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Dreams About Ghosts: 105 Plots (You Must Take Note Of)

Dreams About Ghosts: 105 Plots (You Must Take Note Of)

Updated on Dec 19, 2022 | Published on Aug 24, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams about Ghosts - 105 Dream Plots & Its Meanings

If you have had dreams about ghosts, you know well that they are spooky and blood-curdling. But if those are all you are aware of, let us tell you that ghost dreams are real, and more purposeful than you can imagine, well, not always, but sometimes. 

Imagine the great-granddad that passed away ten years back reaches out to you – yes, You! – through your dream state. 

That sounds cool but not so cool at the same time, isn’t it? What could be the reason? What possibly does his spirit want you to know? And why did that spirit choose to reach out to you via your dream? 

We will talk about all those in this article – what ghost dreams symbolize, why you see them, how you can avoid them, and many more. So, stay on the page and enjoy the ride!!! By the end of the article, you will have a clearer idea of your ghost dreams.

Dreams about Ghosts - 105 Dream Plots & Its Meanings
Dreams about Ghosts – 105 Dream Plots & Its Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Ghosts?

Dreams about ghosts usually happen when something from the past still haunts you. It is also possible to dream of apparitions if you are afraid of someone or an upcoming event. And, of course, some ghost dreams indicate a spirit trying to get in touch with you. 

When you hear the word ‘ghost’, what follows? 

Haunted, fear, spirit, right? But hold on! Before you ditch this article out of fear for what might come, let us tell you that the dream interpretations are not too fearful, at least not all!

A dream about a ghost usually indicates something from the past still haunts you from time to time. 

“Dreaming about a ghost tends to refer to unfinished business you need to deal with because it is ‘haunting‘ you,” Theresa Cheung, dream expert and author of Night Vision: A Field Guide to Your Dreams. 

Perhaps your ex cheating on you with your best friend still makes you red with rage. 

Maybe you can’t get over how you embarrassed yourself on the night of the prom.

Or do you still have unrequited feelings for someone you met in the past? 

It could be anything – embarrassment, guilt, repentance, and hatred towards someone or something.

Ghost dreams also indicate fear. Are you fretting constantly because you believe you are failing in life?

Are you restless because of the upcoming mega presentation? 

If you dream of the spirit of a deceased near relation – it either means you still struggle to let that person go, or the person had something against you or vice versa while he or she was alive. 

Maybe that person disapproved of a disgraceful thing you did!

Sometimes in dreams, the ghost of someone recently murdered or who underwent a terrible death may haunt you. In that case, it happens because you are still disturbed by the way that person died. 

According to the dream books of Miller, a ghost dream foretells unpleasant events happening in the foreseeable future. 

A ghost visiting you in your dream also signifies you no longer have access to something. Perhaps you pine to see your grandfather who passed away last week, or maybe you long to talk to your ex who left you for another. 

People often dream of ghosts when they feel left out in their waking world. It could be that your ways of thinking often collide with those of others. In that case, the dream may be a sign from your subconscious to try seeing things from their perspectives. 

They could be wrong, and after all, you could have been correct all the while. But try putting yourself in their shoes and figure out how you can feel more connected with them. 

Last but not least, a ghost showing up in your dream world could be a visitation dream. But what is it? 

Let’s find out in the next section!

What Are Visitation Dreams?

According to psychics, if a ghostly dream spectacle tends to be more real and vivid than other spectral dreams, it could be a visitation dream. 

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer E. Shorter describes visitation dreams as ‘striking emotionally intense dreams in which a recently deceased loved one returns to provide guidance, reassurance, and/or warning’.

The claim is supported by Patrick McNamara, an associate professor at Boston University School of Medicine who stated, ‘Visitation dreams are typically clear, vivid, intense and are experienced as real visits when the dreamer awakens. The dreamer is always changed by the experience’

If you are wondering why the spirit of your loved one visited you in your dream and not in your waking state, ask yourself this question.

Would you be in your right senses if, during your waking state, you feel a person in the room when you know you are completely alone in the house? 

Regardless of who that spirit belongs to and how you doted on that person while he or she was alive, you would either freeze at the spot or scream at the top of your voice and flee, vowing not to come back alone. 

You wouldn’t be yourself. Forget about listening to his or her message. For that reason, the spirit chose to visit you in your dream state because the chance of you acting out in your dreams is none or low. 

With that out of the way, let’s find out how you can differentiate a visitation dream from others.

6 Ways To Find Out If A Ghost Dream Is A Visitation Dream!

Here are some ways on how you can make out if your dream was actually a visitation dream-

  1. It was extremely vivid and intense. 
  2. The dream felt real.
  3. You are unable to forget the scenario and events within the dream.
  4. The dream conveyed important and crystal clear messages. 
  5. You awaken with intense emotions, which could be either positive or negative. 
  6. Directly or indirectly, the dream helps you experience closure and move on. 

As mentioned in # 4, such dreams have a purpose, or a message, to be specific. It is crucial to pay close attention to the message because, in all probability, it is something relevant to your present circumstances and problems. 

Now, let’s look at some of the most common dream symbols. 

Ghost Dream Meaning : Dream Symbols

1. Unfinished Business

Ghost dreams are common for people who have unresolved issues. 

For instance, a woman had recurring dreams of ghosts tormenting her by throwing axes and other sharp objects at her. 

Turns out the woman has issues from the past that still bothers her. Moreover, the throwing of hazardous items indicates the destructive power of those unfinished businesses. 

2. Fear

Do you secretly fear something in your waking life? 

Do you have a dark secret you want no one to know about? 

Or do you constantly feel anxious about failing to accomplish your life goals? Perhaps you fear insecurities, illnesses, or even death! 

