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Are You Afraid of a Dream about Hurricane? Find Out What It Means!

Are You Afraid of a Dream about Hurricane? Find Out What It Means!

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on Nov 29, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Hurricane – 25 Types and Their Interpretations

Are you dreaming of Hurricane quite often these days? There are high chances you woke up covered with sweat out of fear and nervousness. It is natural to feel restless when you see a huge disaster coming your way because you can’t fight it.

Hurricanes symbolize many things in the dream dictionary, and I am going to slowly mention them all.

But before we dive deep into hurricanes in dreams and find your dream interpretation, let’s first explore a few general interpretations.

Dream about Hurricane – 25 Types and Their Interpretations
Dream about Hurricane – 25 Types and Their Interpretations

Hurricane Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Hurricane dreams have positive interpretations like your power over others, the ending of a difficult phase, to gruesome ones like a sickness, struggles, or even poor outbursts of emotions.

A dream about a hurricane can generally interpret things that involve intense emotions.

In the world of dreams, every dream has an inner meaning which may seem hard to understand if you are not accustomed to the dream culture and that’s why I am here to help you.

You will not only find the meanings of your dreams but find some basic solutions to these problems as well.

There’s no point in keeping the suspense now, so let’s check out what your dreams about hurricanes generally interpret.

1. It’s a sign of power

A hurricane possesses the huge power of destroying everything that falls in its path.

Some hurricane dreams might also symbolize your strength at successfully dealing with all kinds of obstacles in your journey in life.

Such dreams are related to professional lives when you have trained long and hard enough to become invincible.

Your dream is a signal of charging through the battle of life and reaching your goals.

It can also be a prediction of reaching a point of proficiency and perfection after a long training phase.

Your subconscious might signify that this is your opportunity to strike at life and be a winner.

2. It’s the end of past difficulties

A hurricane is a symbol of destruction so, on a positive note, you are about to end past enmities or misunderstandings.

You might have been feeling that your relationship with someone is far more precious than a misunderstanding or a fight because of mismatching perceptions in life.

Your subconscious might be indicating that you must start afresh, whether it is a relationship, or building your goals. It is time to motivate yourself and take on the challenges with a new zeal.

This is your prime time to grab onto new opportunities while you grow and recover from your pains.

3. Your emotions are getting the better of you

A hurricane does not distinguish the things it destroys which might symbolize your way of expressing your overflowing emotions.

You might be bad at moderating your emotions because you either pour too much of it or too little of it.

This might also be an endless cycle where you express too much, hurt others, and start controlling it and it becomes unhealthy for you. Then again someone confronts you to open up and the cycle goes on.

You must learn moderation to avoid such circumstances in your life, otherwise, everybody will misunderstand your intentions and drift away from you.

So, try to be mindful of others’ feelings when you are expressing yourself.

4. It’s a prediction of a troublesome period

The dream symbol of a hurricane is also connected to troubles in the future.

Your subconscious might be conveying a message about the perilous times in the future and you need to make some prior preparations to deal with it.

Normally, anyone loses their mind when they find themselves in such settings. But you are experiencing such dreams because controlling yourself is extremely important to overcome the dangers.

You are the only one who can save yourself and your close ones from this ordeal. So, you need to take care of yourself at any cost for the security of everyone’s future.

5. It’s a symbol of sickness

Some hurricane dreams are a precursor to stubborn diseases that can take away most of your life force.

If you are not prioritizing your health because of the stress and responsibilities in your life, it is injustice towards yourself and your loved ones.

If you fall sick, your loved ones will suffer the most.

Working hard is good for your reputation at work and it helps you reach the next level towards your goals but if you overwork and fall sick, your workplace might find your replacement soon after.

Do you feel it is worth sacrificing your and your loved ones’ well-being? Ask yourself and you will have the best answer.

Dream about Hurricane – 25 Types and their Interpretations

Different scenarios with hurricanes in a dream can interpret different things.

For instance, hearing the roar of a hurricane can symbolize your futile efforts at fixing a crumbling situation. But, your death from a hurricane is symbolic of a prominent sickness in reality.

As you see, the elements playing around in your dream about hurricanes can be of immense importance for their correct interpretation. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

1. Dream of surviving a hurricane

If you dream of yourself surviving a hurricane, it resembles your capabilities in your waking life that will help you prosper further.

However, this will only be possible if you wisely choose your ways and approaches.

On the flip side, a dream of others surviving a hurricane is a symbol of good luck in your real life. It might also be an indication of taking up new employment opportunities.

If you see yourself safe but your belongings destroyed during the dream, then some of your materialistic desires will be fulfilled.

However, if your belongings are flying, you are not good with your finances or belongings in reality.

2. Dream of hurricane coming

A dream about a hurricane approaching you resemble that your bottled-up emotions will confuse you and you need to identify the priorities of your life.

