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Veil Dream Meaning : 60 Types With Meanings

Veil Dream Meaning : 60 Types With Meanings

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on Dec 05, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Veil Dream Meaning 60 Types With Meanings

Have you experienced a dream about being adorned with a white veil of rich fabric as you walk down the aisle? Or of taking off the bridal ensemble suddenly and tossing it away? What do you think is the veil dream meaning behind such events? 

Dreams featuring the garment are almost always interesting and must never be ignored. Because on one hand, it makes a wedding dress complete. And on the other, it is a piece of garment used by women during funeral ceremonies. 

Veil Dream Meaning  60 Types With Meanings
Veil Dream Meaning – 60 Types With Meanings

Veil Dream Meaning : A General Dream Interpretation

A Veil dream meaning signifies deception, holding back your true emotions, infidelity, etc. Positively, the garment is also considered to be closely associated with purity, chastity, virginity, and loyalty. 

Generally, a veil dream meaning shows you are being insincere to someone or even to yourself. Perhaps you are holding back your true feelings and emotions to go with the flow. 

For instance, if you wear a wedding veil, that could mean you are cheating on your partner. Furthermore, based on the details, some scenarios may even reflect your worries about the truth coming out in the open. 

Negatively, the garment can signify the close of a chapter. This stems from the fact that the garment is often used by women during funeral ceremonies. 

60 Scenarios Of Veil Dreams Explained

Some of the most commonly experienced dream scenarios that are directly or indirectly associated with veils are. 

1. Dreaming about a veiled face

A veiled face represents someone who is disguising his or her feelings. 

From another perspective, a veiled face hints at a person in your circle who has literally lost his or her direction in life. 

2. To dream about seeing a hideous face behind a veil

The scenario is a harbinger of trouble and misfortune. 

3. Dreaming about seeing the face of a sage under a veil

You have gone off track from the right life path if you experienced the above in a dream. 

4. To dream about a beautiful veil

A beautiful veil in the dream world is a sign of transformations that will extremely please you. 

5. To see a veil lying on a bed in a dream

Regardless of your relationship status, the vision of a veil on a bed is a sign of a speedy marriage. 

6. To dream about trying on a veil

Chances are, you have been under a lot of stress lately due to the intervention of a third party in your relationship. 

If you find the interpretation relatable, you will soon be able to heave a sigh of relief. Because according to the plot, your problems will soon be resolved. 

7. To dream about trying on a veil that does not belong to you

The dream reflects your tendency to pry into businesses that do not concern you while neglecting matters that need your attention. 

8. To see a friend putting a veil on you

According to the plot, the friend in the dream represents a close one who wishes nothing but the best for you. 

Not only does he or she support you, but that person also has immense respect for you. 

Furthermore, the dream adds you must keep that person close as he or she will be a great guiding force in your life. With his or her help and assistance, you can go miles. 

9. Dreaming about a veil hiding your face

The dream stands for the unfortunate events you will soon be compelled to face due to your deceptive actions. 

10. To dream about wearing a hat with a veil

Wearing a hat with a veil hints at your insincerity and infidelity toward your partner. According to the scenario, it will just be a matter of time before he or she finds out the truth. 

So, while you still can, consider spilling the truth. However terrible the news is, your partner deserves to hear from you and not a third party. 

11. Dreaming about wearing a wedding veil

If you dream about wearing a wedding veil, it possibly means you are holding back your emotions despite wanting to share them with others. 

12. Wearing a mourning veil in a dream

Before you dig any deeper, ask yourself if you are experiencing any pain or heartache in reality. 

If yes, the scenario denotes you must release your pent-up emotions. Talk to trusted people. None of them may be able to offer you any help. Despite that, gather the courage to share your feelings with them. 

Because if you don’t, your emotional and mental state will get worse. 

13. To dream of seeing a funeral veil on your bonnet

In the upcoming future, you will go through terrible life situations – so extreme that you will be an entirely different person by the time you recover from them. 

14. Dreaming about wearing a white veil

Often, people dream about wearing a white veil prior to a period of contentment and immense joy. 

