Though not always, dreams about ghosts are real. 

While it is often a sign of an unresolved issue or an unfinished business, these spooky scenarios can also mean spirits are trying to connect with the dreamer. 

What could be the reason? What possibly does the spirit want the dreamer to know? And why did that spirit choose the dreamer of all people? Let’s dig in!

Dreams about Ghosts - Different Dream Plots & Interpretations
Dreams about Ghosts – Different Dream Plots & Interpretations

Possible Messages Behind Dreams About Ghosts

Dreams about ghosts usually symbolize unfinished business, warnings, envy, etc. They can also happen when something from the past haunts the dreamer. Also, a few ghost-related scenarios indicate a spirit is trying to get in touch with the dreamer.  

A dream about ghosts need not be spooky all the time though it can be in some instances. More often than not, it hints at unresolved issues that haunt and nag the dreamer consciously or subconsciously from time to time. 

When one sees the ghosts of a deceased near relative – it either means the dreamer still struggles to let that person go, or the person had something against the dreamer or vice versa while he or she was alive. 

Sometimes ghost-related scenarios could be a visitation dream. That is a ghostly spectacle that is more real and vivid than other spectral dreams.  However, there are other possible meanings that explain a ghost dream including:

  • Unfinished Business – If the dreamer has unfinished business or an unresolved matter, such a scenario is likely.
  • Fear – It’s also likely the dreamer lives in constant fear of someone or something. 
  • Warning – If one sees the ghost of a dead person he/she used to know when that person was alive, chances are, that spirit came to warn the dreamer of something. 
  • Hypocrisy and deceit – This dream is also closely related to deceit and hypocrisy. 
  • Jealousy – Ghost dreams also represent a jealous person in the dreamer’s circle.
  • Uncertainty – It can even be a sign of uncertainty and a lack of clarity. 
  • Memory – Sometimes, ghost dreams indicate the dreamer is struggling to let go of someone. 
  • Longing for adventure – Dreaming about a ghost may also mean a part of the dreamer wants to explore the risky sides of life. 
  • Illness – In some cases, dream ghosts might signify an underlying sickness the dreamer is unaware of.
  • Sleep paralysis – Another common reason behind such a vision is sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is harmless in itself and should be of no great concern. But in some cases, it can be one of the symptoms of narcolepsy, a neurological problem that causes daytime sleepiness. Do note that it can also be a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

What Ghost Dreams Mean From The Spiritual Perspective?

On a spiritual level, a ghost-related scenario indicates it’s high time the dreamer takes initiative and addresses the unresolved issues that have been unaddressed for a long time. 

Interpretations Of Ghost-Related Dream Scenarios

Talking to ghosts

According to the plot, someone or a group of people have woven a lie concerning or involving the dreamer.

Positively, the ghost may be trying to guide the dreamer through a tough phase. In that case, it becomes extremely crucial to recall what he/ she talked about with the spirit.

Dream interpretations for this particular scenario may also vary depending on the dreamer’s gender. 

In case a man dreams of the same, it indicates he will directly or indirectly fall into his enemies’ trap. 

And if a similar dreamscape is seen by a woman, it symbolizes hypocrisy, deception, and widowhood. 

Seeing a ghost

Seeing a ghost is generally related to feelings of fear and insecurity. At the same time, it is also associated with difficulties to overcome temptations. Alternatively, it means the dreamer’s problems will stack up one above the other.

Encountering a ghost in a dream

It implies the dreamer is overthinking a matter. 

Getting frightened by a ghost

Likely, it portends the passing away of a near relative.

On the other hand, it means the dreamer feels pressured and burdened by what others expect from him/ her. The dream may also mean the dreamer harbors fear regarding some aspects of his/ her life. 

A ghost smiling at the dreamer

Despite the creepy plot, when a ghost smiles at the dreamer, it means he/ she will have a long life.  

A ghost following the dreamer

The scenario hints at problems in the dreamer’s love and relationships, probably due to trust issues. 

A ghost chasing the dreamer

The plot may relate to nostalgia about things that cannot be brought back. Alternatively, it may also be associated with unhappiness concerning the passing away of a dear one. 

On the other hand, it may mean the dreamer’s impulsive nature would lead him/ her to trouble and unpleasant situations. 

