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Dreams of Earrings – 34 Types With Their Positive & Negative Interpretations

Dreams of Earrings – 34 Types With Their Positive & Negative Interpretations

Updated on Dec 30, 2022 | Published on Dec 09, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams of Earrings - 34 Types of Earrings, Actions and Meanings

Dream of earrings has a diverse interpretation; it signifies both prosperity and also a warning sign. It means that you may have to be careful of people who gossip or spread rumors about you. 

Dream of earrings is closely linked to our social status, our standing in our social group as well as our careers. Dreams of earrings primarily focus on our financial and social life. 

Dream of earrings is also interpreted based on the details of the dream that you remember. For example, the color of the earrings, the material used or the metal used in the earring as well as the stones. 

Read on to understand how to interpret dreams of earrings. 

Dream of Earrings - 34 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dream of Earrings – 34 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dream of Earrings – General Interpretation 

Dream of earrings is simultaneously a sign of wealth, prosperity, and gossip. It is a positive symbol, but also a warning sign to be aware of what people may say behind your back. 

In the real world as well, earrings represent wealth, especially if decorated with diamonds or other precious stones. Dreams are indeed often a reflection of real-world symbols and the dream of earrings is one such example. 

Dreams about gifting earrings are a symbol of trust between you and the recipient.

Similar to real life, it shows that you like this person and trusts them to handle something precious or beautiful, like an earring. 

Earrings are generally adorned by people on their ears. Since the ears are also a symbol of listening; dreams about earrings can also be a warning sign that you should listen more and pay more attention to your surroundings. 

Stones like pearls, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc are precious gems often found in earrings. These types of earrings in dreams symbolize different things. For example, pearl earrings in dreams are a sign of fertility. 

Wearing earrings such as expensive diamond earrings is also reflective of the social status of the person in real life. Gold earrings in dreams represent incoming wealth or financial luck. 

Thus, even a simple pair of earrings can represent something deeper and relevant in your waking life. They can be understood as the following symbols. 

1. Symbol of wealth 

Earrings represent wealth, especially for the person who is wearing them. A dream where you are wearing precious earrings can be interpreted as a symbol of your wealth. 

2. Symbol of prosperity

Dream of earrings is also a sign of prosperity. Prosperity is different from wealth as it includes thriving or being successful in your life.

Wealth can even be found through good luck, but a dream indicating prosperity is a much better sign as it means success as well. 

3. Symbol of gossip 

Dream of earrings also means the dreamer must start paying attention to what is being said around him. Wearing earrings is a common activity, however, dreaming about earrings is an altogether different thing. 

A dream in which you are wearing earrings means that people in your social circle may be gossiping about you.

While gossip is not always harmful, it is still an indication that you need to be careful about how your social status may be influencing your reputation. 

4. Symbol of gifts

Dreams about earrings, especially gold earrings, are a symbol of gifts. A gift can be a reflection of your relationship with that person; the act of making amends or showing someone how you trust them. 

Often, it is also a symbol of the gifts that life offers you; such as good financial luck or promotions. This makes dreams of earrings a very positive sign. 

Dreams of Earrings – 34 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dreams of earrings can be of many types, depending on the type of earring itself and also what you are doing with it. Read further to understand all the relevant types and what the dream represents. 

1. Dream of earrings 

When you simply see earrings in your dream, it could be a sign of a new relationship coming your way. New relationships can be a good sign, as they can add happiness and possibilities to your life. 

While you should always be careful about the new people you meet and what they do for you, it is also possible that you may meet someone who deserves to earn your trust. 

2. Dreaming of gold earrings

Dreams of gold earrings are a good sign. They mean that you may be on your path to making your dreams come true. It is also a sign that your problems may go away soon. 

Gold earrings are a sign for people with fame or power to enter your life. Their new role in your life may bring you more joy and satisfaction. 

3. Dream of pearl earrings 

Pearl earrings in dreams can be interpreted based on the meaning of pearls in real life as well. Pearls grow inside a shell till they mature; much like humans who grow as a fetus inside a uterus.