If you live in constant fear of something, you may dream of ghosts. As stated above, it could be the fearfulness of anything. 

Introspect, travel into the depths of your mind, and figure out if you are apprehensive of anyone or anything. 

3. Warning

If you see the ghost of a person you used to know while he or she was alive, chances are, that spirit came to warn you of something. 

Perhaps it visited you not to rush the business contract, or maybe you should take matters slow with your new partner. 

4. Hypocrisy and deceit

Ghost dreams are also closely related to deceit and hypocrisy. 

For instance, a dreamscape wherein you strangled an apparition indicates you will succeed in exposing the hypocritic personality of someone. 

5. Jealousy

Often, a ghost dream also signifies someone who is dead jealous of you and your overall life. Of course, envy and jealousy are natural and humane, and if you are wondering how and why they got entangled with ghosts and evil spirits, there is a good reason why. 

According to such relevant dream plots, the person envious of you will not stop there. He or she will try his or her utmost to snatch and strip every single thing from you.

In a nutshell, their objective is to destroy you to the core.

6. Uncertainty

In movies, you might have seen clips where one person could see and feel a ghost while the other couldn’t. Against that background, a ghost in a dream stands for uncertainty and a lack of clarity. 

Do you doubt your own decisions in some areas of life? Is there anything you would want someone else to clarify and confirm for you? 

7. Memory

Are you struggling to let go of the memories of someone already dead?

If you resonate with this, your subconscious urges you to let go of that person. Otherwise, you will keep having repeated dreams concerning his or her ghost. 

8. Longing for adventure

Though we enjoy basking in comfort and security, there are also times when we crave the unknown and the unexplored. 

Dreaming about a ghost may also mean a part of you wants to explore the risky sides of life. 

9. Illness

In some cases, a dream concerning ghosts could also signify an underlying sickness you are or are not aware of.

That makes way for the most common dream scenarios. If the spectacle in your dream is in the list below, lucky you! If not, look at how the other dreams are decoded. 

Because at the end of the day, dreams are unique. Your ghost dream will differ from your sister’s because why not, you guys have got different lives and missions. 

10. Sleep paralysis

Have you ever been caught and abducted by ghosts during your sleep state? Were you unable to move or even lift your hand in the dream? 

The most probable reason for such dream vision is sleep paralysis. 

Before you begin to imagine wild, scary things, note that sleep paralysis is not as terrifying as it sounds. 

During your sleep state, your muscles relax and make you unable to control them. Of course, to prevent you from acting out your dreams. 

When you experience sleep paralysis, you might wake up feeling like someone is on your chest or hovering nearby, or at the very least, you will feel a strange presence in the room. 

Some people even believe ghosts and strange-looking creatures harassed them during the state.

Sleep paralysis is harmless in itself and should be of no great concern. But in some cases, it can be one of the symptoms of narcolepsy, a neurological problem that causes daytime sleepiness. 

Do note that it can also be a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Dreams about Ghosts : 105 Dream Plots & Its Meanings

1. Dreaming of seeing a ghost

Seeing a ghost in a dream is generally related to feelings of fear and insecurities. 

Perhaps the problems between you and your people make you apprehensive of the relationship between you and them. Maybe you harbor fearful feelings of being left in the cold someday. 

At the same time, seeing a ghost in a dream is also associated with difficulties to overcome temptations. 

As per the scenario, your struggles will stack up against one on top of the other, and you will have a hard time. 

2. Seeing a ghost at a distance in a dream

The dream warns you to be wary of scams and pretensions. 

According to the plot, it is none but the near relations that will attempt to trick you. One careless step and you will fall into a pit of trouble. 

Then again, a ghost at a distance also indicates you are about to unfold a strange happening or mystery around you. 

3. Dreaming of several ghosts

A dream vision of many ghosts all at once symbolized a memory of an incident or a person. 

There’s a strong possibility that it is something or someone dear to you. You seem to be attached to it on a deep emotional level, which is why you find it difficult to let it go. 

Chances are, you’ll dream of it, until and unless you knock off the bond between the present and the memory. 

4. Feeling the presence of a ghost in a dream

If you feel the presence of a spirit in a dream, it means you have no idea what you want to do in your life. 

5. A dream of a ghost passing by

The dream could signify your fears. It could be fear of failing to achieve your goals, meeting someone, or speaking at an upcoming event. 

The possibilities are endless. 

6. Encountering a ghost in a dream

Usually, encountering a ghost in a dream implies you are overthinking a matter. 

Presumably, the circumstance in question isn’t worth much pondering over, but the plot indicates you have taken it to heart and spent many sleepless nights over it.

7. Dreaming that you were not afraid of a ghost

If you were not in the least bothered by the presence of an apparition in your dream, you would hear some good news shortly. 

That piece of pleasant information would come as a complete surprise to you, which will unquestionably increase the intensity of your joy and happiness.

The dream also foretells a warm relationship with mutual love, respect, and understanding.  

8. Dreaming of a ghost trying to scare you

Without a doubt, the dream highlights your heavily – stressed life. The dream scenario suggests you put everything on hold and go on a trip somewhere to relax and rejuvenate. 

Otherwise, you may break down any minute.

9. A dream of getting frightened by a ghost

A ghost frightening you in a dream setting portends the worst of interpretations. In a little while, you will receive information of a near one’s demise.

Do you feel burdened and pressured by people’s expectations?

Because that is also something the plot shows. 

Unfortunately, what your people want from you does not align with your life vision, and you seem to be doing everything you can to resist their suggestions and advice. 

The dream may also mean you are scared of some aspects of your life. 

Perhaps the career path you have taken scares you to your bones once in a while.

