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Dream Of Explosion: 47 Plots & Their Meanings

Dream Of Explosion: 47 Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Dec 30, 2022 | Published on Jan 25, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream Of Explosion - 47 Different Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Key Takeaways

  • In most cases, explosion dreams have negative connotations.
  • They are usually associated with repressed anger, frustration, and other ill feelings.
  • Positively, explosions in the dream world can also be a harbinger of liberation, changes, and development.
  • They can also happen to warn you of your toxic behavior and attitude that are acting as barriers to your success.

A dream of explosion is as disturbing and unnerving as a blast in the real world. And you are not wrong if you anticipate negativity with regards to your dream spectacle. 

More often than not, explosions in dreams do not bode well. However, you should not let the dream bring down your spirits because some can be a sign of upcoming freedom after being confined for long. 

Dream Of Explosion - 47 Plots & Their Meanings
Dream Of Explosion – 47 Plots & Their Meanings

Meaning Of Explosion In Dreams

A dream of explosion signifies repressed emotions, especially negative ones such as anger, frustration, and hatred. Be that as it may, not every explosion dream should be concluded as negative without further interpretation as many of them represent freedom, transformation, and progression. 

Usually, an explosion in a dream is a reflection of your emotional state. It is a sign from your subconscious that repressed emotions, feelings, and desires, especially negative ones, are trying to find their way out. 

According to the dream books of Miller, a dream about explosions indicates that the disagreeable actions of your dear ones or acquaintances will cause you loss and destruction.

For those who are into business, the dream can be warning you of impediments ahead. 

Explosions in dreams may also mean progress and development is on the way. The dream may have surfaced in your sleep state to advise you to be on alert and not let opportunities go past you. 

Positively, an explosion in dreams means you are just an inch away from a wonderful piece of news. 

Explosion Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

Some of the most common dream symbols of explosion are –

1. A Situation That is Getting Out Of Control

Explosion dreams are likely to happen if a situation in your life is getting out of your control. Probably because of poor choices and unwise actions, you may be having a hard time as the situation gets worse with each passing day. 

And now that the problems have gotten more intense, you may not have enough skills and power to overcome them. 

2. Explosion Of Repressed Emotions And Feelings

Many people dream of an explosion when they have reached a limit to how much they can withhold within them. 

For instance, say you find your partner too clingy and obsessive. For months and years, you may have kept your genuine opinions within you and the dream is a sign that you need to come clean and let him or her know what you really feel. 

3. The Need To Release Repressed Emotions

If there is one thing not worth storing and stacking up, it’s emotion, especially negative ones. They can cause mental turmoil and long-term damage. 

From that perspective, an explosion in a dream can be an encouragement from your higher self to let go of emotions you have been piling up. 

Note that the dream does not ask you to cause an uproar by dumping all those emotions violently on whoever is concerned. Instead, you are advised to approach the matter with a cool mind to avoid worsening the situation further. 

4. Potential Harm

An explosion in a dream can signify your vulnerable state as you get exposed to multiple threats around.

Those devastating situations are equated to ticking time bombs that are waiting for the right times to explode. 

The scenario may be warning you to be extremely careful with your words and actions as one small mistake can lead to irreversible devastation. 

5. Financial Problems

Explosions in dreams may also be warning you of upcoming financial difficulties – to keep track of your expenses and not to get entangled in shady investments. 

6. Death and Disease

Explosion dreams can also surface to warn you of potential illness that can befall either you or a person you genuinely care about. 

7. A need for transforming an aspect of yourself or your life

“Whatever or whoever was hunted or destroyed will supply you with the meaning you should assign the symbol. The area of life that is suggested by the target is the area of your life that needs a drastic change.” wrote dream expert, Michael Lennox in Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream.

8. Liberation

Though several explosion dreams carry negative connotations, a few of them bring pleasant messages. 

The act of exploding and breaking free may represent your liberation from responsibilities or events that have been a burden on you for quite some time. 

Dream Of Explosion: 47 Various Scenarios And Their Meanings

If you are going through the article to help understand and approach your own explosion dream, make sure you thoroughly analyze the scenarios listed below. 

They may or may not contain the spectacle you experienced but they will surely provide insights on how to proceed with your dream

1. A dream of explosion

If you experience the vision of an explosion in your dream without any additional symbols and events, you can take it to be a good sign.

Generally, such a vision is a sign of progression and development in your waking life. 

