Dream of darkness indicates your inner fear about your life. Such a dream generally is scary and panicking for most people. Dark dreams can also be a warning for your future or for something about yourself.  

Dream of Darkness - Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dream of Darkness – Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dark Dreams Meaning – General Interpretations

Dark dreams symbolize you are going to experience a bad time soon.

The situations you are going to face will be really hard for you and you need to keep yourself positive to fight with the negativity and move forwards towards the light.

There are some probable meanings of dark dreams –

Negativity – Negativity is a very common indication of dark dreams. You may enter a bad phase of your life that can cause negativity and complications in your life.

Relationship issues – Experiencing dark dreams may indicate your relationship issues with someone. You may have some complexities with your family or your friends and you are not sure what to do.

New beginning – It indicate a new beginning in your life. Sometimes dreams about darkness can be an indication that a new phase of your life is going to start soon.

Fear – Fear is another indication of such dreams. Your internal fear or deep insecurities may create these dreams.

Self-confidence – It can destroy your self-confidence at once. If you are in a bad phase of your life and you are experiencing failure multiple times it is possible that you may lose your self-confidence and be negative about everything.

Anxiety – It can indicate that you are very anxious about something. This dream can be a warning that you should take your mental health seriously and try to resolve all your issues.

Dream of Darkness – Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Here we are going to describe different scenarios of dark dreams and explain their meanings. 

Dream of being in the dark

Dreams about being in the dark symbolizes a warning from our subconscious to protect ourselves. Sometimes the truth about some specific things can hurt an individual from the core of their heart. 

Sometimes it is for the best to not know the truth. If you could end up hurting yourself or losing self-confidence after facing some bare truth, those are not worth knowing.

Dream about dark rooms

It indicates your relationship issues with someone. You may have some complications in your relationship with your family or your friends.

Dream of dark water

Dark water in your dreams can symbolize your inability to adjust to new changes. If you see a dark river or a dark sea in your dream that may symbolize that you cannot adjust to something new in life.

Dreams of walking alone in the dark

It symbolizes that you are confused and lost in your mind. One is there to help you or guide you to overcome the complicated situation you are currently facing.

Dark haunted house

If you see a dark haunted house in your dream that symbolizes you are struggling with something in your real life.

This can also indicate your personal struggles. If you have some physical or mental complications and you are trying to improve your health that can reflect in your dream. 

Dark night

It indicates that you have reached a dead-end in your real life. You have worked very hard for something in your life but something very bad has happened recently and you are not sure what to do next. 

Light in the dark

This dream and you see a beam of light somewhere near you, that means your bad time is going to end soon.

Light is the symbol of hope and a new beginning in this dream. You should not lose your hope and keep working hard. You must not give up yet.

Dark house

This can be a symbol of goodbyes. You may lose something important in your life soon. Something is wrong in your life or your interpersonal relationships with others. 

This dream can also mean you may lose a person who is very close to you. You may experience betrayal from someone you love or a misunderstanding can ruin your relationship with someone. 

Dark hallway

This is generally a warning about your future. If you are having these dreams, you should not ignore them and think carefully about your future. 

These dreams may indicate that you are going to make some wrong choices in your life.

Seeing someone in the dark

This dream can be a big warning in your life. Someone close to you is trying to harm you desperately, and you should be very careful about everyone around you.

Such a dream generally indicates the people you are living with or someone from your family.

Dark sky

It indicates that you are uncertain about something in your real life. You are feeling lost and not sure about your future. You are confused about your destination and your purpose in life. 

Dark shadow chasing you

If a dark shadow is chasing you in your dream that means that you have some dark secrets in your life and you are not very happy about them.

Dark forest

This symbolizes your fear of the unknown. If you are facing some issues and are unable to find a solution in your life that is causing frustration in your life.

Spiritual Meaning of Dark Dreams

The spiritual meaning of a dream of darkness may symbolize something evil or bad. This means you may have entered a bad phase of your life and you are not sure what to do next. You are surrounded by negative thoughts and feelings. 

Sometimes, darkness may symbolize your negative thoughts and dark emotions too. You are not very sure about how to overcome these feelings.


Dreams of darkness can indicate several meanings according to the details of your dream. Most of the dreams about darkness symbolize your current situation and your state of mind. 

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