10. Dreaming that you were afraid to leave someone or some people with a ghost

It indicates that you desire to protect that person or group of people from trouble.

11. Befriending a ghost in a dream

A dream spectacle of befriending a ghost foretells an auspicious period of life. 

Expect matters to work in your favor, and do not be surprised if your plans and arrangements go as smooth as butter without little to no interventions from others.

Even if obstacles pop up, you would be able to face them without much effort. 

12. Making friends with a female ghost in a dream

The dream indicates you are going through an emotionally challenging time. 

13. Playing with ghosts in a dream

If you dream of playing and having fun with ghosts, it means good times are ahead. 

14. Dreaming of a ghost smiling at you

The vision of a long-haired ghost in a blood-tainted white dress smiling at you sounds downright creepy. 

But it isn’t as bad as you think it is. Instead, it implies you will have a long life. 

15. Dreaming of a friendly ghost in the bedroom

Consider yourself fortunate if you see the above vision in your dream because it portends good luck in not just one but various areas of your life. 

Prepare your celebrations and merry times ahead! 

16. A ghost helping you in a dream

The dream symbolizes your increasing luck and good fortune. If you are in a rut around the time you have the dream, expect every issue to get washed away soon. 

17. Kissing a ghost in a dream

To be straightforward, you are living in a fantasy world! 

The dream implies you expect too much from yourself, others, and life in general. 

If you don’t want to be disappointed and your dreams shattered into pieces, you could try lowering your expectations a bit, at least to the point that they are realistic and achievable. 

18. A dream of a ghost following you

Dreaming of a ghost following you hints at problems in your love relationship, probably trust issues. 

The plot indicates you often suspect your partner for reminiscing and going back to his or her days with a previous lover, which gets on your nerves. 

Instead of assuming matters and imagining all kinds of things, talk with your partner and find out where you stand. According to his or her response, you would have a clear idea of how to proceed. 

Be that as it may, your subconscious advises you to trust your partner if that is what he or she asks you for. Else your relationship will not stand the test of time. 

19. A ghost stalking you in a dream

If a ghost constantly stalks you in your dreams, it means you have refused to deal with a past issue, despite its detrimental impacts.

20. Dreaming of a ghost chasing  you

Experts have differing interpretations of this dream scenario. 

Ghosts are often regarded as relics from the past. Considering that, some experts relate it to nostalgia about things that cannot be brought back, while others associate it with unhappiness concerning the passing away of a dear one. 

On the other hand, dreaming of a ghost chasing you may also mean your impulsive nature would lead you to trouble and unpleasant situations. 

21. Dreaming of a strange ghost chasing you

In the dream world, if a strange ghost chases you down, it symbolizes misfortunes coming after you. 

22. A dream of a ghost hunting for you

The dream of being hunted down by a ghost symbolizes the mental chaos you are going through in your waking life. How you cope with the circumstances, in reality, depends on the vision. 

If the phantom caught you in the dream, your mental state may not allow you to do even the most minute chores. 

If you, fortunately, manage to escape it, you will be able to avoid your problems.

23. A ghost choking you in a dream

Chances are, something unpleasant happened in the past, and that incident is preventing or compelling you not to talk about something. 

A ghost choking you in your dream also reflects your cowardice. 

Have you in the recent past let your friends or family down when you could have made them happy by uttering a single word from your mouth?

If that is hard to grasp, imagine this scenario: your younger brother got into a fight with your boss’s son, who you know is a spoiled brat. 

At the police station, you might side with your boss’s son though you believe in your brother’s innocence – just to save your job. 

24. Dreaming of a ghost strangling you

The dream highlights someone in your circle making attempts to manipulate you. 

On the flip side, if it was who strangled the ghost in the dream, the dream indicates you would be able to reveal the hypocrisy of someone. 

25. A dream of a ghost dragging you around

The dream event shows you are worried about your life and finances. It may be a cue to review your overall life and see where it can be improved. 

26. Dreams about ghosts attacking you

Ghosts attacking you in a dream symbolizes your anger and disappointment with someone. 

Despite the trouble you have been through because of that person, you probably haven’t uttered a single word about it to that person, possibly because you don’t want the incident to affect your relationship. 

However, deep down, you are aware of the intensity of the problem he or she created.

And since you refrain from saying anything to that person, your mind diverts the anger or frustration towards your dream, which is why you saw a ghost attacking you in a dream. 

A ghost attacking you in a dream also means you have lost to those evil-minded souls who want to see you fail. 

27. Dreaming of a ghost trying to kill you

According to the dream plot, you are mentally and emotionally ready to leave the past behind and take your life ahead. 

It doesn’t only relate to past issues, though. It could also be something that has been weighing you down, sucking the life and energy off you. 

For example, a toxic job, with no scope for growth. 

28. A ghost killing you in a dream

We know it’s not a pleasant thing to get killed in a dream, let alone by a ghost. 

However, if the overall dream of being killed by the ghost was positive in some way or the other, your life will improve soon. 

29. Fighting a ghost and defeating it in your dream

The scenario implies you will overcome whatever obstacles you face in life.

30. Running away from a ghost in a dream

Here, the ghost signifies problems you have run away from. The plot suggests you solve and uproot the issues completely instead of trying to cover them up momentarily. 

Avoiding them or providing short-term solutions may help you for a while, but in due time, they would appear again to hamper your overall progress.

Running away from a ghost in a dream vision also implies karma hitting you. 

In all likelihood, you have wronged someone who wished nothing but the best for you. And the incident might have left that person shattered. 

Since what goes around comes around, the dream indicates you will face the consequence of your actions, and this time you would be the one to suffer. 

31. Dreaming of a ghost trying to tell or say something to you

It is partly good and partly bad. 