For instance, let’s assume you had anticipated a great outcome after working on a goal only to get skeptical about it later. At this juncture, if an explosion happens in your dream, it portends good news. 

2. Seeing an explosion in a dream

Having a dream about seeing an explosion signifies that you will soon hear a piece of news that will initially leave you disturbed and apprehensive of the future.

However, with time you will be able to make adjustments. 

3. Dreaming about seeing an explosion at a distance

Having a dream about seeing an explosion at a distance is symbolic of your destructive behavior. During hard times and stressful situations, you often lose your cool, inviting further trouble.

Another interpretation of the scenario gives a hint at injustice. Likely you will be accused of saying or doing something you didn’t even say or did.

And as if that is not enough, people around you will judge you for those things you never said or did, pushing you to the edge. 

Yet another interpretation of the scenario is that you often let others’ opinions affect you negatively.

Since you saw the explosion from a distance, there’s a possibility that those negative comments were not made to your face directly. 

However, despite hearing it from second, third, or fourth-hand sources you can’t help but let it disturb your mental peace. 

When you dream of seeing an explosion far off in the distance, your mind might also be reminding you of your own bad behavior. 

4. A dream about hearing an explosion

If you saw the above spectacle in your sleep state, you will possibly hear a piece of important news in the coming days. 

Negatively, the scenario signifies a closed one, especially a family member or relative getting into trouble.

In the dream, if you experience fear then there’s a probability that his or her problem will pose a major threat to your own life and reputation. 

5. A dream about hearing the sound of an explosion without seeing it

The above spectacle foretells a misfortune that can befall a near one. It can happen to a family member, partner, or close friend.

Based on the plot, there’s a strong likelihood that he or she will meet with an accident or a disastrous situation that can cause him or her great damage. 

Depending on the intensity of the plot and real-life situations, your dear one may end up tragically or not. Regardless of that, you would be put under great stress. 

Another approach to the plot is that others will falsely accuse you of something you never did. Their harsh comments about you and your actions will compel you to distance yourself from them. 

6. A dream about an explosion scaring you

The plot says you are deeply worried about a dear one’s health issue. 

7. A dream about being trapped in an explosion

If you see yourself trapped in an explosion, surrounded by a blazing fire in all directions, it is a positive dream and is symbolic of the never-dying passionate relationship between you and your partner. 

8. Dreaming about suffering from an explosion

The dream is a harbinger of success and fortune. But you need to know that the happiness and contentment you receive from that success will be short-lived. Instead, it will turn into a burden for you. 

For example, assume that you have always dreamed of becoming an actor. The scenario may mean you will soon achieve your dreams and the resultant riches and fame. 

However, the lives of celebrities always come with a price. Robbed off your privacy, you will soon realize that your success has made your life worse than how it was, in some ways.

9. Dreaming of someone saving you from an explosion

If you dream of the above scenario, the first thing you need to do is recall the identity of the person that appeared in your dream.

In case it was a stranger, your subconscious is letting you know that an unknown person will come to your rescue when you desperately need help. 

And if the person in your dream was someone you are familiar with in the real world, the dream may be reminding you of a debt you owe something.

Perhaps you ask someone for a favor and after receiving it, you forgot to thank him or her. 

10. Saving someone from an explosion in a dream

Though the spectacle seems heroic, the interpretation says otherwise. Most probably, by sheer luck, you will get entangled in a heated argument between two parties.

Your only fault with regards to the matter would be that you strayed into the wrong place at a terrible time. 

11. Staying calm during an explosion in a dream

Most likely, your unfaltering state during the dream event is a reflection of your calm and collected nature. 

Whether it is your misfortune or someone else’s you never let the severity of the problem affect your state of mind.

It doesn’t mean you do not care a dime about it. You do care and you empathize with others’ problems but you neither show it nor let yourself go frantic over it. 

Because you believe that any problem, whatever it is must be approached with a cool head. 

12. Getting hurt from an explosion in a dream

According to the scenario, you are likely to face some problems that may have a huge negative impact on your life. 

Through the dream, your subconscious advises you to maintain your calm and not act impulsively in any way.

Based on the plot, you cannot afford to act hastily around this time of your life, lest you want to see yourself in deeper trouble. 

13. A dream about getting hurt because of an atomic bomb explosion

Through the scenario, your subconscious is advising you to be on your toes as several opportunities are coming towards you.

If you have enough skill and hindsight to recognize and make use of each, your life will definitely see a significant improvement in no time. 

