Dream about hurricane may symbolize you are strong enough to deal with everything. Or, it shows you need to prepare for disastrous times. Sometimes, they may also highlight your lack of control over emotions. 

So, if you want to know more, let’s get started!

Dream about Hurricane – Various Types and Their Interpretations
Dream about Hurricane – Various Types and Their Interpretations

Are Hurricane Dreams Bad Symbols?

A dream about a hurricane can generally interpret things that involve intense emotions which may seem hard to understand. So, let’s get down to the details!


Some hurricane dreams might symbolize your strength at successfully dealing with all kinds of obstacles in your journey in professional life.

Past difficulties

You might have been feeling that your relationship with someone is far more precious than a misunderstanding or a fight because of mismatching perceptions in life.

Overflowing emotions 

You might be bad at moderating your emotions and you need to learn it. It’s an endless cycle where you express too much, hurt others, and start controlling it and it becomes unhealthy for you.

Troublesome period

Your subconscious might be conveying a message about the perilous times in the future. You need to make some prior preparations to deal with it.


Some hurricane dreams are a precursor to stubborn diseases that can take away most of your life force. Don’t sacrifice your health for stress and responsibilities in your life.

Common Dreams about Hurricane & Their Meanings

Since, different scenarios with hurricanes in a dream can interpret different things, explore what your dream actually means!

Surviving a hurricane

It resembles your capabilities in your waking life that will help you prosper further. However, this will only be possible if you wisely choose your ways and approaches.

On the flip side, it is a symbol of good luck in your real life. It might also be an indication of taking up new employment opportunities.

Approaching hurricane dream meaning

The dream resembles that your bottled-up emotions will confuse you. You must identify the priorities of your life.

It also symbolizes the arrival of some news that can cultivate both positive and negative emotions simultaneously.

If you were preparing for a storm in your dreams, then it might symbolize confusion in your romantic relationship.

Trying to find a safe place during a hurricane

It resembles your bravery in between tough life circumstances. When you are in trouble, you evaluate the situation, investigate possible solutions, and stay calm.

You are clear about your goals in life and understand that panicking will not do you any favor at the moment. You probably learned this from past experiences.

Dying during a hurricane

This is an ominous sign of an acute physical or mental sickness. Possibly you are engrossed in work or your responsibilities so you ignore it. 

But once this sickness strikes your health, you will not get any more chances to deal with it even if you try to.

Someone being chased by hurricane

In waking life, this person is engulfed in overflowing emotions towards you. Although they don’t want to express those emotions, they are uncomfortable.

They might have done wrong to you and don’t want to confess. Or he/she has fallen for you but is scared of being rejected and insulted because of their inferiority complex.

Seeing a hurricane from a safe place

Your dream is linked to the challenges in your professional life. Possibly, you are not aware that your seniors will assign you to a tough project.

This new task will get you on your toes all the time and there won’t be any scope to rest because it requires a lot of effort.

Other people affected by a hurricane

The dream dictionary says that it is a sign of involving yourself in others’ affairs out of kindness and regretting it later on. 

But sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to and people misunderstand or blame you for a negative situation. You must only help or advise those who ask for it. 

Dreams about being caught in a hurricane

You will meet an amazing person in your life. You’ll learn many valuable teachings from them which will help you mature and grow mentally.

These teachings will also help you find the solutions for many troubles to come in the far future.

Other Hurricane Dreams

Eye of the storm” inside the hurricane

If you’re standing in this “eye”, it implies you are emotionally bothered currently. Your subconscious is indicating you to calm your nerves otherwise it will affect you negatively.

Hurricane flood in a dream

Both dream symbols – water and hurricane – together resemble your unsteady emotions which is a signal of unanticipated danger in your real life. Moreover, if 

  • The flood enters your house: The trouble might be related to your personal life which can also imply disloyalty in your love life. 
  • You get caught in the hurricane flood: It is a symbol of troublesome affairs in your professional life that will impact your financial situation. 

Aftermath of hurricane

Your dream says you probably mistreated somebody in the past and now it is your turn to pay for what you did. Furthermore, do not mistreat anyone to avoid such circumstances in your life.

Being scared of hurricanes

The dream shows you’re worried about some disastrous situation involving a close person in your life. You must take care of this relationship and try to mend it soon. 

Hearing the sound of hurricanes

It means that you may face tremendous hardships in your future. Although this is a prediction you do not have any scope of altering it.

Roar of hurricane

The dream shows you were not as careful as you must have in your life and things are going haywire.

Or, you might have slacked off and have no other choice than to hurry to save your reputation in front of your peers. But due to your disorganized manner, everyone will understand what happened.

Hurricane destroying buildings

If a hurricane destroys:

  • Your house: It indicates new positive or negative changes in your personal or professional life. It will impact you immensely.
  • Neighboring buildings: It is symbolic of some approaching change in your professional or personal life. You might get acquainted with new people and it will result in a trip to a new place. It will bring much-needed change to your mundane lifestyle.

How to Know Whether You DDreamt of Hurricane or Tornado?

You might feel unsure whether your dream was about a hurricane or a tornado. In the dream dictionary, the meanings of hurricanes and tornadoes are somewhat similar so you don’t have much to worry about.

But if you’re sure that it’s a hurricane, your dream interpretations will be far more accurate.

On the flip side, tornadoes usually imply a slight enraging or overwhelming power in comparison to hurricanes. This makes the hurricane in your dream a dominant dream symbol.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Hurricane dreams can define some kind of helplessness. But that isn’t always the case. So, before you panic, note down other dream elements. 

Even if your hurricane dream symbolizes something nasty, you have the time to prepare for it. So, think of a solution calmly. You’ll eventually find a way out!