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Roller Coaster Dream Explained With 25 Examples and Reflective Questions

Roller Coaster Dream Explained With 25 Examples and Reflective Questions

Updated on Jun 16, 2022 | Published on Dec 30, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Roller Coaster Dreams - 25 Scenarios, Meanings and Life Insights

Roller coaster dreams symbolize the stress you may be feeling in your life before you went to bed.

Dreaming about a roller coaster is also a sign that you may have a bumpy road ahead of you and you may feel like you are constantly being challenged. 

Roller coaster dreams are interpreted based on the emotions and stressors of your current waking life. Roller coasters are used to symbolize thrill and adventure, as well as fear and anxiety in real life. 

More often than not, roller coaster dreams reflect how you’re feeling during the day as well. 

Roller Coaster Dreams - 25 Scenarios, Meanings and Life Insights
Roller Coaster Dreams – 25 Scenarios, Meanings and Life Insights

Roller Coaster Dream Meaning – General Interpretation 

Roller coaster dreams signify the events happening in your current life and how you feel about them. This dream symbolizes your reaction or response to certain life events, both stressful or exciting. 

Roller coaster dreams reflect the emotions you feel throughout your day, regarding what is happening in your life or around you.

While some people associate roller coasters with stress, there are also others who love the thrill of the ride. 

Roller coasters are found at amusement parks, but it is very common for adults to have these dreams as well. Roller coaster dreams are as common as the metaphors associated with roller coasters and life. 

Hence, people even dream of roller coasters when they are trying to make sense out of their life.

If it is a confusing time for you, or you merely see a slowly moving roller coaster, there is a very high chance that you are craving some kind of adventure.

Speed, the type of roller coaster, where it is, and how dangerous it is can also influence the interpretation of the roller coaster in your dreams.

Along with that, the more important details include how you felt on the roller coaster and before or after the ride. 

While it is not possible to note down the exact details of your dream, it is possible to analyze your current life events. This article will further explain the symbolic meanings and some points to reflect on your roller coaster dreams. 

Following are the symbolic meanings of roller coaster dreams. 

1. Symbol of uncertainties 

Roller coaster dreams are often understood as a metaphor for life’s uncertainties. This means that when we say ‘life is like a roller coaster, sometimes up sometimes down’, we are trying to explain the nature of life. 

Dreams of roller coasters also symbolize this kind of unpredictable, up-down nature of our life.

Perhaps you are going through a time that is both good and bad, or perhaps you are simultaneously experiencing an equal amount of highs and lows.  

Uncertainties can also be regarding something unknown. For people who are entering a new phase of life, like moving to a new city or entering a new relationship, this dream could also be a reflection of what they are anticipating from the path. 

Sometimes dreams of being on roller coasters that seem scary are a reminder that no matter how challenging the situation, we still do try to tackle it.

Even when we know something may be tricky, we don’t give up and still go for the win. 

2. Symbol of lack of control 

Roller coaster dreams signify losing control in a particular event or situation.

When we sit on roller coasters in real life, we give up control for the time that we are on the ride. We wear seatbelts, but other than that, we have no other control over where we go. 

It is possible to be in situations that feel scary or thrilling, but in which we have no control of our surroundings.

We go with the flow, no matter how terrifying it is because the only way to get out of the ride once it starts is by completing the ride. 

These situations are difficult to explain in words, but essentially the person is feeling a lack of control over their life. Not being able to make certain decisions may make people feel like they are trapped on a roller coaster with no control. 

3. Symbol of preparation 

Roller coaster dreams are also a symbol of being ready for life’s challenges. This means that you are seeing a roller coaster because you internally feel prepared to handle the ride. 

This ride could be a difficult situation in your real life, like a big interview, a new job, a new life role, etc.

These are all challenging situations that are not always straightforward. Hence, they are manifested through dreams of roller coasters. 

On the other hand, you may even see a roller coaster dream before you are due for such a challenging event because you don’t feel prepared for it.

The roller coaster may even bring out feelings of fear in you, which means you still need more time to feel prepared. 

4. Symbol of inner feelings 

Roller coaster dreams also signify how you feel about certain life events. For example, no matter what situation or life context we think of, we have certain feelings that we associate with it. 

For someone who hates commitment, a long-term marriage may sound like a scary situation. This can be manifested through a stuck roller coaster ride.

On the other hand, is excited about it can also be shown through a positive roller coaster ride. 

