Do dreams really mean anything in reality? Do you think that dreams are mere stories and random play of your everyday experiences and emotions?

They are ungoverned, yet vivid and compelling at times. It makes you believe that what you just saw was real and lifelike. One such dream theme is dreams of losing a child

In this article, we will uncover the symbolic meaning of such a fearful dream scenario and the way it may relate to our waking life.

Dreams of Losing a Child – 25 Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dreams of Losing a Child – 25 Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

Dream of losing a child – General meaning

The dream of losing a child symbolizes fear and apprehensions of waking life. It also signifies losing your innocence and child-like ‘self’. It means loss of opportunities, inability to make a new beginning in life. The dream represents unresolved conflicts, insecurities, fear of responsibilities, problems, and troubles coming your way every now and then.

When you dream about losing a baby, it feels terrible and you may wake up baffled and anxious in no time. 

Symbolically, this dream scenario carries a negative connotation. The dream represents your innate fears, failures, and disappointments in real life. It also means losing something very important in life.

It symbolizes the loss of creative expressions, loss of mental strength, and the vitality to fight odds in life. The dream denotes failure to execute new ideas and unfulfilled projects in waking life.

Maybe you lost an opportunity that would have given you a bright future and you are lamenting this loss in waking life. 

You are feeling anxious about what to do next. The dream represents confusion and a lack of clarity in everyday life. 

You are unable to decide your next course of action as things are moving out slowly from your hands. It represents losing sight of your life goals as well.

Sometimes the dream of losing a child means feeling hopeless and anxious. You are carrying an unconscious fear with you, maybe fear of failing in some personal and professional endeavor. 

If you are not pregnant or having a child, in reality, this dream means that you have lost your confidence in dealing with the hassles of real-life situations and as such feeling vulnerable and threatened from within.

As the dream about losing a child represents an unsettled state of mind laden with conflicts and anxiety, it represents a lack of peace and more suffering in waking life.

The dream symbolizes hardships and problems of waking life that robs your inner peace and happiness. In some dream scenarios, losing a child in a dream is symbolic of losing your inner child. 

It means losing your innocent and child-like qualities as if you have been forced to grow up and take upon the responsibilities in waking life that you never wished to do.

The dream means you have lost your spontaneous, easy-going, and playful nature. 

Thus, you may have lost your untainted and pure ‘self’ along the path and could never revive it back in reality. Your subconscious mind reflects the agonies of losing yourself. 

Maybe you are trying to understand your true nature but having a hard time realizing it.

If you are a parent and dream about a baby getting lost in a crowd, it means you are worried and concerned about the well-being of your children in waking life.

Moreover, if you dream of miscarriage and losing the child in the process, it means you are losing a vital opportunity in life before it could take a shape in reality. It represents fear, emotional pain, and suffering that are hard to get rid of.

Symbolically, dreams about losing a baby can mean the following:

1. Reflection of your actions

Dreams of losing a child mean that you need to reflect upon your actions and behavior in real life. 

Maybe, you are engaged in some unhealthy practices in waking life that seems to destroy your morality. 

The self-destructive practices are unethical and you are losing your conscience and ethics because of this. Your values are getting destroyed and you are not aware of it.

The dream warns you to be mindful of your actions and avoid doing things that may destroy your morality; otherwise, you may fall into big troubles. 

Your social position and dignity may get hampered. You may lose your respect as a decent person in society.

In the dream theme, the child symbolizes ‘you’. Maybe you have lost some qualities of yourself that were dear to you.

2. Revisit of inner child

If you dream of losing a child, it means that you need to look into your inner child. Maybe you are carrying the emotional baggage of your childhood that is not allowing you to realize your life goals.

Your innocent, spontaneous, and pure self is lost under the debris of unconscious fears and agonies. You are reminded to revive your inner child and take proper care of yourself.

You should avoid self-blaming tendencies as it may bring fear of losing something important in real life. Never judge yourself harshly and be gentler towards your feelings.

The dream reminds you to resolve old conflicts, to give up your faulty beliefs and old habits of thinking and behaving that are blocking your growth and progress.

You need to be more spontaneous and playful in your attitude towards life and embrace new changes coming your way, then only your innate fears and vulnerabilities will disappear in waking life and make you feel happy and blissful.

3. Neglecting your child in reality

Sometimes dreams about losing a child could also mean that you are neglecting your child in waking life.

If you are pregnant or have a child, in reality, this dream represents your care and concern about the well-being of your child.

