Dreaming of scissors can symbolize decisiveness, intelligent choices, or cutting yourself free of unwanted problems. It can also reflect one aspect of your life being cut or severed.

Dream of Scissors – Various Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of Scissors – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Scissors – General Interpretations

Scissors are a basic necessity of any household and it’s quite a harmless object. However, it can be a deadly weapon if used like one.

Since in reality, the object has so many uses, you might be confused if it means you harm or not. So, c’mon let’s slash through down here…

It showcases your insensitivity – If you constantly dream of scissors, it might be a reflection that you are being insensitive towards others in your waking life.

It shows constant anxiety and fear – Having scissor-related dreams may also imply you are always anxious about things.

You fear losing power – These dreams suggest that you like to hold a certain amount of power over others and you don’t wish to lose that.

It’s symbolic of the arrival of a major change in your life – People anticipating a big change in their lives often dream of scissors. This is because we use scissors to cut things and make new shapes out of materials.

You are trying to break free – Nobody wishes to be tied up or restrained in mundane activities. If you love to explore, this can be even worse for you.

Dream about scissors – Various Types & Their Interpretations

In dreams, golden scissors are symbolic of good choices and fortune while silver ones may represent you’ll make gains or must lead a frugal life depending on your life circumstances.

Since basic details of the dream bring about drastic changes in the interpretations, let’s graze through to find yours…

Dream of large scissors

Dreaming of a large pair of scissors is a good omen because it signifies your great confidence.

However, it can also mean that you easily trust everyone you meet, which can be a grave mistake. Know people’s true intentions before trusting them.

Dream of broken scissors

Many think that dreams of broken scissors are negative but in reality, they signify financial success. You don’t want to be confined within rules and wish to be successful on your terms.

Though there’s no news of success right now, it will knock at your door sooner or later. Just wait for the right opportunity and you’ll be blessed.

Dream of rusty scissors

Since rusty tools are not useful, a dream that shows you rust-covered scissors isn’t a good omen. It means that you will face social or economic problems soon.

It can also mean that you will get involved in an embarrassing or awkward situation and forcibly face unpleasant consequences.

Golden scissors

Any dream of gold or golden-colored items is a good one. So, a golden pair of scissors in dreams reassures you that you made the right decisions.

These can be based on your business or personal life and your choices paid off well. It also indicates that you will receive good news in the future but you must remain humble.

Blunt scissors

Blunt scissors in your dreams are an indication of feeling insecure and undervalued. This will possibly make you experience a dark phase. You’ll feel confused, awry, or even irritated.

Finding scissors

This indicates that soon your decisions will ask you to cleverly divide your time and attention among various things.

Maybe you’ll be forced to prioritize your work over your family or vice versa.

Cutting my hair with scissors

A dream of cutting your hair with scissors portends that you will make major decisions in your life. Later on, that will help you to get rid of stress and strain.

Sharpening scissors

It indicates that you have poor communication skills. Work on them and talk more freely with others to successfully close deals and contracts in your work life.

Be honest and direct with people about your expectations of them.

Stabbing someone with scissors

It symbolizes you’ll be forced to experience unpleasant life-altering events.

You might experience separation or severance such as a divorce or a mass lay-off in your company.

Being attacked with scissors

This shows that person will force you to sacrifice a beloved object. They will pay no heed to your feelings regarding the sacrifice and will leave your life permanently if you don’t please them.

Throwing scissors

Throwing scissors isn’t an intelligent action, so when you dream of this, you might make a hasty or uninformed decision to remove someone from your life.

Surgical scissors

Surgical scissors represent discovery and recovery. Just like how a doctor cuts open the patient’s body during a surgery, you must also open your heart and search within yourself for answers.

Kitchen scissors

This is a negative dream as it represents that you’ll be in financial trouble this year.

If you wish to sustain yourself, cut down on your daily expenses and make other necessary changes.

Silver scissors

Silver scissors can be both good and bad. Positively, they represent the closing of financial deals and happy news like a wedding on the way.

Negatively, they advise you to sacrifice small luxuries to achieve bigger goals in your life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

When you see scissors in your dreams and find a negative oracle, don’t jump to conclusions. The spiritual messages always mean the best for you.

Try to calm yourself and think through every route to solve your problem. Remember, darkness isn’t here to stay but only your efforts can change your situation.