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Dream of Garlic – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Garlic – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 11, 2023 | Published on Aug 09, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Garlic – 35 Types and Their Interpretations

A dream of garlic or garlic-flavored dishes can make you feel weird, especially if you didn’t have garlic for dinner.

But did you know that in the dream realm, some dreams of garlic can foretell good news while others signify a bad omen? If your mind is racing to find out more information, then this article is just the right place for you!

Dream of Garlic – General Interpretations

Dreaming of garlic means that you will soon be blessed with good health or that you will be able to overcome your fear of something. It can also mean negative things like an upcoming conflict or a risky business deal.

Garlic in the real world is known to cure a variety of diseases, like sore throat and blood pressure. Doctors and nutritionists mention garlic dishes at least once a day to keep your body and mind healthy.

But when you dream of it, what does it really mean? We are here to answer all your questions!

1. You will be healthy

Much like in the waking world, garlic can have healing properties in the dream world. If you frequently dream of it, it means that you will be blessed with a long and healthy life, and you won’t suffer from major diseases.

2. You will overcome your fear

Another positive dream interpretation of garlic is that you will be able to overcome one of your worst fears.

It can be a fear of anything, from swimming to meeting new people. But you will successfully cross that hurdle and become stronger.

3. You will be involved in a quarrel

One negative dream interpretation of seeing garlic is that you will be involved in a major conflict, probably in your workplace.

It can be with your boss or a co-worker. Your mind is telling you to watch your actions.

4. You will make a risky business deal

Dreaming of garlic can also indicate that you will have to finalize a business deal that will be very risky.

You won’t want to agree to it, but somehow there will be no other option left. It’s time to tread carefully in your professional life.

5. You will be fertile

For women who wish to have a baby, dreaming of garlic can be a great sign because it symbolizes fertility.

If you have been hoping for a baby, now is the best time because you might soon get pregnant.

Dreaming of Garlic – 35 Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of eating garlic can suggest that there is some sort of sadness in your life, while dreaming of others eating garlic indicates that you will fight with someone you love.

Isn’t it amazing to know that such a tiny change can result in such a different dream interpretation?

Come on, let’s see some more dream meanings!

1. Dream of eating garlic

This dream shows that there is a lack of happiness and contentment in your life, both personally and professionally.

However, this is usually temporary and the tough time will soon pass. After some time, you will find what you were looking for.

2. Dream of others eating garlic

Seeing other people eating garlic in your dreams suggests that you will end up fighting with someone very close to you.

That person will not be able to understand your needs or intentions and accuse you of being self-centered.

3. Dream of seeing garlic

Simply seeing garlic in your dreams and doing nothing is a sign that you will soon meet the love of your life.

This man or woman will be very special and you both might even get married. It can also mean that you will find something extremely valuable.

4. Dream of smell of garlic

If the smell of garlic suddenly comes to you in your dreams, it means that unpleasant times are ahead.

While these problems can be related to your personal life, they mostly point toward your business life. Watch out for enemies at work.

5. Dream of using garlic while cooking

Dream of using garlic while cooking something is a sign from your mind to pay more attention to your health.

You are probably eating a lot of unhealthy food or are stressed out. It’s time to relax a little and eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

6. Dream of other people using garlic while cooking

If you see someone else using garlic while making some food, it means that you need to listen to an elderly person when they advise you about your health.

Even if you are dependent on medicines, there are many answers that nature can give you.

7. Dream of garlic field

Seeing an entire field of garlic in your dreams is a sign that there will be some changes in your property or social status.

These changes will mostly be positive, but you still need to be careful because one wrong decision can cost a lot.

8. Dream of peeled garlic

Peeled garlic in your dreams indicates that there will be a time in the future when you will make some decisions that you usually wouldn’t.

You will unknowingly end up putting yourself in trouble and there will be hardships.

9. Dream of garlic and onions

Dreaming of garlic and onions together symbolizes happy times. You won’t have to worry about anything for the next few months because everything will fall in place.

So, enjoy this moment to your fullest.

10. Dream of others peeling garlic

Someone else peeling garlic in your dreams suggests that your friend will deeply hurt you by saying something humiliating during a fight.

They will point out an unpleasant trait of yours and you will try to convince them that they are wrong.

11. Dream of planting garlic

Dreaming of planting garlic is not a good sign because it shows that you are impatient.

It can also mean that you have been waiting for your hard work to pay off but your wish hasn’t been fulfilled, so you want to leave everything.

12. Dream of others planting garlic

Dreaming of other people planting garlic can be a good omen because it shows that you will meet someone very influential in the near future.

If you try to get closer to them, they will befriend you and help you to solve your problems.

13. Dream of picking garlic

Picking garlic in your dreams is also a good indication because it foretells that you will successfully complete a job that you had started.

Maybe you invested a lot of money and effort into it, so now things are finally looking up.

14. Dream of others picking garlic

If other people are picking garlic in your dreams, it indicates that someone you know will ask you for your help.

However, you’ll be confused whether to actually help out that person or not because they had turned you down when you needed their help.

15. Dream of cutting garlic

Cutting garlic in your dreams shows that you have repressed anger within you. Someone close to you has hurt you in some way but you didn’t lash out at them back then.

Instead, you have been hiding your anger all this while.

16. Dream of others cutting garlic

Dreaming of someone else cutting garlic is a positive omen. It tells you that you will soon hear some good news from a relative or friend who lives abroad.

Perhaps they have received a promotion or given birth to a baby. You will be overjoyed.

17. Dream of being in garlic field

Seeing yourself surrounded by garlic in a field indicates that you will witness a change in your wealth and reputation.

