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Dreaming Of Wood Planks : 37 Plots With Meanings

Dreaming Of Wood Planks : 37 Plots With Meanings

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jan 19, 2023

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming Of Wood Planks 37 Plots With Meanings

In the real world, we see planks of wood almost everywhere – from the walls to the floor. However, if you have been dreaming of wood planks, you need to remember that they carry spiritual meanings from your inner consciousness and the universe, in most cases. 

Messages you should not and cannot afford to ignore!

Having said that, the dream probably carries no significant meaning if you are a carpenter or have a similar profession!

Dreaming Of Wood Planks : A General Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of wood planks is closely tied to safety and security. At other times, such a dream can be a harbinger of a fortune coming to you. Negatively, a dream featuring wood planks indicates you have low self-esteem. 

Generally, dreaming of wood planks is closely related to good luck, safety, confidence, protection, and success. The chances of winning something are also tied to this dream. 

Contrarily, the scenario indicates you need security, protection, and healing in the waking world. Perhaps you stand the risk of running into trouble and losing something or someone dear to you.

Like all dreams, wood planks can have multiple meanings, some symbolizing positive news while others can be interpreted negatively.

In some instances, wood plank signifies your courage and ability to fight through all odds to claim victory.

The dream also stands for death, rebirth, or new beginnings.

The dream also shows how your traditional ways are preventing you from making progress.

Wood planks also symbolize opportunities and possibilities. According to the dream, you are finally taking charge of your problems and challenges.

Negatively, there’s a possibility that someone is taking advantage of your kindness. 

But, the overall outcome or the true meaning of the dream depends on the dreamer’s reality and the dream context. 

Wood Planks In Dreams : Several Scenarios With Meanings

Some of the most common wood plank scenarios include:

1. A dream about seeing a lot of wood planks

This dream is the harbinger of a conflict that will arise from a trivial matter. 

2. To dream of gathering wood planks

If you gather wood planks, understand that meeting new people, and connecting and socializing with them will turn out to be fruitful – either for your business ventures or personal life. 

Alternatively, if there’s something that has been troubling you for quite a while, now is the right time to make a final decision about what you should do regarding that particular matter. 

3. To dream about seeing a stack of wood planks

A stack of wood planks implies your persistence and tenacity will help you get closer to your goals. 

You dedicate yourself to everything you do with full responsibility and attention. You have a never-back-down mindset which will help you in achieving all the things you have imagined. 

4. Buying wood planks in a dream

Buying wood planks means you will gain money, either through inheritance or gambling. 

And most likely, you will use these opportunities to clear your debts and cover your expenses. 

Alternatively, buying wood planks can reflect your desire to change your sexual partner.

5. Dreaming of selling a wood plank

Selling wood planks is the higher realm, reminding you not to waste your time on things that neither bring you profit nor emotional contentment.

Alternatively, it could mean you are trying to maintain a relationship with someone who’s on an entirely different page. 

Someone who literally speaks another language. Perhaps you are trying hard to keep the relationship going just because you don’t want it to end halfway.

6. A dream about stealing wood planks

In all likelihood, you are desperately trying to keep something hidden if you steal wood planks. 

Chances are, the secret has something to do with a despicable deed you committed in the past. Up until that point, you might have managed to fool everyone. 

However, the higher self reminds you through the dream that no secret remains hidden forever. It will come out in the light sooner or later. 

Therefore, before someone else discovers it and drags your name into the mud, muster up the courage to come clean about it yourself. Some might despise you for your deed but your honesty will ultimately earn their regard for you.

7. Someone stealing your wood planks in a dream

If someone steals wood planks from you, the scenario symbolizes losses. 

You might get into a minor accident or something unexpected that requires a huge sum of money might come up. 

If you tend to spend money on unnecessary items, take this dream as a lesson and remind yourself to keep an emergency fund for rainy days.  

8. Someone hitting you with a wood plank in your dream

If someone hits you with a wood plank, it is a sign that you need to be more cautious with how you interact with others, especially people who know little about you. 

