Dream of earrings has a diverse interpretation; it signifies both prosperity, wealth along with a warning sign. It means that you may have to be careful of people who gossip or spread rumors about you. 

Read on to understand how to interpret dreams of earrings.

Dream of Earrings - Exploring Different Scenarios with Meanings
Dream of Earrings – Exploring Different Scenarios with Meanings

Dream of Earrings – General Interpretation 

Even a simple pair of earrings can represent something deeper and relevant in your waking life. They can be understood as the following symbols. 

  • Wealth – A dream where you are wearing precious earrings can be interpreted as a symbol of your wealth. 
  • Prosperity – Prosperity is different from wealth as it includes thriving or being successful in your life. Wealth can even be found through good luck, but a dream indicating prosperity is a much better sign as it means success as well. 
  • Gossip – Dream of earrings also means the dreamer must start paying attention to what is being said around him. It means that people in your social circle may be gossiping about you. Though gossip is not always harmful, it is still an indication that you need to be careful about how your social status may be influencing your reputation. 
  • Gifts – Dreams about earrings, especially gold earrings, are a symbol of gifts. A gift can be a reflection of your relationship with that person; the act of making amends or showing someone how you trust them.  

Spiritual Understanding of Earring Dreams

Spiritually, dreams about earrings are a good sign. Dreams such as these are internally motivating to do better. They push the dreamers to work harder to get the benefits and the promotions. 

Our spiritual self can feel complete only when we are at peace. Hence, setting goals and working towards them brings us a balance between our wants and actions.

Lastly, we also need a reminder that we can’t feel completely peaceful till we remove the negativity from our life. So, dreams of earrings remind us to pay attention to such things and cut off negativity.

Dreams of Earrings – Scenarios & Their Interpretations

While earrings are beautiful and diverse to look at, there are also certain dreams which focus on what you are personally doing with the earrings in your dream. 

Dream of wearing earrings 

This dream is a good sign and indicates comfort, peace, and security in life. Whether it is through work or the family around you, it means that you feel good and comforted. You are taking the time to focus on your appearance as well. 

Dream of earrings gift 

If you are the one in the dream that is on the receiving end of the gift; it means promotions or some other career advancement. The benefit could also be in the form of good luck in your financial life. 

If you are giving a pair of earrings as a gift to others; the dream represents repairing relationships wherein you have come a step forward and are trying to mend it.

Buying earrings in your dream

This dream is a sign that you are hoping to get noticed by someone. Buying earrings shows that you are trying to dress up a little more, perhaps to grab the attention of someone special. 

Dream about stealing earrings 

This dream does not mean that you will actually steal earrings. It means that you will be unsuccessful at manipulating others in the favor of your idea. 

In the instance that you are stealing an earring from a particular person; it is considered to be a warning sign in order to be careful about the words you say in front of others because they may be misinterpreted to your disadvantage.

Inheriting earrings 

Dreaming of inheriting something means that you are building or making your name based on the works of your ancestors or previous generations.

So, inheriting earrings means you may be making a name for yourself, but it’s only possible because of the work they did in their time.

While it is good to build something further, this is a reminder to appreciate what you got from them. 

Dream about throwing away earrings 

The dream means that you are done taking other people’s stress. This dream can be considered a sign that you are close to that point where you don’t want to listen to people and their negativity anymore. 

Dream about finding earrings  

This dream is also an indication that you may find good luck, abundance, happiness, wealth, and prosperity in your life in the coming time. 

Broken earrings in dream 

This dream is not a good sign. It means that there may be people that are gossiping about you to the people you love.

Losing an earring 

Losing an earring is not a very positive sign. They mean that you could be in the face of unpleasant situations or news soon. 

Selling earrings

In the dream world, this is not a positive sign because it represents the energy we put into our relationships and what we get in return. It is possible that the dreamer may be a lot more invested in the equation in comparison to the partner. 

Looking at earrings 

It means that you could currently be setting a goal for yourself and furthermore it is a good sign that you may be looking for creative ways to achieve your goals.

Various types of earrings appearing in dreams

Earrings can be of many types and they may appear in your dream. However, depending on the type of earring itself and also what you are doing with it helps in better interpretation. 

  • Dreaming of gold earrings

Dreams of gold earrings are a good sign. They mean that you may be on your path to making your dreams come true. It is also a sign that your problems may go away soon.   

  • Pearl earrings 

Wearing pearl earrings in your dream is a sign of fertility. It indicates that you are either considering having children or waiting to pass something that you have been preparing for a long time. 

It can also be taken as a sign to assess what you are ready for and how you want to progress in certain relationships.

  • Black earrings

This dream is neither a positive nor a negative sign as it represents secrets, which are a part of anyone’s life. Particularly, black studs represent the act of sharing your secret with someone else. 

  • Crystal earrings

In the dream world these earrings represent beauty and pure energy. Additionally, they mean that your life will soon feel more rewarding and you will feel the good energy around you. 

  • Earrings made of bone

This dream represents difficult situations – may be financial or decision based. Additionally, the dream is essentially a warning sign to be prepared for whatever trouble may come your way. 

  • Silver earrings 

It means that you are about to run into some luck or are feeling fortunate. Besides, you may soon be getting recognition that you have desired and this attention may bring positive changes in your life. 

  • Diamond earrings 

Diamond earrings in dreams, whether worn by you or someone you know; mean that you are supported by people through your difficult times.

The support could be financial or emotional. You could even be supported by a rise in your salary. 


Dream of earrings represents good luck, financial benefits, social status, gossip, and attention. It is a mostly positive dream, with some scenarios that act as reminders to be more careful. 

It is a good dream especially for people who are starting their careers or are looking for a way to move up the financial ladder to success!

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