In real life, you would soon come to know of a big secret – probably, concerning you or someone that matters to you. 

What’s good about this vision is that the secret could help you avoid or prevent a disaster. Alternatively, you may get entangled in a nasty affair because of the secret. 

Whatever it may be, pay attention to the things you hear around that time. You need to know everything in detail to be able to solve the problem. 

32. Dreams about ghosts talking to you

According to the plot, someone or a group of people have woven a lie concerning or involving you. At any cost, you must not believe in anybody’s words around that time, even if that means hurting the other party. 

If at all, you want to buy the other party’s words or opinions, the dream advises you to find out everything you can about that person and the matter first. Do not let your sentiments come in between and wreak irreparable damage. 

Positively, the ghost may be trying to guide you through a tough phase. In that case, it becomes extremely crucial to recall what you talked about with the spirit.

Perhaps it warned you of an upcoming event you shouldn’t attend. 

Or maybe it discouraged you from getting into a relationship with the guy you met on Bumble last month. 

Dream interpretations for this particular scenario may also vary depending on your gender. 

In case a man dreams of the same, it indicates he will directly or indirectly fall into his enemies’ trap. 

And if a similar dreamscape is seen by a woman, the dream symbolizes hypocrisy, deception, and widowhood. 

33. Seeing someone talking to a ghost in a dream

The dream denotes others misinterpreting your words and opinions in the wrong manner. 

For instance, you may say something about someone out of sheer concern. And another person who heard you saying those words could go to the person in question and weave a completely different story with you as the malicious one.  

In any case, the dream advises you to be wary of dubious people around you. 

34. Dreaming of a ghost communicating via sign language

In a dream, if a ghost communicates with you via gestures, you will likely get into a confrontation with someone you dislike or cannot tolerate. 

On the other hand, the dream foretells obstacles and hurdles on your path.

35. A ghost suffering in a dream

Here, the ghost symbolizes you. Chances are, you have committed some mistakes in the past. 

According to the plot, you have realized the damage you have incurred and the guilt and regret on your conscience weigh you down. 

The dream says, if you are genuinely sorry for what you have done, correct them! 

Look for ways to right the wrongs, to feel at peace with yourself and with those people concerned. 

36. Dreaming of a ghost drowning

You are possibly engaged in a multitude of feelings for someone or something and are struggling to extricate yourself from it. 

Perhaps you love your partner too much and are unable to move on from him or her even though he or she has left you and remarried another. 

37. Dreaming of a ghost asking for your help

It is always a wise decision to help others, especially if they ask for it. However, before that, we must be very clear about who and how we are helping. 

For example, helping a herd of deer cross the highway by stopping the car is not the same as helping a minor get into a motel. 

That holds even in a dream vision. Dreaming of a ghost asking for a favor could mean someone in real life has directly or indirectly asked for your help. 

To determine if you must or must not submit to the wishes of that person, it is crucial to recall what the apparition asks you for. 

Accordingly, you can let your judgment decide your actions.

38. A dream of giving a ghost something – a gift, sacrifice, etc. 

The dream shows you have intentionally or unintentionally wronged a person. And to make up for it, you are doing favors for that person.

39. A ghost fleeing from you in a dream

According to the plot, you would be able to resolve your issues more easily and quickly than you had ever imagined. 

40. Dreaming of a scary ghost clad in white/ black clothes

Though the dream sounds unpleasant at face value, it foretells fortunate events taking place soon. 

Note that the interpretation applies only if the apparition was dressed in white.

Alternatively, if it wore black, you will soon have your fair share of betrayal and eventually, loneliness. 

41. Dreams about ghosts moving objects 

The action of a ghost moving things to and fro in a dreamscape symbolizes the mistakes you have committed in your life.

It could be pursuing the wrong career or marrying the wrong partner, and so on. 

Furthermore, the plot indicates you will suffer the repercussions of your choice. 

42. Dreaming of a ghost playing music

Expect sorrow and unpleasant things to befall in your domestic environment. 

43. A spirit taking your child away in a dream

The spirit stands for the unknown, which could be peer pressure, technology, bad influences, etc. 

The dream reflects your anxieties concerning the safety of your child. No doubt, you are afraid of the harshness of the world hitting your child when he or she comes of age. 

44. A dream of an evil ghost switching your baby with another

In general, the dream portends evil situations befalling your household. It could also be directly related to your child if you have one. 

In case you don’t have a baby of your own, the dream may be related to the accomplishment of a career. 

The dream suggests you pay attention to anything that looks suspicious or poses a threat to your overall domestic environment or career. 

45. Dreaming of summoning ghosts

The dream indicates you are inviting trouble into your life. Despite responsibilities that require your utmost attention, you have probably turned a blind eye to them. 

You know very well that your actions would get you in trouble, but you have decided to ignore them altogether. 

Take the dream as the ultimate warning to get back to your senses. 

46. Dreaming of making love to a ghost

According to the plot, you are in a relationship with a person that has a twisted personality. 

It may also indicate the particular relationship is based on lust and not love. 

47. Trying to get rid of a ghost in a dream

The scenario foretells a series of disputes and arguments between you and your family. 

According to the plot, they arise from problems that have been running their course in the family for quite a long time. 

To make matters worse, the dream shows no sign of a possible solution to the problem in the foreseeable future. 

48. Trying to touch or touching a ghost in a dream

The dream scenario indicates you have finally come to terms with repressed thoughts and feelings. You may or may not yet be prepared to confront them, though.

49. Dreaming of touching a ghost only to see it vanish in thin air

It appears an event has left you mentally and emotionally drained. And you seem to be struggling to face even the slightest obstacles. 