The dream symbolizes the fear of losing something vital and important in waking life. If you have recurring dreams about losing a child, or a child went missing in a crowded place, it could indicate a poor relationship with your child in real life.

Maybe you are feeling guilty about not being able to connect with your child at a deeper level. You may be very busy with your work and are neglecting your parental responsibilities.

Your subconscious mind is showing your guilt and remorse, your loss of emotional connection with the child. 

The dream acts as a warning sign to take note of the various events of waking life before interpreting the dream scenario in a proper way.

You are reminded to pay attention to family life and bond with your kids emotionally. Your need to delve deeper into their innocent world and overcome the affective barriers between you and your family.

4. Losing an opportunity that matters most to you

When you dream of losing a child, it means you have lost an opportunity in waking life. It indicates a failure to accomplish goals that you have set for yourself.

The dream represents a loss of vigor and courage to deal with adversities. It means you have lost your aggressive attitude to make things happen.

Your failures have held you captive of gloom and despair and you are unable to move ahead in life. 

Sometimes this dream symbolizes that you’re feeling lost, neglected, and abandoned in real life. 

Maybe your close relationships are falling apart and your subconscious is referring to a loss of a relationship that matters the most to you in reality.

5. Fear of responsibility

Dreams of losing a child signify a fear of responsibilities. It indicates you are not sure of your actions and are quite indecisive in waking life. 

The dream narrative tries to convey the message that you are scared to explore and embrace new opportunities in life. 

It indicates low self-confidence and your unwillingness to start afresh in a waking life.

If you are not pregnant in real life or do not have children, yet seeing such a night vision, then it symbolizes you are frightened and feeling vulnerable to take up a new assignment or project. 

The dream symbolizes failure in personal and professional endeavors and loss of control, power, and authority in waking life.

6. Hardships and surviving a painful experience of real life

When you see a child getting lost or missing in a dream, it means that you will face potential dangers in waking life. 

You will have to experience some painful experiences in reality that will make you feel clueless about your next course of action.

In this dream scenario, the loss of the child indicates a loss of ability to face challenges and hardships in life. 

Maybe you have fought hard to deal with the struggles of real-life but ultimately failed in all your endeavors.

This makes you lose a part of yourself. You have lost your mental strength and vitality to fight setbacks in life. 

It symbolizes that your real-life struggles have been quite overwhelming and have taken a lot of energy and vitality from you. It makes you lose your easy-going, carefree, and confident self. 

You are feeling stuck and confined in pain and suffering and are constantly losing control and grip over your life.

Dreams of Losing a Child – 25 Dream Scenarios & Its Detailed Meaning

The dreams about losing a child may mean differently according to the details of the dream, the feelings attached with it, and the various real-life circumstances that you may find yourself in. 

In this section, we will uncover the secret meanings of the common dream scenarios of losing a child and would infer how it actually relates to our waking life.

1. Dream my child went missing

Dreaming of a child going missing is extremely scary and heartbreaking. It is unsettling and disturbing as well. This dream scenario symbolizes your real-life concern about the well-being of your child.

In dreams, you may find yourself calling the child’s name and then checking their room whether they are still lying on their beds. 

This dream represents an unconscious fear of losing something very important in waking life. You may lose a relationship or a job opportunity that you valued the most. 

When you see your child missing in a dream, it represents feelings of confusion. You are desperate to find out what’s lost in reality. 

Maybe the dream reminds you to be more careful about your actions in waking life. It tells you to be serious about what you are doing right now in real life.

The dream can hardly come true but the panic and running around to find your lost child indicates how you are dealing with problems in waking life, whether you are confident in your approach or you have lost your focus and accountability on the way. 

Symbolically, a missing child represents agonies, hardships, insecurities, frustrations, and failures.

2. Dream of finding or searching for the lost child

If you see a dream where you are searching for your missing child, it represents you desperately trying to revive something that was dear to you.

Symbolically such a dream represents your failure to achieve something in waking life. You are trying to revive and get back your lost power in life. 

Your subconscious mind invites you to become more proactive and energetic in your approach to make things happen. 

It tells you to give up your laid-back attitude, otherwise, you may lose vital opportunities in real life that can help you achieve whatever you have wished for.

In some dream scenarios, this dream also means you are trying to avoid your everyday struggles and running around to seek some happiness and peace of mind. 

3. Dream of losing a child in the crowd

Human beings have innate needs to feel happy and secure about life in general. If you have a dream where you seem to lose your child in a crowd and are unable to find them, it represents you feeling lost in social life.

