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Dreaming of Tarot Cards – 50+ Scenarios!

Dreaming of Tarot Cards – 50+ Scenarios!

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on May 10, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Tarot Cards - 50+ Scenarios with Interpretations

Dreaming of Tarot Cards is quite uncommon. But that does not dismiss the fact that these are pretty interesting. And even though not much, people do have dreams about tarot cards. 

The meanings of the tarot card dreams could vary depending on the circumstances in which the dream takes place and the thought process of the person having the dream.

So, let’s get into understanding why you have been dreaming of tarot cards. Here we go!

Dreaming of Tarot Cards - 50+ Scenarios with Interpretations
Dreaming of Tarot Cards – 50+ Scenarios with Interpretations

Tarot Card Dream Meaning 

Dreaming of tarot cards mostly means that you are interested in understanding more about yourself. It can be about your desire to know your future, to understand your past, or to venture into your unconscious, as a whole. 

Tarot cards have an interestingly mystique vibe. It is believed that dreaming of tarot cards happens because of the desire to know our future. 

As most people believe that tarot readings are all about fortune telling, their subconscious mind leads them into having dreams about tarot cards that they think will impact their future. 

Since each tarot card has a unique purpose, these dreams are of different types, and each has a different meaning.

Mostly it is about understanding the unknown, connecting the dots of life, trying to finding solace when things seem to get out of the hand, etc, 

If the general meaning of dreaming of tarot cards is considered, then most of the time, the dreams occur because the person wishes to know what will happen next. 

So it is highly likely that the dreamer will come across new problems in their life. Since people usually tend to try finding solace with it when waking life seems too troublesome. 

However, at the same time, the dream is a sign that the dreamer will get their problems solved with the help of the universal divine forces.

Thus, most of the interpretation depends upon how you felt during the dream and what is your perspective about it in your waking life. Let’s dig it deeper with specific scenarios. 

Dreaming of Tarot Cards – 50+ Scenarios with Interpretations

Tarot cards are often seen as the weapons of the psychics. But what does it mean when it comes to dreams?  

If you have seen tarot cards in your dream under different circumstances, then the following dream interpretations of the same might help you know and understand yourself better. 

Here we go –

1. Dreaming of Getting a Tarot Reading

This dream means that you are wishful to know what the future has in store for you. You are full of hopes and envision a bright future for yourself. 

Mostly it is a positive sign because you are consciously trying to connect dots of your life in the dream. 

Besides, it shows that you are excited to live your future. This shows your optimism and faith in the coming times. 

Hence, overall, it is a symbol of good fortune and growth in your waking life.

2. Dream of Shuffling Tarot Cards

The dream means that life is going to throw random obstacles at you. You will find it hard to figure out a solution to all your problems because of the lack of mental stability. 

Shuffling tarot cards in a dream means that you are going through a bad phase.

However, the dream also means that there will be some major changes in your life. So if you stick to your positive attitude, things might change for the better. 

Though the change might make you feel worried a bit, take it as a positive opportunity to grow as a person. 

3. Dreams of Gaia Tarot Card Deck

A dream of Gaia tarot card deck symbolizes growth in life. Mostly it is about learning and unlearning things to be a better person than one’s past self. 

The dream inspires the dreamer to build their future with the choices they make today. If you have seen a Gaia tarot card deck in your dream, you should double up your efforts to build the future you want. 

This dream also symbolizes that your chosen path is correct, and you should not listen to people who want to drop you down.

4. Dream of Holding Tarot Cards

The interpretation of this dream heavily depends on the suit of tarot cards that you are holding.

However, the common understanding of this dream is that you want to live your life to the fullest by having control over it.

Hence, the dream is a sign of self belief, courage, and strength. It shows that you are ready to create your own destiny with your talent, hard work, and willpower. Thus, take the charge!

5. Dream of Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Getting a dream of the major arcana tarot cards signifies the changes in yourself. It means that you will experience inner changes that will eventually affect how you live your life.

Mostly, the dreams about Arcana tarots symbolize some major decisions and changes in your waking life. It shows your desire to gain power and to grow to be a better person. 