Consequently, you are not yourself, and you expect others to take care of your problems for you, which is fine, to some extent. 

But the dream encourages you to stand up for yourself and fight your own battles because that will eventually help you to face the troubles and move on from them earlier than you should. 

50. Dreams about being possessed by a ghost

Chances are, you are not being yourself and you don’t direct your life. Instead, someone else has control over you and your actions. 

That person could be a partner or even a parent. 

Whoever that person is and whatever their goodwill, the mere fact that you had this dream shows you are old and mature enough to be in control of your own decisions and actions. 

Your partner or parents might have done it with the best interest in mind, but the dream suggests you be responsible for your life as that will help you immensely in the long run. 

Another interpretation of this dream is that a person who has recently entered your life will be some sort of a lucky charm. 

51. Dreaming of seeing yourself as a ghost in the mirror

If you ever dream of seeing yourself as a ghost in the mirror, it is a good dream. 

Problems that have been disturbing you for a long time have finally come to a close. 

Be it hatred for someone, heartache, or a painful memory that has nagged you for years- the dream indicates you have come to terms with it finally. 

You have made peace and are ready to move ahead with your life without that particular load of problems. 

52. A dream of turning into a ghost

A dream vision of turning into a ghost reflects your desire to run away from your existing problems. 

You could also dream of the same if you have pushed your issues to the back seat, providing you momentary relaxation and peace of mind. 

However, the dream suggests you quit the habit of ignoring problems and piling them up. Otherwise, there is a probability of them getting out of control soon. 

53. Dreaming of loved ones turning into ghosts

The dream is a warning. Troubles are in the vicinity, and the dream signals you to stay away from anything suspicious. 

54. A dream about being a ghost

Have you ever come across a scene in a movie where a character dies and comes back as a ghost? 

Most of the time, such ghosts get desperate as their loved ones couldn’t feel their presence. Despite being with their people, they are ignored and overlooked because their loved ones cannot see them.

Against this background, a dream of being a ghost means you are being ignored by others and you failed to accomplish the things you desire to do. 

Dreaming of yourself as a ghost is also associated with health issues and also for the need for spiritual evolution. 

55. Dreaming that your spirit left your body

If you dream of your spirit leaving your body, take that as a warning. There’s something wrong with your way of thinking or your attitude towards others. 

You might say, ‘My life, my rules, and I choose the way I live’. 

Well, you are right. You are indeed the best director and dictator of your life and actions. However, dreams also matter. 

A lot more than we imagine them to, in fact. 

So, if your dream warns you of something, you could try following it, especially if it won’t incur much harm to yourself.

As for the dream spectacle of a spirit leaving your body, if your attitude goes unchecked, prepare to lose a person or a thing extremely dear to you. 

56. A dream of seeing yourself as a disembodied spirit

According to the dream, something within you will die and take a newer form. 

Perhaps you have finally let go of the memories of your first love after you got into a serious relationship with your present partner. 

Maybe you have successfully given up on consuming unhealthy junk and have replaced them with fresh fruits and veggies. 

57. Dreaming of a ghost knocking at your door

If you get dream visions of ghosts knocking at your door, trying to get inside your house, it means problems are lurking around, looking for ways to take shape. 

58. Ghosts flying around inside a house in a dream

According to the dream, some unpleasant circumstances will create disappointments and frustrations. 

59. Dreaming of ghosts in the toilet

Ghost in toilet dreams indicates you give too much thought and time to unpleasant happenings of the past. 

Because of this, your subconscious wants you to ask yourself what would be the benefit of dwelling on those. 

Just as a push of the button flushes away all the dirt and waste,  ensure you take the initial step of getting rid of those unpleasant feelings. 

60. Dreaming of a ghost in the hospital

Unquestionably, the dream represents sorrow. 

61. Dreaming of a ghost town

If you dream of living in a ghost town, it denotes your isolation.

Do you feel left out, ignored, and invisible? 

Do you believe no one cares about you and your feelings?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, it’s time you find out the cause of people’s behavior towards you. 

Have you done something against the wishes of your loved ones? 

Do you think you have betrayed their trust? 

Since you know better than anyone, your subconscious urges you to find the problem and fix it asap before they abandon you for good.

62. A dream of ghosts at a cemetery

According to the dream plot, you are likely to hit a bad phase of life. 

In due time, you may be compelled to live in absolute poverty. 

63. Dreaming of seeing ghosts in the sky

You will encounter a series of misfortunes in the foreseeable future. 

On the other hand, you may even get information about someone near passing away. 

64. Dreaming of a female ghost on your left and a male ghost on your right in the sky

According to the dream books of Miller, you will suddenly rise to fame, which will eventually be short-lived as it is likely to be shadowed by misfortunes. 

Ghosts and Other People In Dreams 

Some experts claimed that seeing the ghost of a living person you know in real life hints at the malicious acts of that particular person. 

But other dream experts have different interpretations. 

If you get confused as to which to follow, you should study your life and present circumstances. Only after a thorough analysis will you be able to tell which interpretation to follow and which to ignore. 

65. Dreaming of seeing the ghost of a person you know well in real life

In a dream, if you see the ghost of a close one, it symbolizes unresolved issues in your life or between the two of you. 

The dream advises you to take care of the matter asap because the pending issues will start stacking up, one above the other, and will pose threats to your journey ahead. 

66. Dreaming of a living person who is sick at the time you have the dream

According to the plot, that person will recover soon. 

67. The ghost of your grandmother in a dream

The dream indicates you are deeply bothered by an ongoing situation in your current life. 

68. Dreaming of a ghost of your father

Dreaming of your father’s ghost means you are being haunted by a decision you need to make. 

It could be that you have been pushing it for later times despite being aware of its urgency.

