Woke up wheezing after having dreams about suffocation? You’re probably thinking about what this dream means. Well, suffocation in a dream often denotes you feel overwhelmed by external forces. 

But different suffocation dreams have different meanings… and I am here to help you find out the message of your exact dream.

So, let’s explore your dreams!

Dreams about Suffocation – General Interpretations

A dream about suffocation generally represents fear, anxiety, tough times, being controlled, and so on. But not all dreams are bad. Sometimes, they indicate some good changes in life.

Suffocation in your dreams can be as painful as in reality. So, this dream might scare the living daylights out of you. So, dream books suggest studying these dreamscapes and actually working on them to stop getting such dreams regularly.

Now, let’s begin with some common meanings of these dreams…

1. You must have feelings of fear and anxiety

A dream of suffocation indicates your fear and anxiety because of what is happening around you and people related to you.

2. You are facing a tough time

This dream of suffocating is coming to you because it is possible that in your waking life, you are trapped in some complex situation from which you are trying to escape. 

3. You will go through some transformation

All suffocation dreams are not interpreted as having negative meaning. Some suffocation-related dreams say that you wish to change your personality for good. 

4. You are giving someone the power to control you

If you dream of someone else suffocating you, they are controlling your life and trying to make decisions on your behalf. 

5. You need to look after your health

Sometimes the suffocation dreams have a direct connection with your health. Try to keep yourself positive, healthy, and happy. 

Dreaming of Suffocation – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Suffocation is often a feeling of anxiety, fear, and a trial to escape in real life. But does that same apply to the dream related to suffocation? Let’s know with the following interpretations of some common dreams related to suffocation.

1. Dream about someone suffocating me

If someone tries to suffocate you in your dream, it means you feel helpless in your real life. You are facing many struggles. But, every time you feel powerless in front of the circumstances.

Probably your boss is trying to suffocate you in the office. But you cannot do anything because you need the job. Similarly, there can be various instances in life where you feel suffocated but cannot help.

In summary, you feel trapped in a situation.

2. Dream about suffocating a baby

Don’t worry, this dream doesn’t mean you will strangle or kill a baby in real. But the baby here denotes your hidden potential. You know you can do something, but you still doubt your skills because you lack confidence.

Hence, the dream represents you suffocating a part of yourself. It can also be an unexplored talent or passion.

Your passion may be taking a backseat because you are too occupied fulfilling your goals.

Moreover, this dream signifies your weakness. You are ignoring some problems in your life.

3. Dream about suffocating someone

Having a dream about suffocating someone is a sign of your negative attitude and outdated thought process. It shows the lack of adequate cooperation or support in some aspects of your life. You are puzzled with some matter and hence disturbed. 

Your dream suggests shaping and developing your personality. However, you lack some emotional and sentimental connection. 

This dream also denotes a persistent danger or an unpleasant confrontation that you must avoid.

4. Dream about someone else suffocating

The dream about someone else suffocating indicates that you must look into some aspects of your life that you have overlooked for many days.

This dream comes to you as a warning that you must prepare for the problems that may come into your path if you keep pretending that everything is alright in your waking life. 

5. Dream about suffocating in water

Water generally indicates the emotions of a person in their waking life.

And, therefore the dream about suffocating in water indicates your feelings of anxiety and fear in certain situations in your waking life. 

The things happening around you probably overwhelmed you to the point where you feel helpless or worthless.

6. Dream about suffocating an animal

Dreaming about suffocating an animal indicates that you are in the middle of some drastic change of emotions.

You have no clear idea about how to tackle a certain situation or how to react to a certain condition. 

If you suffocate a dog in the dreams, you attempt to reveal a long-time hidden side of yourself to the outside world.

7. Dream about an animal suffocating you

Opposite to the last dream, if it’s an animal suffocating you in your dream, it reflects your inner desire to escape from your physiological barriers and constraints. 

Your subconscious tells you that you want to break all the barriers causing you stress. You feel you can’t do anything to make the situation normal. 

8. Dream about suffocating yourself

If you had a dream about suffocating yourself, it’s a positive sign. It reflects your desire to change yourself and your personality.