14. A dream that your face or someone else’s is blackened or mutilated by an explosion

The plot signifies you will be unjustly accused of indiscretion. Unfortunately, the circumstances may convict you and your words.

15. Dreaming that you got hurt on the face during an explosion

In this scenario, your face is a representation of your image and reputation in the real world.

Based on the plot, it is likely that your social image will get tainted because of the rumors and gossip others are spreading about you. 

The gossip is indeed the outcome of your own reckless actions and unwise decisions. But you will soon notice that more than half of what people are talking about you are mere lies. 

At this point, the best you can do is let people spread as much rumor as they want because denying or even trying to clear your name will only drag you further down the pit. 

16. Dreaming about going deaf after being at an explosion

According to the scenario, you believe you have listened to others and acted on their advice more than you should. 

Therefore, you have decided to solve an ongoing issue without relying on anybody’s words, opinions and advice despite being completely aware of the risk and consequences that may come along with your decision. 

Negatively, the scenario can also mean you are so consumed with your ideas and opinions that you are refusing to listen to the counsel of others. 

17. A dream about hurting your hands or arms during an explosion

To dream of your hands or arms getting hurt due to an explosion is symbolic of upcoming financial challenges.

Perhaps you have been investing time, effort, and money into something only to realize that you will not or never bear the return you thought you deserve. 

If you are a salaryman, the company you work at may undergo trying times due to which you will see a decline in your income. 

18. Seeing your legs getting injured in an explosion

As ambitious and strategic as you are, you have drawn a clear plan on how to achieve your dream goals.

However, despite having a solid backup plan, you will come to face several unexpected challenges as you proceed towards your goals. 

The dream encourages you not to let yourself feel disheartened and lose hope. As long as you stay loyal, persistent, and perseverent, you’ll definitely achieve whatever you seek out to accomplish. 

19. A dream about death and explosion

It’s likely that you would be falsely charged with some ill deeds. The scenario advises you to act with caution to prevent getting involved in such matters.  

20. Dreaming about setting off a bomb

Based on the plot, you are literally a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode causing destruction and damage to yourself and your near ones. 

21. Causing an explosion in a dream

In the first place, the scenario tells that you are quite impulsive by nature. You often act according to your whims and fancies not caring about who you are hurting through your words and actions. 

According to the dream, you cause them pain only to have a difficult time yourself seeing them hurt. 

Therefore, the scenario may be advising you to think twice and not act impulsively. Reckless behavior will only keep on hurting your near ones and yourself too. 

When you dream about causing an explosion, it can mean you are about to have some regrets over things you have done in the past. 

22. People dying from an explosion in a dream

Having a dream of people dying in an explosion is a reflection of the emotional and mental turbulence you are going through. 

Chances are, you feel depressed and unmotivated as nothing is working out as you had expected.

On the other hand, the plot may also mean you need to be more productive and stop wasting time on unnecessary matters. 

Other experts associate the scenario with your anxiety as you believe your close ones are not giving you the love, attention, and affection you think you deserve.

23. Dreaming of an explosion destroying your house

Having a dream of your house or apartment burning in flames and getting destroyed due to an explosion is symbolic of the repressed hatred you have for someone close to you. 

Chances are that person hurt you deeply but you did not react for fear of getting your relationship damaged.

Though you are being mindful and considerate, your subconscious says that might not be the wisest decision. 

If you keep on repressing and stacking your hatred, you will only end up disrupting your mental peace. 

Therefore, you should let him or her know how he or she has hurt your feelings and emotions.

Another interpretation of the dream is that your self-destructive behavior is wreaking havoc on your career, job, relationships, and life in general. 

Having a dream about your house getting destroyed also symbolizes your repressed rage for someone or something, affecting your family and relationships negatively. 

24. An explosion destroying your car in a dream

The car is symbolic of your ability to transition from your present state to a better version. 

However, since you dreamt about it getting destroyed in the explosion, the dream denotes repressed resentment towards someone or something that will prevent you from making a transition. 

25. Dreaming about seeing smoke caused by an explosion

Seeing smoke caused by an explosion in a dream spectacle may be warning you to be extremely careful in your dealings.

One small mistake has the potential to bring your life upside down. 

26. A dream about the air filled with smoke after an explosion

To dream of seeing the air filled with smoke denotes unusual dissatisfaction and antagonism with business associates. 

27. Dreaming about getting enveloped in the flames

Having a dream about getting yourself enveloped in flames is a sign that your so-called friends will abuse your rights and confidence. 