You are feeling insecure, vulnerable, and powerless. Maybe you seem to lose control and grip over real-life stressful situations that are slowly taking away your inner peace and happiness.

A crowd symbolizes a group of people gathered together for a common purpose. So, if you dream of losing a child in a crowd, it also means that you have lost yourself while trying to please significant others in waking life.

The dream indicates a loss of direction in life. Your self-doubt, guilt, worries, and fear are crippling you in real life and obstructing your path towards growth and success.

A child getting lost in a crowd means new problems coming your way in reality. You will have to find your ways to come out of the situation.

4. Dream of a lost girl

When you dream of losing a girl, it means you have lost touch with your humble and kind ‘self’. Maybe the struggles of real-life had stolen your innate goodness and selflessness.

The dream symbolizes the loss of touch with your inner child that was innocent, spontaneous, and playful. You have been forced to grow up and imbibe certain values that were against your free will.

A girl child in dreams symbolizes a new beginning, fresh opportunities, and personal growth. It symbolizes charm and beauty as well. Thus, losing a girl child means you have lost certain good qualities of yourself and not being aware of it.

You have missed some opportunities that would have given you growth and innovation in real life.

Sometimes, losing a girl child indicates your emotional insecurity. It indicates deepest fears, anxieties, and getting emotionally overwhelmed in adverse times. 

5. Dream of a lost boy

This dream symbol speaks about losing your aggressive and courageous ‘self’ that you would need to remove hardships and obstacles in waking life.

As a baby boy indicates career growth, success, and goal accomplishment; seeing them lost in dreams signifies a failure to accomplish goals in waking life.

Maybe your life’s path is full of obstacles and hardships and you are clueless about how to overcome them. This dream also means financial loss, business crashes, or job loss.

6. Dream of losing a child from preschool or daycare

This dream symbol is indeed frightening and unsettling. Dreaming of losing a child from daycare or playschool symbolizes you are feeling unprotected and threatened in waking life.

The dream symbolizes fears and worries of real life. You are feeling insecure, uncomfortable in real life because things are not moving according to your expectations.

The dream symbolizes that you need to handle certain unpleasant situations in waking life that you never wanted to. Some typical examples can be fights with a colleague, or handling a break-up, disagreements with parents or spouse, etc.

You are feeling stressed out and unsafe in waking life and the unconscious fear just gets manifested through dreams.

This dream represents your weak mindset and emotional turmoil that is hard to overcome in reality.

7. Dream about losing a child to death

Have you ever witnessed a dying child in dreams? The dream is painful and symbolizes real-life agonies and fears that are hard to deal with. 

The correct interpretation of this dream theme varies according to the details of the dream scenario and your feelings attached to it.

In some dream themes, it symbolizes lost connections with friends, family, and people dear to you. The dream is symbolic of lack of support, a feeling of being helpless and insecure in real life. 

It also indicates losing your child-like ‘self’ that was pure and genuine. Maybe your adult life is not the one that you were really looking for and as such you are missing the happy and easy-going timeline of your life that was joyful and serene.

In some other scenarios, losing a child to death also indicates your real-life concern about your baby. You are emotionally overwhelmed about their well-being and it’s getting manifested in dreams.

Sometimes, this dream indicates the death of your hard work and efforts to accomplish life goals. Maybe you have recently suffered a setback in your career and as such the dream is showing up the unconscious pain and despair that you have suffered in real life. 

8. Dream about a lost child in a holiday

Holidays are fun-loving vacations where you go to unwind and refresh yourself. If you dream of losing a child during such a time, it means fears and troubles of waking life are holding you back and you are unable to achieve your goals. 

It also means that you have lost a vital part of yourself, maybe your innocence, wit, gratefulness, humility that you have acquired by hard work and perseverance.

9. Dream about losing a child when you are not a parent in reality

A dream symbol of this type indicates your unconscious fears and insecurities. Maybe you are feeling threatened in real life because of someone or something and the fear is just getting relayed through dreams.

This dream symbolizes that you have lost a good opportunity in waking life; it’s a metaphor for the fact that you have failed in some personal and professional endeavor in real life and you are just lamenting the loss.

Sometimes this dream also indicates your real-life worries about child-rearing. You are scared to take up the responsibility of becoming a parent in a waking life. 

It denotes a lack of confidence to embark upon a successful parenting journey and thus you are trying to avoid such a thing altogether.

