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Dream about Wedding Ceremony – 64 Types & Interpretations

Dream about Wedding Ceremony – 64 Types & Interpretations

Updated on Jan 09, 2023 | Published on Sep 12, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream About Wedding Ceremony 64 Types

If you had a dream about wedding ceremony, you are definitely in for some drastic changes. Regardless of whose ceremony it was, the dream denotes a massive transformation in the waking world.

What Does a Dream about Wedding Ceremony Signify?

A dream about wedding ceremony is a harbinger of a major transformation, which can be either positive or negative. It may also symbolize commitment, responsibilities, and obligations. 

Generally, a dream about a wedding ceremony implies death!

Not physical death but an ending! And therefore a new beginning!

Whether the transition is for the better or worse entirely depends on what happened in the dream. 

For some, the scenario may signify the celebration of a union, love, harmony, and happiness. And for others, it can signify nasty disputes, especially in the romance sector. 

Sometimes, the ceremony may symbolize growth and accomplishment in the waking world. 

Though considered beautiful, marriage comes with a handful of responsibilities and obligations. So, from that perspective, dreaming of the ceremony may hint at something that will demand more of your commitment. 

For instance, you might get a promotion. You might get a better job title and a higher package. But as you know, the higher the post the more the responsibility. 

64 Wedding Ceremony Dream Scenarios Explained

Stay on as we take you through some of the most common wedding dream scenarios and their interpretations. 

1. To dream of preparing for your wedding

Preparing for your wedding ceremony shows you are prepared to take a step further into something. It could refer to a relationship, a career, etc. 

2. Dreaming of your wedding ceremony

Usually, you may have visions of your wedding ceremony before making a life-changing decision. 

According to Mille, the scenario shows you will finally release yourself from obstacles that have hindered you from achieving your goals. 

3. To dream of being late for your wedding ceremony

If you were late for your own wedding ceremony, the scenario is a sign of obstacles. 

4. Running away from your wedding ceremony with your to-be spouse

Dreaming about escaping the ceremony with your to-be spouse signifies love and understanding between you and your partner. 

5. To dream about coming back after running away from your wedding

Running away from your wedding ceremony only to return indicates a restoration. 

6. To dream of your parents attending your wedding ceremony

If the above happened in your dream, someone might assist you to resolve a complex matter. 

7. Dead people attending your wedding ceremony

The plot says you will soon be compelled to pick one from two relatively similar options. 

8. To dream of your wedding ceremony with a deceased person as your partner

Chances are, you often get yourself into trouble because of your ignorance. 

9. To dream about crying at your wedding

Crying at your own wedding ceremony either foretells good news or a meeting with good people.

10. Dreaming that your wedding ceremony didn’t go as planned

If your wedding ceremony didn’t go as planned, the vision is a sign of disappointment. 

11. To dream that your wedding ceremony did not happen at all

If your wedding ceremony did not take place after much preparation, it shows you prioritize worthless things over important ones. 

12. To dream of distributing cake to the guests at your wedding

Since you handed out slices of cake to your guests, the scenario symbolizes something that was accomplished with the help of others. 

Perhaps a project you and your colleagues work on turned out to be a huge success. 

13. Dreaming about missing your child’s wedding

According to the dream, you are overthinking and stressing over your child’s future. 

14. To dream of attending a wedding ceremony

In most cases, attending a wedding ceremony is associated with the death of a close one. 

That said, it’s vital to recall how you felt during the dream.

Because the interpretation of feeling bored during the event will differ from you feeling joyful the whole time. 

15. Attending a wedding ceremony in black clothes

Attending a wedding ceremony clad in black clothes symbolizes sadness in real life. 

16. Dreaming about your partner’s and someone else’s wedding ceremony

As you might have guessed already, the dream is an ill omen foreshadowing a huge quarrel that may even split you and your partner apart. 

If you have no intention to part ways, you must practice self-control. Don’t just say whatever comes to your mind without considering how that would sound to others. 

17. To dream of a friend’s wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony of a friend hints at a potential collaboration that will, in all probability, yield great profit for both parties. 

