Why do ladies usually chop off their hair after a break-up? It’s a way of telling the world that she has turned a new leaf – that she has changed!

That she is no longer attached to the past. Similarly, a dream of cutting hair symbolizes change. But is that all there is to it? No, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Hair symbolizes power, sexuality, and virility. You must have noticed how many cultures across the globe make it mandatory for women to wrap their hair with a piece of cloth during prayers.

If the hair has the power to attract even the angels and mystical spirits, what could be the meaning of cutting hair in dreams, apart from changes? Let’s find out. 

Dream of Cutting Hair - 47 Scenarios & Its Meanings
Dream of Cutting Hair – 47 Scenarios & Its Meanings

What does it mean to dream of cutting hair?

Often, haircut dreams mean you have moved on from something and starting on a clean slate. But on several occasions, the interpretation could be something worse. In a few instances, it means revenge! Someone may be trying to split you and your partner by employing unimaginable means.

Generally speaking, dreams about hair cutting means your life has or is about to turn a new chapter. You are no longer relevant to some past experiences.

Possibly, you have disconnected yourself from a toxic past and memories of traumatic incidents.

It may also reflect your generosity. You may have taken up the responsibility to help out some people. Alternatively, the dream may also be a reflection of your selfishness.

Do you want people to live their lives according to your terms? Perhaps you care a lot about how they can make you happy.

Dreams about cutting hair also stand for losing control of your life. Your life is probably chaotic, and you no longer have the ability to keep things in place.

So, you might be seeking others’ help to set your life straight. In some cases, it may also mean others manage your life without you even asking them to. 

Such dreams are also associated with losing the trust of someone. That someone could be your lover, your family, or a business partner.

Cutting Hair Dream Meaning: Symbolism

Now, let’s unfold some of the symbols of getting a haircut in dreams. 


Just as a haircut transforms the look of a person, haircut dreams also symbolize changes you might be going through presently in the real world. 


Dreams of cutting hair can happen if you have finally accepted something in the waking world after denying or avoiding it for a long time. 


Dreaming about cutting hair is also associated with control. Here, it may mean either positive or negative depending on your real-life circumstances and dream elements. 

Sometimes, it may mean you are under someone’s control. At other times, it may mean you are in complete control of yourself. Contrarily, a haircut dream could also indicate that you are controlling the decisions and lives of others.


When you have haircut dreams, it also means you want someone to behave in a certain way. This interpretation holds true if you dream of chopping off the hair of someone. 


A woman with waist-length hair going for an Angled Bob is definitely not an easy decision. Behind the transformation goes endless pondering- to be or not to be, because hair once cut cannot be put back. 

Similarly, dreams about hair cuts may have something to do with a decision. By decision, we don’t mean something like- chicken or salmon for dinner, but a life-changing decision.

To mention a few, it may be career-related. Perhaps you are wondering if you should take a year off from university. Or maybe you are planning to move and settle down in a new country. 

Whatever the decision is, the dream advises you to look from all perspectives before you leap. Because just as the hair chopped off couldn’t be attached back to you, the decision you make would most probably be irreversible. 


Haircut dreams may also be highlighting your insecure feelings. Has a recent incident left you thinking if you made the right decision? Right or not, there isn’t much you can do about the situation now, just as you can’t attach back chopped-off tresses. 

A bad haircut has the potential to make a person lose all the confidence in the world.

Similarly, you have to live with the feelings of insecurities until you do something to regain your confidence. You can’t put back chopped-off hair, but you can let it grow.

A Reflection of You Losing Focus

You often get wavered and lose focus. That causes you to abandon things halfway, often forgetting or intentionally neglecting to get back to them. Such interpretations are possible if you see unfinished haircuts in your dream.

An unfinished haircut is not a pleasant sight and often draws unwanted attention. Likewise, businesses left midway will keep on nagging you to get back to it.

The dream plot encourages you to take action on those issues as soon as possible. If a couple of such abandoned things get piled up, you will get yourself in a state of confusion.


Do you feel that you are losing track of your life? You feel lost, directionless, out of sync, and unable to connect like you usually do.

You might even feel unfamiliar with the type of person you are currently. In short, such dream images could be representative of disconnection between you and your higher self.

Loss of Power and Strength

The scenario is likely to occur if you’ve given in to another person to take charge of your life. 


Haircut dreams can also happen when you fail to complete the multiple responsibilities you have taken up.


