Dreams about heartbreak mean that you are too competitive for your own good. It may also foretell that you will confront a bully. Often, it suggests that you are insecure about your age and want to be younger somehow. 

But there’s more to this vision, so let’s know those here!

What Do Dreams About Heartbreak Mean?

A dream about heartbreak indicates that you dislike drama and emotional judgments. Or, it denotes that you want to live in your past and avoid change. But to understand the meanings better, dive right into it. 

Competitiveness: This indicates that you get crazy when you lose, even when you are just playing a game. You can rarely celebrate someone else’s success. You always feel the need to be better than others to feel good. 

Practical: It portends that you are practical, rarely do anything impulsively, and absolutely hate drama. You never let your emotions cloud your judgment. You rarely worry about things you have no control over. 

Past: This implies that you have a habit of living in the past. You are an extremely nostalgic person, and you resist change. You can’t let go of things, be it people, relationships, memories, or items. You believe that your past will always be better than your future. 

Common Heartbreak Dreams & Interpretations 

When you dream about heartbreak, it might be because your family is upset or you got rejected. There can be many other scenarios, and all those bring unique messages. So, read on to find what they mean…

Heartbreak due to the end of a romantic relationship

This foretells you will have a lot of arguments with your partner in the following period. Small things like who should do the laundry will cause you to fight. 

Heartbreak due to the end of a friendship

It predicts that your best friend will settle in a different country. You’re scared that your friendship will end. It reminds you to spend enough time together before they leave. 

Dream of heartbreak caused by the death of a pet

This conveys that you love animals. You talk to them using baby voices and often visit animal shelters. You don’t let a single dog or cat in your neighborhood sleep hungry. 

Heartbreak due to upset family 

This forecasts that a family member will fall sick. You must stay beside them during the tough times and give them all the support they need.

It assures you that the more you care for them, the sooner they recover.

Heartbreak caused by infidelity

The vision conveys that your relationship is one-sided. Your partner rarely initiates communication and hardly shows any interest in your life.

You are the only one who makes all the compromises and sacrifices. 

Heartbreak because of getting rejected

It signals that your life lacks discipline. You never eat healthy, and your sleep schedule is all over the place.

You don’t make plans and give in to all kinds of temptations. Your room is almost always a mess. You feel overwhelmed and out of control at all times. 

Dreaming about your friend going through heartbreak

It suggests that you are touchy about your age. You don’t answer people if they ask you how old you are, and you do everything you can to look younger.

It asks you to remember that you’re still attractive. 

Your best friend going through heartbreak

This points out that you are too self-critical. You hold yourself responsible for all your problems and think you don’t have any good traits.

You are absolutely terrified of failing and never take compliments seriously. You let your failures define who you are. 

Your ex going through heartbreak

It predicts that you will stand up to someone mistreating you. Probably, it’s a bully at school or a pushy coworker.

You have been quiet for a long time, but now you have had enough. You can either choose not to engage or have a conversation with them.

Your partner going through heartbreak

This foretells that you won’t warn a loved one, even if they make a bad decision. You feel that they have the right to make their own choices.

Moreover, you trust them enough to figure things out independently and in their own time.

Remembering a past heartbreak in a dream

This implies that you are in love with someone unavailable. It might be because they do not share your feelings or are in a relationship.

Heartbreak because of unrequited love

The subconscious image points out that your life lacks self-care. You jump from one responsibility to the next and put others’ needs before yours.

You rarely take any time out to take care of yourself. You are always stressed out and often sleep-deprived. 

Crying because of a heartbreak

This predicts you will meet someone fascinating. Not only will this person have extensive knowledge about almost everything, but they will also be wise, well-traveled, and street-smart. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of heartbreak may reflect you have a selfish partner, fights in your romantic life, or the fear of losing a friend for good. But there are other positive messages and implications about your personality.

So, if you want to know the exact message, make sure you try to recollect all the details about your dream and decode them all. Once that’s done, be grateful for the message and use it to improve your life!