Whether by an evil person, a monster, or a wild animal, dreams about being hunted are frightening. Such scenarios will raise numerous questions upon waking – from ‘Have I done something I shouldn’t lately?’ to ‘Who’s against me and what do they want?

These dreams would definitely leave you either in a fight or flight mode where every action would be spontaneous and automatic.

Dreams About Being Hunted - 34 Types & Meanings
Dreams About Being Hunted – 34 Types & Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Being Hunted?

Dreams about being hunted are a sign that you have unaddressed issues in real life. Maybe, you are feeling anxious or even riled up in fear but have chosen to tuck it away, for certain reasons. From another perspective, the scenario might have a clue to the solution you are currently seeking in your waking life. 

Generally, dreams about being hunted are associated with situations that have left you feeling guilty, remorseful, and traumatic. And those emotions might have manifested themselves as animals, people, or even unknown beings haunting and hunting you in your dreams.

Depending on the scenario and your waking life circumstances, these dreams might even provide you with insights to decode a message the subconscious has conveyed to you. 

Pay attention to the minute details as they are the key to your locked and repressed feelings. 

Also, a dream about someone or something hunting you symbolizes your expectations and notions which are quite unrealistic. If you find this relatable, consider taking a step back, look at it again from a broader perspective and try to focus on a feasible goal.

It also serves as a reminder that you have the desire to escape from a restrictive situation or relationship.   

On a side note, if you are stalked by someone in real life, this dream indicates you should find a way to deal with it.

A Dream About Being Hunted : Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations

A dream about being hunted can be interpreted differently depending on who or what was hunting you. 

Needless to say, a witch at your heels in the depths of a jungle will carry a different meaning from a police dog hunting you down the street. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most common scenarios about being hunted. 

1. A dream of being chased and hunted

This dream gives a positive message. It is a sign from the universe that you can and will handle the changes and challenges of life courageously. 

On the other hand, the dream shows you are not an independent person and lacks communication skills which can cause hurdles here and there every now and then. 

It can also mean you are confused about which life you should take going forward. 

2. Hunted down and shot in a dream

If you dream about being hunted down and shot, it suggests you feel neglected in reality. In this regard, the higher self encourages you to work on your communication skills. 

Because there’s a possibility that you feel left out on account of your lack of communication with others. 

It could also be a sign that you will get an insight about yourself – something that will help pave the way for new opportunities as you discover your true potential. 

It also implies you should express your emotions instead of bottling them up.

Being hunted down and shot can also serve as a signal to learn from your past experiences. 

Negatively, failure in a work or project you are undergoing is also indicated. 

3. A dream about being hunted and killed

According to the dream, you lack boundaries and often allow others to take control over you. On the other hand, the dream reveals you are too secretive and closed off.

Such a dream can also indicate a promising new beginning as you establish a connection with a particular person on a spiritual or intellectual level.

Being hunted and killed may also indicate you have the potential to bounce back from various setbacks in your life. Alternatively, it implies your tendency to dominate your relationships, conversations, or even situations you find yourself in.

4. A family member hunting you in a dream

If you dream about being hunted by a family member, the dream symbolizes stress and anxiety, probably caused by personal or family-related issues. 

5. To dream of being hunted by a boss or colleague

A scenario wherein you are hunted by a colleague/ boss or someone from work is closely connected to stress induced by work. 

6. Dreaming of being chased and hunted by a stranger

According to the scenario, you feel anxious, restless, and fidgety without being aware of what’s causing it.

Perhaps you are ignoring a problem or a loved one despite knowing deep down that you have to come around sooner or later. 

7. A dream of being hunted by a group of people

This dream suggests you feel overwhelmed and are under a lot of pressure, probably because you tend to overthink.

It could also be interpreted as a sign of not having focus in your life. That said, the dream points out the need to have a goal and make a clear plan to achieve it.

8. Dreaming about being hunted by a gang of criminals

Being hunted by a gang of criminals shows you are too submissive often to the point that you allow people to walk over you. 

If that’s you, the dream says you have to be assertive if you want to get ahead in life. Else you will remain in the shadow of others forever. 

9. Dreams of being chased and hunted down by the police

This dream suggests either the need to incorporate discipline in your life or portends conflicts you might get into with people of authority.

It could also hint at your bottled-up feelings and emotions. 

At other times, the scenario represents someone standing in your way preventing you from pursuing what you desire.

Alternatively, being hunted by the police could mean you’re unaware of your misconduct. And the subconscious reminds you to pay heed to your actions and behavior as you’ll eventually reap what you sow – good or bad. 

10. A dream of being chased and hunted down by an attacker

This dream shows you are avoiding something fearful and confusing in real life.

If you manage to run away, it indicates you are under a lot of pressure and wishes to flee from your problems. 

On the other hand, if you fought back the attacker with all your might, the scenario shows you are willing to face each obstacle that arises along the way. 

11. A dream of being chased and hunted by a madman

This dream represents deep emotions that you don’t deal with in real life. Here, the madman is a manifestation of those emotions such as fear or anger, coming after you since you don’t address them in reality.

The scenario could also be a sign that you feel overwhelmed and are unable to think rationally.

12. To dream about being hunted by a killer

The dream symbolizes a project or a venture that’s on the verge of falling apart despite your efforts.

The subconscious encourages you to stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, focus on being better than what you were yesterday.

Instead of trying to beat your competitors, craft a clear and effective strategy to implement your ideas better. 

13. A dream of being hunted by a serial killer

Being hunted by a serial killer suggests you are indecisive, most of the time. You tend to go back and forth on your decisions. 