The key to interpretation lies with how you feel regarding the situation as well as regarding the roller coaster dream. If the feelings can be understood as positive, you could be appreciating the thrill and excitement of the events. 

If you feel negative or if the roller coaster dream is a bad dream, the meaning could be you are anticipating a stressful time that will make you feel extremely low or anxious.

Even feelings like boredom and stagnation are shown through roller coasters in dreams. 

5. Symbol of thrill and excitement 

Roller coasters depict excitement and feeling an adrenaline rush, which is commonly known as a thrill. This thrill is necessary to get a break from mundane daily life. 

While in reality, it is not necessary to get on a roller coaster to feel such a thrill, in the dream world that feeling is associated with riding a roller coaster.

We may have such dreams when our jobs or relationships are getting too simple and we need some fun. 

It is also possible for a dream of a roller coaster to be a warning sign for us to tone down the thrill and excitement.

This means we could be chasing them so much that our health and goals may be getting affected. 

6. Symbol of confusion 

Lastly, some roller coaster dreams also symbolize the feeling of confusion. Being on a roller coaster, not seeing the rails, or not knowing where we are headed on the ride is a confusing feeling. 

This symbolizes those times of our life where we go with the flow, we don’t know what or where our journey is taking us. It may even be a warning to regain control of our lives and decisions. 

Roller Coaster Dreams – 25 Scenarios, Meanings and Life Insights  

Dreams of roller coasters signify various emotions, phases of life, and the questions we ask ourselves on our journey forward. Following are the detailed examples and their interpretations. 

1. Seeing roller coaster dream meaning 

Dreams of seeing a roller coaster symbolize the discord you may be experiencing in real life. Often, we are faced with challenges we did not anticipate.

These challenges could be easy or difficult, what scares us is their unpredictability. 

Seeing a roller coaster in our dreams means we are expecting this challenge to cause us some disorganization, or discord.

It may even give us both good and bad moments. This unanticipated challenge and our unpredictable feelings towards it leads to such a dream. 

2. New roller coaster in dream 

Dreaming of a new roller coaster is actually a positive dream. This dream indicates that you may start a new chapter of your life or that some big changes are happening for you very soon. 

Big changes are called life changes because they impact our whole life. A dream of a new roller coaster means that something is about to happen that both excites us and will positively change our life. 

For those of us who are bored or are currently going through a monotonous time in life, this dream is particularly exciting.

It is also a very happy dream for those who love a new challenge, as they may already be bored with the old ones. 

A new roller coaster in dreams is also a sign to not let opportunities go because they seem daunting.

A new challenge or a big change can be a very positive and happy event; letting it go would mean missing out on a good thing. 

3. Dream of riding a roller coaster 

This dream can have varied interpretations, particularly based on your current life and what is going on in your daily life. This dream can mean that you are going through the motions of life, including all the ups and downs. 

We are often so used to the minor challenges and setbacks that we tackle them without understanding our role in them.

The high we get from rising above these minor setbacks may not even feel like a cause for celebration or excitement. 

Dream of riding a roller coaster could mean we have become used to this flow of events.

Professions like doctors or people in tough life roles may have this dream because they are used to going through the highs and lows of life without noticing. 

Another interpretation suggests that riding a roller coaster in your dream is a sign to get out of your comfort zone.

It means that you could be so used to the straight and narrow path that you are on, that it is now time to change things up.

This could mean taking on a new passion project or challenging yourself to do something new and exciting. Essentially, this interpretation is a warning sign for you to break the monotony. 

4. Giant roller coaster dream meaning 

It is also possible to dream of a very big, or giant roller coaster. This is also a positive sign as it means some change that you were really hoping for has finally happened. 

For example, if you desire a new job that will completely change your lifestyle, you may see dreams of a giant roller coaster.

It is a symbol of the long road ahead, which is new and something you haven’t seen before, but it is nevertheless exciting. 

5. Broken roller coaster dream 

Dreaming about a broken roller coaster means creating some change in your life. This can be explained further by the image of a broken roller coaster.

The people that are riding the broken roller coaster are often trapped in this image. 

Similarly, a broken roller coaster without any people is also a useless piece of equipment that needs to be repaired so it can complete its purpose.

This means that once a roller coaster is broken, action has to be taken to change the environment it creates.

In our dreams, broken roller coasters signify such a need for change. It is a reminder that we may need to take more active steps in our lives so we can become better at our bigger purpose. 

Being stuck in the same situation is not healthy for our mind or body. We have to stay fresh and actively work on making our lives better. 

