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Dreams of Roses – 60 Types & Interpretations

Dreams of Roses – 60 Types & Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Oct 18, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams of Roses - 60 Types & Interpretations

Had a rosy dream? Or is it not? Well, dreams of roses are very common dream elements. 

Roses hold many meanings. Sometimes it has a deeper symbolism. Or it can be an expression of our personal feelings towards roses that are being depicted in our sleep. 

So what does it mean to you? Let’s dug in –

Dreams of Roses – General Interpretations

Dreams of roses represent love, beauty, delicate feelings, passion, romance, kindness, luxury, desires, self-exploration, and so on. Negatively, it might be a sign of conflicts, cruelty, being hurt, danger, greed, and distraction from your spiritual path. 

Dreams of roses present various significant insights to you. They can be interpreted as positive or negative omens depending upon how you felt seeing it. Yet, the general interpretations are given below – 

1. Usually, these symbolise admiration and fertility.

2. Often these signify long lasting friendships in waking life.

3. Such scenarios implore your feelings regarding life and death.

4. Often it says that you desire perfection and appreciation from those in your life.

5. These dreams embody the centre of your life. 

6. You are happy in your current situation.

7. Besides, you need to invest more time in significant relationships

Dream about Roses – 60 Scenarios and Interpretations 

Dreams of roses have many significant interpretations – from your emotions, love, desires to greed or distractions. 

A few scenarios are explained below. Read on to find out what your scenario could mean for you –

1. Dreams of Seeing Roses 

These are symbols of love and passion in your waking life. You desire perfection. 

These dreams also embody the centre of your lives. You should trust your instincts while making important decisions. 

2. Dreaming of Red Roses 

Red rose in a dream is a sign that you will find love. It is an implication that someone new will come into your life. You will reach a new and exciting level in your love life. 

3. Dreams of Being Given Red Roses

This dream is a representation of your love. You will acknowledge the blossom of new love in your life. 

You will feel very happy in your current relationship

4. Dreams of Dying Red Roses

This dream is a bad omen. It suggests that your current relationship might come to an end.

It is a sign that there will be an end of love in your waking life. This dream denotes sufferings and pain of loss. 

5. Dreams of Seeing Yellow Roses 

These denote a deep or meaningful friendship. It can also mean a very significant non-romantic relationship.

You have made new friends in your waking life. 

6. Dreams of Getting Yellow Roses

This dream implies that you yearn to be close to someone. You want to share your personal feelings with someone in your life. 

7. Dreams of Wilting Yellow Roses

This dream is a sign that you are becoming distant from the people you love. 

You should invest more time and effort in maintaining relationships that are important to you. 

8. Dreaming of Getting White Roses

This dream denotes positive changes in your life. Something new and welcoming will occur in your waking life.

It is also a sign of your poor health. Your health is rapidly declining and this is interfering with your life goals. 

9. Dreams of Wilting White Roses

These signify a declining health. You are falling sick and that is very exhausting.

It is also a symbol of death. You will lose a loved one in your waking life. 

10. Dream of Sweet Smelling Roses

This dream refers to your feelings regarding romance. You will encounter love and passion. Someone will reciprocate your feelings.

There will be tremendous happiness in your waking life.

11. Dreaming of Pink Roses Meaning

Your relationships will consist of peace and calmness. You will feel mentally and emotionally relaxed with your romantic partner.

This is a good time to sort out all conflicts in your current relationships with family and friends. 

12. Dreams of Black Roses 

 This dream plot denotes troubles in your current relationship. There is some danger lying beneath the surface. 

You want to explore your partner’s feelings when they are away from you. You are worried about growing distant. 

13. Dreams of Green Roses

This dream suggests that your hard work will reap its fruits. Dedication and determination are the only ways to achieve what you have worked for.

You will have to be diligent and focused to gain success.

14. Dreams of Orange Roses

This dream plot denotes that your future is looking very vibrant and bright. You are heading towards some very good times in your waking life. 

Your business and personal ventures have become extremely successful. 

15. Dreams of Purple Roses

These are a sign of goodwill and prosperity. You will be blessed with abundant wealth and good fortune.

If you have been dedicatedly working to live a life of luxury, you will soon get very lucky in that matter.

16. Dream of Red and White Roses 

It is a sign that you need to balance all aspects of your life. Red roses signify passion and white roses denote peace and calm.

