Lilac dream meaning can symbolize thoughtfulness and conformity. They can also allude to the fact that you are introspective. They have many other meanings behind them, so let’s dig in.

What Do Lilac Dreams Generally Symbolize?

If you have been working hard lately, lilacs can be a sign of victory, and if your life has been a roller-coaster lately, lilacs can be a sign of peace. So, let’s explore the messages here!


If your life has been topsy-turvy lately, this dream indicates that a period of mental and emotional peace is ahead of you. You need rest and must get in touch with your inner emotions. 

If your life has been a rollercoaster in the last couple of weeks, don’t worry, you will soon find peace. 


Whether you have been burning the night oil to prepare for a job interview or bleeding your heart out for another person, this indicates that you’ll soon find success. 


You have complete faith in your own abilities, but you also know how to stay humble about your achievements. You’re modest, and you lack vanity. 

Biblical Meaning of Lilac Dream 

Lilacs are a symbol of faith and resurrection in Christianity. Faith can be in yourself, in God, or in other people.

It also means that soon you will go through some kind of rebirth and growth in your mental, emotional, or physical maturity.

Lilac Dreams – Common Scenarios & Interpretations

A dream about lilac has different meanings based on your action or the exact vision. So, sometimes it may convey something about your personality or advise you on something. C’mon, let’s know better here!

Picking lilacs in a dream

This symbolizes the side of you that is thoughtful and caring. You do things to make others happy. You’re not shy to give compliments.

You make people smile with your deeds. However small your actions are, they are always meaningful. 

Smelling lilacs

This portends happiness and emotional well-being. You’re satisfied with your life, even though it has its ups and downs.

Your emotions are balanced, and you have this overall sense of fulfillment and joy. 

This might be due to a wholesome relationship, or a job that is in sync with your values. You take life as it comes. 

Putting lilacs in your hair 

It shows that you are introspective. You’re reflective of other people’s feelings and emotions. You’re curious about your emotions, wanting to know more about yourself and other people.

You use a lot of time to self-reflect, and you’re sometimes prone to going into rabbit holes. 

Planting lilacs

This symbolizes you are patient when it comes to yourself or others. As a result, it makes you good at dealing with failure.

Even when you fall down, you tend to get up easily. You brim with resilience. 

Sleeping in a bed full of lilacs dream meaning

This means that your relationship with your partner is filled with understanding, respect, and love for one another. You two are yin and yang, you complement each other. 

You enjoy each other’s company, even during mundane day-to-day chores. Nothing can affect your love for one another.

Watering lilacs

This means that something in your life is about to change for the better. Don’t be afraid of the things that might take place in the future. 

Remember that it is impossible to control the future, however planned and organized you might be.

So, be flexible and believe in yourself. Don’t let rigidity take the better of you. 

Buying lilacs

This expresses that you have emotional intelligence. You’re aware of your personal potential, as well as strengths and limitations.

You can understand your own and others’ feelings. 

You know how to let go of things that do not serve you. Even when the situations are difficult, you have the capacity and power to govern, organize and oversee your emotions. 

Selling lilacs

This depicts unrequited love. Maybe you are pining for a person who is not accessible, or longing for a long-lost ex. 

Unrequited love is painful, it causes a lot of sadness, confusion, and grief. It might lead to isolation, stress, and low self-esteem. 

It is important to remember that there is nothing shameful about wanting to reach out.

Bouquet of lilacs

This dream means that you can give a great amount of attention to detail. You’re organized and like to plan everything to the minutest details.

You’re thorough, observant, and meticulous about everything you do, be it arranging a flower bouquet or making a PowerPoint presentation.

Lilacs kept in a vase

It is a bad omen of a broken friendship. You go through a lot of different feelings when a friendship breaks.

There are rejection, loneliness, and feelings of abandonment on both sides, and you two can’t seem to mend things. Remember that broken bridges can always be repaired.

Lilac tree

Lilac trees have the amazing ability to grow in areas where other trees can’t: in extreme climates and altitudes.

Therefore, it makes them a symbol of strength. Similarly, you are mentally, physically, and emotionally strong. 

Standing under a lilac tree

This signifies that you have a protective shield around you. It might be a group of friends who act as a safety net. Or, a loving and reliable family

These people have stayed and will stay with you through thick and thin. They love you for who you are and do not expect anything but love in return. 

Dreams about the color lilac

The color lilac is a symbol of conformity. It means that you change your behavior to fit in with the belief systems or the people around you. 

You have a love for rules, norms, and regulations. You bow down to peer pressure. In some extreme cases, this might lead to a lack of individuality. 

Purple lilacs

The vision depicts how you suddenly remember your past lover. Probably, you met them by chance, and the sweet memories resurfaced. 

White lilacs

This symbolizes a happy gathering in the near future. You will get invited to someone’s christening or wedding, or you’ll throw the party.

Yellow lilacs

It portrays that you will meet an interesting person and learn a lot from them in the coming days.

As you spend time together, you may deepen your feelings. However, you’re probably not ready for a relationship, so be careful!

Pink lilacs

This implies that you will soon forgive someone that abandoned you and continued their life journey. You won’t feel overwhelmed or hurt when you think of them anymore.

A word from ThePleasantDream

When you dream about lilacs, it can mean different things, from you being a thoughtful and introspective person to you having humility. So with the message behind these visions, make your life more meaningful by acting accordingly. 

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