Dreaming about toys can be an indication of your fear of commitment or that you want to go back to your childhood days.

Alternatively, they can also mean that a baby will soon arrive at your house, or that there is a phase of boredom in your life right now.

General Dream Interpretations of Toys

Toys can appear quite frequently in your dreams, especially if you have little children all over your house. But even if you don’t, these things can hide deeper meanings.

Each dream of a toy depends on the type of toy and of course, the dreamer. So come on, let’s get started!

  • You are scared of commitment
  • You feel nostalgic
  • There will soon be a new member of your family
  • You feel bored
  • You adjust according to your family’s wishes

Dreaming of Toys – Various Types and Interpretations

Did you know that dreaming of a brand new toy indicates happiness in your family, while dreaming of an old toy means financial hardships?

These minute changes can create such big differences in the dream realm! But to know more, let’s explore some specific types of toy dreams.

Dream of new toy

If you see yourself playing with a brand new toy, it means that you will receive great news, most notably, the arrival of a new member of your household.

If many people are playing with new toys in the dream, it means your entire family will have happy times.

Dream of used toys

It is not a good sign because it reflects economical problems. You might have to go through an especially hard time but don’t let that affect you too much. This phase will pass soon.

Dream of children’s toy

It is a sign that you miss your childhood. You want to escape from the burdens of adult life and go back to simpler times.

However, since you can’t actually go back in time, you should make the best of your situation.

Many toys

Seeing multiple toys in your dreams suggests that you will soon be blessed with a period of prosperity and happiness.

However, in order to actually enjoy success, you must work hard first and do things sincerely.

Buying a toy

It indicates that you wish to have a child of your own. Depending on the kind of toy that you bought, it can also mean that you sometimes act childishly.

An adult toy

It indicates that you are independent and you know how to keep yourself happy. You are someone who has grown to love adult life without sacrificing your joy.

Old toy

It shows that you are constantly worried or anxious about little things. This is a very common dream for young adults, who have just been introduced to responsibilities and duties.

Baby toy

Dreaming of a baby toy or a toy meant for really small children shows that you want to become a parent.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you will soon give birth to a child.

Broken toy

A broken toy in your dreams symbolizes pain and agony. As a child, you might have cried when your toys broke.

Selling toy

It is an indication that you will mature at a young age. You are already ahead of your peers and you know how to work responsibly.

Destroying toys

It means that you have very little happiness in life. You have turned into a bitter and angry person because life has made you so. You feel that nothing good can come into your life.

Snake toy

If you see dream of snake toy, this is a negative sign. It means that there is a real-life snake who will try to steal your happiness.

Stealing toys

A dream of stealing toys from someone else is a sign that your childish behavior will soon land you in trouble.

Toy dolls

Dreaming of playing with dolls is a sign that you will soon be in the company of some people who will make you relive your childhood.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of toys

In the spiritual realm, dreaming of toys might not be a great sign. It represents someone who is trying to control you in your waking life.

Your spirit guide is telling you to be aware and not give in to that person’s wishes all the time.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Toys have always formed an integral part of any kid’s childhood. In fact, there has been an entire movie series about toys coming to life (remember Toy Story?)!

In the same way, dreaming of toys can be a signal to bring your ideas to life and work hard for your success