One of the bigger feelings that are represented through a broken roller coaster is feeling unsettled. We may be feeling anxious about change and the efforts we have to make, but being in the same situation is not good either. 

A broken roller coaster dream thus is also a reminder that no matter how scary, change is a part of life and is the only way to become successful.

Staying in the same place without any change will only lead to boredom or uselessness. 

6. Dream of roller coaster slipping 

Dream of a roller coaster slipping down is a terrifying dream for some people. It represents losing control over certain situations ongoing in your life.

This is not a pleasant dream because often losing control means heading towards disaster. 

Sometimes, we may even see people slipping with the roller coasters. This means that we may be scared of losing these people or them slipping away from us in a manner we cannot control. 

Either way, this dream is not pleasant and the reasons could be what is happening around you. You may be feeling like you are losing control in real life and that your plan is not just changed but is headed towards chaos. 

This does not mean things will actually end up in a disaster. It is currently just how you are feeling.

Hence, when you feel confident, you can pick up the reins again and gain control of your life, including your relationships with the people you are scared of losing. 

7. Roller coaster stopping dream meaning 

Dreams of roller coaster stopping are interpreted as a way to reflect on your way. This means that you may need to look inside to see if something important in your life is missing. 

This missing thing could be a person, a relationship, a role or even a thing.

Whatever it is that is missing is not allowing you to truly go on and live your life. This makes you less motivated to actively pursue your dreams or future. 

We all feel like we need certain vital things before we embark on new journeys. For some people, it may be the support of their loved ones, for some other people they need concrete plans for what is to come before they start. 

However, if this vital sign is missing, we may not embark on the journey at all or even stop midway. Dreams of roller coasters stopping depict such a scenario or situation from your waking life. 

8. Uncontrolled roller coaster dream meaning 

Uncontrolled roller coaster dreams are also interpreted as warning signs, to gain control of your life. We may all go through phases of discord or liking the unpredictability of life.

Controlling every single situation can be more harmful than good. 

However, that is not always the case. Some areas and aspects of life need to be in your control. You may have to make serious decisions that may affect you in the long term. For these times and scenarios, you have to be in control. 

However, the dream of a roller coaster being out of control means that you may have taken a very lenient attitude towards your life. This could be in terms of your lifestyle, exercise, finances, relationships, etc. 

The warning sign is to make sure you understand when to stop and regain control.

It is also a sign to understand that if things are out of your control involuntarily, you may need to make serious changes because it is eventually your life that you have to lead. 

9. Dreaming of a roller coaster without a seatbelt 

Dreaming of a roller coaster without a seatbelt signifies confusion. We have certain times and situations in life where the only response we have to it is confusion.

For example, when picking which major to apply for when everything seems either good or bad. 

This means that you may not just be confused, but also disorganized, because till you clear it up, the rest of your life also becomes messier. This confusion leaves you feeling unsettled as well. 

However, a dream of a roller coaster without seat belts can also have a bar that keeps you safe. This type of roller coaster, which has a bar instead of a seatbelt across your shoulder, is meant to restrict you. 

In the dream world as well, this dream signifies feeling restricted by life events. You may be feeling like you don’t get the chance to do what you truly want to do, and you are just going along with the ride. 

10. Roller coaster ride with someone else dream 

Riding a roller coaster with someone else is a dream that means you are going through the highs and lows of life with someone along with you. This is not a positive or negative dream. 

It means that whether it is a relationship, your family or even a friendship, there will be both good times and bad.

The good part about this dream is that you will not be alone in dealing with the lows or alone in celebrating the highs. 

This dream also means that this person is someone you trust to go through these motions with.

It is thus important to interpret this dream in the context of who is the closest person to you in real life and is this the same person you saw in the dream? 

11. Riding a roller coaster with your partner dream

On the other hand, if you dream of riding a roller coaster specifically with your partner suggests that you may be having certain relationship issues. A roller coaster is the dream representation of a bumpy ride. 

Hence, being on a roller coaster with your partner indicates that things may be rocky in your relationship right now.

It does not mean the end of the relationship, rather it points to a need to communicate while you are still together. 

12. Losing something in roller coaster dream 

A roller coaster dream where you seem to have lost a personal belonging on the ride suggests that you may be losing details or important items in real life. 

While nobody intends to lose something, sometimes we behave in ways that will only end in these mistakes.

We may be overbooking our schedules, making our lives too exciting, or even fixating on other things instead of being careful. 

