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Stock Market Dream Meaning : Various Plots And Their Interpretations

Stock Market Dream Meaning : Various Plots And Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Aug 01, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Stock Market - 31 Plots and Their Interpretations

Unless you are involved in the stock exchange or are interested in it, a dream of the stock market is not likely to happen. 

But if you fall in neither of the two categories above and dream of stocks, you should definitely dig deeper to unravel the mystery behind the vision.  

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Stock Market?

Considering their fluctuating nature, a dream of stock market may signify uncertainty in some areas of your life. Such types of dreams may also mean you need to take stock of people and things that are valuable to you. 

Depending on the context and real-life circumstances, a dream of the stock market may either stand for gains or losses. You may also be imagining profits/ positive outcomes and even counting on something without knowing whether it will succeed or not. 

Stock market dreams also emphasize the need to take stock of people and things that matter the most to you. 

Have you been neglecting your job, passion, or even your loved ones to tend to trivial matters? If yes, it may be time you start prioritizing those that matter the most to you. 

Dreams featuring the stock market may also be associated with risk-taking. You believe risks are a part of growing and never hesitate to take calculated risks. 

Try to recall what exactly happened in the dream to get an accurate meaning of the scenario.

Stock Market Dream Meaning: 31 Various Plots And Their Interpretations

One dream scenario of the stock market may not give you the same meaning as another. 

For instance, buying stocks in dreams and selling them are two different things. Therefore, they will not give you the same dream interpretation. 

Going through the different types listed below will help you answer many of your stock-related dream questions. 

1. Dreaming of the stock market

The stock market in a dream suggests life is a mixture of ups and downs, positive and negative experiences. 

The stock market in dreams may also be a reflection of your present state of mind. 

For example, a decline could be symbolic of fears, insecurity, and anxiety in the waking world. On the other hand, stocks rising may mean you are hopeful for the future. 

2. Trying to buy stocks in a dream

If you dream of trying to acquire stocks either by placing an order or standing in a queue, it means you will soon have numerous opportunities to earn more money.  

3. To dream of buying shares in the stock market

Have you invested your hard-earned money into something despite warnings from your loved ones?

If yes, chances are, you are beginning to question your decision. However, since nothing can be undone, the plot shows you have decided to stay hopeful. 

Buying stocks is also associated with working on the issues that have been hindering your progress. 

4. Dreaming of selling shares in a stock market

Generally, selling shares augurs a significant improvement in some areas of your life. 

This type of scenario may also happen if you are discontent with your current paycheck and living standard. 

Perhaps you are fantasizing about a massive chunk of money coming to you from God knows where. A sum that would give you everything you have ever wanted. 

To satisfy your needs, there’s a possibility that you would get involved in unethical and illegal ways of acquiring money. So, your dream wants you to take note of that and move with caution. 

5. Dreaming of the stocks’ price rising in a stock market

In a broad sense, the scenario symbolizes success, growth, and prosperity. Your financial situation looks great and you can even look forward to more good news in the days to come. 

If you got involved in something risky recently, the dream says everything will work out in your favor. 

6. Owning stocks in reality and dreaming of a sharp rise

If you already have a few shares in your name and dreams of a sharp rise, the scenario warns you against taking any impulsive actions. 

7. Dreaming of stocks rising when you are considering stock investments in reality

If you are considering investing in stocks and suddenly see stock prices rising in a dream, that could be the subconscious suggesting you give stock trading a try. 

8. To dream of a steep decline in the stock prices

Generally, a decline in the stock prices in a dream is an ill omen. Nothing will work out the way you had planned or imagined and you may feel like everyone is against you, even the Universe. 

On that note, your dream could be reminding you that life is a wheel of fortune. Just because your plans did not work out today doesn’t mean they won’t tomorrow or the day after.

Perhaps a change of strategies is all you need to keep your wheel moving. 

9. Visiting the stock market in a dream

In the upcoming days or even months, you may get an opportunity to prove your worth at the workplace. Furthermore, the dream says significant progress – a promotion or a salary hike is on the cards if all goes well. 

From the love and romance point of view, a dream of visiting the stock market shows an exciting new romance is on the horizon. Most likely, your partner would be someone as unpredictable as the stock market. 

Nonetheless, you would find his or her fickleness charming and the scenario implies you would live in the moment and enjoy your time with him or her while you can. 

10. Dreaming of a stock market crash

A stock market crash in a dream represents a collapse of your hopes, dreams, and goals. 

Alternatively, it may represent your fear of losing something you invested much into. 

11. Dreaming of a stock short squeeze

First, let’s understand what is meant by ‘stock short squeeze’.

A stock short squeeze is when investors who have been betting on a company’s share price to fall are compelled to buy the shares to retain their position.

Ultimately leading to an increase in the demand for shares and a steep rise in the prices.

Undeniably, this is an uncommon dream and is unlikely to happen in the dream vision of someone who has little or nothing to do with the stock market. 

