Key Takeaways

  • Visitation dreams are those where you feel you have really connected and communicated with a person who has already passed away.
  • These dreams are strangely vivid, logical, and real, unlike regular dreams.
  • In visitation dreams, the deceased do not communicate through words but through emotions, touch, signs, and symbols.
  • A person does not need to have psychic powers to have visitation dreams.
  • A true visitation dream will leave the dreamer comforted and changed to some degree.

A lot of dreamers around the world get intrigued by visitation dreams and from them, many refuse to buy the concept of connecting and communicating with someone who has left the physical world for the spiritual. 

In this article, we will uncover what exactly a visitation dream is, its characteristics, how to differentiate it from a common dream, and through which medium the dead reach out to the living.

Well, if that interests you, you better stick around because we will also talk about how to have a visitation dream. 

Visitation Dream - Meaning & Characteristics
Visitation Dream – Meaning & Characteristics
Messages From The Deceased In Visitation Dreams
Messages From The Deceased In Visitation Dreams

Visitation Dreams Meaning

Visitation dreams are defined as those where you feel as if you have communicated and connected with a person who has passed away. They are usually vivid, logical, too real to be true and upon waking, you would be able to remember every single event that took place in the dream. 

A visitation dream experience is when you feel as if you have communicated with a deceased person. 

Typically, the visits are from friends and family you were close with but not limited to. You may also see an acquaintance, a person you once interacted with, or family pets. 

These types of dreams are strangely vivid. Upon waking, you will be able to remember each and every aspect of the dream. It would seem too real that you’ll start wondering how you can communicate with a dead person. 

Visitation dreams are common and many of us will experience such dreams at some point in our lives. Unlike regular dreams, they will leave a lasting impression on the dreamer.

Furthermore, the dreamer is believed to undergo changes of some sort after experiencing a visitation dream. 

Carl Jung On Visitation Dreams

Carl Jung coined the term ‘Big Dreams’ to describe visitation dreams or visits from the dead in dreams.

While he refers to regular types of dreams as ‘little dreams’, ‘big dreams’ are those that have a more profound significance. 

According to him, when a person dreams of his or her deceased loved ones, it reflects his or her insights into spiritual levels. 

Visitation Dream Characteristics

There are various ways to tell if a dream falls under a visitation dream or not. Some of them are:

1. The deceased person appears healthy

In a visitation dream, the deceased person will look young and healthy. Whether he or she was bedridden, sickly, or deformed just before his or her passing away, the person will appear healthier, younger, and of course, happier. 

In a nutshell, how he or she looked years before falling ill is how that person will show himself or herself to you in the dream.

By appearing in such a manner, he or she conveys to you the message that he or she is doing well. 

Most of the time, no words will be exchanged while conveying the message. Instead, it will be delivered telepathically or mentally. 

On the contrary, if he or she appears sickly, injured, angry, and unhappy, that dream is not a visitation dream. Instead, the plot is merely a reflection of your own feelings of grief or anger. 

2. Visitation dreams are clear and organized

The structure of visitation dreams is vivid, clear, and organized. Upon awakening, if you remember every minute detail of the plot and the sensations you experience – touch, sound, or smell, chances are, that is a visitation dream. You may even feel like you got a real visit from someone. 

Often, such dreams tend to change the dreamer in certain aspects. 

3. Visitation dreams have a logical sequence

Regular dreams tend to be distorted and unorganized. One moment, you may see yourself eating at home and the next dream scenario may show you an image of yourself trekking in the Himalayas. 

It’s natural for normal dreams to take you from point A to D and back to C only to be thrown back to B. This is a characteristic of a normal dream where you try to process different emotions and feelings. 

Contrarily, the sequence of visitation dreams is extremely logical. Most visitation dreams start from A and then gradually move on to B, C, D, and so on. Also, you know exactly how you got from one point to the other. 

4. They have a purpose

Not everyone who wishes to have a visitation dream from a deceased loved one ends up having one. That is because such dreams usually have a purpose. 

If your deceased loved one has no important message or advice to guide you on, he or she will probably not show up.

In short, if neither the dreamer nor the deceased can benefit from such a visit, chances are it won’t happen. 

5. They warn you of danger

One of the reasons why visitation dreams occur is to warn the dreamer of something he or she has failed to notice – something that has the potential to put him or her in danger, if not corrected. 

Different Types of Visitation Dreams

Various types of visitation dreams experienced by dreamers around the world are-

1. One where the deceased person is surrounded by divine light

In the dream, there would be a light surrounding the deceased person. Also, he or she would be young, healthy, and happy without a trace of worry or stress on his or her face. 

Furthermore, he or she may communicate to you about how peaceful he or she is now that he or she is at a safe place.

Note that communication with the dead happens usually through emotions, signs, symbols, touches, and sensations, not through words spoken by us humans. 