This dream is a reminder that we have to be careful of the things around us, no matter how much we are seeking a thrill or trying to live in the moment. 

You could even try to understand what you are missing or have lost in the dream.

For example, losing your work ID can mean that you have been playing around a lot more than you have been working and you need to think more about work. 

13. Feeling sick on a roller coaster dream meaning 

Feeling sick on a roller coaster represents some real-life worry you have that makes you feel uncomfortable.

This is a negative dream because it means that some situation, whether it is already happening or something you anticipate, has made you so anxious. 

We often associate our emotional issues with how they make us feel physical. Hence, feelings like fear, anxiety, etc. are represented through feeling sick, nauseous, or dizzy in the dream world as well. 

These dreams are a sign that we should either emotionally or physically prepare for these situations so they don’t bother us as much in reality. 

14. Stuck on a roller coaster dream meaning 

Roller coaster dreams where you are stuck on the roller coaster represent your lifestyle, particularly feeling like your lifestyle needs to change.

This dream indicates that you may be stuck at a point, without moving forward or making any progress. 

In scenarios where you are stuck upside down on the roller coaster in your dream, the interpretation is that your lifestyle may be too chaotic for you to function well. You may either be going out too much or not at all. 

These lifestyle issues don’t resolve themselves.

A dream such as being stuck on a roller coaster is a reminder that for our lives to be good and successfully moving forward, we have to be the ones who actively work harder and make good decisions. 

15. Dream of roller coaster crash 

Dreams of roller coasters crashing signify the big events of your life. You could be expecting a big life-changing event to occur soon.

This may even mean that you are expecting to survive something huge, especially if you just see a roller coaster crash. 

Some interpretations even suggest that the roller coaster crashing is a representation of the dreamer’s relationships and sexual life.

It could mean that the person has some desires that may threaten the security of their relationship with their partner. 

Some interpretations also indicate that roller coasters crashing in dreams means we are expecting a situation to get out of control soon.

For example, if you have been having fights at work or at home, this dream means the situation could soon get much worse. 

16. Dream of roller coaster without rails 

Dreaming of a roller coaster without rails is the dream representation of feeling lost. You may be going on a path that you have no idea where it is leading. This may lead to feelings of confusion or feeling disoriented. 

However, some people enjoy not having a plan. For them, floating through the air in a roller coaster without rails is an exciting idea.

For them this dream means truly living and letting go; however when this mood passes they may experience feeling low. 

The best way to interpret this dream is to understand how you feel about the lack of concrete plans and steps. It could also help to think about how your life is going right now.

If it is too planned and heavily organized, this dream may be a good escape for you. 

17. Roller coaster going slow dream meaning 

To dream of a roller coaster that is moving far too slowly than expected represents feeling stagnant. Stagnant means that things are too stationary, and there is no change or very little change. 

This dream does not necessarily mean boredom. Rather it means you may be getting impatient for things to pick up speed.

If you are currently applying for a higher position and the processing period is too long, you may have such a dream. 

This dream also means you may be feeling too settled and comfortable about where you are in life, and now that is beginning to bother you.

This could really impact your mood and you may be feeling a sudden yet strong urge to make a change.

18. Dream of being on a roller coaster 

Dreams of being on a roller coaster signify the life period you are currently in. Whether it is teenage or adulthood, jobs or marriage or relationships, they are all a part of life.

This means that there are all kinds of experiences we go through while in that time period. 

A dream of being on a roller-coaster implies that you may be feeling more and more aware of the bumps and hurdles along the way, as well as the milestones that you cross happily. These ups and downs make your life interesting. 

While interpreting this dream, it is important to note how you were feeling about being on the roller coaster. If you were enjoying the ride, it could mean that you enjoy the challenges life throws at you. 

If you were anxious about the ride or focusing on the especially bumpy parts, it could mean that you are about to experience some stressful times in your life or relationships.

This dream is a way of your subconscious telling you to be prepared. 

19. Dream of riding a roller coaster by yourself 

When you dream of riding a roller coaster alone, or by yourself, it represents the emotions of your current life. This means that you may be feeling like you are going through everything alone. 

Often, this dream even signifies feeling isolated from everyone else.

Feeling left out, or like you are not part of a bigger group, can be a strangely low feeling. Sometimes, people may even feel embarrassed voicing out that they feel this way. 

Dreams of riding a roller coaster alone thus signify these feelings of loneliness. Alternatively, it could even mean that the dreamer is determined to face all his or her challenges alone, without anyone’s help. 