On the other hand, the dream symbolizes your guilt over an extremely bad decision you made. 

69. The ghost of your partner in your dream

In your real life, you will face unfairness and injustice. 

Most probably, it isn’t limited to problems in your relationship, despite the dream showing you just the image of your partner. 

70. A dream of the ghost of a living friend

The dream warns you of malicious activities that an individual may put you through. 

71. A dream of a ghost that has the face of an acquaintance

Sometimes dreams let you be aware of situations that your conscious mind fails to notice or even imagine. 

When you dream of a ghost taking the shape and looks of an acquaintance, it reflects what and how that person perceives you in reality. 

The dream indicates a strong likelihood of jealousy and hateful feelings towards you. Whatever you have – success, happiness, contentment, prosperity, that person wants for himself or herself. 

But those are not all he or she has towards you. Because that individual desires to own everything you have while depriving you of even the most basic necessity. 

72. The ghost of a dog in a dream

The dream reflects your embarrassment for something you have done to defend yourself. 

Maybe you got into a nasty argument with your flatmate while defending yourself, only to realize you are the one at fault. 

73. Ghosts of deceased or departed loved ones in a dream

Although dreams of deceased loved ones normally fall under visitation dreams, not every such dream is paranormal. Because it could also be your subconscious trying to make peace with the lingering emotions.

“If you dream of the ghost of a departed loved one, and it feels realistic and vivid, this is highly therapeutic,” Cheung says. 

“A lot of people are not able to say a final goodbye to loved ones who’ve died, [so] the dreaming mind is helping to establish a healing spiritual connection.” 

74. A dream of the ghost of a person who has just died

The dream symbolizes something you need to do, the sooner the better.

75. Dreaming of seeing the ghost of a dead person

The dream indicates you are stable in your life. It could be because of your money, status, or a supporting family. 

Regardless of that, the dream advises you to be vigilant at all times. Though you believe you have enough people and power to keep you safe, always keep an eye on any potential danger.

In some cases, the dream may also denote how you are processing the passing away of that person, especially if it was someone close to you. 

Maybe you are filled with regret and guilt. Perhaps you didn’t spend much time together because of your work. 

As indicated in the dream, you could be repenting how you ignored that person’s wishes for you to go and see him or her in his or her last days. 

This dream could be a lesson for you as well: always value human relationships, especially with those who wish the best for you. Do not let work responsibilities or anything else get in between. 

76. Dreaming of the ghosts of dead parents

A dream scenario of the ghosts of dead parents is clearly a warning sign. You better keep an eye on anyone who stealthily tries to get close to you, especially new acquaintances because there’s a strong probability of them being the trouble itself. 

Different Types of Ghosts in Dreams

77. A dream of a skeleton ghost

The skeleton ghost in the dream stands for death. You are likely to have this dream if you have an abnormal fear of death and the other world. 

78. An immobile ghost in a dream

If you dream of a ghost incapable of moving around, it implies that some people in your circle are green with envy of your life and status. 

Moreover, these people will, out of envy, probably try to harm or tarnish your reputation. 

79. An unknown ghost in a dream

The scenario featuring an unknown ghost is associated with pleasant surprises, which will be beneficial to you in more ways than one. 

On the other hand, the dreamscape also portends the presence of a spirit in your space. 

“Dreaming about a ghost that you’ve never met in real life could be an indication that there is a spirit in your home,” says Renee Watt, professional psychic. 

Negatively, an unknown ghost in a dream stands for troubles befalling you, your people, or even upcoming events. 

The best way to tackle the potential problem would be to keep an eye on yourself and others around you. 

80. A headless ghost in a dream 

While the head represents logic and reasoning, the heart stands for feelings and emotions. 

If you dream of a headless apparition, it means your rationality and your emotions are not in sync. 

Are you letting go of logical reasoning for the sake of love or are you being too heartless to someone to abide by your reasoning?

81. A dream of a faceless ghost

If you dream of a faceless ghost, it means you are deeply agitated by something in your life. Since it was faceless, you have no clue as to what caused your unrest state.

82. A hazy image of a ghost in a dream

The indiscernible image of a ghost in a dream means someone makes you feel uncomfortable, fearful, and inferior. 

83. Dreaming of a see-through ghost

Dreaming of a see-through ghost indicates you feel the influence of a certain something in your life, which could be either positive or negative without the slightest idea of where it stems from. 

84. Dreaming of a ghost hanging

The image of a ghost hanging with its tongue sticking out implies you want to say or express something, but have not enough guts to. 

But then again, you also lack the strength to face the consequence of your cowardice, which is why you dreamt of the ghost hanging. 

85. Dreaming of a pretty ghost

If you dream of a beautiful ghost or even talk to one, the dream signifies a smooth functioning of the ventures you have recently got into. 

86. A hungry ghost in a dream 

Hungry ghosts are common dream themes for drug addicts. People who are into intoxicants care less about food and more about drugs and such. Their cravings for pleasure through the drugs surpass their craving for real food.

If you have ever noted, a drug addict can stay away from food but he or she cannot from drugs. 

Apparently, the intoxicant becomes the vehicle through which the struggles and hunger of the real world vanish (for that person).

87. Dreaming of a mischievous ghost

Mischievous ghost in dreamscapes stands for positivity and foretells harmonious relationships between you and others around you. 

88. A dream of a kind ghost

The dream indicates something good happening to you soon.

89. A dream of a furious ghost

A dream scenario of a furious ghost is usually associated with upcoming changes which might happen either in your personal or professional domain. 

90. Dreaming of an evil ghost

If you dream of an evil ghost, chances are, some people perceive you to be a bad person. 

