Why do ladies usually chop off their hair after a break-up? It’s a way of telling the world that she has turned a new leaf! Similarly, a dream of cutting hair symbolizes change. 

But is that all there is to it? No, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s find out. 

Dream of Cutting Hair - Scenarios & Its Meanings
Dream of Cutting Hair – Scenarios & Its Meanings

What Does It Mean to Dream of Cutting Hair?

Often, haircut dreams mean you have moved on from something and starting on a clean slate. But on several occasions, the interpretation could be something worse. In a few instances, it means revenge! Someone may be trying to split you and your partner by employing unimaginable means.

Generally speaking, dreams about hair cutting means your life has or is about to turn a new chapter. You are no longer relevant to some past experiences. Possibly, you have disconnected yourself from a toxic past and memories of traumatic incidents.

However, let’s unfold some of the symbols of getting a haircut in dreams. 

  • Changes – Just as a haircut transforms the look of a person, haircut dreams also symbolize changes you might be going through presently in the real world. 
  • Acceptance – It can happen if you have finally accepted something in the waking world after denying or avoiding it for a long time. 
  • Control – This dream is also associated with control. Sometimes, it may mean you are under someone’s control. At other times, it may mean you are in complete control of yourself. Contrarily, a haircut dream could also indicate that you are controlling the decisions and lives of others.
  • Decision – Dreams about hair cuts may have something to do with a decision – a life-changing decision. Whatever the decision is, the dream advises you to look from all perspectives before you leap. Because just as the hair chopped off couldn’t be attached back to you, the decision you make would most probably be irreversible. 
  • Insecurities – A bad haircut has the potential to make a person lose all the confidence in the world. Similarly, you have to live with the feelings of insecurities until you do something to regain your confidence. 
  • A Reflection of You Losing Focus –  You often get wavered and lose focus. That causes you to abandon things halfway, often forgetting or intentionally neglecting to get back to them. Also, the dream plot encourages you to take action on those issues as soon as possible.
  • Loss of Power and Strength – The scenario is likely to occur if you’ve given in to another person to take charge of your life. Also, such dream images could be representative of disconnection between you and your higher self. 
  • Difficulties – Such dreams can also happen when you fail to complete the multiple responsibilities you have taken up.
  • Misfortune and Losses – Often such a dream predicts loss and the misfortune that follows afterward. More often than not, the loss could be associated with material possessions and finance. 

Cutting Hair in Dreams : Spiritual Interpretation

From the spiritual point of view, haircut dreams symbolize changes.

They signify transformations, which are too great and extreme that you cannot and will not be able to go back to the old times.

Various Dream Scenarios of Cutting Hair

Let’s explore some prominent scenarios & their interpretations. 

Dream of cutting someone’s hair

This dream has several meanings, like – 

  • You saw the scenario because you need to talk about something with someone in reality. 
  • You could also encounter this dream if you genuinely want to help a person. However, you know neither how to help nor how to approach. And the dream could be a reflection of that frustration.
  • On the flip side, it also means you are in control of another person’s life. Besides, the scenario foretells the need for you to step up and take charge of someone else. 
  • It may also mean you are already doing a lot more than you should for someone or something.

A dream of a bad haircut

An ugly haircut can make you embarrassed and low in esteem. In all probability, you dream of the scenario because you have been in a similar situation lately. 

Probably, you had humiliated yourself or had been humiliated by someone over a matter. Also, it could be implying a lack of security and confidence. Perhaps you aren’t so happy with how you look presently. 

Besides, the scenario can be a warning too, if you are planning something important because it may end up as disastrous as a bad haircut!

Cutting all of someone’s hair and leaving them bald

Perhaps you are too nosy and meddlesome in others’ affairs! It may be because you want the best for them. 

Cutting your lover’s hair 

The dreamscape is a reflection of frustration concerning a matter.

Dream of cutting your child’s hair

The child in the dream is representative of the child in you. The dream scene indicates that your inner child yearns for attention.

The interpretation is different if you are a parent. In that case, it indicates you need to be more attentive to your little one. 

Cutting long hair

The dream implies you are undergoing significant transformations in your life. It could be related to love, relationships or career.