You think you have a good sense of humor. Perhaps you do. But your careless choice of words might rub some people the wrong way and get you in trouble. 

9. To dream about hitting someone with wood planks

Hitting someone with a wood plank reflects your wish to portray yourself or be perceived as a know-it-all. 

Perhaps you are trying to position yourself as someone who knows literally everything there is to know about the world. 

Of course, you could be working on improving yourself and your skills. 

However, the dream reminds you that no mortal being can have knowledge about everything. And most likely, while trying to position yourself as a know-it-all, you are unintentionally making a laughing stock out of yourself. 

10. To dream about painting wood planks

Painting wood planks reflects your desire to make your life more beautiful, promising, and worth living.

Chances are, you are trying your best to brighten up your reality in your own way. 

For instance, you might have renovated your house with pretty decor and pictures that instantly make you forget the troubles of your depressing reality. Despite your efforts, you know deep down that your pretty house and beautiful pictures will keep you happy only for a few seconds. 

On that note, the subconscious suggests you dig into the root cause of your unhappiness and concerns instead of trying to conceal them with flashy coverings.

11. Dreaming of drilling holes in wood planks

According to the dream, you will be able to achieve your long-awaited goals and get the solutions to each of the problems that are important to you.  

12. A dream of sawing wood planks

Sawing wood planks is an ill omen. Expect trouble and misfortune in the foreseeable future. There’s a good chance that you’ll be laid off from the present company you work at. 

Furthermore, the lack of income and the deteriorating financial condition of your family will compel you to seek odd jobs.  

13. To dream about scraping and sawing wood planks 

Scraping and sawing wood planks are your inner consciousness warning you to watch how you communicate with others. 

Because your sarcastic way of talking often offends people though you never intend to.

14. Seeing yourself cutting wood planks in a dream

The dream symbolizes unexpected and unforeseen situations that will stall your plans and hinder your growth. 

15. To dream about walking on a plank

A dream about walking on a plank is the inner consciousness encouraging you to make the utmost use of the resources at your disposal. 

Negatively, the dream shows none will step forward to help you when you get in trouble. 

Walking on the plank also symbolizes the connection between your masculine and feminine sides. 

Chances are, you do not feel comfortable expressing yourself and your opinions/ wishes. 

And your inability to get your thoughts across to the other side makes you feel unheard and even threatened.

On the other hand, the scenario symbolizes the need to address your animalistic thoughts. 

Sometimes, the dream symbolizes your indecisiveness about a new offer or opportunity. In that case, take time to think through and avoid making hasty decisions.

This dream also highlights how you see yourself and how you wish to be perceived by others. 

Positively, walking on a wood plank symbolizes self-worth, acceptance, and acknowledgment of your true inner value.

16. To dream of walking on a thick wooden plank

In most cases, walking on a thick wood plank indicates good luck. 

Having said that, the scenario warns you to be careful with your words and actions. When the wrong choice of words and despicable deeds lands you in trouble, your luck will not be able to do anything to get you out of it. 

17. Walking on sturdy wood planks in a dream

As per the scenario, you will be able to get through your present challenges and obstacles. 

18. Dreaming about walking on new wood planks

If you dream of walking on new wood planks, the scenario is a harbinger of good events happening in the foreseeable future. 

19. A dream about walking on rotten wood planks

Walking on rotten wood planks is an ill omen warning you of a misfortune coming your way. 

20. To dream about walking with wood planks on your shoulders

If you walk around with a wood plank on your shoulders, you are likely to commit a blunder soon due to your recklessness. 

21. Dreaming of seeing a wood plank under your feet

The scenario symbolizes a connection between you and someone or something. 

22. A dream of seeing the process of wood plank production

The scenario is an ill omen foretelling the coming of diseases.

If you are already not in the best of health, your condition may deteriorate in the upcoming days or weeks. 

23. Dreaming of boxes made from wood planks

If the wooden boxes are constructed from wood planks, the higher realms warn you to be cautious of your actions. 

Chances are, someone might be trying to corner you through nothing else but your own words and actions. 