The dream may be warning you of someone trying to avenge you for something.

Misfortune and Losses

Often a dream of cutting hair predicts loss and the misfortune that follows afterward. More often than not, the loss could be associated with material possessions and finance.

But just for your information, it can be something much worse than a few thousands of dollars. Experts believe that dreaming of cutting hair also relates to losing a near one to death.

Dream of Cutting Hair: 47 Scenarios & Its Meanings

1. Dream of cutting someone’s hair

Dreaming of cutting another person’s hair has several meanings. Some experts believe that you saw the scenario because you need to talk about something with someone in reality.

Perhaps your partner you met last week is already talking about marriage. In that case it means, you need to take things slower with him/her.

Did you get into an argument with your best friend? The incident might have left you shattered and lonely.

If anything of that nature happened recently in your life, you could dream of the above scenario. It means you want to talk with the other person concerned before the two of you get more distant. 

You could also dream of cutting someone’s hair if you genuinely want to help a person. However, you know neither how to help nor how to approach.

The inability to do anything when you genuinely wish to makes you frustrated and gets on your nerves. And the dream could be a reflection of that frustration.

On the flip side, dreaming of cutting someone’s hair means you are in control of another person’s life. According to some other dream experts, the scenario foretells the need for you to step up and take charge of someone else.

Perhaps your kid is walking down the wrong path, and you need to put restrictions on his/her life before things get more complicated. 

When you dream of cutting someone else’s hair, it may also mean you are already doing a lot more than you should for someone or something.

2. A dream of cutting someone’s hair in a terrible way

Undoubtedly, the dream is a reflection of your aggressiveness. Sometimes, that trait could land you in trouble. So, the vision encourages you to think from various perspectives before you take up aggressive actions.

3. Cutting all of someone’s hair and leaving him bald in a dream

Perhaps you are too nosy and meddlesome in others’ affairs! It may be because you want the best for them.

But whatever your intentions are, you must learn to respect the privacy and decision of others. Because in all likelihood, they understand their lives and needs better than you do.

4. Dreaming of cutting a family member’s hair

There are a few things you’d like to change in the domestic sphere. 

5. Dreaming of cutting your sibling’s hair

The dream indicates that the health of one of your close people, probably immediate family, is in grave danger. If he or she has been unwell and bedridden for a long time, there is a high chance of his/her passing away.

6. Cutting your lover’s hair in a dream

The dreamscape is a reflection of frustration concerning a matter.

7. Dream of cutting your child’s hair

The child in the dream is representative of the child in you. The dream scene indicates that your inner child yearns for attention.

The interpretation is different if you are a parent. In that case, it indicates you need to be more attentive to your little one. Some experts associate the scenario with a reflection of your affection for your kid.

8. Cutting your son’s hair in a dream

If you have a son in real life and dream of the scenario, it predicts a sickness befalling you or your son.

However, if you have no son in waking life, you might need to probe a little deeper and study the scenario from other viewpoints.

9. Dreaming of cutting a baby’s hair

It’s a wish-fulfillment dream.

10. Cutting your rival’s hair in a dream

It is an alarming dream! Your rival is probably hatching plans to destroy you.

11. A dream of cutting a stranger’s hair

It is an ill omen. You might hear terrible news concerning a close friend. 

12. Dreaming of cutting long hair

The dream implies you are undergoing significant transformations in your life. It could be related to love, relationships or career. For a specific interpretation, recall the minute dream elements in the plot. 

13. A dream of cutting hair short

Generally, cutting short hair in a dream reflects your personality. When faced with challenges and complications, you tackle them with courage.

You don’t whine and complain but look at the difficulties positively. Unquestionably, you are optimistic and strong- mentally and emotionally. 

Or it may also mean you are probably thinking about how you can make better use of your time. 

14. A dream of watching someone getting a haircut with scissors

It is an ill omen.

15. Dreaming of cutting hair and leaving it incomplete

The scenario has two different interpretations, and both are negative. First, you get wavered easily by other people, things, and events. 

Secondly, bad luck is always on you. Whatever you do, wherever you go, obstructions follow you and prevent you from achieving your goals.

16. A dream of a bad haircut

Hair plays a crucial role in how you present yourself to the world. Beautiful and lustrous hair can boost your confidence. 

Likewise, an ugly haircut can make you embarrassed and low in esteem. In all probability, you dream of the scenario because you have been in a similar situation lately.