Wearing pearl earrings in your dream is also a sign of fertility. It indicates that you are either considering having children or waiting to pass something that you have been preparing for a long time. 

It can also be taken as a sign to assess what you are ready for and how you want to progress in certain relationships. If something new is coming your way, you must be ready to tackle those challenges. 

4. Dream of silver earrings 

Silver earrings in dreams are also a positive sign. It means that you are about to run into some luck or are feeling fortunate. Wealth and happiness also often come through gaining fame or recognition for your work. 

Silver earrings are a sign that you may soon be getting this recognition that you have desired. This attention may bring positive changes in your life. 

5. Dream of diamond earrings 

Diamond earrings are a sign of money, even in real life. Money and wealth can afford us luxuries such as wearing beautiful diamond earrings as our accessories; this is true in the dream world as well. 

Diamond earrings in dreams, whether worn by you or someone you know; mean that you are supported by people through your difficult times.

The support could be financial or emotional. You could even be supported by a rise in your salary. 

6. Dreaming of copper earrings 

Copper earrings in dreams are in fact a bad sign, as they mean a lack of value in your possessions.

Copper is not a precious metal when it comes to jewelry, and hence dreaming about earrings made of copper is not a great sign either. 

It is possible that you may hear some unpleasant news or something you own is about to lose all its value. It is also possible that you are about to make some erratic decisions that will affect your finances. 

On a deeper level, copper earrings also reflect inauthenticity. Perhaps you are actings in a self-centered manner and that is not good for the people in your life who believe they are close to you. 

7. Dreaming about different coloured earrings  

On the other hand, if you dream about earrings in different colors, it is again a good sign. It also means financial rewards and security.

It is an indication that either at work or in your personal life, you are about to make some progress.

8. Dreaming of earrings made of precious stones

Precious stones include stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. Dreams of wearing earrings with so many precious stones have a different interpretation. 

They mean that you may soon be busy with responsibilities. You may have to be good with your time, as you will now have lots of duties that you need to fulfill.

It is a reflection of our real life, where the more you grow, the more things you have to take care of. 

9. Dreaming of different kinds of earrings

There are a lot of types of earrings as well. These include hoops, earrings made of metals, stones, different designs, long or short ones, etc. Sometimes, dreamers see such different types of earrings in their dreams.

They mean that you will be faced with decisions and some new adventures. A good decision can take you a long way and very positively add to your life.

Changes such as new jobs, relationships, or work can also be very positive.

10. Dream of earrings with fake stones

Dreams, where you are wearing earrings made of fake stones, mean that you are being manipulated. Perhaps your friends are being genuine towards you or you are being deceived by someone. 

You can even take this as a warning sign to not do something that you don’t genuinely want to do yourself.  

11. Dream of earrings gift 

Earrings are a well-appreciated gift for a lot of people; especially when given by someone special. Earrings as a gift in the dream world also have a significant meaning. 

If you are the one in the dream that is on the receiving end of the gift; it means promotions or some other career advancement. The benefit could also be in the form of good luck in your financial life. 

If you are giving a pair of earrings as a gift to others; the dream represents repairing relationships.

We often have fallouts with people and don’t understand the reason behind them. This dream is a sign that you have come to a step forward and are trying to mend it. 

12. Dream of black earrings

Dreaming of black earrings is neither a positive nor a negative sign. This dream represents secrets, which are a part of anyone’s life.

Particularly, black studs represent the act of sharing your secret with someone else. 

13. Dreaming of earrings made of bone

Bone earrings in dreams represent difficult situations. These situations may be financial or decision based and the dream is essentially a warning sign to be prepared for whatever trouble may come your way. 

14. Dreaming of crystal earrings

Crystal earrings are often beautiful and pleasing to look at. In the dream world as well, they represent beauty and pure energy.

It means that your life will soon feel more rewarding and you will feel the good energy around you. 