24. To dream of seeing wood planks in the house

Wood planks lying in and around the house portends merry events such as weddings, birthday parties, etc. on the horizon. 

On the other hand, if you have been waiting for an auspicious time to do something, say start a business venture, the scenario shows now is the right time to. 

25. Dreaming of seeing fragrant wood planks beside the door of your office

You’ll soon tend to an important issue if you experience the above scenario.  

26. To dream of a floor made from wood planks 

The scenario symbolizes safety and security. 

27. Seeing wood planks as wallboard in a dream

Seeing wooden planks used as wallboards in your dream shows you are defensive of yourself.

28. Seeing wood planks as door panels in a dream

If you dream about seeing wood planks as door panels, the scenario shows you will be able to resist and reject temptations. 

29. A dream of crossing a stream with a wood plank

Crossing a stream or a barrier on a wood plank is a sign that you should be careful with your conduct. 

That said, the interpretation also differs depending on the state of the plank. 

If the plank is broken, the scenario speaks of an issue or situation you must overcome, at all costs.

On the other hand, if the plank is not steady, expect trouble in the foreseeable future.

30. Dreaming of oak wood plank

An oak wood plank symbolizes courage, strength, and endurance. 

Perhaps you possess all these qualities unbeknownst to you. Or maybe you wish you could be more courageous in the waking world. 

31. A dream about beech wood planks

A dream of seeing planks of beech wood is not a good sign. 

Either someone around you is being pretentious or you are putting on different faces before different people according to your convenience. 

32. Dreaming about wood planks from the ash tree

To begin with, the dream indicates you are a logical person. Because of it, there’s no end to your curiosity. 

You tend to dig into something until you can come up with a logical explanation. And that pushes you to overthink, often disrupting your mental peace unnecessarily. 

What you need to know, at this point, is that not everything can be explained through science yet. The world is still full of mysteries. 

Therefore, instead of troubling your mind, try hanging out with people who can help you feel the beauty of the present moment. 

33. A dream of wood planks from the linden tree

A wood plank from a linden tree indicates others, especially those of the opposite sex, are attracted to you because of your positivity and personality traits. 

34. Dreaming about seeing a smooth and new wooden plank

A new and smooth wood plank symbolizes your loving relationship with your partner. 

35. To dream of seeing wood planks that can’t be used in any way

This type of wood plank stands for conversations and relationships that will end miserably. 

36. To dream of seeing a rough wood plank

In the dream world, a roughly surfaced wood plank stands for stress, anxiety, and tension. 

37. A young woman walking across a puddle on a worn-out wood plank

The dream signifies the growing indifference of her friends and family towards her. 

Also, the dream portends she will most likely fail to protect herself and her honor if trouble befalls her during this time. 

Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation Of Wood Plank Dreams

According to Freud, wood planks represent a woman in your life – can be a mother, sister, lover, or mere acquaintance. 

In some instances, the dream might even refer to a woman who’s yet to enter your life. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Wood Plank Dreams

Spiritually, a dream of wood planks signifies the complications you are presently dealing with in reality. Most likely, these arose due to misunderstandings between you and your close ones. 

Also, it’s likely that you are seeking a quick solution or a shortcut to a goal if you saw wood planks. 

Lastly, this dream indicates you have all the resources necessary to live comfortably. 

Biblical Meaning Of Wood Planks In Dreams

From a biblical perspective, a dream of wood plank encourages you to be patient with yourself, others as well as the universe.

Often, things do not happen when you want them to. But when the universe thinks it’s the right time. In short, the dream suggests you trust the divine timing. 

Psychological Meaning Of A Dream About Wood Planks

From a psychological point of view, wood planks mark the end of something, say a  relationship. 

Furthermore, the scenario implies you need to build up the self-confidence to overcome challenges in life.


That wraps up our article on dreaming of wood planks. As mentioned above, planks in dreams can have either positive or negative meanings depending on your reality, the experiences you have gone through, and your dream details. 

So, make sure you approach the scenario with an open mind. And as your interpretation can take either the good or the bad direction, set no expectations.