Such types of dreams comfort you to some degree. 

2. You get just a mere glimpse of that deceased person

As you were having a regular dream, the image of a deceased person might suddenly pop up making you switch from your normal dream in pursuit of that one person but in vain. 

Sometimes it wouldn’t even be a glimpse of that person but something that is associated with or reminds you of him or her – scent, voice, laugh, etc. 

3. Memories

The memories you shared with the deceased person may play out in your dream. And when this happens, you may not want to be transported back to reality. 

Upon waking, you will be shattered to find out that it was nothing but a dream. 

According to experts, such types of visitation dreams happen because the person who passed away wants you to remember the good time you had together and not the unpleasant moments. 

Such types of scenarios are likely if you and that person were on bad terms before he or she passed away. 

4. Other things representing them

Sometimes, a deceased person may appear to you as an object. That sounds crazy but in the dream realm, nothing is impossible. The most common objects that represent a dead person in a visitation dream are –


In many cultures around the planet, dead people are offered coins. While some cultures called it alms, others believed it to be associated with their safe passage on their journey.

Whatever it is, there indeed is a close connection between the dead and coins. 

Now that we are talking about it, isn’t that the reason why people use coins to call up the holy spirits? 

Coming back to the point, if you dream of a coin and unexpectedly receive a coin the next day or in the following days, your dream was probably a visitation dream.

Perhaps your dead loved one wants you to feel assured that they are still watching out for you, even from afar. 


In some instances, your loved one may appear in your dream in the form of an animal. This often happens if that person has a close connection with some type of animal while alive. 

For example, if he or she had a cat whom he or she loved dearly, you may see a cat in your dream. 

Now, you might be thinking – a cat can appear in a regular dream too!

Yes, you are right. The animal can appear in other normal dreams too. But you would feel the difference in the dream itself – a cat in a normal dream and one in a visitation dream would never give off the same vibes. 

It doesn’t always have to be an animal the dead person was connected to. If the person’s height reminds you of a giraffe, then a giraffe might slip into your dream. 


If you come across a feather at an inappropriate place after you saw a dead person in your dream, that dream can be a visitation dream. 


In your dream, if you see a stone or trip over one, chances are, that is a visitation dream. In this case, your deceased loved one may be warning you about something – perhaps you need to get back to your senses and not trust people and situations blindly. 

He or she may even be reminding you of something – a piece of advice they gave while he or she was alive. 

Sometimes, you may see your loved one dropping a stone into a crystal clear pool.


If you get the smell of a particular flower – one you relate with a deceased loved one, out of the blue, after experiencing a dream that featured him or her, chances are, you had a visitation dream.

Deceased Loved Ones Visiting In Dreams: Release Dream

Your deceased loved ones may appear in your sleep state for a couple of reasons. That is to say, not every dream wherein a deceased loved one visits you falls under a true visitation dream. Many of them may release dreams. 

Release dreams help you understand the feelings and emotions you are presently dealing with such as grief and sadness to help you move on from them.

Unlike visitation dreams where the events occur in a logical sequence, release dreams can be irrational, illogical, and unorganized. 

Difference Between A Visitation Dream And A Normal Dream

Often, people confuse a visitation dream for a normal dream and vice-versa. Here are a couple of ways to differentiate a visitation dream from a normal dream scenario. 

1. Visitation dreams often involve a divine light

In a visitation dream, your loved one who has passed away may be surrounded by a divine light. 

Your loved one has left the mortal world and transitioned into the light. And now he or she exists primarily in that energy.

Of course, he or she can visit you on a physical plane but that deceased person may use the divine light to maintain a spiritual existence. 

The light may be anything from a subtle focus to a sunburst. 

2. The focus is on the deceased person or the object that represents him or her

In a regular dream, the deceased person is just one of the many entities present in the scenario, whereas the entire focus of a visitation dream is on that person. 

That person may look at you, smile at you, sit next to you or convey a message to you directly. 

Sometimes, the message he or she has for you may reside in a smile or a touch. 

3. The message is usually a peaceful one

To begin with, visitation dreams happen because your deceased loved one wants to visit and communicate with you. He or she may appear to convey you or someone else a message or to wrap up any unfinished business.

Whatever the objective is, a visitation dream would always be peaceful. If it includes screaming, shouting, or anything similar, that is most probably not a visitation dream. 

4. Words are not necessary to communicate

In visitation dreams, words are not necessary to connect with someone. A simple hug, a touch, or even just a smile will be able to convey a thousand words. 

In the same dream scenario, you may see other symbols and objects that you associate with that deceased person. 

For example, if your deceased friend with whom you often exchanged letters when he or she was alive appears, his or her presence may be accompanied by letters. 

In such types of dreams, it is common to see a television, radio, letter, mobile phone, or any other objects related to exchanging a message.

