A calla lily dream meaning is a symbol of rebirth and purity. Sometimes it can mean that someone is trying to tarnish your reputation.

At other times it means that you are soon going to meet an old friend. In order to find out what else it means, let’s dive in. 

What is the Meaning of Calla Lily Dreams?

A dream about calla lilies portends the beginning of rebirth and the need for purity. Calla lilies are also a symbol of death and mourning in some cultures. 

So, let’s know if there’s more to it!


As they are linked with springtime and Easter, calla lilies are often considered to be a symbol of rebirth.

This indicates that you are about to go through a transformative period in your life. You are going to shed off old habits that no longer serve you. 

You won’t regret your past wrongdoings and forgive yourself. And you are going to be free from grudges, grievances and resentments. This new self is going to be a better version of the old one. 


The beauty of calla lilies is innocent and pure. So, it is a cue to focus on bringing back purity and innocence in your life. Probably, life’s hardships made you cynical and pessimistic. 

This vision is asking you to let go of this pessimism and to have faith. It is also asking you to get rid of toxic relationships and negative influences which can only bring you down. 


This dream indicates that you are grieving the death of a close one. Remember that grief is a messy process, it never goes in a straight line. One day you feel like you have accepted their death, and the next day you feel like you are still in denial. 

Don’t try to push the process back, and accept your emotions as they come. 


Calla lilies are often used in wedding decorations and bouquets because of their aesthetic beauty. So, this vision portends that you have found the love of your life and you are ready to get married. 

You are about to make a serious commitment. You are excited and nervous at the same time. 


It implies that you are a sexually liberated person. So, you don’t have difficulties talking about your sexuality openly or think of it as taboo. You accept it as a natural part of being human. 

You also don’t shy away from experimenting and exploring in the bedroom. Further, you honor yourself and practice self-care by reflecting on your sexual desires and needs. 

Common Calla Lily Dream Scenarios & their Meanings

In calla lily dreams, you may see yourself watering them or in a cemetery. Each highlights a completely unique message for your life. So, dig in to know it all! 

Receiving calla lilies in a dream

This implies you share mutual feelings with someone close. You have romantic feelings for your best friend or coworker.

It turns out that they have the same feelings for you. Make haste and tell them about your feelings. They are reciprocated. 

Watering calla lilies

It is a warning that your reputation is being tarnished in one way or the other. Either a close friend is talking about you behind your back.

Or, your employee got to know your secret and is spreading gossip at the office. Make sure to only confide in people whom you trust deeply.

Calla lilies in a flower bed

The vision portends your habit of trying to solve other people’s problems. You feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and you think that you are responsible for everything around you. 

Calla lilies at a cemetery

This indicates the possibility of you being united with an old friend. You’re going to meet them, reminisce about all your fond memories and make some new ones. 

If you had a fight with them, it is time for you to make up. If you guys fell apart just like that, remember to not let go of each other this time. 

Holding calla lily in dreams 

You are always ready to help your loved ones. You don’t mind facing any troublesome situations for them.  

Picking calla lily for men

You will be popular among the gender you desire.

Buying calla lilies for men 

You will unexpectedly save some money.

Buying calla lily for women 

You will do everything that will improve your physical and mental health.

Smelling calla lily

You are blessed by the spiritual world, and good luck will follow you.

Dreaming of calla lilies in a pot

There are some pending chores at your house, and you’re worried about completing them even in your sleep.

Seeing someone cut calla lilies

It warns you against overworking yourself. 

Artificial calla lilies for women

You will lose something or someone and you won’t have anyone else but yourself to blame.

Dreams of Calla Lilies of Different Colors

If the calla lily was:

Blue: This vision is a cue for you to let go of things that no longer serve you. You need to cut off toxic relationships and start a new chapter in your life. 

White: You will soon attain peace.

Purple: Unfortunate events await you.

Green: You will be healthy in reality.

Red: You will enjoy a passionate romantic relationship.

Yellow: You’re regretting that you missed an opportunity.

Burgundy: It asks you to take care of your health immediately.

Orange:  You will feel sexually satisfied. 

Faded: People around you will lose their reputation.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of calla lilies bring you the most intimate messages. It helps you figure out your life better and protect yourself from possible dangers. So, take time to decipher each of them mindfully. 

Despite what message you get, don’t be overwhelmed by it. Instead, focus on making the best of it!