You need to merge two extremes in your waking life. 

17. Dreams of Blue Roses

This dream scenario is a sign that you should take some time off. It is time to connect with the nature around you.

These suggest that you need to take care of your health and wellbeing.

18. Dream of Giant Roses 

This dream is a symbol of growing passion between you and your partner. Now is the time to keep making efforts and keep the romance alive. 

You will have lots of exciting moments in your love life.

19. Dreams of Burning Roses

It signifies your past struggles. You have managed to overcome some traumatic events in your life.

You have become mature and now you are ready to move on to a very bright and promising future. 

20. Dreams of Smelly Roses

This dream pertains to the dangers in your love life. You will have a rocky phase in your relationship

Your friends will try to negatively influence you. You should remember not to follow their advice blindly. 

21. Dream of Plucking Roses 

It means that you will soon be proposed for marriage. 

Such dreams also denote a  growth in your stable relationship with your partner in your waking life.

22. Dream of Receiving Roses as Gifts

This dream is a sign that you will soon be receiving a proposal. You will be invited to be a part of a business or personal venture. 

Your situation will open many opportunities for you in your personal and professional aspects of waking life. 

23. Dreams of Eating Roses

This dream represents hurt. The one you love will not reciprocate your feelings. You will have an unrequited love.

You will harbour feelings of bitterness and rejection. 

24. Dreams of Glowing Roses

This dream is a sign that your romantic partner cares about you. They always make an effort to make you happy. 

You should open your heart and mind. This will help you in recognizing and receiving love. 

25. Dreams of Baby Roses

This dream plot refers to small but meaningful gestures that you and your partner make in a relationship. It is important to make small actions and gestures.

This helps in securing and stabilising your relationship. 

26. Dreams of Rose Thorns

Dreams of rose thorns suggest that you might be moving in the wrong direction in your life.  You are making grave mistakes in your relationship.

Before you indulge in extra-marital affairs, you should remember your commitments. 

27. Dreams of Dried Roses

This dream symbolises the recklessness of your actions. Some of your activities pose some danger to your life.

You should consider your health and wellbeing before you commit to any new venture. 

28. Dreams of Rose Stems

Dreaming of rose stems is a sign that denotes loyalty. You should be loyal to your friends, family and loved ones. 

You should be faithful to your partner to strengthen your relationship. 

29. Dreams of Glass Rose Crystals 

All aspects in your life are aligned to make your relationship healthier and stronger. You will encounter many opportunities in life.

You will get many chances to amend your mistakes in your love life

30. Dreams of Rose Tattoos

This dream refers to your respect for family. You hold your family values in high regard. 

31. Dreams of Broken Roses

This dream indicates the end of something meaningful. You might be ending a relationship that you treasured for a long time.

Someone you love or someone close to you might meet their end unexpectedly. 

32. Dreams of Dying Roses

If you dream of dying or withering roses, it is a sign that you will face some loss. You will encounter tremendous misfortune.

You can change your decisions to ensure positive consequences.

33. Dreams of Roses Garden

Often it shows happiness, abundance, wealth, and good luck. Besides, it shows that you might be in a great company. 

34. Dreams of Bouquet of Roses

Usually it shows some good news, victory, opportunities, and overall good things in life. Besides, it can be a sign that you might have social fame or recognition. 

35. Dreams of Being Allergic to Roses

Dreaming of roses can indicate a positive change in life. You have become stronger after surviving past traumatic events. Your decisions can affect the consequences in your life.

36. Dreams of Bleeding by Thorns of Roses

Often it shows pain, danger, and overwhelming emotions. You might be getting attracted to things or people that can hurt you.

37. Dreams of Roses with Thorns on Your Bed

It shows that you are in a strange situation where you want luxury but it comes with a sacrifice. So you might be in a difficult position.

38. Dreams of Rose Petals on Your Bed

Usually, it shows love, comfort, and luxury. Things are going great and will be even better in the future. It shows that you too deserve good things in life. 

39. Dreams of Walking on Roses

Often it shows that your path – be it professional, personal, or spiritual – is smooth. So whatever you do, you’ll find things easy and well in your favour. 

40. Dreams of Golden Roses

It shows that something precious might come to you. A rare opportunity, a great person, or a thing that you need to cherish and value. Otherwise you will lose it. 