It also symbolizes the arrival of some news that can cultivate both positive and negative emotions simultaneously.

If you were preparing for a storm in your dreams, then it might symbolize confusion in your romantic relationship.

However, if you are habituated to suppressing your worries, your subconscious is projecting the message into dreams that you need to seek help from your loved ones.

3. Dream of “eye of the storm” inside the hurricane

There can be a few different dreams about the ”eye of the storm” inside a hurricane-like you might be standing in this “eye” in your dreams.

Then it implies that you are emotionally bothered currently and your subconscious is indicating you to calm your nerves otherwise it will affect you negatively.

If you see the hurricane heading towards your home in the dream and you bolted all the doors and windows, it resembles that you know how to protect yourself during a difficult period.

However, if you are standing inside a hurricane in your dreams, it signifies a huge disorder in your life.

4. Dream about hurricane flood

Both dream symbols – water and hurricane – together resemble your unsteady emotions which is a signal of unanticipated danger in your real life.

If you see the flood entering your house, then the trouble might be related to your personal life which can also imply disloyalty in your love life.

Someone might try to charm you or your partner to cause a disturbance and snatch away your peace.

If you see yourself caught in the hurricane flood, it is a symbol of troublesome affairs in your professional life that will impact your financial situation.

You must struggle a lot to remove this obstinate difficulty from your life.

5. Dream of a hurricane lifting objects like roof

A dream where a hurricane is lifting objects like the roof of a house is related to your financial security.

This is not the best time to invest a huge amount of money even if it looks alluring or uncommon.

You might either face a crisis in your personal life or a monetary issue due to troubles in your professional life from a bad deal.

Your subconscious is conveying that you must not give up this money as it can harm you a lot more than it can bring you benefits.

Read through any contract well before signing it as you don’t know the source of this financial instability.

6. Dream of hurricane killed you or others

Possibly, you are confused about certain aspects of your life and are trying to unfurl the truth behind it.

A dream about a hurricane taking human lives is usually indicative of the removal of confusion.

You are currently dealing with a confusing problem and there are some facts that are not matching with reality.

But you will soon find some peace and satisfaction once you reach the conclusion of this ordeal.

Suppose the hurricane took the lives of animals in your dream, it is suggestive of small troubles in the future.

There is nothing to worry about as you will be able to resolve these problems with your wits.

7. Dream of being caught in a hurricane

A dream about getting caught in a hurricane predicts that you will meet an amazing person in your life.

You will learn many valuable teachings from this person which will help you mature and grow mentally. These teachings will also help you find the solutions for many troubles to come in the far future.

Moreover, you will find happiness in life irrespective of the situation and hardships. Treasure this person because it is hard to find wise people who cultivate wisdom in others.

You will finally find the answers to the nerve-wracking problems in real life with their help.

8. Dream of suffering from a hurricane

If you are the one suffering from a hurricane’s aftermath in your dream, it implies that recently you got acquainted with a pleasant person.

You opened up your true feelings and aspirations for your future to them. But this was not a good choice because of their questionable intentions.

This person might use the spilled information for their own benefit and get you in trouble.

Troubles are waiting to attack you when you least expect them. So, you must reflect on your emotions before you charge forward in this path.

9. Dream of a hurricane from a distance

A view of a hurricane from a distant place in your dream is a symbol of chaos in your waking life. Anything that gives you the most joy in your life will be badly impacted in the future.

If you are someone oriented with your career, you might make some mistakes, and grabbing that promotion will be out of the question.

If your family is everything to you, there might be a huge misunderstanding among your loved ones with no chance of fixing it anytime soon.

Suppose you are trying to do something new in your life, you better push it back for later or you will fail miserably.

10. Dream of aftermath of hurricane

If the scenario in your dream looks like the aftermath of a hurricane, your dream is a representation of compensating for your sins.

You probably mistreated somebody in the past and now it is your turn to pay for what you did. Furthermore, do not mistreat anyone to avoid such circumstances in your life.

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around, your past sins will hold you responsible for it and you won’t be able to escape your judgment.

It will be best if you don’t resist it and bear with the troubles and fight through it till the end.

11. Dream of being inside a hurricane

A dream of getting caught up in the whirl of a hurricane is a symbol of a zealous romantic relationship in your real life.

That’s great news if you already have someone in mind and who knows, this person might also have mutual feelings towards you.

Your subconscious is indicating that this is the right time to approach your crush.

If you do not get hurt till the end of this dream, it is a symbol of great luck in this romantic encounter because this person will be loyal and love you even more than your expectations.

12. Dream of trying to find a safe place during a hurricane

A dream about you searching for safe places amidst a hurricane resembles your bravery in between tough life circumstances.

