In the real world, we see planks of wood almost everywhere – from the walls to the floor. However, if you have been dreaming of wood planks, you need to remember that they carry spiritual meanings.

Because they are from your inner consciousness and the universe, in most cases. Messages you should not and cannot afford to ignore!

Dreaming Of Wood Planks : A General Dream Interpretation

The dream is closely tied to safety and security. At other times, such a dream can be a harbinger of a fortune coming to you. Negatively, a dream featuring wood planks indicates you have low self-esteem.

Generally, dreaming of wood planks is closely related to good luck, safety, confidence, protection, and success.

The chances of winning something are also tied to this dream. Contrarily, the scenario indicates you need security, protection, and healing in the waking world.

Perhaps you stand the risk of running into trouble and losing something or someone dear to you.

Negatively, there’s a possibility that someone is taking advantage of your kindness. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Wood Plank Dreams

Spiritually, the dream signifies the complications you are presently dealing with in reality. Most likely, these arose due to misunderstandings between you and your close ones. 

Also, it’s likely that you are seeking a quick solution or a shortcut to a goal if you saw wood planks. 

Lastly, this dream indicates you have all the resources necessary to live comfortably. 

Several Types Of Wood Plank Dreams & Their Meanings

Some of the most common wood plank scenarios include:

Seeing a lot of wood planks

This dream is the harbinger of a conflict that will arise from a trivial matter. 

To dream of gathering wood planks

It indicates that meeting new people, and connecting and socializing with them will turn out to be fruitful – either for your business ventures or personal life. 

Alternatively, if there’s something that has been troubling you for quite a while, now is the right time to make a final decision about what you should do regarding that particular matter. 

Dream about walking on a plank

This is the inner consciousness encouraging you to make the utmost use of the resources at your disposal. 

Negatively, the dream shows none will step forward to help you when you get in trouble. 

It also symbolizes the connection between your masculine and feminine sides. Chances are, you do not feel comfortable expressing yourself and your opinions/ wishes. 

On the other hand, the scenario symbolizes the need to address your animalistic thoughts.

Positively, walking on a wood plank symbolizes self-worth, acceptance, and acknowledgment of your true inner value.

Seeing a smooth and new wooden plank

This symbolizes your loving relationship with your partner. 

Seeing wood planks that can’t be used in any way

This type of wood plank stands for conversations and relationships that will end miserably. 

Seeing a rough wood plank

In the dream world, a roughly surfaced wood plank stands for stress, anxiety, and tension. 

Seeing a stack of wood planks

It implies your persistence and tenacity will help you get closer to your goals. 

Someone hitting you with a wood plank in your dream

It is a sign that you need to be more cautious with how you interact with others, especially people who know little about you. 

Painting wood planks

Painting wood planks reflects your desire to make your life more beautiful, promising, and worth living.

Chances are, you are trying your best to brighten up your reality in your own way. 

On that note, the subconscious suggests you dig into the root cause of your unhappiness and concerns instead of trying to conceal them with flashy coverings.

Sawing wood planks

It is an ill omen. Expect trouble and misfortune in the foreseeable future. 

Furthermore, the lack of income and the deteriorating financial condition of your family will compel you to seek odd jobs.  

Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation Of Wood Plank Dreams

According to Freud, wood planks represent a woman in your life – can be a mother, sister, lover, or mere acquaintance. 

In some instances, the dream might even refer to a woman who’s yet to enter your life. 

Psychological Meaning Of Wood Planks

From a psychological point of view, these dreams mark the end of something, say a  relationship

Furthermore, the scenario implies you need to build up the self-confidence to overcome challenges in life.


That wraps up our article on dreaming of wood planks.

As mentioned above, planks in dreams can have either positive or negative meanings depending on your reality, the experiences you have gone through, and your dream details. 

So, make sure you approach the scenario with an open mind. And as your interpretation can take either the good or the bad direction, set no expectations.

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