If you live with your partner’s mother, a dream of mother-in-law is no big deal as it is almost always a reflection of your relationship with her. 

But such types of dreams can pique your curiosity to another level if you aren’t seeing anyone currently and dream of the mother figure insulting or even attacking you. To put an end to your concern, we have listed some of the most common reasons that might have triggered such dreams. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Your Mother-in-law?

A dream of mother in law is much dependent on how well you get along with your partner’s mother if you have one. Also, such a dream represents the unknown conscious part of your life in the subconscious. 

Considering you have a mother-in-law with whom you don’t get along well, in reality, a dream of mother in law may mean you’re making sacrifices at present. Compromises you don’t necessarily want to make but feel inclined to since they will help you in the long run. 

In other instances, such a dream is considered a sign of frustration and disappointment in your waking hours.

On the contrary, if you have a healthy relationship with your partner’s mother, the dream could mean your current relationship makes you feel secure and happy. 

There are several reasons why you might experience such a dream. If it interests you, stay with us as we unravel the possible meanings along with scenarios based on what dreamers around the world experience. 

A Dream Of Mother-In-Law : Different Plots And Their Meanings

In the below sections, we have listed some of the most commonly experienced dreams associated with the mother figure. Your dream may or may not be included. Even if it isn’t you can use those in the list as references to seek insight into your specific dream plot. 

1. To see your mother-in-law praying in a dream

If you see your mother-in-law praying, you could have misinterpreted a loved one’s behaviors or actions. 

Perhaps his or her actions don’t correspond to your belief about a matter that may or may not concern that person directly.

2. Dreaming that you get along well with your mother-in-law

The dream indicates you will soon tire yourself doing something. Most likely, it might have to do with feigning your emotions to not hurt a close one. 

However, you will eventually drain yourself and would be tempted to drop the act.

3. Talking with your mother-in-law in a dream

According to the scenario, you’ll realize the need to be more forgiving. Additionally, you’ll accept the fact that not everything needs to go according to your wishes.  

Therefore, there’s a fair chance you’ll give in and try to find a solution that works not just for you but for others as well. 

4. A dream about dancing with your mother-in-law

The dream suggests you might soon be invited to a celebratory event, such as an engagement,  wedding, birthday party, etc.

5. A dream about kissing your mother-in-law

In this context, the act of kissing your mother-in-law is the higher realm reminding you to weigh your options carefully before making a decision. 

6. Your mother-in-law kissing you in a dream

Here, the subconscious warns you to be careful about who you confide in. Remind yourself to talk about your problems, fears, ideas, and achievements only with those who have proven their allegiance to you. 

7. To dream of hugging your mother-in-law

Hugging your mother-in-law may indicate that you’ll soon get caught for deceiving others.

You might have achieved your goals today through deception. But the dream reminds you to prepare for the repercussions you’ll suffer once your tricks are busted. 

8. To dream of your mother-in-law hugging you

If your mother-in-law hugs you, you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 

Be watchful of their actions because according to the scenario, someone in your direct proximity is out to get you.

9. Serving your mother-in-law in a dream

Serving your mother-in-law reflects how the two of you try in your own ways to improve your relationship.

10. Dreaming about your mother-in-law serving you

The scenario symbolizes self-respect. You treat each and everyone equally without discrimination. And expect others to treat you back in the same manner.

Furthermore, the dream adds you don’t take nonsense from others. Whoever they are, if they disrespect and belittle you, you don’t think twice about distancing yourself away from them. 

11. Having sex with your mother-in-law in a dream

Having sex with your mother-in-law denotes your enjoyment of a situation that was not initially your choice. 

It may also mean you love making different decisions or that good fortune compels you to renounce your first options.

12. Seeing your mother-in-law in the toilet in a dream

In all likelihood, someone who helped you recently or sometime in the past will brag about how he or she helped you reach that phase in your life. 

13. Dreaming about a naked mother-in-law

The scenario symbolizes rumors others are weaving against you. 

In that regard, the subconscious urges you to be cautious as you will likely be charged falsely for something. 

14. A woman dreaming about her mother-in-law getting married

If a woman sees her mother-in-law getting married, it may be a sign that she considers her partner to be immature.

15. Dreaming that you hate your mother-in-law

In the foreseeable future, you might misinterpret someone’s words, actions, or behaviors. 