You can do a self-evaluation and find the things you need to change. However, the individuals close to you might be harmed or affected by these changes.

Even though this happened, you need not consider that aspect because once you improve yourself, you’ll still be able to apologize for your mistakes.

9. Dream about feeling suffocated

A huge difference exists between being suffocated and feeling suffocated in a dream. But in your waking life, both dreams result in physical and emotional conflicts.

If you experience suffocation in your dreams, this is a warning to be wary of the individuals nearby. They might put you in a helpless and imprisoned situation. 

10. Dream about food suffocation

Dream about food suffocation is a reflection of your greedy and ambitious personality.

It says that you can risk anything and everything to get what you want.

However, this is not a good sign because you might lose friends, a life partner, or someone very important in your life and cause your downfall this way.  

11. Dream about suffocation with gas

Dreaming about being suffocated by gas indicates your negligent attitude will cause a big problem for you in the coming future. Finding yourself in a gas chamber reflects a waking life situation you wish to escape. 

This situation can be a hurdle to your self-development, will overwhelm you, and will eradicate your original personality. 

12. Dream about suffocation by being strangled

If you have a dream that someone suffocates you by strangling you, it means you have a feeling that your freedom is taken away because of someone’s presence in your life. 

If the person suffocating you by strangling is someone familiar in your waking life, then this dream specifically denotes your relationship with that person. 

And, if the person is a stranger, it reflects your inner conflict with yourself where one part of you dominates the other. 

13. Dream about suffocating in blood

If you had a dream about suffocating in blood, it reflects your fear of visiting your dentist or doctor.

It shows that you can do anything to avoid visiting them for a checkup. People with a phobia of needles often face these dreams.

In your waking life, you notice some symptoms and need to visit a doctor, but you are stalling it. Your immature behavior can end up causing you more trouble in the long run.

14. Dream about someone else suffocating in blood

A dream of you suffocating someone in blood reflects restless thoughts in your subconscious. It’s because you failed to help someone even though you had a good opportunity. 

You, along with a bunch of people, have decided what the destiny of the person who asked you for help should be. 

With the majority of the vote, you made a bad choice and didn’t even try to overturn it or revolt. But still, it’s not that late for corrections.

15. Dream about suffocating for no apparent reason

A dream of being suffocated without any apparent reason for it means your relations are becoming complex and unsustainable.

It indicates that you cannot spend adequate time with your family and loved ones, so you feel distant from them.

It is a reminder for you to prioritize your loved ones and family. Only a positive attitude and your efforts can bring them close to you again. 

16. Dream about suffocating your partner

A dream where you are suffocating your partner is not a good signal. It suggests you start working more towards your relationship with them. 

Rather than blaming your partner for every mistake, try to walk life’s journey with them. Give your part of love and care to them to improve your relationship. 

17. Dream about being suffocated by your partner

suffocated by your partner in your dream reflects that your partner is not supportive of your growth and success. 

Possibly, you had to sacrifice your career for your partner in conscious life. Or, you relocated from your native place to live with them. 

Now, these things lead you to bitter feelings for them because they do not appreciate the sacrifices you made for them. 

18. Dream about being suffocated by a child

If you were suffocating a baby in your dream, it doesn’t mean you are a bad person in your waking life. Baby in this dream reflects your inner potential. 

This dream simply indicates that you doubt your own potential and skills, which hinders your self-development.

You’re wasting your talent because you do not know about it. 

19. Dream about suffocating your friend

The dream of suffocating your friend alarms you about your feelings of envy and greed for your friend.

Rather you must support and praise your friend for their achievement in life. 

This will motivate you to put in the necessary effort to obtain financial security, a romantic relationship, and other goals.

20. Dream about an animal suffocating

If you see a pet animal suffocating in your dream, it means someone is jealous of you. They are trying every bit so you don’t get justice in your waking life.

Instead of a pet animal, if you see a wild animal suffocating, it means nobody is standing for your support. Everyone has left you alone in your battle.

21. Dream about a stranger suffocating

In waking life, you are plagued by several problems and are stressed out. This dream tells you to devise something innovative to deal with these problems. 