10. Dream of losing a small child

When you dream of a small child getting lost, it indicates that you are feeling vulnerable and scared in real life. 

The young child is ‘you’ who seems to have lost its childhood innocence, purity, grace, and beauty. Somehow you are feeling lost and unprotected in waking life.

It could be that you are passing through a phase of great emotional distress and agony. There is not much emotional support around and you are feeling lonely, abandoned, and left out. 

You are lost in unhappiness and despair with no immediate respite to be seen.

Symbolically a small child denotes your inner child that is trapped in negative emotions and needs immediate healing and rejuvenation to feel better. 

The dream tells you to resolve the childhood conflicts that are having a negative impact on waking life.

11. Dream of losing an adult child

Seeing an adult child getting lost in a dream indicates failure and disappointments. The dream symbolizes your inability to achieve goals or whatever you have wished for.

It denotes failed personal and professional endeavors and as such you are feeling lost in unhappiness and gloom. It indicates a pessimistic outlook on waking life. You are feeling stuck, confined in agony and hopelessness.

 12. Dreams about a lost child in water

Losing your child in any water bodies such as oceans, seas, rivers, or a swimming pool denotes emotional turmoil and deep-seated agonies of real-life that are getting harder to bear. 

As water symbolizes feelings, this dream theme speaks about feeling overwhelmed and heavy from within. It indicates that you are living in despair and feeling lost and unprotected in your waking life.

If you see that you are trying to save the child from drowning in water, it means you are trying to channel your negative feelings in healthy ways. 

Though feeling overwhelmed, you are trying your best to control your negative emotions and stay focused in your daily life.

The dream reminds you to feel lighter, energetic and liberated from daily hassles and hardships. You are advised to stay in tune with your emotions so as to heal the past pains and leave the emotional baggage that you may have been carrying with you.

13. Dreams about a child not in the house

If you cannot find the child in the house, it means you are feeling insecure and vulnerable. This dream denotes that you may soon fall prey to the malicious intentions of others in waking life.

Maybe there are people around you who may try to harm you in some way. The dream is a warning sign that tells you to remain cautious and stay away from such deceitful individuals. They can stab you at the back without you being aware of it.

A house symbolizes a comfortable and safe place for you to live, grow, and flourish. If you see a child missing from the house, it means you are unprotected and unsafe in real life. Many new troubles will come to you in the near future.

14. Dreams of a lost child trying to reach out to parents

This dream symbol is unsettling and scary. The dream symbolizes your lonely and helpless feeling in real life. 

Maybe you are passing through a trying time in waking life and seeking support and help from family, friends, and well-wishers.

You are feeling lost and the future seems dark and gloomy. It also symbolizes sad feelings, regrets, and disappointments. You want someone to save you in a waking life. 

The dream denotes seeking guidance and help from loved ones in order to feel protected and secure.

15. Dream of a lost child at school

This dream symbol relates to your social connections and relationships. A school symbolizes a place to nurture and build social connections. 

If you dream of losing a child in school, it means you are not happy in your personal and social life.

Your personal relationships are not smooth and your social connections with others around you are also poor and weak. 

You do have enough social support from friends and family to overcome adversities; as such you are feeling lonely, sad, and helpless in waking life.

16. Dream of your child being found by someone else

When you dream about your own child being found by others in a dream, it means you can rely on others in waking life. People living with you are helpful and supportive and they will help you in times of distress.

The dream denotes social support and indicates that you are being loved and cared for in waking life. The dream symbolizes your need for affection from others. You wish to have loving and trustworthy people around you. 

In some dream scenarios, the interpretation is somewhat different. It means your loss of touch with your parents in waking life. 

The child in the dream symbolizes ‘you’ who has lost connection with parents. Your subconscious mind reminds you to stay connected to your parents and nurture the old bonding again to feel happy and content.

17. Dream of losing a child of your friend

When you dream of losing a child that doesn’t belong to you, maybe a friend or a relative; it means that your near and dear ones are facing some kind of trouble in waking life. 

Sometimes this dream indicates your need to express yourself clearly to others. Maybe you are not comfortable expressing your views and opinions in front of others and the dream shows your discomfort and hesitance.

If you see a stranger’s child getting lost in a dream, it means unknown problems are coming to you in waking life. You may lose out on something most precious to you; something that holds a lot of value in waking life.

18. Dream about helping a lost child 

If you seem to help a lost child reunite with his/her parents, it represents your care and concern for others around you.

It symbolizes your helpful, kind, and sympathetic nature. The dream means that you are proactive in your social life and are always eager to support others in times of need.