Not that you had a bad haircut, but you had humiliated yourself or had been humiliated by someone over a matter.

A dream of a bad haircut could be implying a lack of security and confidence. Perhaps you aren’t so happy with how you look presently. Maybe hanging out with your gorgeous friends makes you feel small and unattractive. 

The scenario can be a warning too. Are you, by any chance, planning something important? Take heed because it may end up as disastrous as a bad haircut!

17. Giving someone the hair you chopped off from your head

Expect love, happiness, and contentment to make way for you.

Dream About Cutting My Hair (Dreamer): Various Scenarios

18. A dream about cutting your own hair 

The dreamscape has various interpretations. Everyone can cut hair. Nothing can be simpler than taking a pair of scissors and chopping off tresses, but not all possess the talent to cut in various styles, especially one’s own hair.

If you dream of cutting your hair, the scenario could be implying your artistic talents. Perhaps you aren’t aware that you have such an innate skill within you.

If you are on the verge of making an important decision, the dream reflects that. Whatever it is, you’ve given it enough thought, and you’re sure that it’s for the best.

Perhaps you are planning to sign up for divorce because you’re no longer happy in the relationship. Or you are going to hand in your resignation and start something on your own. 

It is also possible to dream of the same if you had made an important decision in the recent past.

Some experts believe that cutting your hair means you yearn for change or have changed already. Often the hair chopped off symbolizes the past. Probably, past affairs, people, and memories you want to leave behind.

Therefore, cutting your hair may mean you have changed, and so have your perspectives. Alternatively, cutting your hair in a dream plot could mean you have failed to adapt to the changes taking place in your life.

Cutting your own hair is a real challenge, especially if you want the outcome to be good. And people usually don’t cut off their hair themselves unless they lose a bet or want to do something crazy.

From that viewpoint, cutting your own hair stands for a decision. And according to the scenario, it was not a decision easily made. The spectacle of cutting hair means you are fixed on it, and there’s no going back.

On the other hand, it symbolizes a loss of strength. In all probability, you’ve been through a lot lately. Perhaps you are worn out and don’t have any more energy to carry on. 

Dreaming of cutting your hair also symbolizes losing something in your waking world, especially if you cherish your hair in your dream.

19. Dreaming of cutting your hair without help from anyone

You will be able to pay back all of your debts.

20. Dreaming of a hairdresser cutting your hair in a salon

The dream reflects your overall trust in the world and the people around you. If you had a positive experience in the vision, you feel safe and shielded.

However, the interpretation alters if you were not happy with the overall haircutting affair. In that case, it means you feel threatened and prone to dangerous happenings in the waking world.

21. Cutting your hair during the day in a dream

Here, the dream scenario is associated with your finances. In the upcoming days, you will see a significant improvement in terms of your finances. 

However, not all dream experts agree on the same. According to other interpreters, such a scenario carries no significance and needs no interpretation. 

22. Dreaming of cutting your hair at night

Soon, you would face obstacles and misfortunes. 

23. Dreaming of cutting your long hair

In ancient Greece, long hair among males symbolizes power and wealth while it stands for health, femininity, and freedom for women. 

If you remember the story of Samson, you probably remember that he was taken prisoner by the Philistines after his wife Delilah shaved off his long hair.

Against this backdrop, a dream of cutting your long hair means you will most likely encounter a misfortune or an unpleasant event. 

Perhaps your close ones are intentionally or otherwise ripping you off your freedom. Are they making decisions for you without considering your opinions?

24. Cutting your long hair shortly in a dream

If you have long hair in real life and dream of cutting it short, it means you are under pressure. You probably need to decide a matter. But you are in a dilemma and unsure of which path to take.   

If you cut your hair too short in the dream, it implies that the decision is related to someone else. 

Take note of your emotions involved in the dream. If the haircut left you disappointed, it implies that someone has hurt your pride.

Alternatively, if you felt relieved after the haircut, it means you have made the perfect decision concerning a matter. 

It is also possible to dream of the same when you are trying to lose weight. Here, the dream indicates you would reach your weight loss goal.

25. Cutting your hair roughly in a dream

In all probability, you would come across a brilliant idea. 

26. Cutting your hair and turning into another person in a dream

Dramatic and creepy! But there’s nothing negative about it. It reflects your confidence and how you carry yourself.

You are most likely to dream of such scenarios if you are constantly worried about your age and look. Perhaps you think you don’t look the same anymore as you did during your prime. 