However, for a specific interpretation, recall the minute dream elements in the plot. 

Cutting hair short

Generally, this dream reflects your personality. When faced with challenges and complications, you tackle them with courage.

Or it may also mean you are probably thinking about how you can make better use of your time. 

Cutting hair and leaving it incomplete

The scenario has two different interpretations, and both are negative. First, you get wavered easily by other people, things, and events. 

Secondly, bad luck is always on you. Whatever you do, wherever you go, obstructions follow you and prevent you from achieving your goals.

A dream about cutting your own hair 

Again this dreamscape has various interpretations. 

  • The scenario could be implying your artistic talents. Perhaps you aren’t aware that you have such an innate skill within you.
  • If you are on the verge of making an important decision, the dream reflects that. Whatever it is, you’ve given it enough thought, and you’re sure that it’s for the best. 
  • It is also possible to dream of the same if you had made an important decision in the recent past.
  • It also means you yearn for change or have changed already. Often the hair chopped off symbolizes the past. 
  • Alternatively, cutting your hair in a dream plot could mean you have failed to adapt to the changes taking place in your life.
  • It stands for a decision. And according to the scenario, it was not a decision easily made. The spectacle of this dream means you are fixed on it, and there’s no going back.
  • On the other hand, it symbolizes a loss of strength. In all probability, you’ve been through a lot lately. Perhaps you are worn out and don’t have any more energy to carry on. 

Cutting your (dreamer) long hair

It means you will most likely encounter a misfortune or an unpleasant event. Perhaps your close ones are intentionally or otherwise ripping you off your freedom. 

Cutting or shaving all of your hair

It may bring either positive or negative messages depending on your present real-life circumstances.

If you are wealthy and a person of power, the dream indicates troubles ahead. Likely, you will get involved in an undesirable situation.

Also, the dream scenario further adds that your wealth and social status may dwindle because of the incident.

Alternatively, if you are not doing well currently, the dream implies that the future favors you. The interpretation is especially true if you shave or cut off your hair for religious purposes.

Hairdresser cutting your hair in a salon

The dream reflects your overall trust in the world and the people around you. If you had a positive experience in the vision, you feel safe and shielded.

However, the interpretation alters if you were not happy with the overall haircutting affair. In that case, it means you feel threatened and prone to dangerous happenings in the waking world.

Dream of someone cutting my hair (dreamer)

It has several interpretations. 

  • First, you are aware of someone trying to manipulate you. That person may or may not be a close one. Given the scenario, it’s likely that person has been intentionally guiding you to the wrong path.
  • The dreamscape also reflects signs of insecurity. Perhaps you have lost control over your life. Or in other words, you don’t control your life. You’ve handed the authority to someone else. Now, you might have realized what you have done to yourself, and you feel stressed out and insecure about the future. 
  • it could mean you have listened to the opinions of someone over a matter. And now you are convinced that you can trust and continue to let that person guide you. It may also mean you are taking someone’s help to bring you back to your senses. 
  • If you were happy, it means you are ready to flush out negativities, undesirable thoughts, and behaviors from your life. 
  • On the flip side, if you unwillingly part with your hair, it symbolizes a loss of freedom and power. 

Getting hair cut in a salon

It reflects exasperation related to finance. Some of the possible causes are unforeseen expenses or people not returning the money they owe you.

Cutting the hair or grooming a dog/cat

You’d probably get into trouble with a friend.

Cutting your hair without help from anyone

You will be able to pay back all of your debts.

Cutting your hair with scissors

Scissors symbolize either creation or destruction in dream images. So, it means hard times will befall your family and close ones. 

Cutting gray hair

Gray hair is usually associated with age, and age, in turn, means wisdom. So, the plot advises you to take wise and not rash decisions.

Furthermore, the scenario encourages you to seek a word of guidance from the more experienced people if you are stuck and unable to decide on your own.

It is also associated with your sound health and long life.

Biblical Meaning 

The Bible relates this dream with a loss of strength and independence. 


There’s a specific reason why you, of all the people, had a dream of cutting hair, of all the themes in the world. 

Your subconscious is hinting at something through dream images, and it is the role of your conscious mind to analyze and find out what’s behind the dreams.

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