18. Dreaming about your brother’s wedding ceremony

The scenario brings to notice an admirer whose persistent attention towards you will wear you out. 

19. To dream of your sister’s wedding ceremony

Dreaming about your sister’s wedding implies major transformations that will directly or indirectly affect her.

That said, the meaning also varies depending on whether she is married or not in reality.

If yes, the upcoming changes will help fulfill her wishes.

On the contrary, if she is unmarried in real life, the dream might hint at an illness. 

20. To dream of a relative’s wedding ceremony

A relative’s wedding ceremony is a harbinger of a blissful period. 

21. Dreaming of your mother’s wedding ceremony

If you dream of your mother’s wedding, it is a message from the subconscious to take proper care of her physical as well as mental well-being. 

22. To see your parent’s wedding ceremony in a dream

Dreaming of your parents’ wedding is a good sign symbolizing longevity. 

23. To see a stranger’s wedding ceremony in a dream

If you were invited or happened to pass by a stranger’s wedding ceremony, the scenario indicates complications in the foreseeable future. 

24. A wedding ceremony without a bride or a groom

If you see a wedding ceremony without either the bride or the groom, it shows that you do not trust your partner. 

25. Dreaming that the groom did not show up at the wedding

As per the spectacle, your partner is not as emotionally invested in the relationship as you are. 

26. To dream of a friend inviting you to his or her wedding

A friend sending you an invitation to his or her wedding ceremony shows he or she needs your help regarding something.

27. To dream of getting an invitation to your daughter’s wedding

For a parent, the dream reflects your daughter’s remorse towards you as she believes you pay her no attention. 

28. To dream of being invited as a guest of honor in a wedding ceremony

Such a dream usually foretells a passionate romantic adventure.

29. Seeing a man and a woman at the altar at a wedding ceremony

The vision symbolizes a celebration of love for each other. 

30. Seeing a couple exchanging vows in a wedding ceremony

A couple exchanging vows in a wedding ceremony symbolizes a union. 

However, it can also be a sign of complications in your personal or professional life. 

31. To dream of a wedding ceremony with lots of wine

A wedding ceremony where wine was present and served in abundance is the higher realm warning you to be mindful of your actions if you wish to stay away from trouble. 

32. To dream of not getting dessert at a wedding ceremony

If you do not get dessert at a wedding ceremony, it means your capabilities will be overlooked.

33. Dreaming about enjoying a wedding ceremony

If you had fun at a wedding ceremony, the scenario is a harbinger of a get-together. 

34. To dream of not having fun at a wedding ceremony

Attending a wedding ceremony and not having fun signifies financial problems. 

35. A wedding ceremony at a religious place

Usually, a wedding ceremony in a place of worship stands for a commitment to something followed by a new phase of life. 

36. To dream of having a wedding ceremony at home

You are likely to receive happy news if you saw a wedding ceremony taking place on house premises. 

37. Dreaming about a wedding ceremony in a hotel

If you dream of the above after giving your best shot at something, the vision shows you will soon get the reward or recognition you deserve. 

38. To dream of a wedding ceremony in a restaurant

A wedding ceremony inside a restaurant alludes to either a promotion or a hike in salary. 

39. Dreaming of a wedding ceremony at a beach

According to the scenario, you and your partner are compatible in almost everything. 

Alternatively, a beach wedding may stand for self-confidence. 

40. A wedding ceremony taking place at a cemetery

A couple exchanging wedding vows at a cemetery with numerous happy faces cheering them on in the background does sound strange. 

But its meaning couldn’t get any better. According to the spectacle, the couple will have a harmonious marriage with nothing but love, trust, and commitment to each other. 

That said, you need to recall the couple in your dream, if possible. Sometimes, the dream may refer to your marriage as well because in the dream world you can be anyone and everyone. 

41. To dream of being an officiant at a wedding ceremony

Being an officiant at a wedding ceremony portends extremely good news. 

42. To dream of a luxurious wedding ceremony

A luxurious wedding ceremony promises a successful career. 

43. A grand marriage ceremony in a dream

You will soon hear a piece of pleasant news if you dream of a grand wedding. 

