A dream about suffocation generally represents fear, anxiety, tough times, being controlled, and so on. But not all dreams are bad.

Sometimes, they indicate some good changes in life.

Dreams about Suffocation – General Interpretations

Suffocation in your dreams can be as painful as in reality. So, this dream might scare the living daylights out of you. So, dream books suggest studying these dreamscapes and actually working on them to stop getting such dreams regularly.

Now, let’s begin with some common meanings of these dreams…

  • You must have feelings of fear and anxiety
  • You are facing a tough time
  • You will go through some transformation
  • You are giving someone the power to control you
  • You need to look after your health

Dreaming of Suffocation – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Suffocation is often a feeling of anxiety, fear, and a trial to escape in real life. But does that same apply to the dream related to suffocation?

Let’s know with the following interpretations of some common dreams related to suffocation.

Dream about someone suffocating me

If someone tries to suffocate you in your dream, it means you feel helpless in your real life. You are facing many struggles. But, every time you feel powerless in front of the circumstances.

Probably your boss is trying to suffocate you in the office. But you cannot do anything because you need the job.

Similarly, there can be various instances in life where you feel suffocated but cannot help.

Dream about suffocating a baby

Don’t worry; this dream doesn’t mean you will strangle or kill a baby in real. But the baby here denotes your hidden potential.

You know you can do something but still doubt your skills because you lack confidence.

Hence, the dream represents you suffocating a part of yourself. It can also be an unexplored talent or passion.

Dream about suffocating someone

It shows your negative attitude and outdated thought process. It shows inadequate cooperation or support in some aspects of your life. You are puzzled with some matter and hence disturbed. 

Your dream suggests shaping and developing your personality. However, you lack some emotional and sentimental connection. 

Dream about suffocating in water

Water generally indicates the emotions of a person in their waking life.

And, therefore the dream about suffocating in water indicates your feelings of anxiety and fear in certain situations in your waking life. 

An animal suffocating you

It reflects your inner desire to escape from your physiological barriers and constraints. 

Suffocating yourself

It’s a positive sign. It reflects your desire to change yourself and your personality.

Feeling suffocated

A huge difference exists between being suffocated and feeling suffocated in a dream. But both dreams result in physical and emotional conflicts in your waking life.

Food suffocation

Dream about food suffocation is a reflection of your greedy and ambitious personality. It says you can risk anything to get what you want.

Suffocation with gas

This indicates your negligent attitude will cause a big problem for you in the coming future. Finding yourself in a gas chamber reflects a waking life situation you wish to escape. 

Suffocation by being strangled

It means you feel that your freedom is taken away because of someone’s presence in your life. 

If the person suffocating you by strangling is someone familiar in your waking life, then this dream specifically denotes your relationship with that person. 

Suffocating your friend

The dream of suffocating your friend alarms you about your feelings of envy and greed for your friend. Rather you must support and praise your friend for their achievement in life. 

Your grandparents suffocating

It says that you are living in imagination. You avoid real-life issues, especially when money is involved.

This dream suggests you start working hard and stop daydreaming about having big villas, luxury cars, and huge bank balances. 

Your enemy suffocating

An enemy getting suffocated in your dreams implies that you will get justice.

The people who tried to trap you into some accusation will be black-faced when your truth comes out and rises. 

Suffocating and dying

It is a grave warning for you. This dream indicates the initial stage of some disease or devastating situation you are unaware of. 

Suffocating as a result of an illness

The dream about getting suffocated because of illness reflects your anxiety about your medical condition that you think is getting worse. 

Suffocating by drowning

It indicates your practical nature, which sometimes causes you trouble because you lack emotions and spontaneity. 

Committing suicide by suffocation

Since it involves suicide, this dream implies your certainty about intentionally bringing a change in your life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

People often think that dreams are mere imaginations of our minds in an unconscious state. But once you take your dreams seriously, you will know the hidden reality of your dreams.

These dreams are a message from your subconscious to guide you about the future. So, take one step forward, decode the message, and follow the right path.

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