20. Falling off a roller coaster dream 

Dreams about falling off a roller coaster can be interpreted as warning signals. This means that you are planning something that could potentially be risky. It is a sign that you need to have backups and security options in life. 

While it is not very common for all plans to completely fail or end in disasters, it is also possible that even with planning, some things can go wrong. In such instances, the best you can do is have backup options. 

A dream of falling off a roller-coaster indicates that such backups may be necessary for you at this point in your waking life.

You could be in the middle of planning a project or future endeavor when you have such dreams. 

21. Dream of crying while riding a roller coaster 

Dreams about crying while riding a roller coaster indicate emotional turbulence. Roller coasters are often associated with thrill and excitement. Kids and adults enjoy roller coaster rides as a form of escape from the mundane. 

However, crying while riding a roller coaster indicates going through something very emotionally upsetting. This could be a trigger from something in your daily life which is now bothering you even in your sleep. 

It is not a pleasant image, and hence, the dream is a sign to prepare yourself for such phases.

It is a sign to keep your support system close to you, whether it is a person or activity, so you can go through difficult times as best you can. 

22. Screaming on a roller coaster dream meaning 

Screaming on a roller coaster in an amusement park is a very common sight in reality; as that is exactly what one tends to do.

This dream is a sign that you may be excited about a new adventure that you are going to embark on. 

We often crave things out of the ordinary, things that are exciting and will make us scream with joy.

This dream indicates that such a time may be coming for us soon. It is thus a positive dream. It can also mean that you are enjoying your life a lot right now. 

23. Roller coaster going too fast dream meaning 

Dreams of a roller coaster going way faster than expected is not a good sign. It represents your health and your attitude towards it.

You may be trying to accomplish too much too fast, and that results in your health and peace being disrupted or out of control. 

Additionally, it can even mean that things around you are really busy right now and you are very swept up with everything.

Even though you may not have a choice, this situation makes you feel like things are spinning fast and out of your control, which is stressful. 

24. Dream of a roller coaster collapsing 

Dreaming about a roller coaster collapsing represents how you may be feeling about your life right now. During extremely chaotic times, this dream shows your anxiety over how things may end up. 

We all go through times when we feel everything is headed towards disaster.

Our jobs or relationships may be in such a difficult state that we feel like they will end very badly. These fears or feelings may lead to dreams of a roller coaster collapsing. 

25. Dream of climbing up a roller coaster 

Roller coasters are a series of ups and downs in terms of design. This means that some climbs are high and steep and some are short.

Dreaming of a steep climb up the roller coaster means that we are thinking of how difficult our journey has been. 

If the dream is followed by feeling okay at the top, it means we are feeling happy with where we have reached in life. 

Questions To Ask Yourself 

As we can see, dreams of roller coasters allow us to understand our current life period and events. This section highlights some prompts to question yourself in a deeper and insightful way. 

  1. Which part of my life is going well and which aspect feels disorganised? 
  2. Am I getting bored with my job? 
  3. Am I bored with the people around me? 
  4. Am I seeking something fun? 
  5. Am I seeking something less exciting and stressful? 
  6. Do I know where I’m headed in the long term? 
  7. Do I know who I want to be with on that ride? 
  8. What feels the most chaotic in my life right now? 
  9. Are you scared that a job or relationship is headed towards failure? 
  10. Are you anxious about how your life is progressing? 
  11. Are you moving through all the steps you had planned for yourself or has your progress been affected by something? 
  12. Do you feel in control of your life and lifestyle? 

These questions will lead you to introspect about your life right now. A dream of roller coasters is best interpreted with the help of your current life context.

Hence, it is a good idea to take your time with the answers and the interpretation. 

Feelings You May Experience 

While dreams of roller coasters are indicative of your life events and situations, the interpretations are also based on how you feel along the ride.

You may have experienced one or more of the following emotions during your dream. 

  • Excitement 
  • Thrill 
  • Anxiety 
  • Boredom
  • Confusion
  • Fear 
  • Adventure 
  • Happiness 
  • Disorientation 


Roller coaster dreams represent your current life, lifestyle, and life events, and the feelings you associate with them.

This dream is a sign of the highs and lows of life, and the emotions we experience while navigating our way through the ride of life. 

Remember, the dream is neither positive nor negative in general! It all depends on your feelings and expectations from life. Eventually, the controls of your life are mainly in your own hands!

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