These changes can impact in both positive and negative ways, so be conscious for a while with your actions.

6. Dream of Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

The multidimensional nature of the minor arcana tarot cards makes it interesting to decipher the meaning of their dreams. Hence, the dreams talk about your mental state and how you should be dealing with them.

Often it represents the little things one tends to quickly dismiss or ignore. 

However, it shows how those little things matter in life. Take it as a sign to cherish the little moments, details, memories in your life. Be grateful for it.

7. Dream of Sword Suit of Tarot Cards

The appearance of any Sword Suit card in a dream means that you have been going through a bad phase. 

Your mental state is chaotic as you feel stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Hence, you must figure out innovative ways to deal with these.

In general, the dream symbolizes struggles in one’s waking life. At the same time it shows the possibility of facing struggles and rising above those. 

8. Dream of the Wand Suit of Tarot Cards

The wand suit of tarot card tells you to get creative with your ideas on both professional and personal fronts. 

Their appearance shows that you need to think out of the box to taste great success in your personal and professional life.

Besides, often it is a sign of your thirst to explore new things in life. Maybe you are craving adventure. And this is a sign to listen to your heart and take the leap of faith. 

9. Dream of the Cups Suit of Tarot Cards

This dream requires you to pay attention to your emotions. You have been hiding the feelings for a long time, and it has worked against your chances of getting into a romantic relationship. 

So you must not hide your emotions and accept them as they are. Mostly the dream suggests that you might be feeling overwhelmed with your current life. 

The chaos is confusing you. So take some time to vent out. Relax. Express yourself more. 

10. Dream of the Pentacles Suit of Tarot Cards

The appearance of this suit in your dreams means that you will be getting financial gains soon. You will receive these gains in incentives, rewards, and cash. The dream also tells you to persevere to get great results.

Mostly, the dream is a sign of strong success in one’s professional life. Maybe it’s time for your hard work to pay off. 

All these while when you have struggled, the optimism you have had is going to fruit now. 

11. Dream of Gifting Tarot Cards to Your Girlfriend

This dream roughly translates to your willingness to live with your girlfriend for a long time. 

You have imagined a healthy relationship with your girlfriend, and you wish to do everything to make this relationship work. The dream shows that you are not scared of commitment and trying.

Besides, it symbolizes your willingness to share your life and destiny with your partner. It shows your trust in her and how you feel safe with her. 

12. Dream of Reading Tarot Cards

The dream of reading tarot cards reflects your desire to spread as much knowledge as possible. 

You have a vivid imagination which you often bring to use by spreading helpful information among your peers. Also, it shows that you are communicative and have no fear of reaching out to others.

Often it is a sign that you are trying to clear the clutter around you. It shows your conscious efforts to reflect about your ideas and thought process and eventually embracing your real self. 

13. Seeing Yourself as a Tarot Card Reader in a Dream

Watching yourself become a tarot reader means that you want to explore the possibilities of becoming a highly knowledgeable person. 

Your mind is never at peace with the limited information it has, and thus it compels you to expand the extent of your knowledge. So if you want to grow your knowledge, you must start acting accordingly.

Sometimes it is a sign that you gotta know something secret that someone was trying to hide from you. And now you have decided to play along but the way in benefits you.

14. Dream of Giving Tarot Card Deck to a Stranger

This dream signifies that you are willing to begin a new future with a stranger without caring much about their past.

This shows that you trust people easily, but it can sometimes get you in trouble. It is advised that you choose your people wisely.

Often it is a sign of new beginnings, new relationships, opportunities for work partnerships, etc. In this case, it is mostly a good sign and shows a positive outcome of your social skills. 

15. Dream of Giving Tarot Card Deck to a Friend

The dream symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship with your friend. It could be a romantic relationship as well.

The future of this romantic relationship heavily depends on how well you guys trust each other.

Sometimes it symbolizes your willingness to help the person. It shows that you are trying to help them understand themselves better – be it in terms of their personal life, careers, or their relationships. 

16. Dream of Giving Tarot Card Deck to a Family Member

The dream of giving a tarot card deck to a family member implies that you have given control over your life to your family members. 

