Dreaming of parasites can be quite a gross dream. After all, who wants to see worms wriggling in and out while they are sleeping?

But according to dream dictionaries, parasites can signify a lot of things about your waking life and subconscious mind.

So, if you have been having frequent dreams of different types of parasites, then worry no more! This think-piece will help you out.

Dreaming of Parasites – General Interpretations

Dreaming of parasites can indicate that your close friends are talking about you behind your back, or that you are currently going through a tough phase in life. Alternatively, it can also mean that you have low self-esteem, you are doing something self-destructive, or you ignore problems around you.

Parasites are creatures that feed on other plants on animals and derive their nutrition from other living beings.

Thus, seeing a parasite in your dream is definitely not something that will comfort you. But before you start to panic about your dreams, let’s first look at the general interpretations.

1. People are talking about you behind your back

The most common dream interpretation of parasites is that your most trusted group of friends are gossiping about you behind your back.

They probably got to know something embarrassing about you and are now spreading rumors.

2. You are going through dark times

Dreaming of parasites can also mean that you are going through a mentally or emotionally dark phase.

Maybe your work life is getting too hectic or you are having financial problems. Basically, your mind and body are very tired now.

3. You have low self-esteem

Another negative dream interpretation of parasites is that you suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

There are others around you who are constantly trying to bring you down, which leads to a decline in your belief in yourself.

4. You are doing something self-destructive

Seeing parasites in your dreams can also be an indication that you are indulging in self-destructive behavior.

You might or might not know that your habits are ultimately harming you, but you keep doing them anyway because they make you happy.

5. You ignore problems around you

Dreaming of parasites also symbolizes that you tend to ignore problems around you.

Whether it’s a problem that you are facing or one that someone else is going through, you like to avoid the entire problem and turn a blind eye.

Dreams about Parasites – 30 Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of parasites coming out of you can signify that you are drowning in problems, while dreaming of parasites in your feces indicates that there will be a huge transformation in your life.

Yes, we know your mind is absolutely boggled with these dream interpretations, but hold on! There are so many more to see!

1. Dream of parasites coming out of your body

A dream where parasites are coming out of your body can be really grotesque. It signifies that there are many problems currently haunting your mind.

You are trying your best to find a solution to get out of these problems but you haven’t had any luck lately. Your mind is telling you that you must act as soon as possible.

2. Dream of parasites in your feces

If you dream of parasites wriggling in your feces, it symbolizes that there will be a huge transformation in your life very soon.

This transformation will most probably be a positive one, but you might encounter some unpleasant things along the way. Alternatively, this dream can also signify that you feel guilty about something.

3. Dream of intestinal parasites

Dreaming of intestinal parasites can be very unpleasant because it foretells that dark times will soon enter your life. There will be various negative consequences of your life’s aspects.

Maybe you will go through a horrible disease. Your body might already be showing symptoms of this disease, so it’s best to get yourself checked.

4. Dream of intestinal parasites coming out of the body

Dreaming of intestinal parasites that seem to come out of your body is also an indication of worsening health. A deadly disease might soon consume you or your loved ones.

Unfortunately, this disease won’t present itself visibly right from the start. It will slowly start to creep up on you and might even result in psychological problems.

5. Dream of parasites coming out of your mouth

Dreaming of parasites coming out of your mouth foretells that you will endure financial hardships in the coming weeks or months. Your savings will slowly start to decrease and your wealth will collapse.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to act fast and save up as much money as possible so that the hard times can pass away soon.

6. Dream of seeing parasites or worms

A dream where you are simply looking at a bunch of parasites or worms slithering somewhere shows physical or mental weakness.

Since parasites are slimy creatures with soft and long body textures, they do not symbolize good things. Just like parasites can be easily crushed, dreaming of them can be a metaphor for your vulnerability.

7. Dream of white parasites

White in the dream realm reflects positive things. So white parasites are actually a symbol of good things that will enter your life.

You will triumph over your enemies and be blessed with a lot of wealth and success. You must greatly consider this dream because it is an indication of the wonderful things that will soon happen.

8. Dream of parasites in hands

Dreaming of holding a bunch of parasites in your hands is not a good omen. It means that some misfortune will soon happen to you.