Instead of assuming and jumping to conclusions, reflect on what you heard. If needed, talk to someone about it and let that trusted one help you put your mind at ease. 

16. To dream of your mother-in-law hating you

If you dream about your mother-in-law hating you, the scenario denotes a willingness to challenge authority. 

Due to someone’s actions, you find disagreeable, you’ll conclude that the person in question is unworthy of your respect.

And the dream shows you wouldn’t hesitate to let others know what you think. 

17. Insulting your mother-in-law in a dream

Almost always, insulting your mother-in-law is followed by a bitter argument with your spouse. 

18. To dream of your mother-in-law insulting you

Typically, negative real-life experiences are the reasons behind the scenario of your mother-in-law insulting you. 

It’s possible that you’ve had the occasion to spend time with someone who underestimates your efforts, work, and success. 

And your emotions are translated into the dream because you did nothing to resist them in reality. 

19. Arguing with your mother-in-law in a dream

Generally, arguing with your partner’s mother in a dream represents a harmonious family

What’s more? 

Your attention, care, and love for them are what bring your family members together. 

20. A dream about attacking your mother-in-law

If you attacked your mother-in-law you need to be careful and keep your emotions in check. 

Chances are, life has been messing with you lately. And you in turn have been intentionally or unintentionally taking your frustrations on others. 

21. Your mother-in-law attacking you in a dream

According to the scenario, a loved one will disappoint you greatly in the foreseeable future. 

22. To dream of fighting with your mother-in-law

Fighting with your mother-in-law signifies the need to redirect your negative energy into something constructive. 

On that note, your spirit guide encourages you to identify your strengths, develop them into hobbies and turn them into something productive.

23. Seeing your mother-in-law fighting with another person in a dream

The vision of your partner’s mother fighting with another person hints at the sudden and unexpected reappearance of someone who has distanced away from you. 

24. A mother-in-law crying for no reason in a dream

If your mother-in-law cried for no particular reason, you must prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for a rollercoaster ride. 

Additionally, someone you love, care and trust might do something to disappoint you. 

25. A woman dreaming about quarreling with a crying mother-in-law

The scenario foretells a heated argument between you and your partner caused by a third party, probably your partner’s parents. 

Don’t be surprised if your partner leaves you in the cold to take his or her parent’s side. 

26. Comforting your mother-in-law in a dream

Comforting your mother-in-law suggests you may come to a different conclusion about someone. 

You may have had a preconceived notion about a friend or an acquaintance. But after speaking with him or her, you will realize that you were wrong. It’s even possible for the two of you to grow close and develop a friendship.

27. Dreaming about your mother-in-law comforting you

If you see your mother-in-law comforting you, it is a reminder that you shouldn’t stereotype others solely because you don’t know them or haven’t experienced their decisions firsthand. 

28. To dream of making up with your mother-in-law

As per the plot you perceive arguing to prove yourself as an utter waste of time. Instead, you’d rather deal with what relaxes and makes you joyful.

You refuse to let anyone make you feel guilty for staying out of conflicts that don’t affect you.

29. To dream of giving an expensive gift to a mother-in-law

If you dream of giving an expensive gift to your mother-in-law, then it’s time you take a step back and analyze how you have been behaving lately.

Likely, you have been flattering others, sugarcoating words, and doing things against your wishes to get in the good books of others. 

30. Dreaming of a sick mother-in-law

The dream denotes you are struggling with guilt over not showing more compassion to a close relative or friend. 

You have harshly reprimanded someone for doing something foolish instead of trying to be considerate. If that relates, ask for forgiveness to calm your restless conscience.

31. To dream of your mother-in-law dying

Most likely, you will receive good news from someone soon. It might have to do with his or her recovery from an illness or the accomplishment of his or her goals.

32. Taking care of your dying mother-in-law in a dream

The plot foretells serious health problems in one of your parents-in-law. It would be wise to book them an appointment with a doctor as early as possible.

33. Dreaming about killing your mother-in-law

You will soon collaborate with another person for business purposes even if you have no interest in it.

34. A dream about seeing your mother-in-law inside a coffin

Seeing your mother-in-law inside a coffin is an ill omen foretelling a challenging period. 

35. Your ex-mother-in-law smiling in a dream

A dream about a former mother-in-law smiling stands for a pleasant surprise. 