It could be your mother, father, brother, or sister to whom you are offering the deck, but this dream’s essence remains the same. That is, you are no longer in control of your own life.

So you might need to take the dream as a reminder that only you can bring change in your life the way you find it meaningful.

Maybe it’s time to take the steering wheel in your hand. Otherwise others will always drive your life. 

17. Dream of Gaining Information from Tarot Cards

This dream implies that you have a curious nature. You want to know about your future as much as possible. Knowing everything makes you feel powerful and at peace with your mind.

Often the dream suggests that you are putting a lot of effort into your career. It’s a sign that the fruits of your labor will soon be visible. 

18. Dream of Teaching Someone How to Read Tarot Cards

The dream tells you that you have been hiding some important information from someone close to you. And this information is vital for the sustenance of your relationship. 

Therefore, you must not hold it back and instead share it with the concerned person.

More often, the dream suggests that you are trying to help someone get a brush of reality. Anyhow, it is a sign that your interaction with others is going to influence their lives significantly, 

19. Dream of Learning Tarot Cards Reading From Someone

The basic idea of having such a dream is to make you believe that someone is coming to help you out. This might be true sometimes, but the problem with such people is highly unpredictable. 

So, you have to be extra careful about what information you share with this person.

Often the dream suggests that you might need to have a guide or mentor to help you make the big decisions in your life. 

20. Dream of the Card of 3 of Swords

This dream implies that you have been trying hard to make things work professionally and personally. And this has led to the emergence of mental stress and anxiety within yourself. 

Therefore, you must not push yourself beyond your limits and know your boundaries.

Often the dream suggests that you are trying hard to maintain a balance in all aspects of your life. And the efforts are definitely worth it as they are working, 

21. Dream of the Card of 3 of Cups

This dream implies that you will soon have an emotional outburst because you have been trying too hard to keep your emotions to yourself. 

Plus, this is extremely unhealthy, and you must not do this to yourself.

Mostly the dream suggests that you have been bottling up your feelings for a long time. It’s high time for you to embrace and express all your emotions. It will help you grow as a better person.

22. Dream of the Card of 3 of Pentacles

This dream means that you will be getting heavy financial benefits in the coming days. 

Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the same. It also interprets investing in real states that will be beneficial in the future.

However, keep in mind that you need to be careful before making any significant financial decisions. Often it makes people prone to be careless and make mistakes that one would regret later. 

23. Dream of the Card of 3 of Wands

A dream of the card of three wands symbolizes your creativity, thirst for trying new thighs, etc. More often than not, it is a good sign. 

This dream means that you will need to be more creative to deal with the problems you have been facing lately. You have to think differently about your condition to get the correct solution to the problem.

24. Dream of Buying a Deck of Tarot Cards

This dream can be best interpreted as the deviation between what you aspire to become and what others expect you to be. The dream tells you to consider what others have to say and then act on your own.

Besides, buying a deck of cards in dreams often suggests that you have big goals and aspirations in life. And you are constantly looking for ways to live your dream life. 

25. Dream of Selling a Deck of Tarot Cards

This dream means that you do not intend to know what will unfold in the future. You find tarot cards a gimmick and have no faith in them. 

It tells you that you have a distrusting mindset. Sometimes it tells about the inner emotions like guilt and jealousy. 

Besides, it shows that you are ready to embrace your hidden persona. All you need is a bit of self-assurance and patience.

26. Dream of the Fool Tarot Card

You need to keep your feet on the ground if you want a harmonious relationship with everyone around you. 

The dream also means that a new opportunity will come your way. In general, the dream shows that you have excellent communication skills. 

However, you are not being able to connect with people and making them feel emotionally heard. Your fun nature is making you feel ignorant about sensitive issues.  

27. Dream of the Magician Tarot Card

The dream foretells that all the problems in your life will get solved. The solution is provided to you in the dream itself. All you have to do is look closely.

In other words, it’s a sign that you will get rid of your ongoing hardships and struggles in life.Though you need to take some actions for it. So sit down and rethink what you really want to do.