Dreaming of parasites on hands can also be a reflection of disastrous events like death or a big disease. It reflects that all things expire, so you should hold your loved ones tight.

9. Dream of parasites coming out of skin

Dreaming of parasites crawling out from under your skin is an indication that you are being too nice to others.

This often results in people taking unfair advantage of you or pushing you around. It’s time to be more assertive and take control of your life. You must learn to say no to people who drain your energy.

10. Dreaming of parasites in body

If you dream that you feel parasites crawling inside your body and you feel uncomfortable, it means that there is something nagging you at the back of your mind in the waking world.

This problem is probably a minor one but it still keeps haunting you. Your subconscious mind is telling you to figure out a solution to this problem.

11. Dream of dog parasites

Dreaming of dog parasites can be very intriguing, even if it sounds gross. It symbolizes the fact that your life is currently under some unsettling process but if you take action quickly, everything will fall in place.

Alternately, this dream can also mean that all the closed paths in your life are slowly starting to open up one by one.

12. Dream of cat parasites

Cat parasites in the dream dictionary is a metaphor for your enemies. If you manage to win the fight against your enemies, it will lead to better opportunities for you.

You will receive a lot of fame and fortune. Thus, you have to make careful and wise moves. You should also be grateful for all the fame that you will receive.

13. Dream of parasites in your eyes

Every parasite dream is different and most have negative meanings but parasites in your eyes can have a positive reflection. It signifies knowledge and wisdom.

So, you will probably meet someone or do something that will give you wisdom regarding your life. Your mind is expanding to take in more information.

14. Dream of parasites on your feet

It is quite uncommon to dream of parasites on your feet but if you do have this dream, it foretells something exciting will happen to you, most probably a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

Or it can also mean that something in your life will change, such as your hairstyle, job, or even your partner.

15. Dream of parasites in the soil

Seeing parasites in the soil reflects that you are entering a phase of your life where you will need to face many problems. Your inner spirit is telling you to be careful during this phase and to make calculated decisions.

In order to avoid things from getting worse, you should be very cautious in the present, especially with the people you work with.

16. Dream of black parasites

Black parasites in your dreams signify despondency. It is possible that you are mentally or physically in a dark place. You don’t know what to do or whom to seek out for help.

It can also mean that someone close to you is playing dirty behind your back, so be very careful of whom you associate with in the coming days.

17. Dream of parasites in your head

Parasites in your head are a metaphor for all your worries and negative thoughts. If the parasites are on top of your head, it signifies that your mind is filled with negative thoughts and you must get rid of them.

If the parasites are coming out of your head, it indicates that your negative thoughts will soon affect your entire life.

18. Dream of seeing parasites in food

Seeing a plate of food filled with worms or parasites shows that you feel weak in front of a complicated situation. However, this dream can also have a positive meaning.

Dreaming of eating food that has parasites shows that you are able to afford expensive things without affecting your lifestyle.

19. Dream of being comfortable with parasite inside your body

If there is a large parasite or worm inside your body and you are quite comfortable with it, then it indicates that you are choosing to remain unhealthy.

Your body and mind are urging you to adopt a healthy lifestyle by cutting down on junk food and exercising more, but you don’t want to lead a healthy life.

20. Dream of undergoing surgery to remove parasites

On the other hand, a dream where you undergo surgery to remove the parasites infesting your body shows your responsibility towards your body.

There is an underlying disease but you have already figured it out and you wish to lead a healthy life. You are eating healthy food and working out to keep yourself fit.

21. Dream of parasites dying

Having a dream where parasites are dying because you removed them from your body is also a good sign. It means that you will soon become more confident in your waking life and make the best of your opportunities.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you are removing negative and toxic things from your life.

22. Dream of your hair itching due to lice

If your hair is itching and you see lice being born on your scalp, it is actually a favorable sign. You will make great deals in the business world and come in contact with influential clients.

Alternately, it can also mean that things in your household will improve since you will now earn well. There will be peace in your family.

23. Dream of seeing fleas

If you see a swarm of fleas on somebody or on some animal, it means that you need a spiritual cleansing. Alternatively, it can also mean that the person in your dreams requires spiritual cleansing.

Maybe your mind is blocked from attaining spiritual powers, so your subconscious is irritated and hazy.

