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Dream about Scissors – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Scissors – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on Jun 24, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Scissors – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

When you have a dream of scissors, you may not feel suspicious since it’s a necessity in every household. You might even overlook the dream. 

However, in this think-piece, you’ll know that scissors might carry special spiritual messages from the dream realm. They might be either good or bad news.

So, just to be safe, let’s dive in…

Dream of Scissors – 45 Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of Scissors – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Scissors – General Interpretations

In general, dreaming of scissors can symbolize decisiveness, intelligent choices, or cutting yourself free of unwanted problems. It can also reflect one aspect of your life being cut or severed.

Scissors are a basic necessity of any household and it’s quite a harmless object. However, it can be a deadly weapon if used like one.

Since in reality, the object has so many uses, you might be confused if it means you harm or not. So, c’mon let’s slash through down here…

1. It showcases your insensitivity

If you constantly dream of scissors, it might be a reflection that you are being insensitive towards others in your waking life.

You cut off ties with them without a second thought and don’t consider their feelings. You might also showcase a lack of empathy when you deprive them of something.

2. It shows constant anxiety and fear

Having scissor-related dreams may also imply you are always anxious about things. People accuse you of wrongdoings, even when you’re innocent. You fear that others will “cut ties” with you and you’ll be left alone.

3. You fear losing power

These dreams suggest that you like to hold a certain amount of power over others and you don’t wish to lose that.

For example, if you’re the manager of your company and are in charge of lots of employees, you want to tightly hold that power and exercise your authority over them.

4. It’s symbolic of the arrival of a major change in your life

People anticipating a big change in their lives often dream of scissors. This is because we use scissors to cut things and make new shapes out of materials.

This major change can be related to your work life, personal life, or even your spiritual self. It’s hard to undergo drastic changes and your scissor dreams warn you about this.

5. You are trying to break free

This is another positive interpretation of having a scissor-related dream. Nobody wishes to be tied up or restrained in mundane activities. If you love to explore, this can be even worse for you.

So, you want to break free of bindings and start afresh. Just like scissors can cut through ropes, the scissors in your dreams tell you to break free and spread your wings.

Dream about scissors – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

In dreams, golden scissors are symbolic of good choices and fortune while silver ones may represent you’ll make gains or must lead a frugal life depending on your life circumstances.

Since basic details of the dream bring about drastic changes in the interpretations, let’s graze through to find yours…

1. Dream of large scissors

Dreaming of a large pair of scissors is a good omen because it signifies your great confidence.

However, it can also mean that you easily trust everyone you meet, which can be a grave mistake. Know people’s true intentions before trusting them.

2. Dream of broken scissors

Many think that dreams of broken scissors are negative but in reality, they signify financial success. You don’t want to be confined within rules and wish to be successful on your terms.

Though there’s no news of success right now, it will knock at your door sooner or later. Just wait for the right opportunity and you’ll be blessed.

3. Dream of rusty scissors

Since rusty tools are not useful, a dream that shows you rust-covered scissors isn’t a good omen. It means that you will face social or economic problems soon.

It can also mean that you will get involved in an embarrassing or awkward situation and forcibly face unpleasant consequences.

4. Dream of scissors on bed

Scissors can often signify problems when you dream of a pair on your bed. They indicate family or personal problems in your life.

To prevent a small argument from escalating to a bigger one, confront the other person and sort out the issues calmly. Be open-minded and tolerant of others’ opinions.

5. Dream of golden scissors

Any dream of gold or golden-colored items is a good one. So, a golden pair of scissors in dreams reassures you that you made the right decisions.

These can be based on your business or personal life and your choices paid off well. It also indicates that you will receive good news in the future but you must remain humble.

6. Dream of blunt scissors

Blunt scissors in your dreams are an indication of feeling insecure and undervalued. This will possibly make you experience a dark phase. You’ll feel confused, awry, or even irritated.

However, don’t let negativity occupy your mind. Stay positive and have faith and only then will things work out well.

7. Dream with scissors and blood

This dream suggests that you must choose carefully because your decisions will impact a lot of things in your life. If you choose wisely, you will experience good outcomes.

If you decide irrationally, you will suffer. Blood represents the passion that will drive you to decide but you must think carefully first.

8. Dream of finding scissors

Finding a pair of scissors in your dreams indicates that soon your decisions will ask you to cleverly divide your time and attention among various things. Maybe you’ll be forced to prioritize your work over your family or vice versa.

9. Dream of cutting my hair with scissors

A dream of cutting your hair with scissors portends that you will make major decisions in your life. Later on, that will help you to get rid of stress and strain.

Try to live in the moment and not think too much about past worries. It can also mean that you desire to gain a new perspective on something, just how you look different after a haircut.

10. Dream of sharpening scissors

To dream about sharpening your scissors with a grinder indicates that you have poor communication skills.

