Dreams of losing a child signifies losing your innocence and child-like ‘self’. It means loss of opportunities, inability to make a new beginning in life.  It represents unresolved conflicts, insecurities, fear of responsibilities.

Dreams of Losing a Child – Are You Trying To Fill Up Your Empty Soul?
Dreams of Losing a Child – Various Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

General Dream Meaning of Losing a Child

Symbolically, this dream scenario carries a negative connotation. The dream represents your innate fears, failures, and disappointments in real-life. It also means losing something very important in life.

It symbolizes loss of creative expressions, loss of mental strength and vitality to fight odds in life. The dream denotes failure to execute new ideas and unfulfilled projects in waking life.

Symbolically, dreams about losing a baby can mean the following:

  • Reflection of your actions – Dreams of losing a child means that you need to reflect upon your actions and behavior in real life.
  • Revisit of inner child – Maybe you are carrying an emotional baggage of your childhood that is not allowing you to realize your life goals.
  • Neglecting your child in reality – Maybe you are feeling guilty of not being able to connect with your child at a deeper level. 
  • Losing an opportunity that matters most to you – It indicates failure to accomplish goals that you have set for yourself.
  • Fear of responsibility – Dreams of losing a child signifies fear of responsibilities. It indicates you are not sure of your actions and are quite indecisive in waking life.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream about Losing a Child

A dream of a lost or missing baby symbolizes that you have lost your innocence, purity, spontaneity, vigor, and playfulness in real-life. You are lost in the hassles of daily life and unable to help yourself. 

The dream is a clear message for change and transformation. The change will either be good or bad depending upon your waking life experiences and the way you feel about the various changes occurring around you.

Various Types of Dreams of Losing a Child and Their Symbolic Meanings

In this section, we will uncover the secret meanings of the common dream scenarios of losing a child and would infer how it actually relates to our waking life.

Dream my child went missing

It is unsettling and disturbing as well. This dream scenario symbolizes your real-life concern about the well-being of your child.

This dream represents an unconscious fear of losing something very important in waking life. You may lose a relationship, or a job opportunity that you valued the most. 

When you see your child missing in a dream, it represents feelings of confusion. You are desperate to find out what’s lost in reality. Symbolically, a missing child represents agonies, hardships, insecurities, frustrations, and failures.

A lost girl

This means you have lost touch with your humble and kind ‘self’. Maybe the struggles of real life had stolen your innate goodness and selflessness.

The dream symbolizes loss of touch with your inner child that was innocent, spontaneous, and playful. You have been forced to grow up and imbibe certain values that were against your free-will.

A lost boy

This dream symbol speaks about losing your aggressive and courageous ‘self’ that you would need to remove hardships and obstacles in waking life.

As a baby boy indicates career growth, success, and goal accomplishment; seeing them lost in dreams signify failure to accomplish goals in waking life.

Dream about losing a child to death

It symbolizes lost connections with friends, family, and people dear to you. The dream is symbolic of lack of support, a feeling of being helpless and insecure in real-life. 

A lost child in a holiday

If you dream of losing a child during such a time, it means fears and troubles of waking life are holding you back and you are unable to achieve your goals. 

Losing a small child

It indicates that you are feeling vulnerable and scared in real-life. The young child is ‘you’ who seems to have lost its childhood innocence, purity, grace, and beauty.

Losing an older child

The dream symbolizes your inability to achieve goals or whatever you have wished for. It denotes failed personal and professional endeavors and as such you are feeling lost in unhappiness and gloom.

Dreams about a lost child in water

Losing your child in any water bodies such as oceans, sea, river, or a swimming pool denotes emotional turmoil and deep-seated agonies of real-life that are getting harder to bear. 

A child not in the house

This denotes that you may soon fall prey to the malicious intentions of others in waking life. The dream is a warning sign that tells you to remain cautious and stay away from such deceitful individuals. 

Dream of a lost child at school

This symbol relates to your social connections and relationships. If you dream of losing a child in school, it means you are not happy in your personal and social life.

Losing a child of your friend

When you dream of losing a child that doesn’t belong to you, maybe a friend or a relative; it means that your near and dear ones are facing some kind of trouble in waking life. 

Helping a lost child 

It symbolizes your helpful, kind, and sympathetic nature. The dream means that you are proactive in your social life and are always eager to support others in times of need.

Child being taken away by a known person

It means you have many unreliable people in your waking life. The dream means loss of meaningful and trusting relationships, poor health, and wrong career choices. It also indicates failures, loss of money.

Dream of an abducted child

The indicates deepest fears, missed opportunities, and others taking control of your life. Deep down you know that this dream reminds you to try and get back your lost power in waking life.

Losing an unborn child

The unborn child represents failure to begin a new life; maybe you missed the chance of improving your career goals, or you have failed in a new venture or business, etc.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

Dreams of losing a child means that you were ignoring certain aspects of waking life that needed immediate attention. The dream reminds you to delve deeper into the real-life situations and resolve those issues as early as possible.