Dream of a broken phone signifies the lack of communication with the people around you. It also points towards the negativities harbored inside you. Sometimes, the dream depicts your fragile nature in your waking life.

But the dream can have different meanings depending on your personality and this think-piece will unveil it for you.

What is the General Meaning of Dreaming of a Broken Phone?

Dreams of broken phones also focus on the negativities piling up in your life. It also represents your insecurities and fears about making mistakes. 

Here are some more general interpretations of the dream. 


The broken phone reflects on your broken inner self and low self-confidence.

Alternatively, it also points towards the damage in your life. It makes you feel like everything is falling apart.


Just as a broken phone disconnects communication, this dream suggests you are disconnected from others.

You need to do better as far as your relationships with people are concerned. 

Moreover, it also signifies your fear of losing connection with your near and dear ones.

Detached from reality

Not only with people, but this also means you feel detached from reality. The phone is acting as a barrier between you and the real world.

You are more focused on the virtual connections on social media than the things surrounding you.

Afraid of making mistakes

This dream depicts your fear of making mistakes in your life. You are too cautious about causing blunders and screwing things up in your personal and professional life.

This is making you anxious and worried.


This is a harbinger of an overwhelming situation in your life. There will be a pool of stress in your upcoming days due to an immense workload or something beyond your control.

It will make you feel cracked and vulnerable.

Financial troubles

A broken phone is a sign of financial loss. So, it also signifies you will face financial troubles ahead.

It will be due to your wrong financial decisions or over-spending nature. 

Negative energies

It means you are surrounded by negative energy and vibes. It will be the cause of stress and anxiety in your waking life.

Reward for sacrifices

It symbolizes an end to the problems in your life. You will be rewarded for the seeds you have sown and your sacrifices in your past.


You will get rid of something keeping you restricted till now, and feel free. Your anxieties and insecurities will fade away, giving you a clear passage.

Common Dreams of a Broken Phone & their Meanings

Dream of a broken phone mainly reflects disconnection from reality.

It will result from a lack of communication with your loved ones, making a tough time for your relationships.

But the dream can have different meanings for different individuals. So, follow along to learn about some common dream scenarios and their meanings.

Dream of expensive phone broken

Your reputation is in danger. You will indulge in activities or people that will raise questions about your reputation.

But retaining your true self will also help you regain your image.

New phone broken

It is a bad omen for your relationship with your loved ones. If you have lied or betrayed someone, they will find out. So be ready to make amends and restore their trust.

Old phone broken

It reflects upon the monotony of your life. You are stuck with your old habits, which prevents you from moving forward.

So, bring some changes in your daily life and practices to transform your life.

Your ex breaking the phone

It signifies a hitch in your relationship with the people around you. You must stay cautious about activities harming your relationship with your loved ones.

Broken phone at a specific location

This can have different meanings depending on the location. If the broken phone is inside your house, you will receive an expensive gift soon.

Alternatively, dreaming of a broken phone on the street means you will get financial assistance from your relatives. It will help you get rid of your money problems.

Dream of broken phone screen

This signifies your vulnerable nature. Things are keeping you restricted, and you need to break those boundaries to achieve the goals of your life.

Phone breaking while using it

It is a harbinger of a sad phase in your near future. You will face barriers while executing your plans.

So, you must be ready to put effort and not give up easily to overcome those obstacles and succeed. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dream of a broken phone signifies the odds and cracks in your real life. So, you need to communicate well with people and reestablish the connection with them to mend those cracks. You should reflect upon your inner self and analyze what is causing the rift in your relationships.

It also depicts your fragile and vulnerable nature. So, you need to fight your insecurities and face your fears to regain the serenity of your waking life and move fearlessly towards your goals.