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Dream of Wheat: 30 Types & their Interpretations

Dream of Wheat: 30 Types & their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 13, 2023 | Published on Aug 03, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Wheat - 30 Types and Their Interpretations

A dream of wheat may seem unusual but it has a lot of significance in the dream dictionary.

While seeing wheat or wheat products in your dreams can be a message from your stomach that you’re angry, some other dream interpretations are much more complex.

Ready to find out more? Then let’s go!

Wheat Dream Meaning – General Interpretationsṣ

Dream of wheat implies that your life will be happy and prosperous. Alternatively, it can also mean that you’ll soon get a job or that you need to work hard to achieve success.

Wheat, for centuries, has been a staple food item for many countries around the world. It’s easy to grow, is nutritious, and fills your stomach.

So, what does it mean when you suddenly dream of wheat grains or wheat fields? Here are some of the general interpretations to get you started.

1. You will have a happy life

Since most dreams concerning wheat are good ones, seeing this crop can indicate that your life will be happy and joyful.

If you’re currently going through a dark phase, your subconscious mind is telling you that it won’t last for long.

2. You will earn a lot of wealth

The next positive dream interpretation of wheat is that you will suddenly inherit a lot of wealth.

Perhaps one of your relatives will leave behind a large sum of money or you’ll win the lottery. Or you can even get promoted and get a raise.

3. You will be employed soon

For people who are unemployed at the moment, dreaming of wheat can bring forth good news.

You will soon receive an offer letter to join a prestigious company or an opportunity to climb up the ladder of success.

4. You have to work hard

One negative dream meaning of wheat is that your inner mind is telling you to work harder.

You’re probably not seeing satisfactory results because you’re not working as much as you should be. It’s now time to get up and focus on your goals.

5. You need to fix something

Another important message that wheat can symbolize is that you have to change some aspect of your current life.

It can be a job, your partner, or anything else that has been affecting you negatively for a long time. This is the time to make some good changes.

Dream of Wheat – 30 Types and interpretations

Dreaming of wheat has a wide variety of messages for the dreamer, but it mostly points towards current aspects of your life.

For example, seeing a pile of wheat in a bucket indicates that you will be successful in your endeavors, while the same wheat in a sack promises an increase in your income.

These minute changes can symbolize so many different things! So, keep reading to find out more about wheat dreams.

1. Dreaming of wheat field

Dreaming of a field full of wheat crops is an extremely favorable sign. It means that you will be blessed with a lot of joy and prosperity.

It also means that you are a sincere person loved by all. If you’re in love, you might get a good impression at first sight.

2. Dream of yellow wheat

Yellow wheat signifies ripening. In your dreams, it indicates that you are finally ready to fulfill your goals.

This is the perfect time for you to start working and achieving all your heart’s desires. However, be careful on this journey.

3. Dream of harvesting wheat

If you see yourself harvesting wheat, it symbolizes that it’s time for you to finish your pending work. Instead of piling them up, take on these projects one by one.

Alternatively, it may also imply that there’s time until you can reap the benefits of your hard work.

4. Dreaming of green wheat

Green wheat is the unripe form of wheat. In the dream realm too, it represents that you’re not yet ready to take on bug responsibilities.

You’re still relatively immature and childish, so you need to become an adult in order to work like one.

5. Dreaming of wheat germ

Wheat germ in your dreams is symbolic purity. Your mind is telling you that you are going to pursue something good and pure.

However, even though you have good qualities, you also have some bad ones that must be rectified.

6. Dreaming of golden wheat

Golden wheat is one of the most favorable signs in the dream realm. It indicates that you will be successful in all your paths. You will be able to make the best use of your skills.

7. Dream of cooking wheat

If you see yourself cooking wheat in your dreams, it is a sign that you are ready to start enjoying your life.

When it comes to work or your projects, this dream is a telltale sign that your hard work has paid off and now you will be able to relax.

8. Dream of wheat and rice

Seeing wheat and rice together in your dreams is a sign that you are comfortable with the people you work with.

You know that they are all your well-wishers and have your back during tough times. You feel that they are the best, so you’re satisfied.

9. Dream of black wheat

Even though black symbolizes negative things in the dream realm, dreaming of black wheat is actually a positive sign.

It means that you are very flexible and can easily adapt to your surroundings. No matter how tough the situation is, you know how to face it.

10. Dream of wheat powder

Wheat powder in your dreams is an indication that it’s now time for you to let go and relax for a while. You may have sacrificed a lot earlier and your hard work is now reaping benefits.

If you are a worker, it means that you will get increased wages.

11. Dream of spilled wheat grains

If you see yourself being surrounded by tiny wheat grains that are spilled on the road, it indicates that you will have plenty of food and other substances at home.

There will be no financial problems throughout the year.

12. Dream of wheat inside sack

Dreaming of wheat crops all bundled up in a sack is a sign that your fortunes will increase.

You will earn a lot more money and your lucky days are just beginning. However, your mind is also telling you to save and spend money properly.

13. Dream of eating wheat

If you dream of yourself eating wheat or wheat-based food, it represents that you will be placed in a manner of great importance somewhere.

If the wheat you’re eating is hard, this is also a good omen because it means that your hard work will now reap benefits.

14. Dream of picking wheat

Picking wheat crops in your dreams is a sign that you will travel to new places and make lots of new friends there.

