If you have been dreaming about a prince, it’s likely that you consider yourself important and superior to others. Perhaps you think you are great enough to look down on people you believe are inferior to you. 

That said, a prince can also mean several good things. Perhaps it’s a sign that your prince charming will appear before you unexpectedly one of these days. Or maybe you will reconcile with an old flame! It all depends on the dream details. 

What Does Dreaming About A Prince Signify?

Dreaming about a prince shows you wish to be considered heroic, applauded, and even put on a pedestal for doing something great. Alternatively, the dream can be a projection of your genuine love and affection for a particular person. 

Generally, dreaming about a prince symbolizes nobility, strength, leadership, power, and fortune. You could be recognized and honored for some great deeds in the near future. 

To interpret this dream, you will have to ask yourself how you associate the figure with, in reality. 

While some people associate a prince with a generous person who steps forward to get people out of misery, others believe a prince stands for egotism. 

Princes in a dream also signify a feeling of inner strength and power. Perhaps you are becoming more confident in yourself and your abilities. Or maybe you have now realized your potential.

A prince can also symbolize the hope of finding true love. Of course, you know where this stems from. 

Princes are also associated with riches and luxury. You could be working hard day in and day out and striving for financial success.

If there’s someone you love and genuinely care for, regardless of whether he or she is presently in a relationship with you or not, a prince could be a projection of your feelings toward that individual.

Sometimes, the dream might be a warning sign from the universe urging you to stay vigilant and keep a close watch on your surroundings. 

On the downside, if a prince appears in your dream out of the blue, that shows you consider yourself superior to others and believe you have the privilege and even the right to use those who are literally ‘beneath’ you. 

Dreaming About A Prince : Various Scenarios And Their Meanings

Just like any other dream theme, there’s no one-size-fits-all for a prince-related dream. It is your real-life perception of the figure, beliefs, life experiences, the dream details, and how you react to the dream that determines the meaning. 

Be that as it may, going through the following scenarios will give you insight into how to approach the dream. 

1. Seeing yourself as a prince in a dream

From a professional viewpoint, seeing yourself as a prince is associated with taking over the family business. 

Seeing yourself as a prince also reflects your desire to be noticed. On the contrary, it shows you admire your accomplishments because you believe others consider you important and put you on a pedestal. 

Negatively, the dream could be symbolic of your arrogance, conceited nature, and egotism

2. To dream about being the prince of a kingdom

Seeing yourself as the prince of a kingdom shows you tend to have an authoritative attitude though you do not possess enough qualities of a good leader. 

If you find that confusing, think of a person who got into a company as a manager or a team leader, not through skills and experience but nepotism. Or a child who bosses over his/ her younger siblings when his or her parents are not around. 

3. Dreaming about seeing a prince riding on a white horse

A prince on a white horse projects your desire to be considered heroic or chivalric for rescuing someone or something. 

On the contrary, the vision of a prince on a riding horse can also mean someone in your surroundings needs help and assistance. 

Also, you can dream of the above if you want someone to come and rescue you from a miserable situation. 

4. A gay prince in a dream

A gay prince shows you are pretty open about your sexuality. Note that this is especially true if you were also comfortable during the dream and upon waking. 

The same meaning holds if you were the prince. 

On the other hand, if the scene makes you feel uneasy, that could mean you are yet to come out about your sexual preferences.

5. Dreaming about a crown prince

According to the plot, someone or something that made you feel at the top of the world at one point in your life is now stressing you out. 

The dream might also mark the end of a significant chapter of your life. Chances are, you will get distracted and move away from the goals you intend to accomplish. 

Also, note that a crown prince can show up at any time in your life if you have let yourself be influenced heavily by negativity. 

6. Meeting a prince in a dream

Generally, meeting a prince portends minor health issues, probably due to a sedentary lifestyle. 

Through the scenario, the subconscious urges you to release people, memories, and things that give you nothing but worry. Set yourself free and create room for new people and new opportunities. 

Your life will improve beyond expectations once you cleanse yourself from the negativity that has been consuming you. 

7. Dreaming that you are in the company of a prince

The scenario reflects your flirtatious side. You wish to indulge in romantic adventures with a new person. 

8. To dream about starting a conversation with a prince

The dream is a sign from the universe that your marriage is blessed.

Furthermore, your relationship with your partner is getting stronger day by day.

9. Dreaming about talking to a prince

You could be considering marriage on a serious note if you dream about talking to a prince.

On the other hand, talking to a prince might also be a sign that one of your wishes will soon come true. 

Some dream books associate the scenario with sensual stimulation, relaxation, and enjoyment. 

10. A dream about dating a prince

Likely, you are progressing smoothly and are on the right path in life if you dream about dating a prince. 

In some cases, it emphasizes the need to establish boundaries. 

11. Dreaming of a prince courting you

According to the dream, you desire to get into a romantic fling with someone new. 

