Dreams about trains can be intriguing especially if you use this mode of transport. But did you know, their appearances in the dream world might hint something about your waking life?

Yes, its often said that dreams are a reflection about our waking life. So, let’s not delay further, and dive into the dream interpretation.  

Various Common Dreams about Trains & their Interpretations
Various Common Dreams about Trains & their Interpretations

What it means to see a train in your dreams?

When you dream about a train it signifies your thoughts, decisions, the direction in life, failure, and control over life. Moreover, train dreams also indicate sexual needs and hidden desires.

The train in your dreams can be the symbol of power or control in your life. However, there are some probable interpretations too and they are as follows –


Train dreams often symbolize the stability of your life. They can signify the path you follow in your life and the conformity of selecting that path. 

Desire to change

Such dreams can also interpret your desire to change something in your life. In your subconscious if there is any conflict regarding decision making, desire to experience something new, need for any change, desire to make new choices they can be the reason behind certain dreams about the trains. 

Power of control

Such dreams can symbolize the power of control in your life, how much control you have over something. Sometimes train dreams signify your loss of control over anything. They can indicate the desire to control something important. 

Decision making

Train dreams can signify your instinct or fear of making the wrong decision. 


Trains take you to your destination and connect you with your goals. Certain dreams about trains can carry the meaning of connection barriers with an individual or an object or any aspect of your life.

Motion of life

Train movement can mean the motion of your life. Often, you rush to achieve your goals. These dreams help you to understand the importance of patience and taking things slow in certain situations.


Dreams of missing trains can signify the importance of any opportunity in your life. You may get another opportunity if you miss one like you can catch an alternative train if you miss one. But the opportunity and the time you lost will never come back again.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about trains

Spiritually these dreams can be the symbol of your life journey or your direction in life. The route of the train indicates the chosen path in your life. The experience of your train journey in your dreams can be your feelings and experiences in your life.

Dream of missing a train implies that you may have lost an opportunity to achieve something, which is important for you in your life. Your inner thoughts or your strengths or weaknesses can appear in the form of some passengers of a train in your dream.

Various dreams about trains & their interpretations

Now we will discuss a few types of train dreams that you might experience and their deep meaning.

Dream about driving or controlling a train

This is one of the most positive train dreams. This signifies that you have full control over your life. You know what you want, and you are aware of your path to reach that goal of your life.

However, these dreams can also appear as a situational factor. Someone else is controlling your life or forcing you to act on their instruction. 

Dream of traveling in a train

This dream is a hit of positivity wherein you will start a new life. Besides, it also points out that you are on the right path and will not lose direction. Alongside this, it also urges you to reach your goals with perseverance and patience. 

Dream about train station

This dream indicates a new beginning of your life. There may be an exciting adventure waiting for you or there may be some good changes you are going to face.

It can also mean that you have planned for a vacation or you are planning one. Besides, it urges you to take a small break from your busy schedule and spend some time with your family.

Furthermore, through the vision of the train station, your subconscious may suggest you to rethink your aspiration and & make a new decision regarding your career.

Most importantly, for women, this symbol can differ sometimes. A train station can be a sexual symbol in a woman’s dream. If a train is entering the station in your dream that symbolizes the sexual act or any hidden desire or unfulfilled wish of a woman.

Activities related to trains appearing in dreams 

You might encounter various activities in your dreams, Let’s uncover what these activities are trying to tell you! 

Dream about getting off the train

This particular dream means that you have achieved your target. In your life, if you are working to achieve something or you are doing any target-based work these dreams indicate that you are at the final stage of completing it or you have already achieved it.

However, if you get off before reaching your destination that means you want to stop your journey before meeting the target.

Dream about being late for a train

This scenario signifies laziness or a carefree attitude. It can also indicate a lack of responsibility. Besides, such dreams mostly express the attitude or certain personality traits of a person.

Additionally, if you are going to miss any opportunity or if you already have due to your lack of concern then that could be the reason behind the dreams.

Dream about missing a train

The dream symbolizes missing opportunity. Besides, it also means you are afraid of the consequences or losing a chance in your life. Also, missing train dreams can indicate breaking some norms in your life. 

Dream about the train leaving without you

These dreams often turn out to be negative because of some unpleasant events in your life.

If you are feeling sad or experiencing some sort of depressive feelings or negative thoughts due to some situation or loss, these feelings can project in your dreams.