28. A dream of seeing the aftermath of an explosion

The dream foretells potential financial difficulties and bankruptcy. Through the scenario, your higher self warns you to keep your expenses in check. 

There’s a possibility that you are spending beyond your limits. Continuing, in the same manner, will ultimately drag you into a bottomless pit. 

To help you understand the picture more clearly, take the explosion as yourself enjoying life to the fullest, spending beyond your means and the ruins to be your pathetic life after you have ripped yourself off your earnings and savings. 

29. A dream of explosion and fire

Having a dream of an explosion followed by fire signifies something – an event or a problem that will reach its peak in the foreseeable future.

However, the interpretation may alter depending on whether you were affected by the fire or not. 

If it did not harm you in any way, the dream indicates you would be able to tackle the issue without much trouble.

Alternatively, if it did cause you injury or stress, the dream foretells deep anxiety and frustration concerning the above-mentioned matter. 

You may not be able to alter what’s written in the stars for you but how you react to your problems and with what attitude entirely lies in your hands. 

30. Explosion and ashes in a dream

Explosion and ashes in a dream foretells difficult and challenging times, especially on the professional front. 

31. Dreaming of an explosion at a home 

Having a dream about an explosion at home warns you not to make rash decisions.

32. A dream of explosion in the sky

Based on the plot, not everyone around you has the same good intentions towards you contrary to your belief. 

Therefore, your scenario warns you not to have blind faith in others and jump into any types of offers they come to you with, however tempting they seem.

There’s a possibility that some will come to you with malicious intent. 

33. A dream about explosion amidst war

The scenario is a reflection of your disturbed emotional state. Likely, your domestic environment is not at its best and you and your close ones cannot see eye to eye on some issues. 

You need to be careful not to hurt their feelings as the dream also hints at a potential breakup due to the disagreements. 

Note that the above interpretation applies only if you were scared and desired to flee or hide in the dream. 

34. Dreaming about an explosion and doomsday

The above spectacle in a dream is an ill omen. Most likely, you will get into a scandal with the person you love which will lead to a separation between the two of you. 

35. Surviving an explosion in a dream

According to the scenario, your life is about to enter a new phase. It can be anything – a new relationship or a new work environment.

It can also stand for a transformation and a better life after the accomplishment of your dream goals. 

On that note, if there’s anything you have been manifesting and working hard on, the dream advises you to keep doing as you have been doing.

Because it’s possible that the scenario is associated with what you have been manifesting all this while. 

36. Dreaming that you were able to stand strong and firm – physically, mentally, and emotionally after an explosion

The scenario reflects your strong and unwavering willpower.

Dream Of Explosion: Different Types

37. Dreaming about the explosion of firecrackers

The plot is a reminder from your subconscious mind not to act impulsively. 

38. A dream of explosion of bomb

According to the plot, you will be so lost in a passion or desire that you will start to neglect your duties and responsibilities. 

For example, you may have gotten yourself involved in a passionate affair enough to make you forget your dream goals – those you have been investing in until the affair started. 

Another interpretation is that you will encounter several events that will compel you to undergo major life transformations.

Yet another meaning of the dream is that your hidden feelings and affections for someone need to be let out. 

39. A dream about an atomic bomb explosion

Encountering an atomic bomb explosion in a dream is the harbinger of a piece of news that will have a huge impact on your life. Note that it can either be positive or negative. 

Dreaming of the above scenario also signifies hearing something about a friend that will leave you flabbergasted. 

For example, you may hear from someone else that your friend, who hates men of all types, got into a relationship recently. 

According to the Modern dream book, an atomic explosion in a dream denotes you will discover something unexpected about a friend or relative.

Surprised as you would be, your attitude and behavior towards that person will completely change after the discovery. 

Negatively, Aesop’s dream books relate the scenario with potential accidents and misfortunate events. 

40. Dreams of nuclear explosions

Based on the plot, an unfortunate event is likely to befall one of your loved ones. He or she may face financial crises or suffer from a severe health issue. 

Your subconscious advises you to pay close attention to his or her health and financial situations as well. 

41. A dream about grenade explosion

Having a dream about the explosion of a grenade indicates you would be able to avoid a disaster, thanks to your good luck. 

42. Dreaming about a gas explosion in a house

The dream indicates you would soon need to put yourself under immense physical stress due to an unexpected turn of events. 

The dream is a reminder not to forget to give yourself breaks from time to time while giving your best. 