15. Broken earrings in dream 

Dreaming about broken earrings is not a good sign. It means that there may be people that are gossiping about you to the people you love.

While it is not that easy for relationships to crumble, such gossip can negatively affect the equation. 

Earring dreams based on actions 

While earrings are beautiful and diverse to look at, there are also certain dreams which focus on what you are personally doing with the earrings in your dream.

Read further to understand them more. 

16. Dream of wearing earrings 

Wearing earrings in your dream is a good sign. It indicates comfort, peace, and security in life.

Whether it is through work or the family around you, it means that you feel good and comforted. You are taking the time to focus on your appearance as well. 

17. Dreaming about wearing heavy earrings 

Wearing heavy earrings can be quite painful, as your ears often feel the weight. The pain also gets worse with time, as you feel the weight more and more.

Exactly like that, dreams about wearing heavy earrings represent the weight of the stress you carry within you. 

You could be going through a stressful time, and the burden of responsibilities you are carrying could be getting more than you can handle. 

When you feel overwhelmed, it is okay to take a break to recharge yourself. 

18. Someone else wearing earrings in your dream 

When you see someone else from your life wearing earrings in your dream, it is not a great sign.

It is an indication that you may be wasting your time trying to give them some advice since they are not really listening to you. 

19. Putting on earrings in your dreams 

If you dream of the specific action of putting earrings in your ears, then it may just be a negative sign for your work life.

Some interpretations suggest that you are being cheated either by a low salary or a missed opportunity. 

20. Dream about finding earrings 

As you can notice from all the interpretations observed till now, earrings are a very large positive symbol in the dream world. They mean good luck, abundance, happiness and wealth, and prosperity. 

In the same regard, the dream about finding earrings is also an indication that you may find these things in your life in the coming time.

If you have been searching for something for a long time; this dream could mean finally getting some answers. 

21. Dream about losing an earring 

On the other hand, dreams about losing an earring are not a very positive sign. They mean that you could be in the face of unpleasant situations or news soon.

We often even run into negative situations due to our negative mindset. 

22. Dream about taking off earrings 

If you dream of yourself taking off your earrings, it means that you may be willingly setting out of a role or position. We all often think fame and attention are amazing, but sometimes it may be more stressful than necessary. 

If you dream of taking off your earrings, it means you are ready to step down and enjoy some time out of the spotlight and attention. 

23. Breaking earrings in your dream 

If you dream about breaking a pair of earrings, it is another negative sign. It is possible that you may have gossiped about someone and now they are returning the favor.

It is also a sign that your partner may have been unfaithful towards you. 

24. Dream of looking at earrings 

If you dream of looking at earrings it means that you could currently be setting a goal for yourself. Goal setting is an important part of adult life.

This dream is a good sign that you may be looking for creative ways to achieve your goals. 

25. Looking for a pair of earrings dream meaning 

Dream about looking for a pair of earrings is a warning sign about your real life. IF you have lost a pair of earrings and now see yourself looking for them in your dream, it is a reflection of your social life right now. 

It is a warning to be careful of the things you reveal to the people in your life. You may be the target of gossip or ingenuine people. They may even be misusing the information that you provided them. 

26. Buying earrings in your dream

Buying earrings in your dream is a sign that you are hoping to get noticed by someone. Buying earrings shows that you are trying to dress up a little more, perhaps to grab the attention of someone special. 

While it is great to put in thoughts towards your outward appearance, this dream can also be a sign that making a move can be done in multiple ways, if you put some effort into it.

27. Dream of selling earrings

Selling earrings is not a task many of us do in real life. Unless it is our job or an exceptional situation, we don’t often sell earrings. In the dream world as well, this is not a positive sign. 

A dream of selling earrings represents the energy we put into our relationships and what we get in return.

It is possible that the dreamer may be a lot more invested in the equation in comparison to the partner. 

This would be a good time to reflect on all your relationships and see what you get out of them.

28. Dream about stealing earrings 

It is also possible to dream about stealing earrings from a shop or jeweler. This does not mean that you will actually steal earrings. It means that you will be unsuccessful at manipulating others in the favour of your idea. 

