Dream of lunar eclipse points toward your repressed emotions, unrequited love, sadness, and unmet aspirations. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a terrible omen, but it does let you know that not everything will go as planned in some areas of your life.

So, if you’re curious about how it can reveal your deepest sentiments and ideas, dig right in!

What Does Dream of Lunar Eclipse Mean? 

A lunar eclipse in a dream is a metaphor for sentiments and mysteries that are kept hidden. A lunar eclipse has a stronger connection to your inner self, your feelings, and your thoughts.

Some additional general interpretations are as follows:

  • You must make use of your skills to assist both yourself and others. 
  • You don’t know how to deal with your intuition. Therefore, you are too terrified to listen to it. 
  • You’re embracing happiness and fulfillment.
  • Your stressful schedule is making you depressed.
  • You lack confidence in the way you feel or in your relationship.
  • You’re seeking a new beginning.
  • Your true feelings have been suppressed.
  • You might be experiencing a sense of helplessness or vulnerability.
  • You are attempting to push the boundaries.
  • You must be grateful for your life and understand the influence you have on others.

Common Dreams of Lunar Eclipse – Types and Interpretations 

Dreaming of a moon eclipse indicates the presence of intuitive skills. You possess a sixth sense that may guide you in making the best choice. But it means much more depending on the exact scenario, so let’s explore!

Black lunar eclipse

It signifies that you need to be more perceptive and intelligent in real life. Someone close to you will attempt to backstab you.

You shouldn’t reveal the important details that they might use to ultimately harm you.

Dreams of a white lunar eclipse

This indicates that you will possess an intuitive power that may manifest as fresh feelings, positive influence, or a welcoming environment.

Your mind will therefore send a warning to assist you in navigating in the correct path and stop you from losing out on possibilities.

Purple lunar eclipse

It may indicate that a member of your family might be suffering from a disease or health issue.

This health issue is more serious than you may realize. It will take a while for this person to get healthy.

Red lunar eclipse

It is a sign that you must make an effort to express your true self. Another indication of this dream is that it’s time to start a family or become pregnant.

Additionally, this dream is a reminder that you need to pay a visit to someone you care about.

Twin lunar eclipse

This indicates that a certain issue has left you feeling extremely abandoned and isolated.

Your depression will worsen when you are cut off from those you care about. It’s time to significantly change your routine. 

Dream of a lunar eclipse in the sea

Your vision represents your ability to succeed by following the moral principles at work, developing your social skills, and being highly motivated. 

The sea is a representation of the difficulties and complications you must get beyond to succeed. It will strengthen your spiritual and inner fortitude.

Watching The Lunar Eclipse 

It suggests that your companions might be disappointed. Or, you may feel that your friends are being unfair to you and have issues with them. 

Perhaps a friend will disappoint you whenever you need them by refusing to assist you.

It would be much better to suffer through anything on your own instead of depending on others to assist you with it.

Total Lunar Eclipse in a dream 

This is a metaphor for overcoming fear and insecurity. You may complete any unfinished projects and goals you may have.

It indicates that after tackling the challenges, you will eventually feel relaxed. You have the courage within to solve the issues on your own.

Blue moon eclipse

You have to deal with the potential consequences of your carelessness and lack of preparation.

You must always listen to experienced people to avoid the effects of making a poor choice. It’s time to pay attention to other people’s recommendations.

Partial lunar eclipse 

This is a sign to end a relationship with someone who harms your life.

A close friend or family member may be toxic in the workplace or in your social circle, which might result in conflicts in your private or professional relationships.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of lunar eclipse inform you about our everyday lives, which help you reflect, make changes, and move forward.

It is associated with a pleasant spiritual awakening and experiencing strong, profound emotions. Whether you interpret a dream about an eclipse as a warning or an opportunity, you must proceed and have faith in yourself and the process.