This will be a positive change and you’ll suddenly find yourself earning a lot of money and respect.

18. Dream of young woman eating garlic

If a young woman is eating garlic or garlic-based food in your dreams, it shows that she might soon get married.

If you know the woman in your dreams, it means that she will only get married due to financial reasons and not for love.

19. Dream of buying garlic

Buying garlic indicates that you will enter into a major argument with your co-workers.

This will be regarding a group project or a business deal, but your viewpoints will clash with theirs and a huge fight will follow.

20. Dream of white garlic

Dreaming of white garlic is a good omen as it indicates that you will find something very valuable soon.

Maybe it was a prized possession that you had somehow lost many years back and now you finally found it.

21. Dream of smelling of garlic

In your dreams, if you see that your mouth or body smells strongly of garlic, it symbolizes that troubling times are ahead.

Your mind is asking you to be very cautious and to think twice before taking any kind of action.

 22. Dream of holding garlic but not eating

A dream where you simply hold garlic without eating or cooking indicates that you will achieve something very difficult and defeat your competitors.

You shall also be very proud of your achievements as you have worked really hard.

23. Dream of fresh garlic

Dreaming of fresh garlic is a positive sign as it points towards a possible cure for an illness or injury that you might be suffering from.

If the garlic is fresh but dry, it indicates that you will undergo successful treatment.

24. Dream of eating delicious garlic

In your dreams, if the garlic that you tasted was delicious, it indicates that you will be able to get rid of unhealthy habits and adopt good ones.

Maybe you had an addiction to smoking or drinking but now you have realized that it’s time to give them up.

25. Dream of foul-smelling garlic

If the garlic in your dreams smells really bad and you feel uneasy, it symbolizes that you will soon revert back to your old and unhealthy habits.

Your mind is warning you that you will again go down a bad path.

26. Dream of taking garlic

Taking garlic from someone in your dreams is a good omen because it foretells that the person will be blessed with good news, most probably the birth of a child. It can point towards other celebrations as well.

27. Dream of garlic and scallions

Dreaming garlic along with scallions or spring onions is not a good sign. It indicates that you have always expected others to disappoint you.

When someone actually ends up hurting you, you’re not surprised because you think you are used to it.

28. Dream of fried garlic

Dreaming of fried garlic indicates that soon there will be positivity all around you. Just like the smell of fried garlic drives out a foul odor and makes everyone’s mouths water, similarly, positive energy will drive out all kinds of toxicity.

29. Dream of garlic skin

Dreaming of only the skin of garlic and nothing else is a sign that you will find beautiful things in life.

Maybe you will strike up a friendship with an old acquaintance or find something to hold on to. The hope of finding lost things will come true.

30. Dream of mashed garlic

Mashed garlic is a bad omen because it symbolizes that in your waking life, some things will get mashed or destroyed, such as your relationship with your family members or partner. In general, it’s best to be careful now.

31. Dream of bag of garlic

Seeing an entire bag filled with garlic is a sign that you might soon get into trouble but you will, fortunately, be saved by someone’s support.

A true friend will be there for you when you need them and lend you their hand.

32. Dream of garlic bulbs

This dream interpretation depends on the condition of the garlic heads or bulbs. If they are in a good condition, it means that your life will have many positive changes.

But if the garlic heads were rotten, it indicates that you will soon have health problems.

33. Dream of large garlic

A clove of giant garlic in your dreams can be a sign of a blessing from your spirit guide.

Your life will take a completely new turn and there will be great things coming your way. If you are in the middle of a negotiation, you will do it successfully.

34. Dream of eating cooked garlic

Dreaming of eating cooked garlic is not a great indication because it means that there are lots of problems running through your mind at the moment.

Even if you’re not responsible for these problems, try to have a relaxed mind.

35. Dream of seeing bundle of garlic

Seeing a bundle of garlic in your dreams indicates that you wish to protect yourself from a certain kind of danger.

You already know that dark times will haunt your life soon, so you want to make sure that you keep moving no matter what.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of garlic

Spiritually, garlic has been regarded as a very powerful ingredient to cure people. Many people even believe that garlic has magical abilities.

There is virtually no culture in the world that does not understand the uses of garlic.

Biblical Interpretation of dreaming about garlic

Since ancient times, garlic has been used both as a herb and a flavoring agent. Christians believe that garlic also gives protective properties.

Just like God is protecting all of us, even garlic helps to ward off evil.

Psychological Interpretation of dream of garlic

Psychologically, dreaming of garlic can be a signal from your mind that you are focusing on improving your body and mind.

You want to let go of negative and toxic things and lead a healthy lifestyle. You are about to change for the better.

Question to ask yourself to interpret dreams of garlic correctly

To make proper sense of your dreams, it’s essential to remember as many details as possible. In case you’re having a hard time recollecting your dream details, here are some questions for you to answer.

1. How frequently do you dream of garlic?

2. What do you feel when you have this dream? Good or disgusted?

3. Are you able to smell the garlic in your dreams?

4. How big or small is the size of the garlic in your dreams?

5. Do you dream of any other parts of the garlic, such as the skin?

6. Have you ever dreamed of simply looking at the garlic?

7. Have you ever cooked or tasted garlic in your dreams?

8. Do you see other people interacting with the garlic in your dreams?

9. Have you dreamed of many garlic cloves together?

10. Where is the garlic kept in your dreams?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Just like some people may love the smell of garlic and others might be repulsed by it, your dreams of garlic can also be interpreted in different ways, depending on your current life situation and dream details.

Most importantly, it’s up to you to figure out how to proceed in your waking life after dreaming of garlic.

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