From another perspective, it can mean several areas of your life will improve from then onwards. 

36. Seeing your ex-mother-in-law crying in a dream

A crying ex-mother-in-law is a warning sign. Unquestionably, someone close to you is about to hurt you. And his or her detestable actions will take you by surprise.

Needless to say, you will begin to question yourself who’s worth trusting and who’s not. 

37. Dreaming about an abusive former mother-in-law

Perhaps the vision of an ex-mother-in-law being abusive is a sign that she must be held accountable for your failed marriage. 

38. Dreaming about your late former mother-in-law

The scenario is a sign of impending disappointment. There’s a possibility that one of your closest friends will betray you most ruthlessly. 

39. Dreaming of mother-in-law who passed away

First thing first, don’t be alarmed if you see your late mother-in-law as they don’t signify anything bad. 

Typically, such dreams arise due to people, situations, events, and experiences that remind you of her. 

40. A dream of dead mother in-law talking to me

The scenario often expresses repressed impulses concerning your own passion and beauty. 

According to the dream, you feel at ease on your spiritual journey as you are on the right path and are progressing well.  

41. To dream of meeting your future mother-in-law

Meeting your prospective mother-in-law is a sign that you need to be more attentive to a certain relationship. 

42. Dreaming that you got nervous about meeting up with your future mother-in-law

If the thought of meeting up with your future mother-in-law makes you nervous, it reflects your lack of confidence and low self-esteem. 

43. Dreaming that you tried to avoid meeting your future mother-in-law

You need to be mindful of your health if you tried to avoid meeting your future mother-in-law.

44. Meeting your future mother-in-law at her place in a dream

Meeting your future mother-in-law at her place implies the introduction of fresh insights, ideas, and perspectives.

45. Having a spontaneous meeting with your future mother-in-law in a dream

The dream suggests you will soon make an impulsive decision and eventually regret it.

46. Dreaming that you had a successful meeting with your future mother-in-law

The scenario symbolizes wish fulfillment and happy times with a promise for a bright future. 

47. To dream about being rude to your future mother-in-law

If you behave rudely with your future mother-in-law, the scenario signifies your romantic life will be lifeless and boring for a while.

48. Arguing with your future mother-in-law in a dream

Most likely, you will come across people who have restricted perspectives.

49. A single person dreaming about having a meet-up with his or her future mother-in-law

Through the dream, the subconscious warns you to be cautious about who you confide in. 

50. Dreaming about your real-life mother-in-law

In this case, the mother figure represents a partner or friend who will give you strength and root for you when all you want to do is call it quits and give up.

51. To dream of a mother-in-law nominee

A mother-in-law nominee stands for someone who loves you and cares for you from afar.

52. Seeing yourself as a mother-in-law in a dream

It’s likely that you’ll be envious of the strong bond a close one shares with another person. 

53. Dreaming about one of your female relatives becoming your mother-in-law

If you dream about a female relative becoming your mother-in-law, it shows a person you have been financially assisting for quite a while is now able to stand on his or her own feet. 

54. A married lady dreaming of a mother-in-law

For a married woman, such a dream signifies new responsibilities she will have to undertake without any help whatsoever from others. 

55. A pregnant woman dreaming of a mother-in-law

If a pregnant woman sees her mother-in-law, the plot emphasizes the need to take better care of herself.

Spiritual Meaning Of Mother-In-Law In Dreams

On a spiritual level, dreaming of a mother-in-law is a positive experience. Usually, such dreams reveal you are going to explore new dimensions of life.

Mother-In-Law: A Biblical Meaning

According to the Bible, it is a good thing to see your mother-in-law in a dream as it is a sign that you have the blessings of your mother-in-law. 

Psychological Meaning Of Mother-In-Law

The presence of a mother-in-law in your dream world, whether or not you have one, in reality, indicates pressure in your waking life. 

In all likelihood, someone or something is compelling you to do something against your wishes putting you under a lot of stress.

Wrapping Up

Every single dream scenario need not be taken seriously. Because they are a reflection of your real life, to a great extent. Often, recent arguments, fights, or even good times can give rise to a dream of mother in law. 

However, if you’ve had similar episodes of dreams a few times, you should consider looking into it. Because as stated by Sigmund Freud, “Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious”.