44. Dreaming of a royal wedding ceremony

A royal wedding ceremony foretells happiness. In some instances, the ceremony may mark a fresh new beginning. 

45. Dreaming about a lively wedding ceremony

A lively wedding ceremony is a harbinger of a pleasant event in real life. 

46. To dream of getting photographed at your wedding ceremony

Getting photographed at your wedding ceremony could mean you are wasting your time pursuing worthless goals. 

47. Dreaming about dancing at your wedding ceremony

The scenario refers to a vacation you have been looking forward to. 

48. Getting drunk at your own wedding ceremony

In all likelihood, getting drunk at your wedding ceremony indicates communication problems.

49. Dreaming of guests misbehaving at a wedding ceremony

If you dream of the above, it probably means a close one makes you anxious most of the time. 

50. Dreaming that a fight broke out at a wedding ceremony

Generally, the scenario hints at commitment issues.

According to the plot, you or your partner might be having second thoughts about your partnership. 

51. Someone ruining a wedding ceremony in a dream

Someone ruining a wedding ceremony implies obstacles on the professional front. 

52. Seeing dull and gloomy guests at a wedding ceremony

A wedding ceremony is supposed to be fun – not just for the couple but also for the guests.

But if you dream of seeing dull, gloomy, and depressed-looking guests, understand that they represent ill-wishers in the waking world.

Undoubtedly, the subconscious is warning you to keep a close eye on them. Chances are that they are up to no good. 

53. Dreaming about guests attending a wedding ceremony in mourning clothes

Guests attending a wedding ceremony in mourning clothes symbolize a failed marriage. 

54. A wedding ceremony with no guests

Chances are that you feel apprehensive about whether your parents as well as your partner’s will approve of your marriage. 

This is especially true if you are seriously considering marriage around the time the dream occurred. 

55. A young girl dreaming about being a maid of honor at a wedding

For a young girl, the scenario is a sign of major changes on the horizon. The transformation would be more or less related to her romantic life. 

56. A woman dreaming about running away from her wedding ceremony

For a woman, the vision is a sign that she needs to grow up and act her age. 

57. An unmarried woman dreaming of running away from her own wedding ceremony

If an unmarried woman runs away from her wedding ceremony, she may fall in love with a married man. 

58. A married woman dreaming of catching the bouquet at a wedding ceremony

The scenario is a bad sign for a married woman. In the upcoming weeks or months, you might experience something that will threaten the stability of your marriage. 

59. A married man dreaming about his wedding ceremony

For a married man, the scenario of a wedding ceremony can be interpreted in two different ways. 

To begin with, the dream symbolizes a reignition of passion and restoration of his relationship with his partner. 

Negatively, the vision could portend misunderstandings and bitter arguments with his partner. 

60. A married person dreaming of having a wedding ceremony at a place of worship

For married individuals, this is an auspicious sign symbolizing luck and progress in whatever you do. 

61. A pregnant woman dreaming of her own wedding ceremony

If you dream of your wedding while being pregnant in the real world, the scenario denotes a smooth delivery. 

62. A man dreaming of running away from his wedding ceremony

For a man, running away from his wedding ceremony signifies that he needs to reevaluate his principles. 

63. A person in love dreaming of attending a wedding

Despite the rosy spectacle, the dream is warning you of several obstacles you may have to endure regarding your relationship

64. A single person dreaming of a wedding

For singles, a wedding ceremony represents a commitment you are thinking about getting into. This need not necessarily be about love and relationships.

Spiritual Interpretation Of A Wedding Ceremony Dream

On a spiritual level, a wedding ceremony symbolizes a new beginning. 

A Dream About Wedding Ceremony – A Biblical Meaning

From the Biblical perspective, a wedding ceremony shows you are about to make a life-changing decision. 

Psychological Meaning Of A Wedding Ceremony

Psychologically, the dream shows you have a strong mindset. You don’t let failures affect you but always allow yourself second chances if you think it necessary. 


Therefore, a dream about a wedding ceremony has several interpretations depending on the context. 

Regardless of which direction the meaning leads you, remind yourself that each dream has a purpose – something you can take advantage of to make your life a tad better.