Work on them and talk more freely with others to successfully close deals and contracts in your work life. Be honest and direct with people about your expectations of them.

11. Dream of stabbing someone with scissors

Stabbing someone with scissors is never a good sign, so even in your dreams, it symbolizes you’ll be forced to experience unpleasant life-altering events.

You might experience separation or severance such as a divorce or a mass lay-off in your company. Things will be out of your control and you won’t be able to change much.

12. Dream of cutting your stomach or thighs with scissors

This is a very important dream because here, your mind urges you to take a break from overdoing your diets and exercises.

If you desire to lose weight, follow proper methods instead of starving yourself or working out until sickness. Bloody scissors are a symbol that you overexert yourself and must stop.

13. Dream about being attacked with scissors

If someone attacks you with scissors in your dream, this shows that person will force you to sacrifice a beloved object.

They will pay no heed to your feelings regarding the sacrifice and will leave your life permanently if you don’t please them.

14. Dream of cutting your hands with scissors

A dream of cutting your fingers or hands with scissors is a bad omen. It indicates that you will land in trouble, most probably financial ones.

You might have to pay hefty taxes or fines. Basically, this dream foretells that an unpleasant surprise will hit you suddenly and force you to pay a large amount of money.

15. Dream of throwing scissors

Throwing scissors isn’t an intelligent action, so when you dream of this, you might make a hasty or uninformed decision to remove someone from your life. You won’t provide them any explanation about it and one-sidedly cut ties.

16. Dream of playing rock paper scissors

Everyone loved playing rock, paper, and scissors back in childhood. Seeing this popular game in your dreams indicates that you must use your strength and intelligence in any upcoming projects.

Learn to accept your faults and weaknesses and believe in those who praise your abilities. Mindfully settle quarrels with effective communication.

17. Dream of nail scissors

Seeing a pair of nail scissors in your dreams indicates that you will likely cut off baggage from your past to maintain your image and reputation. Maybe you will deny a certain history with someone to keep up your appearance.

18. Dream of crafting scissors

Dreams of crafting scissors represent the moral and materialistic support you need to achieve your goals.

You must use many resources and options to successfully complete a given task or project. You may need to put together diverse people to wisely use everyone’s strengths.

19. Dream of children’s scissors

Dreaming of children’s scissors symbolizes that you must delegate or appoint some of your work to your subordinates or employees.

If you supervise and help them properly, they will make you proud and lead your company on the path to success.

20. Dream of surgical scissors

Surgical scissors represent discovery and recovery. Just like how a doctor cuts open the patient’s body during a surgery, you must also open your heart and search within yourself for answers. Remove any negativity from your life to get more clarity on your decisions.

21. Dream of kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors are mostly used to cut food packets or seals. This is a negative dream as it represents that you’ll be in financial trouble this year.

If you wish to sustain yourself, cut down on your daily expenses and make other necessary changes.

22. Dream of silver scissors

Silver scissors can be both good and bad. Positively, they represent the closing of financial deals and happy news like a wedding on the way. Negatively, they advise you to sacrifice small luxuries to achieve bigger goals in your life.

23. Dream of using scissors

Dreams of using a pair of scissors indicate that you are possessive about your lover. Your behavior complicates things between you both.

If you truly want their love, trust them. Remove the negative aspects of your personality to make them happier around you.

24. Dream of using a sharp scissor

This dream tells you that you can do anything that your heart desires. Always fight for your thoughts and beliefs and improve yourself every day.

But also, remember to be considerate of those around you. It also indicates that this is the perfect moment to learn more and prepare for new challenges.

25. Dream of losing scissors

Losing scissors in your dream symbolizes that you have yet to achieve your goals despite your efforts. But patience and hard work will help you meet your goals.

Further, if you set multiple goals at a time, you’ll distract yourself from your main purpose and be unsuccessful.

26. Dream to cut something endlessly with scissors

This kind of dream refers to your social weakness. You don’t like confrontations and it’s often tough for you to openly express your feelings but you must change it. Enhance your perception of life so that others don’t embarrass you publicly.

27. Dream of someone else having scissors

If you dream of someone else holding a pair of scissors, it warns you against a familiar person’s ill intentions towards you.

Perhaps, they’re jealous of your success and secretly plot to hurt you. Therefore, be very careful and stay alert because enemies can be everywhere.

28. Dream of breaking a scissor

This dream represents that a sentimental or emotional phase in your life will soon get over. It can refer to a romantic relationship that isn’t working out.

Though love can conquer a lot of things, when love itself is absent, everything else fades away. So it’s time to put an end to that relationship even if you’ll be broken-hearted.

29. Dream of cutting something with scissors

Cutting something with scissors in your dream is a subconscious message to not listen to everyone’s advice. It can also mean that you like learning from others’ mistakes, which can be both good and bad.

Though it saves you from making the same mistake, you follow people’s choices based on their experiences and never try things firsthand.