If you have shares in a company in the real world and dream of the above, the scenario suggests a similar squeeze to happen in the foreseeable future. Likely one that will turn your life around – for better or worse. 

12. Stock trading in a dream

Stock trading in a dream signifies your wish to earn good money. 

13. Dreaming of a specific stock

If you dream of a specific stock, you need to recall what exactly showed up in your dream. 

For instance, if you see stocks of a company that manufactures supplements for kids, that could be your subconscious suggesting you take better care of your children’s diet. 

14. Dreaming of riches in the stock market

The interpretation of this scenario depends on your real-life circumstances. 

For some, the dream suggests confidence, power, and glory.

Negatively, it could be a sign that you trust others blindly. 

15. To dream of being a broker in the stock market

According to the plot, you are a person capable of handling difficult situations efficiently. 

Furthermore, the dream shows others feel inspired by you and often come to you for guidance. 

16. Talking to a broker in the stock market in a dream

Here, the broker stands for an individual who will help you get a living or earn a significant amount of money through your skills. 

17. To see another person talking to a stockbroker in a dream

You may receive a pleasant surprise from a loved one if you see the above vision in your dream. 

18. Kissing a stock market broker in a dream

If you dream of getting intimate with a stock market broker, the dream reflects your hidden feelings for someone who is not available. 

Chances are, you got encouraged by what you believe are green lights from that person. But it’s possible that you misunderstood his or her signals. It might have been sheer friendliness too. 

19. Having an argument with a stock market broker in a dream

The dream suggests you have a hard time communicating your thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others. 

Despite that, you expect others to know exactly what you want and are thinking of. 

This expectation of yours often creates misunderstanding between you and others who don’t know you well. 

Alternatively, the dream signifies you are quite reserved in nature. 

20. To see another person arguing with a stock market broker in a dream

Here, your dream is trying to remind you that you get what you work for. You can’t commit to something half-heartedly and expect the best results. 

21. Fighting with a stock market broker in a dream

Chances are, you have been hurt deeply by people you trust in the past. And the dream suggests you haven’t moved on from that yet. 

22. Seeing someone fighting a stock market broker in a dream

The dream says you believe your life lacks fun and adventure. However, despite being aware of the monotony, you are afraid to make changes for fear of criticism. 

If that’s how you have been feeling, your dream encourages you to act according to your wishes without caring about how society will perceive you. 

23. Dreaming that you killed a stock market broker

Are you involved in any type of gambling? If yes, the scenario shows you will definitely find it hard to detach yourself from it if you don’t quit at the earliest. 

24. A steep fall in the stock prices in the dreams of a woman

Your love life may hit a slump after the sudden appearance of a third party. Understand that the third party mentioned here need not necessarily be a person though it could also be. 

25. A man dreaming of a steep fall in the stock market

The plot augurs difficult times for a man. Unforeseen problems may surface at your workplace.

However, the good news is that you would be able to overcome the problems as long as you and your colleagues come together to resolve them. 

26. Unemployed people dreaming of a sharp rise in the stock market

If you dream of a sharp rise while looking for a job, you are in great luck. 

Consider putting extra effort while seeking a job because you are riding through one of the luckiest phases of your life. 

27. Stock trading in the dreams of a businessman

Possibly you are looking for an appropriate business to invest in if you dream of the above. 

28. A businessman dreaming of a sharp fall in the stock market

For a businessman, the above scenario is a warning. Don’t get involved in something just because somebody says it will give you massive gains. 

If your sixth sense is against it, follow your intuition and don’t trust others’ words blindly. 

29. A candidate/ student dreaming of a sharp rise in the stock market

If a student or a candidate sees the above, the dream foretells an average outcome. 

30. An aged man dreaming of a steep decline in stock prices

For an aged man, the scenario signifies a deterioration in his physical health. 

31. A patient dreaming of stocks falling sharply

For a patient, stocks falling sharply in a dream says his or her health is improving, though slowly. 

Spiritual Interpretation Of Stock Market Dreams

The stock market is all about taking risks. You never know whether you will gain or lose. Some days it may rise sky high and on other days, the prices may fall through. 

Considering that, your dream may be indicating that one or few aspects of your life is currently under threat. 

Biblical Meaning Of Stock Market Dreams

Though the Bible did not mention anything specific about the stock market, it associates any type of investment with gambling. 

From that perspective, a dream of the stock market may reflect your wishes to get rich quickly without actually working for it. 

Psychological Meaning Of Stock Market in Dreams

It’s the nature of the stock market to rise and fall constantly. And from the psychological point of view, a dream featuring the stock market symbolizes your ability to handle your emotions – good or bad. 


Therefore, a dream of stock market can be classified neither as positive nor negative. Overall, it can be a sign of fluctuations, gains, and losses. 

While some augur auspicious days ahead, others could have happened warning you to put an end to something as soon as possible.