The first thing you do when you are in trouble is evaluated the situation and investigate possible solutions. Staying calm and looking for solutions is the norm for you.

You are clear about your goals in life and understand that panicking will not do you any favor at the moment.

This might be something you learned from past experiences in your life and you might need to use these qualities soon in your life but it won’t be too intense.

13. Dream of dying during a hurricane

If you see yourself dying from a hurricane, it is an equally ominous sign in real life. This dream symbolizes an acute physical or mental sickness.

The illness can be so intense that it might leave you disabled so you must care for your health right now when you still have the option.

Possibly you are engrossed in work or your responsibilities so you feel it is absurd to devote time for yourself more than this.

But once this sickness strikes your health, you will not get any more chances to deal with it even if you try to.

Treasure your body now so that you can continue taking responsibility.

14. Dream of someone being chased by hurricane

To interpret a view of a hurricane chasing someone else in your dreams first requires identifying this person in your dream.

In waking life, this person is engulfed in his/her overflowing emotions towards you. Although this person does not want to express those emotions, yet they are uncomfortable.

He/she might have done wrong to you and does not want to confess because it will be the end of your relationship with this person.

Or he/she has fallen for you but is scared of being rejected and insulted because of their inferiority complex.

Whoever it might be or whatever the situation is, it will come to the light soon and you must treat it accordingly.

15. Dream of not being able to move during a hurricane

If you were not able to move during a hurricane in your dreams, this refers to an overwhelming situation in your waking life leading to a panic-stricken moment in your life.

It will be hard to identify the direction of this trouble in your life as it will attack you suddenly.

This chaotic and uncalled situation will force out strong emotional reactions from you even if you are a calm person.

Furthermore, you might suffer from anxiety attacks because of this situation. So, it is best if you seek medical support to sustain your health and continue fighting this trouble.

16. Dream of seeing a hurricane from a safe place

The sight of a hurricane from a safe location in your dream is the reflection of the quiet moments before a chaotic period.

Your dream is linked to the challenges in your professional life. Possibly, you are not aware that your seniors will assign you to a tough project.

You might be satisfied with the regular tasks that do not seem too challenging or demanding in your workplace, and you were relishing this stability for a while.

This new task will get you on your toes all the time and there won’t be any scope to rest because it requires a lot of effort.

17. Dream of being unexpectedly caught in a hurricane

If you witnessed an unexpected turn of the weather into a hurricane in your dream, this dream symbol is ominous. This dream tells you the news of an undefeatable problem in your life.

It can be hard to believe this prediction because you are always prepared with spare plans in your life.

But this matter will overwhelm you and none of your spare plans will seem useful to this issue.

You might feel confused because your control over the related matters will slip out of your hands. It will be a challenging moment in your life and you will learn something new from it.

18. Dream of a roar of hurricane

A dream where you hear the roar of a hurricane has something to do with your messy approach towards something in your life.

Possibly, you were not as careful as you must have in your life and things are going haywire because you did not prepare any backup plans for yourself.

Or, you might have slacked off and have no other choice than to hurry to save your reputation in front of your peers.

But due to your disorganized manner in handling this situation, everyone will understand what happened and this will turn into a miserable mistake.

Learn from this experience and try preparing better for the next, but if you don’t change your attitude there will be no next time for you.

19. Dream of hurricane destroying your house

If a hurricane destroys your house in your dream, it is an indication of new changes in your personal or professional life.

It is hard to identify whether this dream and the trailing changes are a good or bad omen for a person yet these changes will impact you immensely.

It might be an indication of progress or an obstacle in your career. Or, it may bring new relationships or end old ones in your personal or social life.

Moreover, it can end in a journey and moving into a new place where you will stay for a while.

20. Dream of being able to withstand the strength of a hurricane

In your dreams, if you face a hurricane and withstand it with your own strength then this dream symbolizes satisfaction and relief in your life.

If anyone framed you or mistreated you in the past, this person will realize their mistakes and feel ashamed for them.

They will try to compensate you for their misconduct and help you regain your reputation.

Even after everything gets better with the return of your status, do not keep any opening for them to attack again. Moreover, this situation might also accompany financial stability in your life.

21. Dream of a hurricane destroying neighboring buildings

A vision of a hurricane destroying buildings in the vicinity is symbolic of some approaching change in your life. It might be related to a change in your professional or personal life. 

You might get acquainted with new people and it will result in a trip to a new place in the future.

Although it can be in the personal or professional arena, this trip will bring much-needed change to your mundane lifestyle.

A refreshing feeling will lift your mood after this trip and you will be able to concentrate on serious tasks and responsibilities. It will become an energy booster in your tiresome days.

22. Dream of other people affected by a hurricane

The dream dictionary says that the sight of others being affected by a hurricane is a sign of involving yourself in others’ affairs and regretting it later on.