Even though most of these friends will be kind-hearted, you must still be careful. If you were picking green wheat, it means that the job you started will result in frustration.

15. Dream of walking in wheat field

Walking in a field full of wheat is not a good sign. For a man, this dream means that he needs to be very careful about spending money. Hard times are about to come and he might even become extremely poor.

16. Dream of climbing steep slopes of wheat field

In your dreams, if you’re climbing the steep slopes of a field filled with wheat and you’re clinging on by the stems, this is a really positive sign.

It reflects the fact that you will soon become financially successful and will make a name for yourself.

17. Dream of field covered with verdant growing wheat

Verdant means lush grassy fields. Seeing wheat growing in a verdant plant is a sign that you will be in the midst of friends and family who will deeply care for you.

They will keep you safe and happy and you will feel secure with them.

18. Dream of large wheat grain after threshing

Dreaming of large grains of wheat that you obtained after threshing points to the fact that you must keep your doors wide open in order to allow prosperity to come in.

If you make good use of your opportunities, you will have a lot of wealth.

19. Dream of wheat grains getting wet due to leaky barn

In your dreams, if a large pile of wheat grains got wet due to a leak in the barn roof, it indicates negative omens.

You have only focused on your own well-being without giving a thought to other people. So in the future, you can suffer from your enemies’ anger.

20. Dream of rubbed wheat

Rubbing wheat on your hands or holding rubbed wheat in your hands is an indication that you need to work extremely hard to achieve your goals.

However, your mind also tells you that you will succeed if you work sincerely.

21. Dream of collecting wheat

Collecting wheat crops or grains in your dreams means that in your waking life, you are worrying too much about your wealth.

You are constantly collecting all sorts of money from different places because you’re scared that you might lose them all one day.

22. Dream of rotten or flattened wheat

This dream suggests that there are a lot of hurdles in front of you. You might feel demotivated or have a lack of self-confidence because of these difficulties but your mind is telling you to keep going and not give up.

23. Dream of harvesting wheat in sheaves

Dreaming of wheat harvesting in sheaves is a sign that you will be prosperous in your current endeavors. You might not realize it right away, but you are already walking on the path of success and fame.

24. Dream of buying wheat

Buying wheat in your dreams shows that you will increase your ways of income by taking up a new job or working two jobs at once.

For a woman, this dream means that she might soon give birth to a new member of the family.

25. Dream of wheat circles or rings

Seeing wheat crops arranged in a circular pattern in a field is a symbol that you will be protected by your spiritual guide in the following days.

Since the circle is a mark of being protected from evil, you shall also be protected from negativity.

26. Dream of being allergic to wheat

If you suddenly see yourself becoming allergic to wheat, it is a sure sign for your body to start eating healthy.

You might have been having a lot of junk food lately, and your body is telling you to start eating a balanced diet.

27. Dreaming of giving someone wheat

Giving someone wheat in your dreams is not a good omen. It is a reflection of your bad mood and irritability.

Perhaps you’ll soon get into a fight with the other person in your dreams because of your foul mood.

28. Dream of washing wheat

Washing wheat grains shows that you will become very successful in your professional life. You’ll probably get a promotion or a high raise from your superiors.

29. Dream of wheat market

Seeing an entire market full of wheat piles, sellers, and wheat buyers is a signal from your mind to appreciate what you have.

Many people in the world suffer from poverty and you must be thankful for receiving food and other necessities.

30. Dream about stealing wheat

If you dream of stealing wheat from someone else, it indicates that you may suffer a huge money loss.

Perhaps this will be caused due to bad investments or any other illegal activities. Therefore, try to keep your money as safe as possible.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of wheat

Spiritually, wheat has been considered the gift for life and the fruit of the earth. Wheat is also associated with purity and blessings.

In Greek mythology, Demeter, the Goddess of fertility, displayed a single grain of wheat during her wedding with Zeus.

Biblical Interpretation of dream of wheat

According to the Bible, those who dream of wheat are true believers of God.

In Matt 13:24, it has been said that dreaming of wheat is a prosperous sign and if one sees ripe wheat in their dreams, it means that they will follow God’s words and are blessed by Him.

Psychological Interpretation of dream of wheat

Most dreams of wheat have a positive interpretation. Although most of them point towards increment of your wealth, many other wheat dreams signal you that through hard work, anything is possible.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret wheat dreams correctly

No matter what you dream, if you wish to interpret it properly, you need to remember the small details in your dreams.

But since recollecting can be hard, here are some questions to make things easier for you.

1. What was the color of the wheat in your dreams?

2. Was the wheat ripe or unripe in your dreams?

3. Did you ever dream of eating wheat?

4. Where did you see the wheat growing? In a field or somewhere unusual?

5. Have you ever dreamed of stealing wheat?

6. How often do you dream of wheat?

7. What are your feelings while having this dream? Happy or anxious?

8. Do you dream of seeing multiple wheat crops together?

9. In what shape are the wheat crops arranged?

10. Where is the wheat kept? In a sack or bucket?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Even though dreams of wheat imply lots of wealth and happiness, it also asks you to be careful and spend money wisely. You must lead your life truthfully and keep your loved ones happy.

Remember, the message from your dreams is just a message if you don’t act on it!