15. To dream about wearing a black veil and throwing it away suddenly

The scenario is associated with releasing yourself from something that has been holding you back. 

Perhaps you will break free from the humdrum of your everyday life. You might go on a trip or even start taking up a hobby. Whatever it is, your life will get more vibrant and exciting soon. 

The same meaning holds if you dream about taking off a black veil. 

16. Wearing an old veil in a dream

In this context, the veil stands for treacherous, evil-minded ‘friends’ who will not hesitate to betray you with no sense of guilt. 

17. To dream about wearing a torn veil

The scenario portends frustration, anger, and disappointment caused by a loved one. 

18. Wearing someone else’s veil in a dream

Wearing another person’s veil in a dream indicates positive changes are on the horizon. 

19. A dream about taking off a veil

If you take off a veil, that could mean you are sharing or revealing something about yourself reluctantly. 

20. Seeing someone trying on a veil in a dream

Through the dream, the subconscious encourages you not to let your current problems affect you too much. 

21. To dream about putting a veil on another person

Putting a veil over another person shows you are trying to hide something about that person.

This can be either good or bad depending on what you are up to. For instance, you could be hiding something terrible your sister did from your parents – not to disturb the peaceful family dynamic.

On the contrary, it may also mean you have chosen not to talk about your colleague’s talents to your superiors as you don’t want him or her to surpass you.

22. To see someone wearing a veil in a dream

The vision of someone else putting on a veil shows you are being deceived in the waking world. 

It can also reflect your wishes for a transparent relationship with your significant other. 

23. To see your friends wearing veils in a dream

If you dream about your friends wearing veils, chances are, they are hiding something from you in the waking world. 

24. Taking off someone else’s veil in a dream

Taking off someone else’s veil is associated with showing his or her true colors to others. 

25. Opening/ folding a veil in a dream

A big secret has already been revealed or will soon come to light if you open or fold a veil. 

26. To see yourself putting aside a veil in a dream

The scenario reflects your willingness to accept a transformation in your waking life. 

27. Arranging a veil in a dream 

You are being pretentious if you dream about wearing a veil and arranging it. 

28. A dream about dropping a veil in front of others

Through the scenario, the subconscious warns you to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally as your secrets are about to see the light of day. 

29. Dreaming about dropping a veil dramatically

In all likelihood, you will turn down the proposal of a person who earnestly wants to be your life partner. 

30. A dream about throwing away a veil

Either you will be separated from a loved one or be humiliated if you threw away a veil. 

31. To dream about tearing a veil

If there’s something you are hiding from your loved ones, the higher self nudges you to come clean.

The moment they get to know how deceitful you have been, they will turn their backs on you. 

32. To dream about knitting a veil

If you knit a veil, you will offer financial assistance to a relative who’s presently going through a crisis. 

33. To see another person knitting a veil in a dream

If you dream of another person knitting a veil, that means you seek the guidance of an elder to help you get through the difficulties associated with marriage and relationships. 

34. Buying a veil dream meaning

The plot is a sign of abundance. Expect your financial condition to change for the better soon. 

35. Giving a veil to someone in a dream

Giving a veil to someone shows you have drawn a boundary between yourself and a specific person in your waking life. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to associate with that person. You do love and care for that person. However, you wish to maintain a distance, despite your feelings. 

36. To dream about someone stealing your veil

Someone stealing your veil hints at your partner’s disloyalty and infidelity. 

37. To dream about losing your veil

If you have been hiding something from your partner and suddenly experience a dream about losing your veil, that means your partner will soon figure out the truth you are trying to hide desperately. 

38. To see a wedding veil being carried away by a gust of wind in a dream

The above scenario is an ominous sign foretelling a potential divorce

39. Seeing a torn veil in a dream

A torn veil hints at a possible separation from a loved one, most likely your romantic partner. 

Torn veil also implies your love for someone is gradually wearing off. 

40. To see a bridal veil in a dream

Dreams of a wedding or bridal veil are usually a harbinger of pleasant changes taking place in the foreseeable, if not immediate future. 