24. Dreaming of parasites under skin

Dreams of seeing parasites under your skin predict you’ll help someone will seek you to help them in their financial decisions. Make sure you keep the broad perspective in mind to choose the best for them.

25. Dreaming of different size of parasites 

The dream of a giant parasite is symbolic of your desire to leave a good impression on others with your supportive and far-sighted nature. It also shows you envy others’ achievements and fear you can’t catch up with them.

On the other hand, dreams of a small parasite show you’re anxious about physically or emotionally losing control 

26. Dreaming of colorful parasites

Based on the different colors of the parasite you saw in your dreams, they mean as follows:

  • Red parasite: It signifies the spiritual world
  • Yellow parasite: It predicts fresh starts in your waking life
  • Blue parasite: It depicts your hostility and needs for boundaries and safety
  • Green parasite: You must put in the effort to succeed
  • Purple parasite: It symbolizes your unconscious feelings
  • Orange parasite: Your workplace situation will get better
  • Pink parasite: You’re amicable, social, and outgoing
  • Brown parasite: You’re insensitive
  • Gray parasite: You must dig deeper into something
  • Silver parasite: It denotes repressed feelings and emotions
  • Gold parasite: Your business will bloom soon
  • Multicolored parasite: You must incorporate some good qualities into yourself.

27. Dreaming of parasites for different people

Depending on the person that dreamed of a parasite, the message varies as follows:

  • For men: You must let go of someone or something from the past
  • For women: It portrays your desire for spiritual nourishment and immortality
  • For boys: Create new plans and ambitions or improvise the old ones
  • For girls: Work on others’ morale
  • For children: It implies the end of a phase and the beginning of another.

28. Dreaming of parasites for people from different occupations

Depending on your occupation or role in society, parasite dreams mean these:

  • For teachers: It symbolizes the feminine aspect of your life
  • For students: It symbolizes support, reliability, strength, and the beliefs and people that enhance your life
  • For workers: You need natural inspiration
  • For businessmen: Identify your goals and be persistent
  • For drivers: It denotes bitterness in the people around you.

29. Dreaming of parasites where you feel threatened

Depending on your feelings in the dream, different situations have different meanings like these:

  • If you ran away from the parasite: You’ll soon meet your best friends
  • If the parasite bites you: You’ll have higher chances of succeeding in your plans
  • If the parasite attacks you: It signifies expanding your thought processes
  • If you try to fight back: Someone in your life is insensitive

30. Dreaming of parasites where the parasite is threatened

The dreams where you have the upper hand over the parasite has different messages like these:

  • You killed the parasite: Practice self-love
  • You abused the parasite: You try hard to be patient and consistent with your plans
  • You saved the parasite: You want to respond to a hurtful situation
  • Injured parasite: You found a valuable friend
  • You released the parasite: It denotes your ideals, morals, and professional life situations.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of parasites

Spiritually, dreaming of parasites indicates that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

You have been too kind to this person and now they are taking advantage of your gentle manners. Your subconscious mind is warning you.

Biblical Interpretation of dream of parasites

Biblically, worms or parasites are bad omen. They signify that your health is going down the drain and you are not even noticing it.

In many cases, it can also be an omen of negative things that will haunt you and your loved ones in the future.

Psychological Interpretation of dream of parasites

Just like it’s necessary to get rid of harmful parasites that are inside your body, dreaming of parasites can also be a signal from your mind to get rid of toxic people.

Always stay away from the ones who seem to have no good intentions.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret parasite dreams correctly

Even though dreaming of parasites can be repulsive, you need to recollect your dream details to interpret them properly. To help you out, here is a list of questions that can jog your memory.

1. How frequently do you dream of parasites?

2. What are your thoughts while dreaming of parasites?

3. What kind of parasites did you dream of?

4. Are the parasites inside your body or on top of your skin?

5. Do you dream of undergoing surgery to remove the parasites?

6. Did you dream of parasites in the floor or soil?

7. Did you dream of seeing parasites in your food?

8. Did you dream of multiple types of parasites together?

9. Did you dream of animal parasites?

10. Did you dream of parasites on someone else?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams regarding parasites can take several forms, some pleasant and some horrible. If your dream interpretation is a negative one, try to figure out the current problems in your life.

And if it is positive, move on with joy but don’t be overconfident or it may ruin everything. 

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