Sometimes this dream also indicates that you have revived your inner child. Now your inner child feels loved and cared for. You are feeling protected and secure from within.

19. Dream of a child being taken away by a known person

If you dream of a child being taken away by a known person, it means you have many unreliable people in your waking life. 

Your social connections need to be reconsidered. You need to be more aware and mindful about whom you meet and relate to in real life.

Maybe there are malicious and deceitful people around you who have betrayed you in your waking life, thereby making you feel helpless and lost in your waking life. 

You are clueless about how to protect yourself from further harm. The dream signifies your unconscious fear of getting into more trouble. 

You may feel baffled and lose your trust in someone dear to you. It may feel like something important in life is being removed from you.

The dream means loss of meaningful and trusting relationships, poor health, and wrong career choices. It also indicates failures, loss of money.

20. Dream of an abducted child

If you dream of an abducted or kidnapped child, it means you are feeling abandoned and neglected in real life. There is not much support around and you are feeling lonely and isolated.

A dream of a child being kidnapped or abducted means that others are trying to overpower you as if others are taking control of your life.

Maybe your family or intimate friends are deliberately putting pressure on you to do something that you never wish to do and you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. 

The dream symbolizes losing control over your own life as if things are falling apart and you are losing a grip on things that are dear to you.

You are missing your self-identity and feeling quite vulnerable from within. This dream always has a negative connotation in dream symbolism.

The dream indicates deepest fears, missed opportunities, and others taking control of your life. Deep down you know that this dream reminds you to try and get back your lost power in waking life.

21. Dream of losing a child in a store

If you dream of losing a child in a store, it means you have lost an important opportunity in real life that would have given you success and growth.

The dream indicates chaos and restlessness in you. You are not at peace with yourself. You are emotionally overwhelmed due to the missed opportunity and may start to feel like a failure in life.

If you do not have children in reality but still see such a dream, it could mean that you are lost in the chaos and confusion of life. You are clueless about where your life is moving and may always feel baffled and behave like a worrywart.

22. Dream of many children going missing

This dream symbol relates to the loss of identity in waking life. When you see many children are missing, it means there is chaos all around you. There is no one to support you in such a trying time and thus you are feeling disoriented and nervous.

The dream hints towards many small problems coming your way in real life that can rob your mental peace and happiness. It won’t allow you to be at peace.

Your worst fears and worries can overpower you anytime. The dream reminds you to be aware of what’s happening around you so that you can nip the issue in the bud as early as possible.

23. Dream of missing a child in a natural disaster

When you dream of a missing child in a natural disaster such as tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, floods, it means you will face many big challenges in waking life. Your life will be full of problems that will be hard to get rid of.

You will have to face them with more strength and courage and the dream just reminds you that while you were sleeping.

This dream represents chaos and a lack of control in your waking life. If you dream that you have again got back your child, it means you have successfully overcome your problems.

24. Dream of missing a child during war

A war symbolizes conflict, destruction, and devastation of life and property. When you dream about losing a child during a war, it carries a symbolic meaning in waking life.

The dream reflects on the idea that you are either in conflict with yourself or others in waking life. Maybe you are unable to take a vital decision in life because you are feeling stuck and trapped in various problems.

You are in conflict with your values and priorities. Elsewhere, this dream also symbolizes conflicts and disagreements with family members, friends, or even acquaintances. 

It indicates poor social relationships laden with anxiety and mental restlessness as if you have lost your emotional balance somewhere in the chaos of daily life.

The dream symbolizes the loss of control in daily life. You are aware of it but unable to do anything to help yourself. It signifies a state of horror and fear. 

You may feel overpowered by negative emotions and ruminating thoughts of what to do and how to improve the various areas of your life and living.

25. Dream about losing an unborn child

When you dream of losing an unborn child, the meaning signifies deep loss. You are in a state of emotional pain and suffering.

Miscarriages are heartbreaking and symbolize a loss that is irrecoverable. It denotes a part of you that has been broken and shattered out of sadness and gloom.

If you’re not pregnant but still dream about a losing child, it indicates a lost opportunity in waking life. It symbolizes that you were about to start a new journey of growth but suddenly some unforeseen circumstances had taken it away from you.

The unborn child symbolizes a fresh start and new hope. So, seeing this child lost represents a failure to begin a new life; maybe you missed the chance of improving your career goals, or you have failed in a new venture or business, etc.

This dream relates to trauma, deepest fears, and worst anxieties of waking life.