28. Dream of the High Priestess Tarot Card

The dream symbolizes positive emotions kike self-esteem, growth, and learning. In other words, this dream is all about trusting your intuition. 

So, if you have faith in yourself, there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you want. 

This dream often appears when you start self-doubting due to society. So take the point of the dream and don’t doubt your worth ever. 

29. Dream of the Empress Tarot Card

A dream of an empress tarot card symbolizes luxury, desires, and wealth. Often it is a sign that you will be able to experience the lavishness that you always wanted to have. 

Besides, the dream asks you to be patient if you want to achieve greatness in life. Great things take time to happen, and you will have to persevere to make them happen.

30. Dream of the Emperor Tarot Card

If you believe that you are a good leader, you will get this type of dream. You lead others by example, and this quality will take you places in the coming times.

Often this dream is a call for you to recognize your talent, hone your skills, and jump on the pitch. 

31. Dream of the Hierophant Tarot Card

A Hierophant tarot symbolizes one’s spiritual journey and belief system. The dream of this card means that your relationship with God and spirituality will get strengthened. 

This dream will make you observe significant changes in yourself and also ask you to begin to listen to yourself.

So take it as a sign to reflect and reconnect with your soul. Your body is the medium. 

32. Dream of the Hermit Tarot Card

This dream indicates that it is high time to take a break from your busy life. You must take time to enjoy yourself and have fun every once in a while. It also signifies the need to have a daily me-time.

A hermit tarot dream suggests that you want freedom in life. And you are constantly trying to find it time and again. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself what freedom means and dump the world’s definition.

33. Dream of the Lovers Tarot Card

Dream of the Lovers Tarot Card asks you to have faith in your ambitions. It also indicates that you will be getting involved in a romantic relationship. Your search for the right partner is about to end if you get this type of dream.

34. Dream of The Chariot Tarot Card

This dream reflects your desire to be in control. You know how to steer your emotions to stabilize any situation. 

This is one of the most impressive qualities you have, and you must preserve it if you want to keep winning in life.

35. Dream of the Strength Tarot Card

The dream tells you to prepare yourself for the hardships about to come your way.

36. Dream of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

This dream means that you are looking to balance your life, but you cannot do so because you are afraid of trying. 

37. Dream of the Justice Tarot Card

Maybe you are feeling cheated. Or something is worrying you about your conscience. The only solution to this is to try and make things better for yourself.

38. Dream Interpretation of The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The dream means that you will begin to perceive the world differently in the coming days. It also tells you to be willing to sacrifice your interests if you want to survive longer than imagined.

39. When You Dream of Death Tarot Card

When You Dream of Death Tarot Card means that something terrible will happen to you, and there is no way that you can control or challenge this eventuality.

40. When You Dream of the Temperance Tarot Card

This dream intends to wake up your persistence so that you can make your life better than ever.

41. When You Dream of the Devil Tarot Card

This dream instills and reaffirms the idea in your head that you need to break free of the conventional way of living. 

It tells you to go out and seek adventure to make life more enjoyable. However, you must be careful while doing so.

42. When You are Dreaming of the Tower Tarot Card

This dream is an early indication of something big and wrong that will happen to you. It has the potential to ruin your life.

But it all depends on how you deal with it and make the best out of the situation.

43. When You Dream of the Sun Tarot Card

This dream tells you never to stop looking for joy. It means that the things you desire the most are coming to you. So, you must not give up and keep looking for good things.

Note: It also means that a big revelation is about to happen in real life.

44. When You Dream of the Moon Tarot Card

When You Dream of the Moon Tarot Card means that you are an extremely creative person, unaware of your potential. You need to tap into that potential if you want great things to happen to you.

45. When You Dream of the Star Tarot Card

Stars are a symbol of hope, and this dream sends you the message of hope. It tells you that someone is coming to help you get out of your problems.

You need to be careful to figure out who that person is.

46. When You See the Judgment Tarot Card in a Dream

This dream means that you are on your way to healing yourself. All the damage you have taken on the journey to becoming a better person will go away because someone is going to help you heal.

47. When You See the World Tarot Card in a Dream

This dream implies that success is waiting for you. You will soon get whatever you have wished for most unexpectedly.