27. Dream of someone cutting my hair (dreamer)

It has several interpretations. First, you are aware of someone trying to manipulate you. That person may or may not be a close one. Given the scenario, it’s likely that person has been intentionally guiding you to the wrong path.

The dreamscape also reflects signs of insecurity. Perhaps you have lost control over your life. Or in other words, you don’t control your life.

You’ve handed the authority to someone else. Now, you might have realized what you have done to yourself, and you feel stressed out and insecure about the future. 

Contrary to this interpretation, some experts believe that cutting hair isn’t related to losing authority. Instead, they believe the dream plot surfaces because someone let the dreamer down.

Let’s look at the scenario from another perspective. When we go to salons, we give direction as to how we want them to proceed. Hairdressers do not work on their customers’ hair whichever way they prefer.

Similarly, when you dream of someone cutting your hair, it could mean you have listened to the opinions of someone over a matter. And now you are convinced that you can trust and continue to let that person guide you. It may also mean you are taking someone’s help to bring you back to your senses. 

Emotions felt during the dream play a crucial role here. If you were happy, it means you are ready to flush out negativities, undesirable thoughts, and behaviors from your life.

On the flip side, if you unwillingly part with your hair, it symbolizes a loss of freedom and power. 

28. Dreaming of your partner cutting your hair

Here too, your dream experiences play a crucial role. If you were content in the dream, it means you are happy with your partner. 

Contrarily, if anything goes wrong in the dreamscape, something’s off in the partnership. You aren’t as happy as you should be, and you don’t feel secure with your person. Perhaps he/she mistreats you, makes you feel small, unwanted, and unloved. 

29. A stranger cutting your hair in a dream

According to the plot, you would have an important discussion with a stranger in the coming days.

It may also mean you are disappointed with your present real-life circumstances. Several problems in your life give you sleepless nights, and you long to get rid of them.

30. Cutting your hair with scissors in a dream

Scissors symbolize either creation or destruction in dream images. To dream of cutting your hair with a pair of scissors means hard times will befall your family and close ones. 

31. Cutting your hair with a knife in a dream

Interpreters relate the scenario to cutting off something from your life. Using a knife could mean you are being aggressive in the process. 

32. A dream of getting hair cut in a salon

In your dream, if you drop by the salon to get your haircut, it reflects exasperation related to finance. Some of the possible causes are unforeseen expenses or people not returning the money they owe you.

33. Dreaming of tresses chopped off from your head

It is an ill omen. According to some experts, it stands for barrenness. If you are a female, you may never have a child of your own.

34. Cutting your hair in a dream leaving your appearance changed drastically!

You have undergone a few changes recently. Possibly, the transformation was so severe and unreal that there’s no room for going back to the old ways. 

35. Dreaming of cutting hair in front of the mirror

The dream spectacle stands for your health and longevity.

36. Cutting or shaving all of your hair in a dream

It may bring either positive or negative messages depending on your present real-life circumstances.

If you are wealthy and a person of power, the dream indicates troubles ahead. Likely, you will get involved in an undesirable situation. The dream scenario further adds that your wealth and social status may dwindle because of the incident.

Alternatively, if you are not doing well currently, the dream implies that the future favors you. The interpretation is especially true if you shave or cut off your hair for religious purposes.

Cutting Hair Dream Meaning: Different Dreamers

In general, a female cutting her hair off stands for her denial of femininity. However, not every dream speaks the same. So, consider each element present in the scenario.

37. A married woman dreaming of cutting hair

It is an ill omen and foretells a disastrous happening. Likely, the woman would become a widow soon.

38. A married woman dreaming that one strand of her hair got cut 

Someone, known or unknown to you, encourages your husband to get into a relationship with another woman. Because of that, you may get into a nasty fight with your husband.

39. A pregnant woman dreaming of cutting her hair

According to the plot, she is likely to have a baby girl. Also, the dream indicates the delivery would go well. 

Some experts believe that a pregnant woman dreaming of cutting hair has less to do with herself or the baby and more to do with her near ones. As per them, they will get lucky.

40. A pregnant woman dreaming that her hair was cut short in a dream

She is probably worried about her relationship with her husband. 

41. A pregnant woman dreaming of cutting someone’s hair

If a pregnant woman dreams of cutting someone else’s hair in a dream, she needs to pay more attention to herself and her baby.

42. A woman dreaming of cutting her hair short

If you are a woman and dream of cutting your hair short, it means you want people to see you as a person with strong personality traits.

