For the fair sex, stockings dream meaning is nothing out of the ordinary. After all, it’s a part of a woman’s wardrobe. But what if a pair of extremely provoking, lacy stockings show up during the sleep state of a young man?

As always, that too has a significant meaning. Perhaps you aren’t aware of your sexuality yet. Or could it mean bartering your body and mind for something low? 

Let’s find out!!! 

Stockings Dream Meaning : A General Dream Interpretation

Stockings dream meaning symbolizes increased sexual attraction, temptations, jealousy, etc. Positively, it can foretell wish fulfillment, success, wealth, and prosperity. 

Stockings dream meaning stands for jealousy and temptation to submit to something you know is morally or ethically wrong. 

The piece of clothing also symbolizes a carefree or even a reckless lifestyle. Chances are, you are putting your life and stability at risk while pursuing temporary pleasures. 

The legs do the walking, and since stockings are used primarily to glamorize women’s legs, it would be worthwhile to reflect on your life. Think about how you have been proceeding in the real world. Are you being superficial to impress others? 

In some cases, stockings are representative of the wonderful people around you. Its presence shows you are surrounded by loved ones you can lean on during your bad days. 

Stockings Dream Meaning : Various Scenarios And Their Interpretations

Before you go straight to interpreting your dream, recall how you see the stocking and what exactly happened. Which type of stocking or stockings was it, and in which condition did you see it?

Also, try to recall the dominating emotions you experience within the plot. Did you see them in relation to something sexual, or did you perceive them merely as a part of your outfit? The answers to these questions will definitely take you a step closer to the meaning of your dream. 

1. Seeing many stockings in a dream

If you see stockings in abundance, the scenario is a harbinger of fun and happy times. 

2. To dream of wearing stockings

If you dream of wearing stockings, it shows you have a great support system. According to the plot, they not only help you build confidence whenever you feel low but also provide you with all the love, care, and warmth you will ever need.

However, the interpretation flips if you see rips or holes in the particular stockings you wear. Your lack of support makes you feel small, unloved, and isolated. To add to that, the scenario adds neither you nor anyone around is doing anything to address the issue. 

Negatively, the scenario can represent your distressed mind after committing an immoral deed. Perhaps you need to come clean and cleanse yourself for your wrong actions.   

3. A dream about wearing fancy stockings

If you wear fancy stockings, it is a clear sign that you want to be in the spotlight. 

You need to remind yourself to be extremely cautious because when you put yourself out in the spotlight, you will attract everyone’s attention including those of corrupted and vile people. 

4. To dream about wearing silk stockings

To see yourself clad in silk stockings is a good sign symbolizing wealth and fortune without any hard work and effort from your end.

Perhaps you will receive an inheritance or even win a lottery in the foreseeable future. 

5. To dream of wearing strange stockings

As per the dream details, you take great pleasure in attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Nevertheless, you aren’t someone who would settle for just any person that crosses your path. 

6. To dream about taking off stockings

Taking off stockings in a dream indicates a transformation is on the horizon. 

7. Dreaming that someone stole your silk stockings

If someone stole your silk stockings in a dream, ask yourself if you are going through changes in any aspects of your life. 

Likely you are because getting your stockings stolen is usually an insight into how you are responding emotionally to those real-life changes. 

8. To dream of stealing stockings

Think about how your words or speech will sound to others before you say anything. Else, you might end up provoking someone who has the ability to crush your life. 

9. Dreaming that you couldn’t find your silk stockings

If you were unable to find your silk stockings, the dream signifies a lack or even loss of control over your life. 

10. Dreaming that you lost your stockings

If you lost your stockings in a dream, someone will possibly get in your way, creating endless problems. 

On the other hand, losing stockings might also emphasize the need to break free from your monotonous life. 

11. To dream of giving silk stockings to another person

The scenario implies letting go of the old and make room for the new. Sometimes, giving stockings to another person symbolizes success and prosperity. 

12. Someone giving you stockings in a dream

Unfortunately, all your hard work will come to naught if you experience the above. 

13. A dream about buying stockings

The dream implies your wishes to resolve all your problems. While your intent is good, your approach seems to be wrong. Because the scenario shows you would like to use another person’s skillsets and intelligence and not yours to get yourself out of trouble. 