12. Kissing a prince in a dream

The dream is a reflection of your adaptability and flexible nature that allows you to bounce back easily from disappointments and setbacks. 

It can also mean you are struggling to keep something to yourself in the waking world, a secret, or the fact that you have a huge crush on someone. 

13. Seeing a prince’s child in a dream

Such a dream indicates you are stressed about your studies. 

14. To dream about a prince giving you Cinderella glass slippers

According to the plot, you are refusing to accept who and what you really are. Instead, you are pretending to be someone and trying to look perfect. 

15. A dream about marrying a prince

Because of past pain and heartaches, you have problems trusting and relying on others. 

Marrying a prince can also be a sign of good luck coming your way soon. 

16. Dreaming about a prince honored with recognition

There’s a possibility that your work will be acknowledged. 

17. Dreaming about encountering a tyrannic prince

Encountering a tyrannical prince shows you will have to face certain difficult situations created by your rivals sometime in the near future. 

18. Dreaming about a prince behaving aggressively

A prince with obnoxious and aggressive behavior is the higher self warning you to keep a close eye on someone in your surrounding. 

He or she has the potential to wreck your life. 

19. A prince with a sword in a dream

The dream indicates you will do all it takes to accomplish your life goals, even though that means losing some of your dear ones. 

20. To dream about struggling to resist a prince with a sword

There’s a possibility that you will fight every obstacle that arises on your way to take back your property or inheritance from your relatives. 

21. Seeing a prince with a white horse in a dream

A prince with a white horse is a good sign. It shows your partner loves, trusts, and is committed to you. 

Such a scenario can also be a sign that a wedding is on the horizon. 

22. A prince with a black or brown horse in a dream

Due to your recklessness and past wrongdoings, many people around you do not trust you. 

23. To dream of being summoned by a prince

A prince summoning you in a dream augurs a happy event that will give you ample opportunities to exhibit your talents and achievements to others, much to their envy. 

24. To dream of being a prince who’ll soon become a king

Someone will ask you to take charge of some tasks in the near future. 

25. A dream about a prince and a princess

Oftentimes, a dream featuring both a prince and a princess augurs great success and new beginnings. 

However, if you think you are struggling to achieve your goals, their presence indicates the need to be more tenacious and persistent. 

On the downside, the scenario shows you are refusing to accept something about yourself. Instead, you have buried it deep within you. 

26. Dreaming about a prince marrying a princess

If things have not been going too well between you and a loved one – parent, siblings, children, or even lover, the dream indicates now is the ideal time to talk it out. 

27. A dream about a dying prince

Chances are, you are letting go of opportunities that could have given you wealth and financial freedom, had you tried. 

28. Dreaming about having a prince friend

One of these days you will run into an old friend. 

And you’ll feel that he or she is no longer the person you once knew. 

29. Dreaming about a child dressing up like a prince

Here, the child represents you, and the prince costume stands for the degree, knowledge, and skill sets you have accumulated in the past. 

For some reason, you will consider going back to those learnings. 

30. An adult clad in a prince costume

The scenario symbolizes the restoration and reignition of your old flame. 

31. A dream about prince charming

Seeing prince charming shows you want to give in to the love and affection you have for a specific person. 

32. Dreaming about a royal prince

If a prince shows up in your dream in all royalty, that could mean you are surrounded by trustworthy people you can fall back on during hard times. 

On the other hand, it can also mean you are acknowledging the decisions you have made and the person you are evolving into. 

Negatively, a royal prince is interpreted as discontentment in your love life. 

33. A married woman dreaming about prince charming

For a married woman, a prince charming is an ill omen. Your marriage seems to be on the rocks. According to the scenario, either you or your spouse will feel tempted to get into an extramarital affair. 

34. An unmarried woman dreams about a charming prince

The scenario hints at a potential breakup with your current partner. 

35. A boy or a young man dreaming about a prince

The dream projects the dreamer’s wish to be perceived by others as a real man. 

Spiritual Meaning About A Prince In Dreams

A prince is the epitome of masculinity, knowledge, intellect, strength, and power. 

Chances are you seek a man with such qualities in waking life. Or if you are a male, the appearance of a prince could mean you nurture these qualities in yourself. 

At other times, a prince depicts the qualities in you that seek the truth.

Biblical Interpretation Of A Prince Dream

According to the Bible, a prince indicates truth, power, authority, and dignity. 

Dreaming About A Prince: A Psychological Perspective

From a psychological perspective, a dream about a prince can mean you consider yourself important and superior to others. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, dreaming of a prince can be decoded in several different ways. You have to consider every single detail you can recall to get closer to the meaning. Also, your real-life experiences and your perception of a prince are crucial for the dream interpretation. 

Dreams are personal, and it’s wrong to assume such a dream as good or bad based on the surface alone. You have to dissect everything associated for an accurate meaning. 

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