Dreams about heart connect with your deep-rooted emotions, love, affection, and aspirations. However, it is not always pleasant. It has a few negative interpretations as well.

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Dreams about Heart – General interpretations

Dreams about heart can be safely linked to emotions, unresolved feelings about something or someone, struggles, and the like. Other than that, let us look at more meanings of this dream.

Unresolved emotions

You have been suppressing your emotions for a long time, and you must talk about it.

Sadness or Loss

You have been upset or feel depressed for some time now. There can be several reasons for this – your work, personal life, or social circle.

It may also signify loss in the context of a relationship or someone really important to you. You must make peace with it, or it will keep playing with your head.


You probably are dealing with someone’s betrayal and still haven’t been able to overcome its sorrowful consequences. The disloyalty is perhaps from someone very close to you.

Lack of support

A heart that sat there bleeding in your nightmare points towards the extreme sadness you’ve engulfed inside you because of lack of support and affection.

You might be craving someone’s attention and love yet unable to get it, which is manifesting in your dream.


Contrary to all the negative interpretations, dreaming about the heart could also signify upcoming life changes.

Anxiety or distress

You are dealing with something intensely upsetting at the moment. The unpleasant feelings may arise from unresolved issues from your past.


You’re not lost in your own emotions. You are having a tough time expressing what you feel.

Love for others

Heart symbolically is a character of love and compassion. If you’re dreaming about your heart, it indicates your feelings for others and the love you expect from them.

Common Dream Scenarios about Heart & their Interpretations

A dream about a particular object in question can appear in several ways. In the case of a heart dream, you might see a heart that’s bleeding or something in the shape of a heart, and all of these carry a different explanation. Let’s explore more!

Heart attack dream

Though an unpleasant nightmare, it relates to deep-rooted and unresolved emotions. It is not a positive sign, as it is apparent from the nature of the act.

It is pointing towards feelings of pain, hurt, and the like.

Dreaming of your own heart

Seeing your own heart while you are asleep points toward the possibility of someone making you feel utterly sad in the coming times.

This may be a consequence of something you did or said to someone. Hurt is coming your way, inflicted by a loved one or someone close to your heart.

Someone else’s heart

Having someone’s heart denotes their interest in forming a relationship with you. But, a dream about the same signifies that you will reject this proposal and not have someone’s heart for you.

Bleeding heart

This suggests that you may fall ill shortly. In this dream, you are looking at the physical pain that might come your way anytime soon.

Wounded heart

Wounds of the heart denote the possibility of you getting offended by someone’s gesture or behavior.

You might feel that you’re vulnerable and that everyone is against you. This can bring about a lot of discomfort and angst.

Heart in hands

Metaphorically, having the most sensitive part of your body in your hands depicts the exposure of emotions out in the open.

You might be in for some discomfort, yet a feeling of freedom from binding thoughts. You have given up the fear of being hurt and are not scared of exposing yourself in front of anyone.

Heart stops beating

This indicates that you need to make a few changes in your waking life to get back on track.

Stabbed in the heart

This one is as simple as the act it depicts – betrayal. Getting stabbed in the heart is metaphorically an indication of disloyalty from a loved one.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Like in real life, dreaming of a heart is indicative of several emotions. Though there are different types and interpretations, the meaning mostly revolves around love, compassion, angst, and pain.