Spiritual meaning of dream about losing a child

A dream of a lost or missing baby symbolizes that you have lost your innocence, purity, spontaneity, vigor, and playfulness in real life. You are lost in the hassles of daily life and unable to help yourself. 

Spiritually, this dream signifies obstruction in the path of spiritual growth, as if the soul is stuck in pain and despair and doesn’t allow you to grow and move ahead in life.

The dream is a clear message for change and transformation. The change will either be good or bad depending upon your waking life experiences and the way you feel about the various changes occurring around you.

If the circumstances of waking life are cumbersome and tiring, the dream signifies a spiritual block. It’s a bad sign of bigger problems coming your way in waking life.

The dream signifies that you are in a state of constant emotional turmoil and worrying too much about something in real life. 

You are alarmed and sad and unable to focus on things that are important in life. Thus the opportunities seem to lose faster than ever before leaving you feeling hopeless and gloomy.

Spiritually, the dream reminds you to reinvent yourself, delve deeper into the core aspects of yourself, and resolve the hidden conflicts that appear bulky and heavy.

You will have to remove the emotional blockage and get hold of the right opportunity to become successful in life.

Then only you will be able to control and change your life in desirable ways and your subconscious mind will stop showing up your vulnerable side in dreams.

Are you even trying to do it in reality to stop the recurrence of such an awkward dream?

Biblical meaning of dream about a missing child

The Bible says that dreams of losing a baby symbolize a bad omen. It represents a lack of peace and happiness, sufferings, and deepest agonies of waking life. It also means the loss of divine blessings of the Lord.

A missing or lost child in dreams can mean the following:

  • Deep crisis and sufferings
  • Loss of power and inner strength to fight odds in life
  • Problems in marriage and relationship issues
  • Loss of heavenly blessings
  • Losing an important opportunity in life
  • It means you will move through a series of difficulties in waking life
  • Child having relationship problems with his/her parents
  • Guilt and regrets for not being able to achieve your desired goals
  • Broken inner child 
  • Failure in career, business, and relationships, symbolizing that something important is going to be lost in real-life.
  • Deepest fears, frustrations, and insecurities

Dreams of losing a child – The Good and the Ugly

Like every other dream, this dream theme can also have a good and bad side. Dreams about losing a child or a missing child may carry different meanings in waking life. 

You just need to note down the details of what you have seen in the dream to decipher whether it was a positive or a negative vision.

The dream carries more negative interpretations because of the fear, agony, and misfortune involved in the dream theme.

The good side of dreams about a lost baby is:

  • Joy (if you find your child after it went missing)
  • Hard work (child getting lost in a forest and then finding them again)

The downside of such dreams are:

  • Deepest fears and worries
  • Losing a vital opportunity in life
  • Feeling stuck and trapped in problems
  • Inner chaos and the restless state of mind
  • Failure
  • Losing an important aspect of oneself
  • Your broken inner child that needs to be healed
  • Lack of emotional control
  • Confused and unable to decide well
  • Lack of support from others in real-life

Questions to ask yourself when you dream of losing a child

The correct interpretation of this dream scenario requires a detailed analysis of the specific dream scenario and your feelings attached to it. Thus, you need to ask yourself a few questions to examine the hidden meanings behind the scene.

  • Are you missing something badly nowadays and want to get it back?
  • How did you feel after waking up from your dream?
  • Whose child was it, your’s or somebody else’s?
  • Have you lost any precious thing in your life?
  • Were you hurt, abused, maltreated by others when you were a child? 
  • Can you describe any painful experience that has given you immense agony?
  • Are you neglecting your personal needs these days?
  • Have you failed in accomplishing important life goals recently?
  • Have you lost touch with your innocent, fun-living, and humble self?
  • Did you find the child after it went missing? How did you feel about it?

The video link shared below describes the symbolic and biblical meaning of dreams about a lost or missing child. Do check out.

Wrap Up

Dreams of losing a child mean that you were ignoring certain aspects of waking life that needed immediate attention. 

The dream reminds you to delve deeper into real-life situations and resolve those issues as early as possible. 

You are in dire need to change your old habits and perspectives and start recognizing only those things that are important and worthy. 

The dream is a premonition of some misfortune coming your way in reality but you have immense power in you to combat all evils.

The dream also suggests that success and failure in life will shape your personality in desirable ways.

Eventually, your feeling of loss and confusion will only help you grow and transform into a better being; because the power to change and remold lies in you.