30. Dream of someone cutting you with scissors

A dream of being cut or assaulted with scissors symbolizes the end of a relationship or a job. Unfortunately, you can’t change the outcome of this situation and feel stressed.

But remember to not let it impact your physical and mental well-being excessively.

31. Dream about cutting someone with scissors

If you dream of cutting someone with scissors, it means that you will hurt or offend a loved one in the near future. But you won’t do it on purpose, which will make you feel guilty.

If you apologize to them sincerely, they will understand that you have good intentions and will forgive you.

32. Dream of attacking someone with scissors

If you attack someone with scissors, it indicates that someone will try to provoke you. They will purposely say something to anger you and you, in turn, will react aggressively.

But later, you will regret this action because they’ll manage to highlight your negative side.

33. Dream of buying scissors

This symbolizes that you will successfully start an important project at work. You probably planned to work on it for a long time but didn’t begin as you fear failure. But you’ll soon proceed courageously and get wonderful results.

34. Dream of selling scissors

Selling something, in reality, is like giving it up. Similarly, when you dream of selling a pair of scissors, it symbolizes that you want to give up something.

You might feel that your current job doesn’t satisfy you financially or morally, which is why you’re forced to quit. Though it seems difficult, it’ll help you prosper in life the most.

35. Dream of scissors for cutting paper

If you find scissors for cutting paper in your dreams, they predict your coworker will disappoint you.

You both will find out about your mismatching goals. Perhaps they even used you for their own benefits. You’ll feel greatly hurt which will force you to remove them from your for good.

36. Dream of tailor’s scissors

This dream shows that you will find a lot of support and encouragement for your goals.

You can either use multiple resources or employ an efficient workforce that possesses all the necessary skills. Since all of you will work hard, there’s a 100% chance of your success.

37. Dream of haircutting scissors

Dreams of haircutting scissors warn you against interfering in others’ lives. Even if your intentions are pure, you mustn’t always share your opinions on things.

Everyone has a right to live life on their terms. So as long as someone’s decision doesn’t affect you, don’t police others unless they ask you.

38. Dream of scissors and knives

Dreaming of scissors and knives foretells hope, success, and fortune. These can come in the form of money, fame, or other good news. It may also be a wake-up call to listen to your instincts and work accordingly.

You’re probably contemplating an issue and trying to piece the puzzle bits together.

39. Dream about being chased with scissors

The dream interpretation about being chased with scissors is positive. It suggests you undergo transformations and discover your true self. This will lead you to the path of self-improvement soon. You may also need a fresh start and learn to conduct a new venture or project.

40. Dream about killing someone with scissors

Though killing someone with scissors can mean something very negative, in reality, in dream lore, it simply depicts you must express yourself more. You confront life and challenges fearlessly.

This dream can also signify some hurdle that won’t let you achieve your goal. So, change your mind regarding your decision.

41. Dream of cutting clothes with scissors

Cutting clothes or fabric with a pair of scissors is a symbol of intelligence. Such a dream signifies you’ll find a solution to any problem with intelligence.

In many beliefs, when a married woman has such dreams, it symbolizes that she will give birth to a daughter or twin girls. This dream can also be perceived as a journey.

42. Dream where you get scissors

A dream where you see yourself getting a pair of scissors means that someone will ask you to cut ties with you or someone else.

43. Dream where you give scissors

Dreaming of giving scissors represents that you want someone to cut ties. They can be a friend, your partner, or even a colleague.

44. Dream about cutting someone neat

When you dream of cutting up something neatly using scissors, it symbolizes that you are decisive and have control over your actions in waking life. This also shows that you are a strong-minded person.

45. Dream of a new scissors

Dreaming of a brand new pair of scissors is a good omen. You are witty and light-hearted and these qualities will help you to find your romantic partner.

However, the relationship will be temporary yet extremely joyful. But once it’s over, you’ll both forget everything.

Questions to ask to interpret Scissors dreams correctly

If you don’t remember the dream quite clearly, don’t feel anxious. You can still remember your dream contents if you jog your mind. Answer these questions to make sure you don’t miss out on anything and find your exact detailed dream interpretation…

1. What color are the scissors?

2. What are the scissors made of?

3. Are the scissors shiny or rusted?

4. What did you cut most frequently?

5. How big or small are the scissors?

6. Did you harm yourself or someone else using a pair of scissors?

7. Do these dreams make you confident and happy or anxious and troubled?

8. What type of scissors do you dream about the most, e.g. nail clippers or kitchen scissors?

9. Did you see blood? If yes, then how often?

10. Could you use the pair of scissors properly or did your hands shake?

A word from ThePleasantDream

When you see scissors in your dreams and find a negative oracle, don’t jump to conclusions. The spiritual messages always mean the best for you.

Try to calm yourself and think through every route to solve your problem. Remember, darkness isn’t here to stay but only your efforts can change your situation.