41. Dreams of Picking Roses

Often it shows that you might have great opportunities in your life. Also, it shows happiness, good news, and positive things happening to you. 

42. Dreams of Receiving Roses from Your Loved Ones

Mostly it shows love, affection, care, and comfort. Besides, it shows good bonding. Often it is a sign of receiving good news in your waking life. 

43. Dreams of Decorating Your Place with Roses

Often it shows happiness. Besides, it shows excitement and willingness to welcome the new things in your life. Also it shows a good beginning of a job, a relationship, or such. 

44. Dreams of Putting Roses in Your Hair

Often it shows happiness and self love. Besides, it shows that you need to prioritise your health and wellbeing. Also, it says that you desire luxury and good things in life. 

45. Dreams of Rose Perfumes

Often it shows your sophisticated taste. You want luxury in your life. Besides, it can be a sign of some comfortable or important experiences in your life. 

46. Dreams of Stealing Roses

Usually it shows your greed and desires which might make you do hard things in life. Besides, it can be a sign of ambitions and bigger expectations. 

47. Dreams of Tearing Rose Petals

Often it shows pain, aggression, anger, and frustration. Besides, it shows that maybe you want to hurt someone but at the same time the thought is making you feel bad. 

48. Dreams of Putting a Rose in a Diary

Usually it is a sign of nostalgia, memories, and beautiful or precious things in life. Often it suggests love and waiting for someone. Besides, it shows solitude.

49. Dreams of Rose Cakes

Mostly it is a sign of unique tastes, luxury, pleasure, and desires. Besides, it shows having a good time in your waking life. 

50. Dreams of Planting Rose

It shows beautiful beginnings in life. Also, it can be a sign that you are putting efforts to get a good result. 

51. Dreams of Watering a Rose Plant

It shows your efforts for your ambitions and dreams in life. Besides, it can be a sign of the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

52. Dreams of Gifting Roses

Usually, it shows your love or affection for someone. Besides, it can be a sign of good relationships. 

53. Dreams of Proposing Someone with Roses

Often it suggests your love life. Maybe you are having thoughts or feelings for someone. Besides, it might show your excitement for new beginnings in your life. 

54. Dreams of Rose in Your Pocket

Often it shows comfort. Besides, it can be a sign of confidence, clarity, and happiness. 

55. Dreams of Finding Roses in Your Backyard

Usually it is a sign of good things in your life that you might be ignoring. Sometimes it shows that you will make new and meaningful friendships in life.

56. Dreams of Selling Roses

Often it shows your skills, talents, and ambitions. Besides, it shows that you are good at your job. 

57. Dreams of Buying Roses

Often it shows your willingness to embrace good things in life. Besides, it shows your need for self love and care. 

58. Dreams of Throwing Roses at Someone

Often it shows your admiration for someone. Besides, it shows a chaotic situation. 

59. Wanting Roses in a Dream

Usually it shows that you want good things in your life that you might not be getting. Try to accept your expectations. 

60. Dream of Scattering Roses

It shows that you always prioritise relationships while making decisions. You believe in sharing yet you value your individuality in life.

Biblical Interpretation of Dreams of Roses

Biblically, often it symbolises Christs’s wounds. So it shows sacrifice, gratefulness, devotion, purity, and God’s love for you. Often it is a symbol of Mother Mary and her pure devotion. 

Besides, it might be a sign that you might be getting distracted by greed and desires. So you need to be mindful and direct your heart towards positivity and devotion. 

Spiritual Interpretation of Dreams about Roses

These have significant spiritual interpretations. It is a sign of powerful emotions you have been feeling. You need to acknowledge them to address and chandelier them. It shows you need to be mindful and compassionate. 

Often it shows that you have become mature and now you are ready to move on to a very bright and promising future. Besides, it shows that something new and welcoming will occur in your waking life. 

Psychological Interpretation of Dreams of Roses

Psychologically, it shows affection, love, passion, desires, and other powerful emotions. Often you see these if you have seen them when you were awake, or you have been thinking of them. 

You may also have received roses or given roses as gifts. Anyway, it usually tells about some kind of strong feelings that you are going through in your waking life. 

Closing Thoughts 

Dreams of roses present various significance to one’s perspective towards life. They can be interpreted as positive or negative omens for the dreamer depending on the emotions one associates with the scenario. 

So reflect upon it. Go within. Maybe there’s something that needs your attention. 

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