Dreams of thunderstorms signal an agitated mindset. Alternatively, it predicts that you are ready to enter a new phase in your life.

Dream of Thunderstorm – General Interpretations

Thunderstorms bring forth destruction along with them. So, it may be assumed that its dreams have bad connotations. So, whether that’s true or not, let’s find out!

  • It signifies frustration.
  • It predicts troubles.
  • You’re stuck in the past.
  • New beginnings are waiting.
  • It denotes a loss.

Dreaming of Thunderstorm – Various Types & Their Meanings

Thunderstorm dreams with heavy rain ask you to be resilient, while being caught in a thunderstorm reminds you that everything can’t be controlled.

The message also changes with the changing vision and detail of thunderstorm dreams. 

So, if you remember your dream details, don’t be satisfied with just the general interpretations. Dig in to find your accurate ones!

Dream of a thunderstorm with heavy rain

If you dream of thunder with rain you must be ready for the bad news. You’re probably going to feel some kind of emotion, maybe sadness or rage, and that will throw off your plans.

You need to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Dream of being caught in a thunderstorm

This dream suggests that you must go with the flow of life. As with most things in this world, you can’t have everything all under your command.

You must have learned the hard way that there are certain things in your life over which you have no say.

Let the bad energies of this period fade away so that the good ones might flourish.

Dream of thunderstorm with lightning

This says you’ll have to say goodbye to someone for whom you once felt deeply.

In addition, if you dreamt of thunder and lightning, your significant other will soon return.

You need to forgive and forget the terrible words you spoke to each other while you were angry.

Thunderstorm with showers

This indicates that you will let a social or political event dominate your thoughts.

Severe thunderstorm

If you see this dream, you must expect to hear unpleasant news from several people very soon.

The odds are high that several people will work against your plans simultaneously.

Big thunder with no lightning

This asks you to care for your physical, emotional, and mental wellness. 

Being struck by lightning in a thunderstorm

This means you’re about to go through some major life changes. You realize that each shift, positive or negative, is an opportunity to improve your situation.

In certain cases, a shift in circumstances will help in the healing of past wounds.

Lightning in the sea during a thunderstorm

If you dream about a peaceful sea, it means you’ll soon figure out how to deal with an issue you’ve been struggling with.

Alternatively, if the water is muddy or turbulent, it predicts several challenges in the days ahead.

A gigantic thunderstorm

You may have been focusing on things that won’t change your life significantly. Further, the dream suggests that you prioritize your responsibilities.

Being at the center of the thunderstorm

This suggests that you have survived the storm and happy days are around the corner.

You’re more powerful, smarter, and mature now that you’ve been through everything.

Being trapped in a thunderstorm

This asks you to go with the flow of things. You cannot control everything in life. Let the bad energies of this period fade away so that the good ones might flourish.

Being warned of a thunderstorm

This suggests that you can bring about the changes you think of. You must adopt a constructive outlook and act in accordance with your innermost desires.

Fork lightning in a thunderstorm

This foretells an unexpected request to begin a new enterprise. Whatever you are working on now needs to be completed quickly or put on hold until later.

In addition, you’ll need to act quickly when you get opportunities. Some of these changes won’t wait for your decision.

Huge thunderstorm

This might reveal your inner creativity and spirituality. All your loved ones are here to support you. 

Thunderstorm and flood

This says you are still processing the feelings that a certain situation triggered in you.

Dreaming of Thunderstorm – Various Colors & Their Meanings

Red lightning with thunderstorm
Your dream suggests that you are feeling lonely, rejected, and abandoned. You wish to be cuddled up with a friend, lover, or family member to feel good.

Yellow lightning with thunderstorm
This depicts your kind character. When others are around you, they feel joyful and drawn to you.

Blue lightning with thunderstorm
This suggests that you need to prioritize mental health. Get involved in activities that calm your inner self.

White lightning during a thunderstorm
This indicates you have realized the importance of pursuing peace instead of conflict.

Purple lightning during a thunderstorm
This indicates that something you will do or have done in the past will make you famous. Eventually, everyone will know your name in your town.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Some thunderstorm dreams can turn into nightmares. But don’t be worried as these are wake-up calls for you. You gotta be more alert to your surroundings and follow advice.

Be grateful for the message and make the best use of it, and the higher powers will keep you safe!