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Dream of Toys – 35 Types and Interpretations

Dream of Toys – 35 Types and Interpretations

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on Aug 10, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming of Toys - 35 Types and Interpretations

Did you recently have a dream of toys? Didn’t it make you want to go back to your childhood and play with them? While toys in your dreams can definitely be a symbol of nostalgia, they can also indicate many other things.

Are you feeling intrigued? Then keep reading!

Dream of Toys – General Interpretations

Dreaming about toys can be an indication of your fear of commitment or that you want to go back to your childhood days. Alternatively, they can also mean that a baby will soon arrive at your house, or that there is a phase of boredom in your life right now.

Toys can appear quite frequently in your dreams, especially if you have little children all over your house. But even if you don’t, these things can hide deeper meanings.

Each dream of a toy depends on the type of toy and of course, the dreamer. So come on, let’s get started!

1. You are scared of commitment

Dreaming of toys can be a big signal that you are scared of committing to someone.

You don’t wish to take on any major responsibilities and you would rather stay carefree and childish instead of becoming mature.

2. You feel nostalgic

Another general interpretation of dreaming of toys is that you want to go back to your childhood.

You feel nostalgic and your childhood serves as a reminder of happier times. You greatly long for those happy times again.

3. There will soon be a new member of your family

We always associate toys with children, for obvious reasons.

So, another dream meaning of toys is that there will be the arrival of a new member in your family. A baby will soon come, who will lighten up all your lives.

4. You feel bored

Dreaming of toys can also indicate a phase where you feel stagnant and bored. There’s no real progress happening in your professional or personal life, so there is nothing much to entertain you right now.

5. You adjust according to your family’s wishes

Lastly, seeing toys can also mean that you are someone who always puts your family’s needs before yours. You tend to sacrifice your happiness and comfort so that your family members can be happy and safe.

Dreaming of Toys – 35 Types and Interpretations

Did you know that dreaming of a brand new toy indicates happiness in your family, while dreaming of an old toy means financial hardships?

These minute changes can create such big differences in the dream realm! But to know more, let’s explore some specific types of toy dreams.

1. Dream of new toy

If you see yourself playing with a brand new toy, it means that you will receive great news, most notably, the arrival of a new member of your household.

If many people are playing with new toys in the dream, it means your entire family will have happy times.

2. Dream of used toys

A used or old toy in your dreams is not a good sign because it reflects economical problems. You might have to go through an especially hard time but don’t let that affect you too much. This phase will pass soon.

3. Dream of children’s toy

Seeing children’s toys in your dreams is a sign that you miss your childhood. You want to escape from the burdens of adult life and go back to simpler times.

However, since you can’t actually go back in time, you should make the best of your situation.

4. Dream of many toys

Seeing multiple toys in your dreams suggests that you will soon be blessed with a period of prosperity and happiness. However, in order to actually enjoy success, you must work hard first and do things sincerely.

5. Dream of buying a toy

Dreaming of buying a toy indicates that you wish to have a child of your own.

Depending on the kind of toy that you bought, it can also mean that you sometimes act childishly. Try to not be so careless because it can affect you later.

6. Dream of an adult toy

This dream is mostly meant for older people. It indicates that you are independent and you know how to keep yourself happy. You are someone who has grown to love adult life without sacrificing your joy.

7. Dream of old toy

A toy that seems old or worn out shows that you are constantly worried or anxious about little things.

This is a very common dream for young adults, who have just been introduced to responsibilities and duties.

8. Dream of baby toy

Dreaming of a baby toy or a toy meant for really small children shows that you want to become a parent.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you will soon give birth to a child. Your mind is telling you to find out the gender of the child.

9. Dream of broken toy

A broken toy in your dreams symbolizes pain and agony. As a child, you might have cried when your toys broke.

Similarly, something in your current life is hurting you. So, you must figure out what it is and eliminate the pain.

10. Dream of selling toy

A dream where you sell toys is an indication that you will mature at a young age. You are already ahead of your peers and you know how to work responsibly.

Your parents and life experiences have taught you how to handle things maturely.

11. Dream of playing with toy

If you are playing with a toy in your dreams, it means that you have a fear of growing up. You want to ignore your life’s difficulties and focus only on remaining a child.

It also means that you have no wish to be a part of serious problems.

12. Dream of losing favorite toy

This is a really bad omen because it means that something terrible will happen to you or a loved one. It can even be something as horrible as death. Something or someone very precious to you will be lost forever.

13. Dream of children playing with toys

If you dream of many children playing with toys, it indicates that there will soon be some sort of celebration in your family, such as marriage or the birth of a child.

Everyone will be very excited and you will all be immersed in preparations.

14. Dream of putting toys on shelf or box

This dream is a good omen because it symbolizes your nature. You are someone who loves to keep things organized and neat.

This not only helps you in your daily chores but also makes you successful in your job.

15. Dream of destroying toys

If you are breaking or destroying some toys in your dreams, it means that you have very little happiness in life.

You have turned into a bitter and angry person because life has made you so. You feel that nothing good can come into your life.

16. Dream of snake toy

If you see dream of snake toy, this is a negative sign. It means that there is a real-life snake who will try to steal your happiness.

That person might seem to be very friendly and kind but is secretly plotting your downfall.

17. Dream of toy rope

Dreaming of a toy rope symbolizes that you are currently confused in life. You don’t know what to do or how to move forward in life.