6. Visitation dreams feel too real

Visitation dreams can feel strangely real. Upon waking, you feel as if you really did meet or talk to that person.

And you may begin to wonder how you had talked to him or her when he or she is no longer in the mortal world. 

7. Visitation dreams comfort you

A normal dream will likely leave you confused and curious about its meaning. As you delve into that particular dream, it may comfort you but that comes later. 

A visitation dream will instantly leave you feeling good and comforted. Since spirits communicate out of love, a deceased near one appeared in your dream to show you love and comfort you.

Thus, the energy passes on and upon waking, you feel a sense of comfort and contentment. 

Many people who have reported experiencing visitation dreams claimed they feel at peace upon waking, without a trace of fear and confusion. 

Note that not every visitation dream will include the presence of a deceased person. In many cases, they are represented by something entirely different. 

Why Your Deceased Loved Ones Do Not Visit You In Dreams?

Visitation dreams are not rare, but they are not too common either. Your deceased loved ones may or may not appear in your dreams.

Even though you miss and desperately wish to see them once more, you may never get a visitation dream from them. And their refusal to appear in your dream is not your fault. 

Just as mortal humans, the deceased also have their own needs and goals. If they do not have any message to convey to you, they may not appear. 

At other times, it can be because they do not want to. This doesn’t mean your loved one who is now a spirit does not feel for you anymore. Often, it is because a visit will benefit neither you nor that deceased person. 

Another possible reason is that the deceased person has already crossed over, is on his or her spiritual developmental journey, and has nothing more to do with the physical world. 

What Is The Purpose Of Visitation Dreams

Imagine getting a message from a dead person in reality!

A door closing on its own, a bottle rolling over without anyone touching it, the phone ringing even after you picked it up.

Would you stay and wait for the message or would you flee?

Most probably, you would choose the latter.

In our dreaming state, we tend to be more receptive to messages from our deceased loved ones. We get the opportunity to see, feel, and listen to our loved ones without any distraction. 

Since our conscious mind is not present to dismiss the experience, messages conveyed in the dream world have more time to sink in. 

When Do Visitation Dreams Occur?

Usually, the first visitation occurs about 7 to 10 days following the transition, also known as the crossing-over window.

Can Deceased Loved Ones Really Communicate Through Dreams?

‘Are visitation dreams even real?’

This is a very common question. Many find it nerve-racking and impossible to believe. 

However, it indeed is true that dead people can visit and communicate with us in our dreams. 

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that not every dream from the deceased falls under true visitation dreams.

Some can release dreams, dreams that help you process your feelings and emotions to help you move on from the grief of losing a loved one. 

Therefore, to not confuse a release dream for a visitation dream and vice-versa, it’s important to study the context as well as the vibe.

Unlike release dreams, visitation dreams will feel extremely real to the point that you will wake up and search for that person. 

For a detailed characteristic and difference between visitation and other dreams, refer to the above sections. 

Messages From The Deceased In Visitation Dreams

Depending on the deceased person present, the message carried by a visitation dream will also differ.

1. A visitation dream about a dead family member

If you had a true visitation dream that featured a specific family member, it is a sign that the spirit of that person is trying to reach out to you. 

2. Seeing your dead grandmother in a visitation dream

If your dead grandmother appears in what you believe is a visitation dream, the objective of the visit may be to give you a piece of advice about something you are yet to notice. 

It may also be because you miss her. 

3. Visitation dreams about your dead father

Your dead father might make an appearance in your dream if you miss him and the days you spent together with him.

Another possible reason is that you are or you feel unprotected and vulnerable in the waking world. Chances are, the dream happened to warn you about someone or something. 

4. A visitation dream about your dead mother

There are various possibilities behind the appearance of your dead mother in a visitation dream. Perhaps you are facing an issue in reality and wish your mother was there with you to guide you. 

In that case, you need to listen to your heart and also note the details involved in the dream.

Since spirits also convey messages to the living through objects like feathers, coins, and stones, you have to analyze their relevance if you see any of these. 

Her appearance may also mean you miss her and want to see her one more time. 

5. A visitation dream about a dead uncle

There’s a possibility that you are having troubles with a man in the waking world, probably an authoritative figure. That person can be your boss at your workplace, a teacher, a headmaster, etc. 

At other times, it may mean you miss your uncle. 

6. A dead aunt in a dream

Besides you missing your aunt, another possible reason is that you would soon encounter a family problem that will have a huge negative impact on your life. 

7. A visitation dream from your dead husband

According to the dream, you still miss him to death and find it difficult to let him go. On the other hand, the visit may also be trying to tell you that he misses you the same way you do him. 

However, these types of visits may also mean your guilty conscience is disrupting your mental peace because you have kept away a secret from him. Listen carefully to the message conveyed by the dream. 