48. When You See a Lucky Combination of Tarot Card in a Dream of Tarot Card Reading

This dream means that you expect nice things because you have worked very hard for those things.

However, this dream does not mean that you will get those things. It is advised to keep your hopes low and put in more effort.

49. When You Get Your Tarot Card Reading Done by an Experienced Reader in a Dream

This dream means that your friends will get themselves in a difficult spot. They will need your help to come out of that spot. And hence, you should brace yourself for everything that comes ahead in this regard.

50. When You See Yourself Getting a Tarot Card Reading with Someone You Know

The person in the said dream could be anyone. Mostly it is someone with whom you have spent a good portion of your life or want to spend a good part of your life.

You enjoy this person’s company and imagine a great life with them.

51. Dream of Burning a Deck of Tarot Cards

This dream implies that you are now in charge of your destiny. You have had enough of living by other people’s words. And you have realized that it is high time to get back to work.

52. Dream of Throwing a Deck of Tarot Cards

This dream signifies that you have lost all hopes of building a great future for yourself. 

You have faced a lot of damage in the form of cheating, betrayals, and emotional exploitation, so much so that you do not want to move forward any longer. 

This is the best time for you to contemplate your life choices and see how you can make them better.

53. Getting a Poor Arrangement of Tarot Cards in Your Dream

Having such a dream means that bad luck is around the corner for you. You must begin saving money for the wrong time that is about to come. 

Also, it should be noted that you should be extremely careful while investing in anything during this period.

54. Getting a Great Arrangement of Tarot Cards in Your Dream

This dream has a significant influence on your waking life as it means that you will get great things in life. 

Your faith in yourself and the people around you will help make it easier for you to fight against all the odds. This dream indicates joy, prosperity, and good health.

What is the Dream Tarot Card Meaning According to the Bible?

If you have been dreaming of tarot cards lately, then there is a high chance that you wish to explore your future as soon as possible. 

According to the Bible, the dream of tarot cards has a different meaning. And this meaning varies depending on the type of card you see in your dream.

The tarot cards are colorful cards with pictures of certain people, objects, beings, or things intricately drawn upon them.

These things find their relevance in the Bible as well. This card means the dreamer lives an unconventional life.

Similarly, there are 78 cards in a deck, and most of them have a Biblical meaning. The most common Biblical purpose of dreaming of tarot cards is the dreamer wants to gain control of their life and live it in a fulfilled way. 

If you wish to know what other meanings your tarot card dream has biblically, you must remember the dream’s details to understand it completely.

What does It Spiritually Mean When You are Dreaming of Tarot Cards?

Your spiritual beliefs are reflected by how you behave, think, and even dream. Dreams convey messages in the most imaginative ways possible, which can help you achieve spiritual enlightenment when appropriately understood. 

Dreaming tarot cards also have a spiritual meaning, which must not go unnoticed. The occurrence of tarot cards in your dreams means that you pay attention to how others perceive you more than you should. 

This affects how you behave around these people, and getting your efforts dismissed by them traumatizes your faith in yourself. You lose confidence and have no hopes for the future because of this.

If your dreams of tarot cards feature good arrangement and good cards and appear in an exemplary scenario, then it means that you will get your spiritual strength back quickly. 

You will have a more precise thought process which will help you build a great future. Lastly, your peace of mind will help you achieve spiritual enlightenment faster than ever.

Final Words 

Dreaming of tarot cards does not happen to many people, but it is pretty normal to have such dreams. However, things begin to get interesting when we try to find the meanings of these dreams.

Information like the card number, the figure on the card, and the arrangement of the card play a massive role in determining the meaning of any dream. 

So if you ever come across such a dream, you should try to remember as much information as possible. Doing this will help you understand the dream better, but it will also help the interpreter decode the dream in the best way possible.

Dreams which feature tarot cards of the Devil, the sun, the moon, and the stars all have different meanings. At the same time, some tarot card dreams share the same sense. 

There could be an endless list of dreaming of tarot cards and dream interpretations, but for now, this is everything that you need to know about dreaming of tarot cards. Happy journey within!

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