If you have had a crush on someone without letting him or her know, now is the ripe time to confess your feelings. There’s a high probability that situations will work out in your favor with heavens blessing you.

A bridal veil is also considered to be a harbinger of a happy event such as an engagement ceremony, wedding, etc. 

41. Seeing mourning veil dream meaning

More often than not, mourning veils are considered to signify disgrace, sadness, and regret. 

42. Dreaming about a woolen veil

Woolen veils are a sign of your helplessness caused by a lack of economic resources. 

43. To dream of a veil made from voile

Dreaming about a veil made from voile shows you are an open book. You are too transparent when it comes to your feelings and emotions. 

44. Dreaming about a long veil

A long veil portends a lengthy period of well-being and happiness. 

However, when it comes to transformations, now is an inauspicious time. Avoid making significant changes in any areas of your life around this time.  

45. White veil dream meaning

A white veil in a dream symbolizes sincerity and purity. Its presence in the scenario shows you are being honest about your feelings toward someone or a situation. 

On the other hand, it can also imply the need to be sincere with your lover, yourself, and other people. 

46. Dreaming about black veils

Generally, black veils in the dream world are associated with loss. 

From another approach, the dream shows you are not being honest with yourself or others regarding something. 

47. A dream about a red veil

A red veil shows you are not being sincere to yourself and others. Perhaps you are denying the fact that you have feelings for someone when in truth, you do. 

Also, red veils symbolize passion and desire. 

48. A blue veil in a dream

In the dream world, blue veils are a symbol of betrayal. Either you will break someone’s trust, or you will be betrayed by a person you love. 

That said, you must let your real-life circumstances come into play while decoding the scenario. Because according to other dream books, a blue veil symbolizes faithfulness and dedication. 

49. A green veil dream meaning

Green veils in the dream world stand for hope, optimism, and fresh new beginnings. 

50. Bridal veils in the dreams of a woman

For a woman, bridal veils symbolize positive changes. 

51. A woman dreaming about trying on a veil without anyone’s help

The scenario indicates the dreamer is a lonely soul. 

52. A woman dreaming about wearing a veil

In the foreseeable future, you will get involved in an important project. 

53. A young woman to dream about wearing a bridal veil

Most likely, you will soon get involved in something that will bring you lasting profit, peace, and happiness.

This can either be a promising relationship or a profitable business venture. 

54. A young woman dreaming about losing her veil

According to the dream, your partner clearly sees through your deception. And soon, he will pay you back by deceiving you in the same manner. 

55. A bachelorette dreaming about a wedding dress and a veil

The dream conveys the message that marriage will not happen anytime soon for you. 

56. A man dreaming about a white dress and a luxurious veil

The dream books advise the dreamer to keep a close eye on his friends and acquaintances. Someone could be disguised as a friend and plotting something evil behind closed doors. 

57. A man dreaming about wearing a veil

The dream emphasizes the need to acknowledge the feminine aspects of yourself. 

Negatively, the dream can foreshadow a breakup or a divorce. 

58. A man dreaming about looking at himself wearing a veil in a dream

The dream indicates the need to reconsider how you look at people, matters, and the world. Likely, you pay much importance to trivial matters that need no attention. 

59. Bachelors and bachelorettes dreaming about wearing veils

For the above dreamers, wearing a veil is a harbinger of marriage in the near future. 

60. An engaged person dreaming about wearing a white veil

If an engaged person dreams of wearing a white veil, it is a sign from the universe that his or her romantic relationship will deepen. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Veil in Dreams 

Spiritually, veils represent purity, honesty, and faithfulness. Negatively, they represent falsity and deception. 

Veil Dream Meaning: A Biblical Interpretation

According to the Bible, a dream featuring a veil, especially one where you see yourself wearing one symbolizes your submission to another individual or an external authority. 

Psychological Meaning Of Veil In Dreams

Psychologically, veils symbolize your wish to keep something hidden about yourself from others. 


Wrapping up, a veil dream meaning can carry either positive or negative connotations depending on what you are going through in reality. 

For some, it may stand for possible joyous events while it may reveal disguise, deception, and infidelity for others.