In the instance that you are stealing an earring from a particular person; it is considered to be a warning sign.

It shows that you should be careful about the words you say in front of others; they may be misinterpreted to your disadvantage. 

29. Dream about someone stealing your earrings 

On the other hand, if someone else is stealing your earrings it is a negative sign. It means that you may face a loss soon.

Losses however are a part of life, and this dream is a reminder that not every decision you take will be perfect or accurate. 

30. Dream of someone accusing you of stealing earrings 

If you dream of people, especially people you know, accusing you of stealing earrings, it is not a good sign. It is an indication that they probably find your ideas or suggestions not up to the mark. 

It is also possible that they are right, and your ideas may actually be wrong. However, this dream suggests that you are unable to see their point of view; regardless of who is right. 

31. Dream about accusing someone of stealing earrings

Similarly, if you are the one accusing others of stealing earrings, it suggests that you fail to understand or trust them. Accusing someone of stealing even without proof represents your own stubborn nature. 

It is usually more helpful to consider and acknowledge all opinions before making your own judgments. Hence, this can be a reminder to listen to the people around you when they voice their opinion. 

32. Dream about inheriting earrings 

Dreaming of inheriting something means that you are building or making your name based on the works of your ancestors or previous generations.

 Inheriting their earrings means you may be making a name for yourself, but it’s only possible because of the work they did in their time.

While it is good to build something further, this is a reminder to appreciate what you got from them. 

33. Dream about throwing away earrings 

Throwing away earrings in your dream is a refreshing sign; it means that you are done taking other people’s stress.

The dream suggests that you have given up a load of pleasing people and still taking their criticism. 

In real life, it is difficult to step away from such expectations. Hence, this dream can be considered a sign that you are close to that point where you don’t want to listen to people and their negativity anymore. 

34. Dream about others throwing away earrings 

Similarly, a dream about others throwing away earrings can also be interpreted based on their approach towards you. It is a sign of others being tired of you or changing the way they interact with you. 

This may not always be a bad thing, but it is a sign for you to pay attention. You may not have all the answers, but it is a reminder to not neglect how you can affect other people.

Spiritual Understanding of Earring Dreams

Spiritually, dreams of earrings are mostly a very positive sign. They help us cut the negativity and work harder towards our goals. 

Spiritually, dreams about earrings are a good sign. Financial growth is important for those who seek certain luxuries in their life.

Dreams such as these are internally motivating to do better. They push the dreamers to work harder to get the benefits and the promotions. 

Our spiritual self can feel complete only when we are at peace. Hence, setting goals and working towards them as well brings us a balance between our wants and actions.

This will help us aim for more inner peace and dreams such as these can encourage us more. 

Lastly, we also need a reminder that we can’t feel completely peaceful till we remove the negativity from our life. Gossip and negative talk can actually ruin our peace of mind.

Dreams of earrings remind us to pay attention to such things and cut off negativity. 

What can you do after you dream of earrings? 

After reading all the interpretations, it is clear that earrings’ dreams are very positive and a great sign, especially for your social status and finances. However, it is also easy to wonder what you can do with these interpretations.  

Here, it is safe to say that the first thing you should remember is that the dream world is a reflection of our real-life contexts and not the other way around.

Hence, merely dreaming about good luck does not actually bring you good luck. 

The dream means that you may be close to such pleasant situations, but you must continue to work hard and pay attention to your social circles. Your own commitment to your goals will get you the benefits you desire. 

Lastly, vanity and outward appearance also depend on confidence. Earring dreams can actually be a sign that you can wear certain things with confidence.

Putting in effort into how you look can even make you feel better internally as well. 


Dream of earrings represents good luck, financial benefits, social status, gossip, and attention. It is a mostly positive dream, with some scenarios that act as reminders to be more careful. 

It is a good dream especially for people who are starting their careers or are looking for a way to move up the financial ladder to success. It is a positive sign to keep up the great work you do!

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