dreams indicates an unpleasant task or conversation that you’ll have to carry out in the near future.

No matter how much you are unwilling to do it, your boss will order you, and you will do it for the sake of your job.

Maybe you’ll have to partner up with your office enemy or do a particularly annoying errand. Even though you’ll feel angry with yourself, don’t let that emotion show on your face.

6. Dream of hot chips

Hot chips in your dreams is a reflection of hard times in your waking life. Your present life is devoid of happiness and peace, and you’re constantly worrying about the future.

Fortunately, these dark times will soon pass, and you will find happiness again. This phase of anxiety or pain is just momentary, no matter how horrible they might seem. If you keep faith in yourself, nothing is impossible.

7. Dream of stale chips

Dreaming of stale chips, or chips that are not crunchy and tasty anymore is a sign that your mind will be filled with ideas, but none of them will actually bear fruit.

If you are a businessperson in your waking life, you will get lots of creative ideas on how to expand your business or gain profits.

Unfortunately, these ideas won’t be feasible in the real world, so you’ll have to think of proper ideas.

8. Dream of fresh crispy chips

On the other hand, fresh and crispy chips symbolize newfound confidence and self-love. You have finally realized the importance of being self-confident and how to make people admire you.

Maybe earlier, you used to worry too much about what others thought of you or how to please other people.

But of late, you have completely transformed yourself into a new person by putting your needs first.

9. Dream of corn chips

If the chips in your dreams are made of corn instead of potato, then it indicates that your life isn’t going very smoothly, but you still have faith in yourself to handle the problems.

Your wit and mental strength have always helped you to get out of tough situations, and this time too, you will overcome all problems. This dream is a message from your spiritual guide not to give up hope.

10. Dream of frying chips

Dreaming of frying raw chips is a representation of how much control you have over your life. For example, if you fried the chips and they turned out to be crisp and golden brown, then it is a good omen because you do have control over your life.

However, if you were unable to fry it properly and the chips got burnt or cracked, then it means that someone else is controlling all your life’s decisions.

11. Dream of eating fish and chips

This dream is a really good sign because it points toward vitality and prosperity. You are finally letting go of all your bad habits, and you have also moved on from past traumatic experiences.

This has made you a more mature person, so your spiritual energy is directed in the right path. Alternatively, this dream can also mean that you wish to be more self-sufficient and independent.

12. Dream of eating chips with a known person

Eating chips with someone you know can be interpreted in various different ways, depending on whom you saw.

If you saw that you were eating with your parents or family members, then it means that there will be a small period of problems in the household.

But if you ate chips with a friend or a coworker, it means that you both will form a strong bond in the near future.

13. Dream of eating chips with a stranger

Even though we don’t really eat with strangers in our real lives, anything is possible in the dream world. So here, this dream indicates that someone will soon come into your life and show you the beauty of it.

This person may or may not become your romantic partner, but even then, you both will become inseparable. They will help you to overcome all your negative thoughts and fears.

14. Dream of sharing chips

Sharing chips with someone, whether with a friend or a stranger, is a positive dream meaning. It reflects your kind attitude and your ability to help out people in need. Whenever someone near you requires help, you are the first one to step up.

All your friends admire you for your generosity and purity. You believe that helping out people is the ultimate act of being a good person.

15. Dream of not being able to buy chips

If you see that you’re trying to buy chips from somewhere, but you don’t have enough money to pay for it, it means that someone will soon scam you in real life.

Surprisingly, this person will turn out to be a close friend or relative. You had trusted them all your life, but in reality, they were only taking advantage of your kindness. Fortunately for you, you won’t go through any serious financial issues.

16. Dream of owning a chips company

Even though owning a chip company is a great idea, it does not hold a positive meaning in the dream books.

It indicates that you will go through a very rough patch in your career and might even get fired.

If you don’t have a job in your waking life, this dream indicates that you won’t be finding any suitable jobs in the near future. As of now, you will have to work really hard to sustain yourself.

17. Dream of eating plantain chips

Eating plantain chips, such as banana chips, in your dreams symbolizes the fact that you have overlooked a very important aspect of a problem.

This problem has been haunting and annoying your mind for a long time, but you haven’t been able to figure out any possible solution.

However, the solution is right in front of you but you can’t see it because you aren’t seeing the problem from all angles.

18. Dream of making plantain chips

This dream indicates the end of a valuable relationship in your life. This might be a strong relationship with your partner or a friend.

You both will realize that no matter how much you try to make the relationship work, you both have very different values and opinions. But the good thing is, you have also learnt a lot of things from each other.

This dream is conveying the message that not all good bonds last for life.

19. Dream of hating chips

If you tried to eat chips in your dreams and found the taste repulsive, it indicates that there is a repulsive presence in your waking life.

This person is most probably just an acquaintance but is always keen to know everything about your personal life.

They have no boundaries, and so they behave inappropriately with you. You can get rid of them if you try hard enough or simply tell them to stay away.

20. Dream of loving chips

If you love eating chips in your dreams, it means that you are a rebel in your waking life. You want to go against the system to prove your worth.

You feel that being bound by rigid rules will not help anyone to succeed in life, so you always try to do something rebellious or dangerous.

While it’s good to be confident and creative, you should also realize that sometimes, following rules is beneficial.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of chips

In the spiritual sense, dreams of chips can represent your hard work and dedication toward a cause. If you haven’t seen any fruitful results, don’t be upset.

Since good things take time, your spiritual guide is also pushing you in the right direction by making you wait. You will eventually receive a great reward.

Psychological Interpretation of dream of chips

According to psychology, dreams of chips can mean that there is something of great importance in your life, something that you cannot sacrifice at any cost.

This can even be a person whom you deeply love. However, if you wish to maintain that bond, you need to start showing more effort and care.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret chips dreams correctly

If your dreams seem fuzzy and confusing at first, don’t worry. Here are some sample questions to help you remember your dream details.

1. How frequently do you dream of chips?

2. Do you like it while eating chips in your dreams or hate it?

3. Are the chips in your dreams crispy or stale?

4. What color are the chips in your dreams?

5. Have you dreamt of eating multiple packets of chips at once?

6. Do you dream of seeing someone else eating chips?

7. Do you dream of buying or selling chips?

8. Have you dreamt of making or eating plantain chips?

9. What flavor of chips do you dream of eating the most?

10. Have you dreamt of frying or baking chips?

A word from ThePleasantDream

In dream books, chips can have so many different meanings, depending on the dreamer and their current life scenarios. But you need to figure out which dream interpretation suits you the most.