Dream of flirting says you are hanging around with someone who has different interests than you. Soon, you may get bored and leave their company. Moreover, it also indicates your desire to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, you also hesitate to approach your partner for sexual fantasies because you think they will see you as a pervert. But there are more meanings to such dreams, as listed below.

What Does It Mean To Dream of Flirting?

Such dreams ask you to be cautious about who you trust. Someone may take advantage of your power or influence to fulfill their goals. Moreover, it also represents your need to become famous and be at the center of attraction.

Some other interpretations of these dreams are:

  • It denotes your lack of self-confidence, which is why you miss beautiful opportunities.
  • You are insecure that someone will take your partner away from you.
  • Your difficulties will end, and you will be rewarded for your hard work.
  • You feel lonely in a crowd and want someone to share your feelings with.
  • You appreciate someone and have started developing romantic feelings for them.

Common Dreams of Flirting – Different Types & their Interpretations

Dreams of flirting usually suggest different things based on the scenario details – from the urge to liberate your suppressed feelings to a sign of betrayal. Let us observe more carefully what these dreams of flirting mean.

You are flirting

This says you are a cheerful person who likes to socialize. You listen to and advise others instead of being judgemental and passing opinions. You respect moral boundaries.

Someone is flirting with you

They are trying to win your attention. However, you are choosy and not ready to accept anyone who doesn’t meet your standards.

Stranger flirting with you

You want people to hear about your suppressed feelings for a long time.

Refusing to flirt

This dream represents you sticking to your words and fulfilling your responsibilities. You don’t feel the need to be in the limelight. You are away from temptations and will do everything to keep your loved ones happy.

Someone refusing to flirt with you

You are misinterpreting someone’s affection. You think they want to seduce you by listening to whatever you say. 

Flirting with your partner

This says you have found your soulmate who understands you because of your strong connection.

They help you achieve your dreams and want to see you as a successful person.

Your partner flirting with you

Be happy because this dream has a positive meaning. Your partner is spiritually connected with you and trusts you a lot.

They do not have to convey their feelings because you understand them well. It says your relationship is strong.

Your partner flirting with someone else

It indicates your lack of self-confidence. You think your partner has lost interest in you. But you don’t need to fear because your partner will not hurt you for anyone else.

Someone flirting with your partner

If your partner felt happy and showed interest in this person, you think they are cheating on you, but you don’t have any proof.

But if your partner ignores them, it says you will land into an argument.

Flirting with an ex

You are not completely over your ex. You need to sit and reflect on your emotions and see what this person means to you.

Possibly, there had been no closure, so you still haven’t been able to move on.

Ex flirting with you

This says the past will confront you. Some mistakes from your past will come up, and you will have to face the consequences.

Flirting with a friend

It shows you need more affection and love from your near ones. You feel lonely even when you are surrounded by a crowd.

Friend flirting with you

It reflects your feelings for that friend. They may not be aware of it. And you don’t want to approach them or share your romantic feelings with them because you don’t want to lose their friendship.

Flirting with a police officer

You are facing trouble in your real life and trying to solve it. However, the dream says the way you have chosen is wrong. You made a mistake and are now hiding it or blaming someone else.  

However, the truth will be revealed no matter how much you try. So, it’s better to accept your deeds.

Police officer flirting with you

This says someone wants to use your power or status to fulfill their ambitions. They only win your trust, so you help them achieve your goals. You shouldn’t trust others easily.

Flirting with a stranger

Unfortunately, this is a bad omen. It predicts someone will betray you by breaking your trust. They have manipulated you to a level that you follow them blindly.

Flirting with a celebrity

This says you wish to achieve more than your present status. You want to be famous too but have yet to achieve your ambitions.

Celebrity flirting with you

You want to meet this celebrity. You are attracted by the role they play on TV.

Flirting with multiple people at the same time

This denotes your desire to be the center of attraction. You love when people pay attention to your needs and thoughts.

Your physical appearance helps you a lot in gaining people’s interest. 

Multiple people flirting with you

It says you are chilling with someone whose vibes don’t match yours. There are no common likes and dislikes to discuss, so you will want to eliminate them from your circle.

Flirting with a person of the same sex

This dream says you are suppressing your ambitions or sexual fantasies. You think others won’t understand your wishes.

You don’t want your partner to see you as a pervert, so you don’t share your desires.

A person of the same sex flirting with you

Your mind is filled with prejudices. You are too stubborn to accept your mistakes or others’ opinions. So, you miss many beautiful opportunities and people in your life.

Other girls flirting with your boyfriend

This says you share a boring relationship because you are not easily attracted to your boyfriend. There’s a lack of charm and relaxation.

Young woman flirting with a man

It denotes your need for protection or security.

Flirting with someone else’s man

You will get betrayed by someone.

Husband flirting with another woman

This reflects your fears and lack of confidence. You feel someone else is more attractive than you and will steal your husband away.

Flirting with the prime minister

It says your hard work will be paid, and finally, things will align the way you want. Difficulties and disappointments will end. Get ready to explore new opportunities.

Teacher flirting

This talks about emotional dependency. Moreover, it says you must apply some wisdom and solve your problems. Currently, you are running away from situations. This is why you are hurt. Instead, learn to confront them.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of flirting often appear when you need someone to love, care, and protect you. It is when you are tired of feeling lonely and need someone’s support or pampering. However, you must ensure that nobody takes advantage of this flirtatious process. 

This dream has more meanings, which can only be known by the person you flirted with and your real-life situations. So, think harder to recall all details, decode them, and make your life worthy!