If you’re dreaming of someone doing voodoo on me, it shows that you must change your approach. Your ideas are pretty outdated. You feel annoyed in waking life. Or, you don’t want to take responsibility for a mess you made.

It has many more different messages, so let’s know…

What Does a Dream of Someone Doing Voodoo on Me Mean?

Dreaming of someone doing voodoo on me suggests against sharing your thoughts with everyone. You need to be discreet to succeed in it. It means many other things, such as:

Fear of mystical things

Voodoo is a symbol of witchcraft and black magic. So, the dream might indicate that you’re afraid of voodoo practitioners in reality. Or, you want to ward off negativity from your surroundings. You’re scared people’s envy might affect your life.

However, it asks you to stay optimistic. If you let the fear overpower you, you will truly actualize your fears.

Express your ideas

It says that you have a great idea in your mind. However, you haven’t conveyed it to anyone. You fear being judged and rejected.

But, the dream conveys that you must stall this action and confidently share your ideas. Have faith in yourself, and you’ll be astonished!


It sometimes conveys that you are wasting your time, finances, or other resources on something useless.

It warns you against wastage or you may fail in your endeavors. Make judicious use of everything, and only then can you enhance your success rate.


In your waking life, if you discriminate against anybody, it asks you to stop.

Your judgment is a reflection of your insecurities from being rejected in the past.

Don’t let your past trauma get passed down to others.

Slow progress

Sometimes, these scenarios promise you that you will succeed in life. However, it will take a lot of time and effort.

So, make sure you don’t rush the process or lose patience.

Sometimes, you may face unpleasant results. But don’t give up in the face of adversity. Instead, you must believe in the process.

Partner’s jealousy

You may soon progress in your professional life. Or, you might inherit something from a distant loved one.

If you have a partner, it says they will be jealous of your abrupt gains. They will feel insecure about not earning equally or not being loved by rich relatives

Spiritual Meaning of Someone doing Voodoo on Me in Dreams

Spiritually, these visions show that you are pretty cautious about any kind of spiritual attack.

People may make fun of you for believing in black magic but you know better than to ignore it.

However, if you don’t believe in it, it asks you to just be more careful and avoid anyone if you feel their energy is off.

Common Someone doing Voodoo on Me Dreams

In dreams, if your mom does voodoo on you and then gives you the doll, it asks you to take charge of life.

But if someone does voodoo on you and you stare at the doll, it indicates the presence of negative energy around you. So, to know more, keep reading!

Your mom doing voodoo on you and giving you a voodoo doll with bloody shoestrings inside

According to shamans, voodoo symbolizes power and control. So, it may be a sign that your mother wants you to take control of an issue.

In your waking life, you’re probably delaying something tricky. You don’t know how to deal with it.

Despite your complicated situation, it’s a message to have faith in yourself.

Your psychoanalyst doing voodoo on you which led to a fire

The scenario draws attention to your inner turmoil. You are emotionally and mentally distressed in reality because of identity issues.

You must get rid of all the demons within yourself. And you also want clarity about your feelings.

Alternatively, it shows you’re ashamed of something and hide it from others to avoid getting judged. But soon you will accept yourself and change for the better.

Someone doing voodoo but it’s not known on whom in a dream0

It asks you to prepare to deal with real-life situations. You will soon undertake a project or task.

However, you only plan mentally and never execute the ideas. You need to change this habit if you want to succeed in life.

Alternatively, it warns you against your simple-minded nature. The world isn’t so simple, so if you don’t catch up with their ways, you’ll be cheated.

Someone doing voodoo on you and you focusing on the voodoo doll

This resembles that someone around you wants to practice black magic. Or, it mentions that you are surrounded by negativity in your conscious hours.

People that pretend to be your friends actually envy you. They talk behind your back and spread false rumors.

So, be mindful of these people and maintain a distance from them.

Someone doing voodoo on you and you focusing on the ritual

It shows that you can change your perception and approach as necessary in real life. You can always stay optimistic despite what you face.

Alternatively, the dream reminds you that you must plan and take the necessary steps. It’s not enough to just calm yourself as you must do everything within a set time.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Such dreams are rare but they bring important messages from the higher realm. They may not always have a direct connection with black magic. But that’s no reason to ignore the message. So, take the suggestions seriously and build a happier and safer life!

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