Dream of crashing into a wall may be a sign of different fears, lack of motivation, unresolved issues, a new developing phase in life, certain obstacles, and much more.

If you wish to know what your dream of crashing a car into a wall means, keep reading.

Dream of Crashing Car into a Wall – General interpretations

A dream like this is not always considered a positive omen. There may be some unprecedented change in your life, or you will find yourself fighting some fears.

Other than that, here are some more general interpretations of this vision for you to explore.  

Fearing change

You are not ready to welcome big changes and are contemplating certain decisions. It might come across as a warning to tell you that it is okay to take some more time to think this through.

Fearing loss

You might be facing the loss of something close to your heart. It may be a person or relationship, or even a thing that is valuable to you. This one can also be seen as a sign of protection.

Fear of commitment

You might just be dreading commitment at work or in a relationship. It is possible that you are expected to commit to a certain job or a relationship.

But you are not ready to give in your word as yet.

Need for adventure

You might have this urge to get into something adventurous for a long time. Life has become quite stagnant and boring, and you want to indulge in some thrilling experiences.

You wish to exercise your freedom in light of this adventure.


It might mean that your brain is now finally open to new perspectives and experiences. You are all the more receptive to new experiences and do not fear anything.

You are confident in what you have become, and this makes you feel empowered.

Poor management

Sometimes, it can also be indicative of poor management of life events and emotions. You feel that things are out of your control at this point in time.

This is what leads to poor decision-making, thereby leading to adverse consequences.

Feeling stuck

You feel that you are trying your best, yet you are unable to move ahead of the wall. It is a signal for you to keep finding solutions to problems and break out of them.

Danger warning

It can simply be a danger warning with regards to potential harm coming your way in waking life. Now, you need to be cautious and take careful steps from now on.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams of Crashing Car into a Wall

The spiritual meaning of such a dream can be related to hidden issues and feelings, desires, and guidance from the divine power.

Psychological Meaning of Dreams of Crashing Car into a Wall

From a psychological direction, it can be a sign of self-destruction, lack of control, fear of loss and failure, and constant mistakes.

Common Dream Scenarios of Crashing Car into a Wall & their Meanings

The dream of crashing a car into a wall can be manifested in several forms where the wall is of different types, the car driver is someone you know or don’t, and more. Read on to explore some types.

Crashing into a brick wall

You are stuck, and it is becoming almost impossible to break through this phase. Your goals are hard to comprehend and achieve at this point.

You are constantly feeling exhausted and frustrated because of these obstacles.

Dream of Crashing Car into a Concrete wall

This one comes across as an even stronger and unbreakable challenge to break through. You are trying all you can, and yet, the wall is not moving an inch. 

No matter what you do, you end up behind the wall, stuck. This could be a hint to try new ways of approaching problems in real life.

Crashing a Car into Glass wall

It implies that you are well aware of the current situation and problems, yet you are not able to move ahead. You want to smash the barriers and get ahead of the wall.

Dream of crashing a car into wall and surviving

It is a clear indication of resilience and strength in your heart. You are nothing less than a fearless and empowered being who’s confident of overcoming any obstacle that comes your way.

Crashing and not surviving

This brings fear of failing and hopelessness along your way. You have no control over your life and are having a hard time understanding your emotions.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Though the dream of crashing a car into a wall could be threatening, it does bring mixed interpretations with it. The meanings can range from fear of several things to hopelessness and difficulty in moving ahead in life.