You have a kind heart and you stand by others’ sides when you notice they are in a struggling period.  

But sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to and people misunderstand or blame you for a negative situation.

These people might even feel that your opinion is unwanted and interpret you as a nosy person. 

From now on, you must only help or advise those who ask for it. There is no need to be so nice to everyone and get misunderstood by them for a lame reason.

23. Dream of living through a hurricane

A dream about experiencing a disastrous hurricane and living through it implies the presence of strong energy around you.

But your dream interpretations do not explain whether this energy will support you towards your success or it might lead to your doom.

The impact of this energy is inevitable and you or anybody else cannot oppose this power.

If anyone with immense authority is around you, try to stay in his/her good books because this person is capable of making or breaking any person. 

You don’t need to worry much because you will be impressed by this person’s skills and will become devoted to them.

24. Dream of being scared of hurricanes

Were you afraid of the hurricane in your dream? Then this dream might imply the fears in your waking life. 

You might be worried about some disastrous situation involving a close person in your life. Due to your souring relationship, this person might drift apart from your life and leave you alone even though you need them.

Your dream is a warning sign about this disaster, so you must take care of this relationship and try to mend it soon.

Your ego is getting the better of you and you will be left with regrets if this loved one leaves your side.

25. Dream of hearing the sound of hurricanes

Suppose in your dreams, you heard the sound of a hurricane then it is a sign of bad luck.

Possibly, you will face tremendous hardships in your future, and although this is a prediction you do not have any scope of altering it.

If you have started any new venture in your professional life, it will meet disastrous ends. If you begin a new romantic relationship, it might take a bad shape. It might even be the harbinger of the loss of a loved one.

This is an unanticipated bad time in your life so you must train your heart to cope up with these helpless times.

How to know whether you dreamt of hurricane or tornado?

You might feel unsure whether the overwhelming spiral you saw in the dream was a hurricane or a tornado.

In the dream dictionary, the meanings of hurricanes and tornadoes are somewhat similar so you don’t have much to worry about.

But if you were sure that the spiral in your dream was a hurricane, then your dream interpretations are far more influential than that of a tornado. This is so because hurricanes imply the epitome of intense destruction.

On the flip side, tornadoes usually imply a slight enraging or overwhelming power in comparison to hurricanes. This makes the hurricane in your dream a dominant dream symbol.

After a natural hazard like a tornado or a hurricane hits an inhabited land, it destroys everything falling in its way.

So, after the settling of those hazards, everyone has to rebuild everything from scratch. Your dreams about a tornado or a hurricane carry a similar meaning of starting all over.

Even after losing everything in life, to continue the flow of life reconstruction is important. It doesn’t matter how much resources, energy, or time you lost; you cannot afford to lose your motivation.

After losing in any field of life, humans tend to give up and feel depressed about their situation and your dream wants you to develop new habits and replace the old ones.

Biblical Meaning of Hurricane Dreams

In the Biblical sense, Hurricanes can be a symbol of the Gods being displeased with you or a way to attract your attention for a divine message.

Spirals have been around from the beginning of time, in the form of natural hazards or even the galaxy. Any spiraling overwhelming natural disaster implies a powerful existence that is about to overpower you.

Usually, hurricane dreams are alarming but biblically it does not necessarily need to be a negative indication.

If you saw a hurricane spiral over you then it can be a way for a God-like existence connecting with you because any of your actions displeased them.

It can also be a method to grab your attention towards the divine and sacred. There might be some divine message sent to you already but you did not pay much attention to it.

The Gods can show you an unsettling dream of a natural hazard to attract you towards nature which is a resemblance of God.

Also, you must not share such dreams or interpretations with anyone because they can try to interrupt the divine flow of knowledge and energy.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret Hurricane Dreams

It can be hard to interpret your hurricane dreams calmly due to shock and threat. So you must find the answers to these questions to understand better.

  • In your dreams, was the hurricane approaching or leaving?
  • Where were you during this hurricane in your dream?
  • Were you impacted by this hurricane?
  • How was the environment around you?
  • Were the buildings and landscape around you affected?
  • Did something ominous happen to you during this dream and what was it?
  • Did you see anybody else in your dream? Were they affected?
  • Were you able to survive through this natural hazard?
  • How did you feel during this dream? Were you terrified or did you not feel anything?

Over to you…

Hurricane dreams can never be pleasing as long as you are asleep because firstly it defines some kind of helplessness. But that isn’t always the case when you check out the meanings of your dream.

So, before you panic and start hyperventilating from the stress, you must note down what other elements you saw or what else occurred in your hurricane dream.

Even if your hurricane dream symbolizes something nasty, you have the time to prepare for it.

You must try to establish a connection with your life circumstances to your dream interpretation, else it might seem unusual at times because the occurrences in your real-life have a lot in relation to your hurricane dreams.