If you think a confession is hinted at, do not hesitate to as it will help put your distressed mind at ease. 

8. A visitation dream about a dead wife

Possible reasons are you still miss each other terribly. 

9. Dreaming about your dead brother

Many times, such dreams happen because you miss your brother. Also, it can be the spirit of your brother reaching out to let you know that he still has your back even though he can no longer be with you on the physical plane. 

10. A visitation dream about a dead sister

Chances are, you miss your sister and wish you can find a way to connect with her magically. The dream may have occurred to let you know that your sister misses you too but she is at a happy place now. 

Further, she may be telling you to accept her death and move on as she will not be back again. 

At other times, it is also possible that she is warning you about something. 

Dreams Of Visiting Dead Relatives/ Close Ones: How They Work?

First, it’s important to understand and accept that your deceased loved one no longer exists in the physical plane with you and the rest of humankind. 

After they pass away, deceased people operate on the energy of the divine light, which is what they use to connect and communicate with humans. The energy can be that of images,  ideas, thoughts, sensations, touch, emotions, etc. 

When in love with someone, you can tell that they love you not only through his or her words but actions as well. Similarly, the dead use the above energies to communicate with the living. 

More often than not, the dead do not say ‘I am doing well’, or ‘I am still looking out for you’ to the dreamer.

Still, the dreamer can feel them saying those words because of the energies transmitted to the dreamer via the dream. 

How To Have A Visitation Dream?

A lot of people have the notion that one needs special psychic abilities to have a visitation. But that cannot be farther from the truth. Anyone, literally anyone, can have a visitation dream. 

A few ways to have a visitation dream are-

1. Meditation before going to bed

As you are probably aware, meditation is one of the most effective and widely-accepted ways to calm down your mind, soul, body, and senses. A calmer mind and body will be more receptive to dreams. 

Additionally, you can practice yoga, breathing, and relaxation techniques, not necessarily before bed, though. 

2. Affirmations may help you communicate better with the deceased

Affirmations are powerful. Nothing can stand in the way of affirmations and manifestation combined. 

You can try telling yourself things like, “I am open to dreaming about X”, “I want X to appear in my dream and give me a message”, “ I want to see X in my dream”, so on and so forth.

Of course, the visitation dream you manifest will not happen after an affirmation or two.

Most likely, it will take numerous days or even weeks. But if you are sincere and true to your affirmations, the possibility of your loved one visiting you in your dream is high. 

3. Maintain a dream journal

Whether you wish to have a visitation dream or not, maintaining a dream journal is always a great idea.

Dreams are a window to your unconscious. They hint at issues and matters your conscious mind is not yet aware of or has overlooked.

But since most of us tend to forget our dreams even before the morning breaks, writing down dream details and events will help address issues that need attention. 

Visitation From The Dead In Dreams: Examples

  1. A person saw his/her grandmother in his/ her dream.

In the dream, his/her grandmother came up to him/her and left after ‘telling’ him/her goodbye.

According to the dreamer, his/her grandmother never uttered the word ‘goodbye’ but something about the turn of events in the dream tells him/her that his/her grandmother visited to say her farewell. 

That instant, the dreamer woke up from the dream and found his/her grandmother gone. 

  1. A dreamer saw her deceased grandfather in a dream.

In the dream, the grandfather appeared young, healthy, and handsome, not aged and weak as he was before he left the world.

In the same scenario, the dreamer also saw a telephone – a medium of communication often used by the dreamer and his deceased grandfather to communicate. 

Visitation  Dream Warning Of Dead

Often, deceased people showing up in the dream world is considered to be a warning for the dreamer.

Many cultures associate such dreams with the death of the dreamer. But according to experts, there is no connection between the two.

Of course, one or two coincidental deaths may have happened and those might have led to the assumption that visitation dreams foreshadow the death of the dreamer. 

As mentioned above, a lot of visitation dreams carry warning messages but none are directly associated with anybody’s death.

Often, they are to warn the dreamer about straying off the right path, or to be wary of a person, etc. 

Tips On How To Cope With Visitation Dreams

If you suddenly see a deceased person in your dream, when you are still mourning for his or her loss, the dream will probably put you under great stress. 

Following the tips listed below may help you cope with your dream to some extent-

  • Take careful notes
  • Do not be afraid 
  • Explore the meaning of dreams on a deeper level
  • Consider it a gift 
  • Practice meditation and relaxation
  • Ask for protection
  • Seek professional help if you deem it necessary
  • Seek spiritual counseling


For some, it will take longer to let the notion of communicating with the dead sink in. But let us remind you once again that a visitation dream is real and a visit from the dead is possible. 

Until the spirit of the deceased crosses over, he or she can appear anytime in your dream to convey a message or simply to let you know that he or she is watching over you.