Logically speaking, there should be a reason why they see you in that light. And you might have intentionally or unintentionally committed the wrongs they charge you of. 

This is your opportunity to correct the misdeeds if you have done any. 

Look for ways to mend the damage. And if you believe you haven’t done anything to hurt anyone intentionally, it becomes more necessary to prove yourself to them. 

Further, the dream advises you to be fair and just to everyone. 

Another interpretation is that the evil ghost in your dream symbolizes those with malicious intent around you. Maybe some of your so-called well-wishers wish you nothing but ill. 

In that case, the dream warns you against people who have the potential to stab you in the back.

A scary ghost in a dream may also signify a person trying to manipulate you. 

Dream scenarios that have two or more interpretations can be confusing. To get the meaning right, analyze your real-life circumstances first and see which fits best. 

91. The ghost of a man in your dream

The dream implies you strive for stability as that is what you lack the most in your life. 

92. A female ghost in a dream

The dream indicates you have your life sorted out. 

On the other hand, if you see a ghostly female in a dream vision, the dream signifies prosperity soon. But just as worthy things do not come easy, the dream foretells a series of difficult experiences and anxiety you will undergo along the way. 

If the ghost was that of a young woman, the dream may hint at an underlying health issue. 

93. Dreaming of a female ghost in flowing robes flying in the air

The dream portends wealth and sorrow together. 

For instance, you may receive information about your grandfather’s death who has left you a fortune making you a millionaire overnight. 

94. Dreaming of a ghost boy

The dream vision portends success in your ventures and endeavors. 

95. Dreaming of the ghost of a child

If you had this dream vision, you possibly have some phobias or complications that prevent you from having a normal life. 

The root of all those problems could be within your mind, which are irrational and unfounded. 

If you believe yours to be this case, your subconscious urges you to make small steps to get rid of those fears before they begin directing how you should live your life. 

96. Ghost of a small girl in a dream

The dream reflects your naive nature and personality, which is too trusting of people – good and bad. 

Through the dream, your subconscious advises you not to be too unsuspecting because many times that side of yours will land you in trouble and shady affairs. 

Dreams About Ghosts: Different Colors

97. A dream about a white ghost

A white ghost in a dream scene is a good sign. Any minute, you will hear a piece of good news that will lighten up your moods and spirit. 

98. A black ghost in a dream

You will fall victim to deceit in the foreseeable future. 

99. Dreaming of a dark ghost

Contrary to the dream spectacle of a white ghost, a dream concerning a dark ghost prophesies unpleasant events. 

Around that time you dream of a dark ghost, anything may happen to darken your once happy life – sickness, financial loss, difficulties in domestic or professional life, etc. 

If you are questioning why the dream happened, it is to prepare you mentally and emotionally for what may surface shortly. 

100. Dreaming of a ghost wearing white or light-colored robes

The dream plot indicates one of your close friends will fall seriously ill.

101. A ghost in a black or dark robe in a dream

Here, your subconscious advises you to look out for deceit and treachery. 

Ghost Dream Interpretation: Different Dreamers

102. Ghosts in the dreams of a woman

Some analysts believe that evil spirits in the dreams of a woman symbolize a separation, which could be a breakup, divorce, or even death. But then, interpretations vary from person to person. 

Even so, take all the necessary precautions and be careful in what you say in rage and ensure your real-life circumstances align with the interpretation before you let it impact you negatively. 

103. A pregnant woman dreaming of ghosts

According to sleep experts, if a pregnant woman dreams of ghostly figures it means she will give birth to a son. 

104. A young adult dreaming of being haunted by a ghost

In this case, the ghost symbolizes an admirer who would get on the dreamer’s nerves. 

105. A widow or a widower dreaming of the ghosts of departed partners

For this dream spectacle, the dreamer needs to consider his or her age as well as physical condition. 

In case he or she is young and fit, the dream indicates the love he or she has for the departed soul will not fade easily. 

On the other hand, if an elderly or a seriously ill person has repeated dreams of either his or her partner, the dream plot implies death is around the corner for the dreamer. 

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Ghosts? 

If you have recurring dreams of a ghost or ghosts, you are in all probability, weighed down and haunted by unresolved matters. 

To get to the bottom of it, you have to be attentive to the visions, especially if the narrative of the previous dream continues in the following visions. 

Is anything troubling you? Perhaps an event causes you great dismay in your waking life. 

If you have recurring dreams of apparitions, there’s a strong likelihood that your subconscious is looking for ways to help you overcome problems that caused you immense pain. 

How To Stop The Ghost From Coming Back?

If you ever dream of a ghost that frightens or makes you uncomfortable, try to calm yourself down within the dream plot. Instead of fleeing and showing your fear, summon love. 

Let the spirit know that it is not welcomed in your space. 

“Simply ask the entity to leave and never visit again once you’ve woken up,” Watt says. That will ultimately break off the attachments between you and the apparition. 

9 Ways To Prevent Ghost Dreams

Creepy dreams featuring demons and ghosts are indeed not welcoming, even though they mean well. If you are looking for some simple yet effective ways to keep such dreams at bay, try the methods listed below. 

Of course, dreams are mystical, and it would be next to impossible to eliminate a dream vision completely. But practicing them will prevent you and your activities from triggering ghost dreams. 

1. Follow good sleep hygiene!

This is one of the most important yet overlooked habits. Before you go off to bed, make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark. 

You can leave an overnight lamp but switch off the TV, music system, bright lights as they might trigger disturbing dreams. 

If you reside in the middle of the city with 24X7 traffic and endless honking, try using earpods to shut off all the distracting sounds and noises. 

And not to forget, follow a healthy sleep routine, which means sleep around the same time every day instead of going to bed at odd hours.