At this point, the subconscious reminds you that you are responsible for your life and problems. Consider seeking others’ help only if your problems are too much for you to handle. 

14. Dreaming about buying silk stockings

More often than not, buying silk stockings is associated with massive changes. 

15. To see brand new stockings in a dream

Brand new stockings are closely related to establishing new friendships, relationships, and wish fulfillment. 

16. To dream of new silk stockings

A pair of new silk stockings is a good sign symbolizing an increase in your wealth

17. Old stockings dream meaning

The appearance of old stockings shows you will be disappointed in others as they will not live up to the promises they once made. 

On the other hand, a dream about worn stockings may mean you are presently pursuing or living a lifestyle entirely new to you. 

18. To see old silk stockings in a dream

Most probably, you are hiding something from others if worn-out stockings appear in your dream. 

19. A dream about dirty stockings

Chances are, you are beginning to see the truth about something that was earlier a mystery to you. 

20. Dreaming about washing stockings

In the dream world, the act of washing stockings is associated with success, wealth, and fortune.

21. To dream of seeing Christmas stockings

If Christmas stockings show up in your dream, the plot signifies your desire to be noticed, recognized, and accepted for who you are. 

From another point of view, this type of stocking can mean you are a benevolent and charitable person. 

Also, to dream of seeing a stocking hung by a chimney symbolizes expectations, receptivity, pleasant news, and blessings in abundance. 

22. Fishnet stockings dream meaning

Fishnet stockings symbolize your confidence in yourself and your capabilities. You know what you are doing and how you will move forward – be it regarding your work, relationships, or others areas of your life.

Sometimes, people consider you a snob for being overconfident while entirely disregarding others’ thoughts and opinions. 

Alternatively, fishnet stockings symbolize sexiness and lust. Chances are you wish to be bolder and more reckless in your intimate life.

23. To see lace stockings in a dream

The plot signifies disappointment in your sex life. 

24. Silk stockings in a dream

Regardless of gender, a dream featuring a pair of silk stockings has a negative connotation. 

The scenario signifies pleasures through immoral companionship with individuals of the opposite sex.

25. To see many silk stockings in a dream

Silk stockings in abundance symbolize understanding, knowledge, and enlightenment. 

26. Nylon stockings in a dream

In the foreseeable future, you might get involved with vile and corrupted people if nylon stockings showed up in your dream.

27. Woolen stockings dream meaning

Woolen stockings in a dream hint at an underlying health condition. 

On a positive note, the scenario may be a harbinger of a piece of good news. 

28. Cotton stockings dream meaning

Usually, a dream about cotton stockings symbolizes overall well-being. 

29. Strange-looking silk stockings in a dream

Strange-looking silk stockings indicate challenges you are struggling to overcome in the real world. 

30. Torn stockings dream meaning

Torn stockings usually stand for an inferiority complex. You constantly compare yourself with others and believe they are much better than you. 

From another point of view, a pair of torn stockings could be guilt weighing heavy on your conscience after doing something you aren’t supposed to. 

31. To dream of torn silk stockings

Often, torn silk stockings portend a massive transformation that will soon take place in your life. 

32. To dream of seeing holes in a pair of stockings

Often, holes in stockings symbolize a lack of self-esteem. 

33. To dream about mending a pair of silk stockings

According to the scenario, you are responding to a particular matter in a robotic emotionless way. 

Perhaps you are being merciless towards something or a situation. 

Negatively, mending torn stockings speaks of disappointment over the failure to accomplish something. 

34. To dream about another person putting on stockings

The scenario symbolizes your nagging fear that your partner will lose interest in you sexually. 

Alternatively, such a dream implies your jealousy over someone more experienced than you when it comes to love, relationships, and sex. 

35. Dreaming about someone else in stockings

Seeing another person in stockings stands for an intimacy-related situation you may directly or indirectly be involved with. 

Alternatively, it can also reflect your envious feeling over someone’s accomplishments. 

36. To see a woman wearing lingerie stockings in a dream

A woman in lingerie stockings shows something is tempting you greatly in your waking life.

From another perspective, the scenario indicates the need to make your life a little spicier. 