Dream about empty train

If you feel lonely in your life, if there Is a lack of support, then it can be the reason behind this dream.

The empty train also indicates any upcoming conflicts or problems in your family or isolation from your friends or from any group that you are in.

Dream about being on a wrong train

If you encounter such dream then that might be some warning from your subconscious. You may be on the wrong track in your life. You need to rethink the path you are following.

This dream also suggests that you are following the wrong idea or the goal. You should take some time to think about making some new decisions.

Dreaming about a train passing by

These dreams generally bring some positive signs. These indicate some spiritual development in your life. You may face any positive changes in your life if you have experienced such dreams.

Dream about a passing train can indicate that you are about to get a huge opportunity to achieve your dreams. If you dream of a train passing fast that can indicate an update in your social status. 

Apart from this, if you see that you are waiting for a train to pass, that means there is a positive change you are going to face as you might achieve what you have been waiting for.  

Dream about running to catch a train

This dream is a warning for you. If you are doing the same thing over and over again but you are not able to meet your goal, this dream suggests you slow down and think.

Delayed train in a dream

It means you are rethinking your decision or choice. You need time to think and analyze your choices. Besides, you must also think about the consequences of your choices and then make a final decision.

Observing a passenger on a train

This dream indicates your sexuality and your strong personality and passion.  It can also symbolize your sexual preference.

A train full of baggage

Such dreams suggest that you must take care of someone from your family or friends in the near future.

There may be some problematic situations or unfortunate circumstances that they are facing and you have to take responsibility for them.

A train in a tunnel

This dream signifies the deep dark desires of the unconscious mind. Besides, if you see a train entering a tunnel that means you are going to enter a bad phase of your life. 

If you see a train coming out from a tunnel it can mean you are recovering from a bad experience. And if the train is entering a tunnel or passing through a tunnel can indicate sexual acts or suppressed needs especially for women.

Getting inside a train

These dreams symbolize that you are going to face some major changes. Generally, the changes are good and positive. In some cases, these changes may be for a short period and you can go back to your normal track after the time is gone.

Trains mishaps

Train accidents happen in real life but they also make way in the dreamscape. Let’s unearth what they mean. 

Train crash 

Train crash means failure or loss of control. You may face some difficulties or failures in your journey. Besides, you might make carefree reckless decisions and face some significant problems.

Train wreck

Such dreams indicate obstacles and signifies that there may be some failures in your path. 

Derailed train

A derailed train indicates you are a helpful person and you try to help people in the best possible way. But they don’t appreciate your efforts and betray you in the end. 

Train going out-of-control 

These dreams symbolize that your life is being controlled. You are not in charge anymore. You may have made a wrong decision or there was a lack of attention.

Being involved in a train accident

Such dreams indicate that you may have self-doubt or lack of confidence. You may experience conflicts while making a choice. It can hamper your personal and professional life.

Appearance of various types of trains

The types of train that appear in your dream may also hold different meanings – 

A model train

This dream means that you are losing control over your life and unable to focus on your goal and having conflicts. 

The express train

An express train means you are not far away from your target. You are going to achieve your goal faster than your expected time.

Freight train

This train symbolizes what you carry in your life. If you are facing problems at one time or if there is any influence of some negative emotions like jealousy or hate, these dreams suggest you take initiative and solve them.

Biblical interpretation

Dreams about trains can be a gentle reminder for looking into your spiritual life more. They can guide you to the development of your spiritual journey.

On the contrary, they can be warnings about some difficult situations that you are going to face. But as you are experiencing those dreams it means you can overcome any difficulties with faith and trust.

Psychological interpretation

In psychology, a dream about trains can imply the comfort or the direction of your life. Your success or failure may also be projected in your train dreams.

Train dreams: positive and negatives

From the above discussion, we can point out some positive and negative interpretations of train dreams.

The positive sides of train dreams are

  •  Control
  • Stability
  •  Power
  • Achievement
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-belief

 The negative sides of train dreams are

  • Loss of control
  • Wrong decision
  • Self-doubt
  • Betrayal
  • Failure
  • Obstacles


Dream about trains is very much related to our life situations. But you must understand no two dreams are similar and every element in the dream holds importance.

But always remember, dreams can guide us to make the right decisions in our lives and make us aware of any probable danger.