2. No drinks and spices before sleep

This might sound trivial but alcohol is believed to boost ghost dreams. Also stay away from caffeine, nicotine, and spices as they are likely to cause discomfort disturbing the quality of your sleep. 

If you need to, take light snacks that are low in spices. 

3. Think pleasant thoughts

Instead of dwelling on how your ex-lover cheated on you ruthlessly, think about where you would like to travel and what you would eat and buy when you go there. 

4. Stay away from anything that disturbs you mentally

Before you sleep, you must, at all cost let no disturbing affair cross your mind however crucial it is. 

5. Maintain a dream journal

Dream experts recommend keeping a dream journal by your bedside table to jot down your dreams each morning. 

More often than not, we tend to forget our dream events without us even trying to. So, if you keep a track of your dreams, you may have enough resources to connect the dots someday. 

6. Share your dreams with someone you trust

If you find it really hard to cope with your dream events, try sharing them with someone you trust and who knows you well. 

Listen to what he or she has to say. That will help you look at the matter from a different perspective.

7. Seek professional help

If sharing doesn’t lessen your worries and anxieties over the dreams, seek professional help. 

8. Remind yourself that dreams are not real

Dreams convey messages and are often the medium for improvement but let us remind you here and also make it a point to remind yourself that they are NOT REAL.

9. Pray before going to sleep

Before you drift off to sleep, make sure you give thanks to the Lord for having protected you throughout the day and also seek blessings for the next day. 

Psychological Interpretation of Ghost Dreams

From the psychological perspective, ghosts in dreams are often your own thoughts and conscience, especially of past unpleasant, and unresolved events weighing you down and preventing you from performing your best. 

Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Ghosts

According to the Bible, ghosts, just like demons, are the embodiment of evil. 

From that perspective, the dream could be warning you to watch out for evil-minded individuals and their malicious deeds. 

Dream Interpretation of Ghosts in Hinduism

In the beliefs of Hinduism, if you see the image of a ghostly figure in a dream, it is a bad omen. 

Likely your problems will overwhelm you, and those would place you at a disadvantage. Eventually, your enemies will take the chance, work on your weakness and overpower you. 

Ghost Dream Interpretation in Islam

According to Islamic beliefs, ghost dreams mean someone is super jealous of you. 

Ghost Dreams: 5 Dream Examples

1. A woman dreamed of the ghost of her mother getting furious at her.

In waking life, she felt guilty as she couldn’t be present with her mother at the time of her passing away.  It turns out, the mother left for the other world with no one besides her and the daughter, the woman in question, lives in utter regret and guilt. 

2. A woman dreamed of being in a room with several ghosts.

In reality, she had several issues from the past that still bothered her. 

3. A boy had recurring dreams of a ghost attacking him.

Here, the recurring dreams are associated with the boy’s relation with his father. The father was in the military, and they never spent time together. Even when he came back home, the only thing the father did to the boy was yell. 

Unquestionably, in this case, the dream symbolizes the desire of the boy to bond with his father, only to be abused and shouted at. 

4. A woman dreamed of being a ghost. 

In waking life, she got into an argument with her partner and was deeply humiliated concerning the issue. Turns out, even after days passed by she couldn’t get over it and felt small when around her guy. 

5. A man constantly dreamed of his father insulting him.

In real life, the man was a professional writer, and he was troubled because he believes his father does not consider his profession to be worthwhile. 

Why Do You Dream Of Ghosts?

Though common, nobody longs to dream of spirits and apparitions and when you dream of one, you would be curious of the reason why it came to your dream, of all the dream themes in the world. 

We have listed some of the probable reasons why you dream of them. But do not limit the possibilities to the lists because as mentioned earlier, dreams are unique and so could be your reason. 

  1. If you have phasmophobia, which is the fear of ghosts, there’s a strong possibility of you having ghost or demon dreams.
  1. You are under a lot of stress in your waking life. 
  1. You watched or read about ghosts before you went to bed.
  1. A ghost can torment you in your dream if you are sleeping in an unfamiliar place.
  1. If you had a heavy meal right before bed, the discomfort it causes you can take the shape of a ghost in your dream.
  1. You have a deep interest in paranormal activities. 
  1. A recent event has stirred memories you thought you have moved on from. 
  1. You repent of some of your past actions. 
  1. You have lost someone recently, and you can’t get over the sadness. 
  1. Ghost dreams are also likely if you had a couple of drinks and went straight to bed, dead drunk. 
  1. You encountered a traumatic incident in the past and have painful memories.
  1. Ensure you sleep in the proper position as it could also cause nightmares and ghost dreams. 
  1. If you have greatly wronged someone in the past or in recent times, you may have dreams of ghosts. 
  1. People who experience disconnection or estrangement from someone or something in the waking state are also likely to dream often of ghosts.  

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself If You Dream Of Ghosts

It would help to ask yourself these few questions before you begin interpreting your ghost dreams.

  1. How did you feel within the dream?
  1. Were you gripped with fear or were you not at all bothered, however disturbing the image was?  
  1. Can you recall the ghost? Was it unknown or do you have a vague idea of its identity? 
  1. Was it someone dead or living?
  1. Did it talk to you? Did the ghost leave any message?

And It’s A Wrap:

We have come to the end of the article. Regardless of how you started out, by now, you probably have some idea of what could be behind your dreams about ghosts. 

Such dreams are disturbing, we get you. If you wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming of a ghost, you might be scared to go back to sleep, lest you dream of the same ghost again. But as stated, they are not as scary as the general perception.

So, the next time you have ghost dreams, instead of tagging your place as haunted, ask yourself what might have caused those dreams. Chances are, the reasons are right before your eyes!

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