43. A woman dreaming of a man other than her husband cutting her hair

If you are a woman and dream of the above scenario, you’re in trouble. The man in your dream vision is hooking your husband up with another woman.

Are you too curious to know the reason why he’s behaving like that? Revenge! He is out to seek revenge on you, and he’s going to use your relationship to destroy you.

44. Dream of cutting gray hair

Gray hair is usually associated with age, and age, in turn, means wisdom. If you dream of cutting gray hair, the plot advises you to take wise and not rash decisions.

Furthermore, the scenario encourages you to seek a word of guidance from the more experienced people if you are stuck and unable to decide on your own.

It is also associated with your sound health and long life.

45. Dreaming of cutting nose hair

You have overlooked a small piece of information that has the potential to make major changes in your life.

46. A dream of cutting public hair

Presently, everything is going smoothly, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

47. Cutting the hair or grooming a dog/cat in a dream

You’d probably get into trouble with a friend.

Cutting Hair Dream Meaning: Spiritual Interpretation

From the spiritual point of view, haircut dreams symbolize changes. They signify transformations, which are too great and extreme that you cannot and will not be able to go back to the old times.

Biblical Meaning of Cutting Hair in Dreams

The Bible relates dreams about cutting hair with a loss of strength and independence. 

Samson, the man with immense power and strength, lost his might after his wife shaved off his head. After which, the Philistines took him away to the city of Gaza and imprisoned him. However, he regained his strength after his hair grew back.

With the might he reacquired, he crushed a temple atop hundreds of Philistines and himself and died along with them. 

The North American Interpretation of Cutting Hair in Dream

According to North American beliefs, long hair is associated with the sixth sense and intuition of sensing troubles.

Therefore, taking their beliefs into account, your dream of hair cut may be forewarning you of something undesirable that’s likely to happen soon.

Cutting Hair Dream Meaning in Hinduism

According to the Hindus, a dream of cutting hair is a transitional dream. The chopped-off hair symbolizes old-school thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

The action of cutting it means the old ideas are eliminated to make way for the new.

Dream of Cutting Hair: Dream Examples

  1. A grown-up man once dreamed of encountering someone with a weird haircut that looks rather stupid on the person.

In his waking life, he was living with his mother. And he considers living at his parents’ stupid and nothing to be proud of, given his mature age. 

Why Do You Dream of Cutting Hair?

According to researchers, men and women dream differently. But that is not to say all women dream in a particular manner while men dream in another way.

Your life probably differs from your friend’s. And so will your life story and incidents. Ultimately, the interpretation of your hair dreams would also differ drastically from your friend’s.

Here are a few possible reasons why you dream of a haircut.

  1. Your life is out of control.
  2. You are a hairdresser or are somehow associated with the industry. In that case, the dream may or may not be symbolic. Since you spend most of your time cutting and grooming others’ hair, it’s possible to dream of it now and then. Despite that, the theme may occur in your dream to warn or let you know of your real-life circumstances. In any case, analyze your dream thoroughly from all perspectives before brushing it off.
  3. Dreams of a haircut could also surface if you left parts of your past behind for something new. 
  4. You have already or are going to make a big decision.
  5. You recently had a haircut or are planning to drop by the salon for the same.

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself if You Had a Hair Cut Dream

When you encounter a haircut dream, ask yourself these few questions to get closer to the interpretation.

  1. When did you have the dream? Was it at the dead of night or dawn? If you saw the vision during your daytime nap, it could have a wholly different meaning. Experts believe that a dream associated with haircuts encountered during the day foretells improvement, wealth, and prosperity.
  2. Do you run a salon, or do you work in one? If so, you can expect a surge in your income.
  3. When you dream of someone cutting your hair, how did you feel? Did you willingly let the person do it, or were you forced?
  4. If someone cut your hair, who did it for you? Was it someone close to you in real life, or was it a stranger?
  5. Overall, what were the emotions involved? If it was negative, it is a clear indication that some aspects of your life are in chaos and you have lost control.


Ancient Egyptians believe that dreams are the medium of communication between a person and the spiritual world.

Not all may not accept their concept, but dreams aren’t insignificant. There’s a specific reason why you, of all the people, had a dream of cutting hair, of all the themes in the world. 

Your subconscious is hinting at something through dream images, and it is the role of your conscious mind to analyze and find out what’s behind the images.

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