Alternatively, it can also mean that something is constantly bothering you at the back of your mind.

18. Dream of gifting toys to known person

A dream where you are gifting a toy to someone indicates that you both have a very strong bond.

Your relationship may or may not be romantic but you both really care for and respect each other and you will have happy times together.

19. Dream of gifting toys to stranger

On the other hand, if you dream that you are gifting a toy to an absolute stranger, it means that you will crave the attention of someone who will not notice you.

That person may be your boss, crush, or friend.

20. Dream of playing with inflatable toys

If you are playing with inflatable toys in your dreams, especially with your child, it indicates that you need to take a break from work and focus on resting.

You have been working tirelessly for a long time and your body is burnt out.

21. Dream of receiving toys

If someone you know gifts you toys in your dreams, it indicates that your relationship with your friends and colleagues will improve soon.

You probably had a conflict with someone related to something bizarre but this will die down.

22. Dream of finding toys

If you suddenly find toys in your dreams, it indicates that someone will give you good news. It can also mean that someone very close to you will tell you that they are expecting a baby. You will be overjoyed with the news.

23. Dream of stealing toys

A dream of stealing toys from someone else is a sign that your childish behavior will soon land you in trouble.

Maybe you’ll say something inappropriate while hanging out with your friends and they will become uncomfortable.

24. Dream of someone stealing toys

If someone steals toys from you in your dreams, it means that there will be some sort of damage. Maybe your car or house appliance will break down. Unfortunately, you won’t have enough money for repairing the item.

25. Dream of repairing toys

If you are repairing your own toy or someone else’s toys, it indicates that you will play the role of a mediator between two parties who are having a heated argument.

These two people will ask you to pick sides but you’ll have a hard time doing so because you love both of them.

26. Dream of throwing away toys

Seeing yourself throwing away your toys somewhere is a reflection of your sacrifice.

Someone you deeply love will ask you to give up something and you will do that in order to not lose that person. Alternatively, it might also mean that you’ll give up a bad habit.

27. Dream of toys in baby crib

If you dream of toys being placed in a safe place, such as a box or a baby’s crib, it means that a happy occasion will soon come knocking on your door.

This news will make you leave your work and other commitments so that you can spend time with your family.

28. Dream of donating toys

If you donate some toys to your local charity or to someone else, it reflects negative things. People around you are not taking you seriously.

Your voice is not being heard and this makes you unhappy. You want others to value you.

29. Dream of becoming toy

This might be a very strange dream but if you suddenly turn into a toy yourself, it indicates that you feel trapped under someone else’s control.

This person might be your friend, family member, or your significant other.

30. Dream of plush toys

Dreaming of soft plush toys is also a bad omen because it means that you are always concerned about your health.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you need to visit your physician as soon as possible for a check-up.

31. Dream of toy dolls

Dreaming of playing with dolls is a sign that you will soon be in the company of some people who will make you relive your childhood.

You will spend precious time with them and enjoy it to your fullest because they will give you happy memories.

32. Dream of someone destroying toys

Someone who is constantly breaking or destroying your toys in your dreams can be a menace in your waking life.

This person is constantly causing family quarrels and misunderstandings. They are toxic and like to create trouble.

33. Dream of scary toys

Seeing scary or ghost toys in your dreams shows that in your waking life, a relationship that you cherished will soon end.

Perhaps your partner will break up with you or your best friend will move away, causing you both to lose touch with each other.

34. Dream of toy car

A toy car in your dreams is a symbol of your wish to change your appearance. You will spend a lot of money to buy new clothes and undergo a make-over. Everyone will admire the new you and you will feel loved.

35. Dream of being in toy shop

If you are looking at toys in a toy shop, it means that you will fall in love with someone much younger than you.

On the other hand, if you were window shopping in a toy shop, it means that an old love story will suddenly resurface.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of toys

In the spiritual realm, dreaming of toys might not be a great sign. It represents someone who is trying to control you in your waking life.

Your spirit guide is telling you to be aware and not give in to that person’s wishes all the time.

Biblical Interpretation of dreaming of toys

There isn’t anything much written in the Bible about toys but many people believe that dreaming of a toy represents ideas and situations in your real life.

You are playing with or experimenting different things and getting to know the world more.

Psychological interpretation of dream of toys

Psychologically, toys reflect our childish whims and desires. All of us wish to relax and become kids, just to enjoy our lives again.

So if you keep dreaming of toys, it can be a sign that your subconscious mind is telling you to have some fun.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret toy dreams correctly

Recollecting the events of any dream can be difficult because so many of us forget the little details. But without these details, you won’t be able to interpret your dreams correctly. So here are some questions to help you out.

1. What kind of toys do you dream about?

2. What is the condition of the toys in your dreams?

3. Have you ever dreamed of breaking or destroying toys?

4. Have you ever dreamed of stealing toys from someone?

5. Whom do you dream of playing with?

6. Have you dreamed of seeing multiple toys at once?

7. Where is the toy kept in your dreams?

8. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a toy?

9. How frequently do you dream of toys?

10. What are your feelings while dreaming of toys?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Toys have always formed an integral part of any kid’s childhood. In fact, there has been an entire movie series about toys coming to life (remember Toy Story?)! In the same way, dreaming of toys can be a signal to bring your ideas to life and work hard for your success