A ghost choking the dreamer 

The scenario stands for the dreamer’s cowardice. 

Dreaming of a ghost strangling the dreamer

The dream indicates someone from the dreamer’s circle is trying to manipulate him/ her. On the flip side, if the dreamer strangled the ghost, it means the dreamer will successfully reveal the hypocrisy of someone. 

A ghost dragging the dreamer around

According to the plot, the dreamer is worried about his/ her life and finances.

Dreams about ghosts attacking the dreamer

The scenario symbolizes the dreamer’s anger and disappointment with someone. Negatively, it means he/ she has lost to those evil-minded people who want to see the dreamer fail. 

Running away from a ghost in a dream

Here, the ghost signifies problems the dreamer is running away from. Alternatively, running away from a ghost also implies karma hitting the dreamer. 

Dreaming of summoning ghosts

The dream indicates the dreamer is inviting trouble into his/ her life. 

Being possessed by a ghost

Chances are, the dreamer is not in control of his/ her life. He/ she lives under the direction of another individual. 

Another interpretation shows someone who recently entered the dreamer’s life will be some sort of a lucky charm for them. 

Seeing oneself as a ghost in the mirror

It is a good sign to dream of the above. Problems that have been disturbing the dreamer for a long time have finally come to a close. 

A dream of turning into a ghost

The dream vision reflects the dreamer’s desire to run away from his/ her existing problems. Besides, one may dream of the same if he/she has pushed their issues to the back seat, providing momentary relaxation and peace of mind. 

Being a ghost

It means the dreamer is being ignored by others. Furthermore, the scenario implies he/ she has failed to accomplish the things he/ she set out to do. 

It is also associated with health issues and the need for spiritual evolution. 

A ghost knocking at the door

When one dreams about ghosts knocking at the door, chances are, there’s trouble brewing, waiting to take form and come into being anytime.

A hazy image of a ghost

The indiscernible image of a ghost in a dream means someone makes the dreamer feel uncomfortable, fearful, and inferior. 

Dreaming of a white ghost

The dream is a good sign. Any minute, you will hear a piece of good news that will lighten up your moods and spirit.  

What Is Psychology’s Take On Ghost Dreams?

From the psychological perspective, ghosts in dreams are often the dreamer’s thoughts and conscience, weighing him/ her down and hindering his/ her progress. 

Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Ghosts

According to the Bible, ghosts, just like demons, are the embodiment of evil. 

From that perspective, the dream could be warning the dreamer to watch out for evil-minded individuals and their malicious deeds. 

Ways To Prevent Ghost Dreams

Creepy dreams featuring demons and ghosts are indeed not welcoming, even though they mean well. If you are looking for some simple yet effective ways to keep such dreams at bay, try the methods listed below. 

  • Follow good sleep hygiene – This is one of the most important yet overlooked habits. Before you go off to bed, make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark. And not to forget, follow a healthy sleep routine, which means sleep around the same time every day instead of going to bed at odd hours.
  • No drinks and spices before sleep – This might sound trivial but alcohol is believed to boost ghost dreams. Also stay away from caffeine, nicotine, and spices as they are likely to cause discomfort disturbing the quality of your sleep. 
  • Think pleasant thoughts – Instead of dwelling on how your ex-lover cheated on you ruthlessly, think about where you would like to travel and what you would eat and buy when you go there.
  • Stay away from anything that disturbs you mentally – Before you sleep, you must, at all cost let no disturbing affair cross your mind however crucial it is. 
  • Maintain a dream journal – More often than not, we tend to forget our dream events without us even trying to. So, if you keep a track of your dreams, you may have enough resources to connect the dots someday. 
  • Share your dreams with someone you trust – If you find it really hard to cope with your dream events, try sharing them with someone you trust and who knows you well. 
  • Seek professional help – If sharing doesn’t lessen your worries and anxieties over the dreams, seek professional help. 
  • Remind yourself that dreams are not real – Dreams convey messages and are often the medium for improvement but let us remind you here and also make it a point to remind yourself that they are NOT REAL.

And It’s A Wrap:

Dreams about ghosts are disturbing!

But not all scenarios associated with ghosts and apparitions are scary. In fact, some of them carry the best of messages. 

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