These dreams come to you as an encouragement to spend more and more time with your loved ones and family.

Only they are the people who will fill your life with positivity. 

22. Dream about your parent suffocating

Your dream of seeing your parent suffocating reflects your dominant emotions. a certain problem will trigger negative emotions in your waking life.

However, whatever bad or good emotions you have, you must let them out. 

To see things from the right perspective, create a proper balance between emotions in your life.

When you believe your rights are being violated, learn to speak out. Work on taming your personality’s wilder sides simultaneously.

23. Dream about your grandparents suffocating

Dreaming about your grandparents suffocating says that you are living in imagination.

You avoid real-life issues, especially when money is involved. This dream suggests you start working hard and stop daydreaming about having big villas, luxury cars, and huge bank balances. 

Decide your priorities immediately and start working hard for your desired future.

24. Dream about suffocating in a thick blanket of smoke

This dream indicates that you have taken up humongous responsibilities, and now you are facing issues with carrying them all along.

It reflects that you have avoided your own well-being to create a good impression of yourself. 

25. Dream about someone else suffocating in a thick blanket of smoke

Seeing someone else suffocating in a thick blanket of smoke in a dream indicates that you are trying to help someone out, but they are not grateful to you for it.

Though they cannot handle things without you, they take you for granted. 

26. Dream about rescuing someone suffocating

A dream about rescuing someone suffocating suggests that someone younger will fall in love with you because of your kind deeds.

This person will unconsciously get attracted by your kind, compassionate, and empathetic attitude. 

They will try their best to win your heart, and you also find it inevitable not to be impressed by their charms. 

27. Dream about suffocating on food

This dream indicates that you are hurrying things up for your best. You want to achieve all at once.

It also suggests that your excessive greed and ambition will cause you and your growth harm. Slow down and remember that success is never overnight but an outcome of hard-working nights and days.

28. Dream about your friend suffocating on food

Having this dream suggests you will get a call from a friend trapped in trouble. You’ll not care much about their troubles and reasons, but take this opportunity to repay their past favors. 

29. Dream about your enemy suffocating

An enemy getting suffocated in your dreams implies that you will get justice. The people who tried to trap you into some accusation will be black-faced when your truth comes out and rise. 

This is not the time for arrogant gloating. Make use of the situation to set a positive example for others.

30. Dream about a group of people suffocating

This dream suggests you are getting influenced by a group of people. It says to you to be responsible for your actions and yourself.

You depend on some people for guidance. Don’t be misguided by them. Rather induce your influence of love and positivity. 

31. Dream about suffocating and dying

Having a dream about suffocating and dying is a grave warning for you. This dream indicates the initial stage of some disease or devastating situation you are unaware of. 

32. Dream about suffocating as a result of an illness

The dream about getting suffocated because of illness reflects your anxiety about some medical condition of yours that you think is getting worse. 

33. Dream about suffocating by drowning

A dream about suffocating by drawing in water indicates your practical nature, which sometimes causes you trouble because you lack emotions and spontaneity. 

34. Dream about committing suicide by suffocation

Since it involves suicide, this dream implies your certainty about intentionally bringing a change in your life.

35. Dream about being suffocated by a pillow

Being suffocated by a pillow in your dreams indicates security and soundness. You have your emotions under control, and you are enjoying it.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your suffocation dreams correctly

While a dream related to suffocation has many possible meanings, you need to know which message is solely dedicated to your dream. 

For that, you must correctly recall every detail related to your dream. Ask yourself the following questions to eradicate any kind of misinterpretation…

1. Who was getting suffocated in your dream?

2. Who was suffocating you in your dream?

3. Where were you located while getting suffocated?

4. Did you read or watch something related to anxiety or fear?

5. How did you feel in the dream? 

A word from ThePleasantDream

People often think that dreams are mere imaginations of our minds in an unconscious state. But once you take your dreams seriously, you will know the hidden reality of your dreams.

These dreams are a message from your subconscious to you to guide you about the coming future. So, take one step forward, decode the message, and follow the right path.

Once you work on it, the painful dreams will certainly go away!

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