It can also mean you seek changes and transformation in your life.

14. A dream of being hunted down and chased by an animal/ animals

Animals hunting you in a dream represent repressed negative emotions such as anger and hatred. 

It could also mean you will soon feel overwhelmed by problems that are likely to arise on your path soon.

Alternatively, the dream could be the subconscious trying to draw your attention to your potential that is yet to be explored and discovered. 

Also, the scenario indicates your lack of originality or individuality caused by your fear of being different. 

15. A dream of being chased and hunted by a dog

According to the plot, you are filled with guilt on account of a few unforgivable things you have done to harm others.

It can also mean you are in danger and may get caught in a trap.

16. A dream of being chased and hunted by several dogs

If multiple dogs chase you, it shows you feel stressed due to the weight of life’s burden. 

17. A dream about a fierce dog hunting and pouncing on you 

If a fierce dog hunts and manages to pounce on you, it means you and your friends will have differences in opinions, which will eventually lead to betrayal in the friendship.

18. A dream about an angry dog hunting you 

The dream implies you need to assert control over yourself.

19. A dream of being hunted by a bear

According to the plot, you need to get serious about something. The dream interpretation can also differ depending on your response to the animal. 

If you manage to hide from the bear, it means you believe in yourself and your potential. However, it shows you often take time to make a decision. Alternatively, the scenario might project your desire to progress in life.

On the contrary, if the bear corners you, the dream symbolizes you feeling trapped in a difficult situation.

From another point of view, the dream shows you need to be more confident while pursuing your goals.

20. A dream about being hunted by wolves

Being hunted by wolves emphasizes the need to focus and stay true to your goals.

It can also mean you must surround yourself and build connections with like-minded people who can help you reach heights while maintaining a good mental state.

At other times, such a scenario symbolizes your wish to end a situation or a relationship that makes you feel threatened and vulnerable.

On the other hand, the dream can mean you are so engrossed in something that you have even neglected your loved ones. 

Negatively, the dream indicates low self-esteem and a negative self-image.  

21. Being hunted by lions in a dream

Expect good things, pleasant events, and happy moments in the foreseeable future if a lion or lions chased you in a dream. 

Negatively, the scenario hints at a few obstacles that are slowing down your progress.

Alternatively, it can mean you have trouble expressing yourself and cannot stand up for yourself.

22. A dream about being hunted by a snake

If you owe money to anyone, a snake hunting you show the person or people you owe money to will show up at your doorstep anytime soon.

23. To dream of two snakes hunting you

Perhaps you owe a huge amount of money to not just one but a couple of people. 

If that fits into your present financial circumstances, the subconscious warns you to be prepared as all or most of them will soon come to you demanding you back them back. 

24. Dreaming about snakes hunting you

The vision of several snakes hunting you is the higher realms encouraging you to seek new opportunities. 

That said, if you come across any opportunity around this time, make sure you take advantage of it. 

25. Snakes chasing  and hunting you around a building in a dream

According to the dream, your debts, if you have any, are directly or indirectly related to real estate if snakes hunt you around a building in a dream. 

26. Dreaming about a boa constrictor hunting you

A boa constrictor hunting you is a sign that you are favored by Lady Luck around this time. 

27. Giant hunting you in a dream

If you dream about being hunted by a hideous giant, it is a sign that you are repressing your emotions too hard – to such an extent that they have started haunting you during your sleep state. 

28. A dream about monsters chasing and hunting you

Often, monsters chasing and hunting you down are connected to traumatic childhood memories. 

On the other hand, it can also mean you feel betrayed in reality.

29. A dream about being hunted and killed by the dead

If the dead chases and kills you in your dream, it symbolizes a happy marriage, good fortune, and prosperity.

30. A dream of being hunted by a ghost

You might be trying to get over a past pain or traumatic situation if you dream of being hunted by a ghost

31. To dream of being hunted by something unknown

According to the plot, you lack clarity when it comes to the purpose of your life and where you are heading or are supposed to head. 

32. A dream of hiding after being hunted 

The scenario symbolizes tension at the workplace or in a personal situation. Perhaps you are acting out of character and being unnecessarily hurtful. 

Furthermore, the dream hints at the need to bring balance back into your life.

33. A dream about coming back to life after being hunted down and killed 

The dream is a positive omen indicating you will overcome your current obstacles, grow out of your current self and upgrade to a better version of yourself.

34. Being hunted and attacked by yourself in your dream

You may be fleeing from/ denying your feelings or regretting something you had done.

Also, it can be a sign that you feel guilty for your self-destructive behavior. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Dream About Being Hunted 

From a biblical perspective, being hunted is related to a fear of change, running away from problems, and being spiritually weak. 

Several challenges and conflicts surround you and you are under a lot of pressure. And the dream indicates the force of darkness is draining your positive energies, conspiring against you.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream About Being Hunted

The dream reveals you feel stressed owing to some present circumstances. The tendency to escape reality is also indicated.

Alternatively, it could also mean you are making progress and are getting nearer to your goals. 

Psychological Meaning Of Dreams About Being Hunted

Psychologically, being hunted reflects your fear and guilt. There could be a situation or a person or even a past event making you feel uncomfortable. 


Dreams about being hunted are quite a common dream. They represent your real-life problems and the traumatic feelings you have to deal with. 

A lot of us repressed some parts of ourselves for fear that we won’t be able to handle them. And in this context, the pursuer or the attacker is a manifestation of these hidden feelings.

Also, you should recall the identity of the pursuer, if you can, to get a better understanding of the dream.