Other dream analysts relate explosions of gas, regardless of where, with health issues. Pay heed to what the dream is trying to tell you and make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. 

43. An explosion inside a building in a dream

Having a dream about an explosion inside a building means you need to be more straightforward with your feelings and emotions. 

44. Dreaming about a car explosion

You can approach the scenario from two different perspectives. The first is a reflection of your terrible character and attitude that others find unlikeable.

You may say the opinions of others do not matter but soon, you will come to realize that they do play a very important role. 

The scenario advises you to fix your personality before they become a barrier to your goals and the life you have envisioned for yourself. 

Another interpretation of the dream is that one or a few of your plans are facing threats. However, if you approach the problem wisely, it’s something you can resolve quite easily. 

45. A dream of plane crash and explosion

Witnessing an airplane explosion in a dream is a negative sign.

According to the plot, you have experienced several failures in your life because of which you are losing confidence, faith in your abilities, and the courage to stick through complications. 

On that note, the dream reminds you to get back on track and recollect the confidence you think you have lost. After all, none will be able to help you if you don’t help yourself. 

Other dream analysts associate plane explosion dreams with an extremely ambitious goal, enough to make you anxious whether you would really be able to achieve it or not. 

46. A dream about an explosion in the sea

Usually, an explosion in the sea is closely related to transformation, purification, and renewal. 

47. Dreaming about a volcanic explosion

A volcanic explosion or eruption in a dream is usually a reflection of your helplessness and powerlessness in a particular situation. 

On the other hand, a volcanic eruption can also be a harbinger of someone making you extremely mad over something. 

A volcanic explosion also suggests your anger has reached cataclysmic proportions and is threatening to engulf everything that stands in your path. 

Explosion Dream Meaning: Different Dreamers

A young lady dreaming of an explosion

An explosion is a warning from the subconscious not to be too trusting of people and situations.

Oftentimes, what we think of someone turns out to be the exact opposite of who he or she really is. 

Spiritual Interpretation of Explosion Dreams

Spiritually, an explosion is closely connected to a revelation of some sort. Perhaps you would be able to find out something about your partner, friend, acquaintance, or family member. 

Alternatively, it may also mean you may slip and give away your secret. 

Who Is Likely To See An Explosion In Dreams?

Though the same cannot be said for all types of explosion dreams, they are usually experienced by people who are waiting for something important. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream of Explosion

Some of the most common reasons you experienced an explosion dream are-

  1. Explosion dream can mean you believe you are on the brink of exploding and letting out the anger, hatred, and resentment you have been repressing for quite a long time. 
  2. You have got yourself entangled in a heated argument.
  3. You discovered something surprising about someone. Alternatively, such a plot can also mean you gave away one of your secrets by mistake.
  4. You feel a sense of powerlessness in a certain situation. 
  5. Explosion in dreams is also symbolic of opportunities that can help turn your life around if you know how to make proper use of them. 
  6. Explosion dreams are also symbolic of upcoming financial problems. 
  7. Such dream events can also mean people are spreading gossip about you, half of which are nothing but lies.
  8. In some cases, the spectacle may be a harbinger of a health issue.
  9. You find yourself in an extremely troublesome situation due to someone else’s mistake.
  10. A dream about an explosion can also be warning you of your destructive behavior and attitude. 
  11. You experienced/watched/read about one recently. 
  12. In a dream, explosions can be a warning sign from your subconscious letting you know how the irresponsible or malicious actions of others will have a huge impact on your life. 

What To Do If You Dream Of An Explosion

To take the interpretation further, you need to ask yourself these few questions to get an accurate meaning of your dream event. 

  1. What exactly happened in the dream? Note down everything you remember about the scenario.
  2. Recall what exactly exploded in the dream. How intense was the explosion? This may sound trivial but you need to understand that it plays a vital role in the interpretation. 
  3. Where did it happen? 
  4. Did you or anyone get injured? If yes, which part of the body was affected?
  5. Did the dream involve scenes of death? 
  6. In the dream, how did you respond to the event? Note each of the emotions you underwent.
  7. Do explosions of any type freak you out or do you usually maintain a calm demeanor during or after an explosion in the real world?  


To conclude, a dream of explosion is usually associated with negativity. But that is not to say every explosion in dreams is an ill omen.

Some of them may stand for freedom, transformation, and development after undergoing a period of a hard time. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you get each of the dream elements and your real-life situations correct as one small mistake can change the overall dream meaning.