The spiritual meaning of oranges in a dream is said to be related to positivity and refreshment. A bunch of oranges indicates that you are about to embark on a new journey. 

But some people believe that oranges are also the messenger of unpleasant news. So, let’s explore the messages behind it more!

What is the Spiritual Symbolism of Oranges in Dreams?

According to spirituality, dreaming of oranges indicates that you like to have high ambitions, or that you will soon receive good news.

Alternatively, it can also symbolize your inner strength. It also suggests taking care of your health.

1. High ambitions

One common meaning is that you have high ambitions in life. Even though people tell you that your vision is too lofty or impractical, you know that if you work hard enough, you will succeed in life.

Your inner spirit is telling you to continue fighting in life.

2. Good news

You will soon receive good news. This will be mostly related to something in your professional life, such as a promotion or a big bonus. 

Since you have been working really hard to achieve this, hearing this news will bring you great joy.

3. Inner strength

The vibrant color of an orange is a symbol of inner strength and spirit. You have the skills to attain everything that you have always wanted. 

However, the path won’t always be easy. If you dedicate your attention to your goals and have patience, then nothing can stop you.

4. Self-neglect

It means that you’re not paying enough attention to your physical and mental health.

You must take a break at times and relax for a while. 

You’re probably already suffering from underlying diseases but you haven’t realized it yet. It’s high time to care for yourself 

5. Adjustment

Peeling an orange in this vision is related to how you handle changes.

Just like peeling the outer layer of an orange can reveal the juicy fruit inside, you must also open yourself up to new possibilities. 

Learn to adjust to changes around you and make the most of everything.

6. Inner self purification

According to spirituality, lighting the lamp of orange is synonymous with cleaning your inner aura. 

You will soon get rid of all kinds of negativity very soon and your spiritual guide will assist you.

You have finally understood your true purpose in life but to accomplish that, you have to cleanse your aura.

7. Social status

Smelling oranges in your sleep indicates that you want to join an elite society. You’re tired of socializing with people who seem mediocre with no uniqueness. 

You would rather go out and get a taste of sophistication than stay at home and do boring things every day.

8. Workout routine

This might be surprising but this is often related to your diet and workout sessions.

Perhaps you’re planning to change your workout routine or start exercising very soon. 

Your subconscious mind has dedicated itself to your well-being, which is why you’re having these dreams.

9. Unfulfilled sex life

It says that you will soon suffer from a lack of an exciting sex life. You’ll get into a relationship with someone perfect for you in every way. 

But surprisingly, they will lack passion and fire. As a result, you won’t enjoy having sexual relations with them.

10. Focus and meditation

If you were picking oranges in these visions, it asks you to focus on yourself and meditate

You have recently become detached from your inner spirit. It leads you to suffer from anxiety and depression. Since you want to stay connected to the spiritual realm, you have to look within yourself.

11. Unexpected wealth

Dream experts say that if you see yourself buying many oranges, it is a sign of unexpected wealth or fame. 

You will suddenly find yourself becoming the owner of a large inheritance or being the most popular person in the room.

Even though you’ll be dazzled, you will love all this attention.

12. Letting go of the past

This can indicate that you’re ready to let go of the past. A lot of things had hurt you earlier and you were greatly affected by negativity. 

However, you have now understood the importance of taking care of yourself. Your loved ones will also help and encourage you to heal.

13. Sexual tension

This might come as a surprise but oranges are often regarded as a metaphor for the female sex organs. 

So if you see yourself sucking an orange, it can indicate that there is a lot of sexual tension between you and someone you find attractive.

But neither of you is willing to make the first move.

14. Taking care of someone

If the orange in your dream was rotten or smelly, it foretells that someone you love will suddenly fall ill. 

You will be devastated to hear the news first. But then you’ll do everything in your power to nurse them back to health. You will be by their side every hour of the day.

15. Worrying about everything

Seeing yourself eating a peeled orange is not a good omen as it symbolizes stress and anxiety.

You worry about everything in life, starting from the most minor problems. 

Though you can solve many of these problems on your own, your mental health has started to deteriorate.

A word from ThePleasantDream

From a spiritual standpoint, the dream of oranges brings good news, bad news, and even great suggestions. So, identify which message you resonate with and follow the higher realm’s lead!