The spiritual meaning of owls in dreams asks you to trust your intuition. It also reassures that you will be rewarded for your dedication and hard work. 

On the other hand, it also says you may end up in a conflict with someone. Or, you must stop playing the blame game and take charge of your actions. 

So, to learn more about these visions, let’s dig deeper.

What Does Seeing Owls in Dreams Spiritually Mean?

Dreaming of owls says that you have made some past mistakes and you’ll soon pay for them. Sometimes, it is a bad omen about sickness or financial concerns. Other times, it asks you to make productive decisions.

But this is not it; here are a few more meanings about owl dreams.


If you see flying owls while sleeping, it suggests that luck is by your side. In the upcoming times, success will be yours.

You will feel positive as everyone in society will respect you for your achievements. 


Seeing brown owls suggests you will receive some negative surprises in the near future. Or, some secret or mystery may be revealed.  

This will happen suddenly while your life will flow smoothly. You don’t really have any power over it. So, instead of wondering what it is, you better focus on your present. 

Bad incident 

This also predicts illness and loss if you see a black owl. You or someone near you will fall sick in the upcoming time.  

Here, loss means losing health, money, work, or people from your life.

Don’t panic knowing this. Remember, you can solve every problem if you set your mind to it. 

Pure soul

Seeing snowy white owls in these visions represents innocence and purity. So, it means you are virtuous.

You don’t believe in corruption. Moreover, you are selfless, so you also strive to keep others happy.

Negative thoughts are a strict NO for you.  

Take action

If you feel stuck in your life, this asks you to do something. Moreover, you need to stop blaming your boss, family, friends, or anyone and reflect on your actions.

You have to do something to change your life, not someone else. 

Trust your intuition

The visions of owls sometimes say that if you get some strong intuition, you must not ignore it.

Your intuition will guide you to the right path. So, have faith in yourself, and you will be surprised in a good way.

Ugly conflicts

Seeing red owls convey a negative meaning. It says you will have to deal with some bloodshed.

Something awful can happen to you. You need to tread carefully to avoid conflicts with known and unknown people. 


Dead owls in your sleep vision resemble that you have done some wrong deeds in the past.

Thus, you will be punished for the same. Remember, justice can be delayed, but you surely get it. So, now you will be punished for all your mistakes. 


Owls are considered wise animals; even the goddess of wisdom, Athena, is represented by an owl.

So, it indicates that you are intelligent and wise. You never rush to make an important decision. Rather, you’ll always analyze it from all aspects before taking action. 

People love your company because they know you understand them. They see you as an inspiration. 


Such visions often ask you to be careful as someone plans to attack you behind your back. This is someone you trust a lot.

You least expect them to be this way. Thus, stop sharing your secrets or weaknesses and watch out for people’s behavior. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

As you see, spiritually, owls in dreams have both positive and negative interpretations. They stand for purity, innocence, and wisdom. On the other hand, they also represent betrayal and conflicts. 

So, think deeply about which message(s) is for you. Identify and connect the dots with any of your real-life experiences. Once you do that, take the necessary steps to lead a fulfilling life!