When you dream about a watch, it means that you have a bad memory. Sometimes, it indicates that you don’t like your life. At other times, it portends that someone secretly wants to be with you. 

In order to find out what else it means, let’s dig in. 

What Are The General Interpretations Of Dream About A Watch?

A dream of a watch indicates that you don’t have a support system. Alternatively, it can mean that you take the present moment for granted. There’s much more to know, so keep reading!

Forgetful: This points out that you are forgetful. You seldom remember where you have kept things and you are terrible at remembering dates. 

Support: It denotes that you lack support. You have no one to depend on or share your troubles with. Try to reach out to the people you know, they might end up becoming your support system. 

Present: This is a cue for you to make the most of your present moment. You take too much time to worry about the future, and ruminate over the future, and you miss out on the present. 

Common Scenarios of Dream about a Watch

In your dream about the watch, try to recall whether it was ringing or ticking. Or, if it looked expensive or broken. Each of these have something unique to share about your life. So, keep reading to know it all!

Dream of a watch ringing

It indicates that you are afraid of missing an important deadline.  

Dreaming that a watch stopped working

This implies that you are in sorrow. Someone you loved might have left, or someone close to you might have died. You are living in the past, and you are afraid to come to terms with reality. 

Watch hands moving backward

It denotes that you feel like a failure. You feel like you have not achieved anything significant and that your successes are inconsequential.

Remember that failing in one thing does not mean that you have failed in life. 

Fixing a watch

This conveys that you should work harder. You want to work and achieve success in a career, but you have just started out.

So, you can’t expect to gain experience and success overnight and must be patient and persevere. 

Winding the watch

It foretells that you will fall in love madly. You’ll forget about your time and duties when you are with them.

You will find comfort and compassion in their company. You won’t have the patience to wait for the next encounter.  

Dream meaning of a watch ticking

It implies that you have trust issues. Neither do you confide in anyone, nor do you believe what others are telling you. But you need a healthy social life and must give some people the benefit of the doubt. 

Expensive watch

This portends that someone will try to steal your money. It could be someone you know, or it could be a stranger.

This is a cue not to invest your money in any illegal schemes, protect your passwords, and make sure to lock the doors when you sleep. 

Stealing a watch

It means that you have to finish a task you have been postponing for some time. The task is difficult and you feel like you don’t have what it takes to complete it. 

Putting batteries in a watch

This points out that you have no sense of time. You don’t have any time management skill, you’re often late, and you always miss deadlines.

Your loved ones often accuse you of taking their time for granted. 

Broken watch in a dream

It conveys that you are dissatisfied with your life. You feel lethargic and demotivated all the time.

You are not fulfilled in your job, and you are unhappy in your relationships. It’s time that you change certain aspects of your life. 

Losing a watch

This implies that you will realize someone’s importance after you have lost them. The two of you will have a serious argument, and you will part ways. 

Finding a watch

It foretells that you will get the help of your loved ones in a difficult period of your life. You will be filled with hopelessness and despair, but then they will come and show you the light. 

Breaking a watch accidentally

This predicts that some new challenges will come to test your patience. It is important to persevere and stay motivated for things to fall into place. 

Dreams of purposefully breaking a watch

It conveys that someone you love will disappoint you. Your partner might have an affair, or a close friend might betray you. You can choose to forgive them or let them go. 

Watch hands have joined

This indicates that someone secretly admires you. They see you every day, but they are afraid to show their true feelings. Find this person since you could end up liking them as well. 

Gold watch

It predicts that you will achieve all your goals. You will land your dream job, and you will have your own house, and you will be fulfilled in your relationships.

Silver watch

This refers to your desire to make easy money. You want a life of luxury without doing the hard work for it.

Bear in mind that this is not possible, so if you want to profit, then take the steps that are necessary. 

Watch with diamonds on it

It foretells that you will get rid of all your prejudices and outdated views. You will realize that your beliefs are backward and that it is necessary to change with the times. 

Having a watch collection

This means that you are spending all your time taking care of someone else. You are prioritizing their needs before your own.

You need to give yourself the care you are giving this other person. 

Selling stolen watches

It warns you to not get involved in any risky business schemes, no matter how much wealth is promised. Find a proper way to make money because anything else will only lead to misfortune. 

Buying a stolen watch

This indicates that you are too trusting. You view people wearing rose-tinted glasses, and you cover their mistakes for them.

It’s good to see the good in people, but don’t let anyone take advantage of you. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of watches mainly convey the issues in your life. They highlight your personality flaws or suggest you change your ways. However, quite rarely, they also bring minute positive omens.

But don’t assume the worst as they watch dreams help you focus on your problems and move forth toward a happier life!