A dream of thunder suggests you and your old friend may reunite. It might also warn about the forthcoming dangers, asking you to be mentally ready to face the challenges.

Moreover, this dream also asks you to check your behavior. So, let’s know more about these dreams here!

Are Thunder Dreams Always Bad News?

Mostly, dreams of thunder have a negative meaning. But that’s not true for all instances. Here are some general interpretations linked to the dreams of thunder.

  • It depicts your frustration and anxiety because of challenges in your life.
  • This dream asks you to en route towards spiritual enlightenment.
  • Be hopeful; soon, your difficulties will end, and you’ll have a chance to grab new opportunities.
  • Your professional life may see troubles because of your need for more planning.
  • You’ll reconnect with your old friends.
  • Some massive change is about to occur that will transform your life for the better.
  • You easily empathize with others and help anyone in need.

Common Dreams of Thunder & Their Meanings

Thunder dreams ask you to follow the spiritual path for your betterment. Similarly, it suggests you are too generous towards people in trouble and do everything possible to help them.

But every dream reveals a different meaning. There’s much more to it based on your dream scenarios.

Dreams about hearing thunder

This dream symbolizes sorrow and loneliness. It is possible that even when you are with many people, you still feel alone. 

You feel like you need someone with whom you can talk about your daily happenings. 

Watching thunder

This dream indicates that you and a close friend plan to reunite. You need to forgive and forget the hurtful things you said to each other in your rage.

Recording a thunder

The dream reflects your emotional state. Your relationship will flourish when you decide to be honest with your partner. You will finally speak about some things that have been bothering you.

Photographing thunder

This dream signifies you will take some risks for yourself. If you are a businessperson, you may need to take a risky but potentially profitable action with your team occasionally.

Thunder on TV in a dream

It depicts your real-life experiences. For instance, if someone has recently offended you and you reacted poorly, thunder may represent a warning from your unconscious mind to respond the next time differently. 

Thunder waking you up

It represents a restless state of mind. Your dream reflects a problem you’re facing in waking life that no amount of effort will help you resolve. 

Thunder with heavy rain

It’s a sign of trouble ahead for the people you care about, who may be having problems at work or in their social group. You will watch what is going on from a distance. 

Dream of being afraid of thunder

It warns that you probably forgot an important responsibility in the waking world. There was likely one work-related or personal obligation that you should have completed on time.

It shows you have many responsibilities. Try to transfer your work to avoid such things happening.

Hiding from thunder

It signifies tension because you may be dealing with an emotional or financial problem.

Having goosebumps because of the thunder

This dream warns that bad news is coming. Your friend may confide in you about difficulties they’re experiencing. However, bad news can also link to a member of your family who will get into serious trouble. 

Hearing thunder rolls right above your head

This dream suggests that you are guilty about something. 

Trying to reconstruct thunder in a laboratory

This dream signifies you’re feeling emotionally flat and looking for ways to spice things up. 

Seeing lightning first and thunder after

This can be a subtle warning that something bad will happen.

Dream meaning of a thundercloud

It serves as a warning that significant life changes are on the horizon. Maybe the people you know have no idea what kind of surprises and changes are in store for them. Get ready for the worst, and you might come out on top.

Hearing big thunder, no lightning

It’s a warning that something bad will happen. Even if they happen, they probably won’t impact you much, so try not to worry.


It is a symbol of stability and spirituality. You’ll be mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with whatever challenges lie ahead.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of thunder usually warn you about upcoming dangers. They ask you to be prepared for the worst yet courageous to face the upcoming problems.

Moreover, these dreams also ask you to finish your responsibilities before it’s too late. So, analyze your life and complete any unresolved tasks.

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