37. Dreaming about seeing a woman in fishnet stockings

There’s a fair chance something, or someone is tempting you to such an extent that you can no longer refuse it anymore. 

38. Dreaming about putting on white stockings

Usually, it is considered an ill omen to see yourself putting on white stockings in a dream as it symbolizes financial losses and disappointment. 

39. A dream about white silk stockings

Generally, white silk stockings reflect your regret over missed opportunities. 

40. Black stockings dream meaning

Black stockings mirror your sadomasochistic wish to either hurt your sexual partner intentionally or feel it yourself.

Sometimes, the scenario indicates opening up or delving into the knowledge of sexuality.

41. Dreaming about black silk stockings

Black silk stockings in a dream imply success. However, your happiness over your accomplishment will be short-lived as you would begin to yearn for more. And at that point, what you already have will no longer satisfy you.

42. A dream about brown silk stockings

You tend to be logical and not let your emotions get in the way. 

43. To dream of gray silk stockings

If gray silk stockings show up in your dream, it is a sign that you need guidance and support in some areas of your life. 

44. Dreaming of red stockings

Usually, red stockings in a dream imply your wishful desire to seduce someone. 

45. Red silk stockings dream meaning

The dream could be your higher self warning you of the evil-minded people watching each of your moves with malicious intent. 

46. Orange silk stockings in a dream

Either one of your secrets will see the light of day, or you will come to discover another person’s dark secret. 

47. A yellow silk stocking in a dream

According to the dream, your life is not as stable as you want it to be.

48. A dream about purple silk stockings

Purple silk stockings show you are evolving and are slowly moving towards your desired goals. 

49. Silver silk stockings dream meaning

Silver silk stockings are not a good sign in the dream world. It signifies your helplessness in the face of hardships. 

50. A dream of golden silk stockings

As per the plot, you have lost your originality while trying to fit into your environment. 

51. Multicolored stockings in a dream

As stockings of this color are associated with how you feel about a failing relationship, the dominating emotions you experience in the dream will give you insights into how you feel about the bond that’s possibly ending soon. 

52. Unusually large silk stockings dream meaning

According to the plot, you feel unloved, unappreciated, and even abandoned in the real world. 

On a positive note, it can stand for your ideas slowly taking shape. 

53. Dreaming about tiny silk stockings

Someone might come to you with a piece of unpleasant news. 

54. Seeing cheap silk stockings in a dream

Cheap silk stockings in a dream symbolize injustice. 

55. Someone giving you silk stockings in a dream

The dream denotes a trip to a distant place that will wind up miserably. 

56. A girl dreaming about trying on stockings

If a girl dreams about trying out stockings, she will establish a promising relationship with someone in the near future. 

57. A young woman dreaming about wearing stockings

You have a lot of suitors wooing you and that can lead to problems if you aren’t careful.

58. A young woman dreaming about putting on fancy stockings

According to the dream, a lot of men are vying for your love and affection. And you must be very careful about who you pick from the lot. 

59. A young woman dreaming about wearing white stockings

The above plot symbolizes illnesses and disappointment. 

60. A young woman dreamed of wearing white stockings under a wedding dress

To begin with, the wedding dress stands for a new romantic relationship. However, the pair of white stockings under the dress shows their relationship would be short-lived. 

61. A young woman dreaming about worn-out stockings

The above scenario means you might soon commit something wrong, if not immoral. 

62. A woman dreaming about transparent nylon stockings 

Through the scenario, the higher self warns you to be cautious of your speech, actions, and behavior. Because there’s a possibility of your carefree behavior and recklessness dragging you into unimaginable situations. 

63. A woman dreaming about a pair of black fishnet stockings

The scenario reflects the woman’s desire to dominate her partner. 

64. A young man dream about seeing beautiful legs clad in a pair of stockings

For a young man, the dream promises the beginning of a love affair. 

65. A man dreaming about taking off stockings from a woman’s legs

According to the scenario, the dreamer wishes to indulge in forbidden pleasure but is unsure how to take the first step.

66. A man dreaming of red stockings

For a man, the vision of a red stocking signifies an adventurous love affair. 

Stockings Dream Meaning: A Spiritual Meaning

Stockings represent your loved ones who not only provide you with love, care, and affection but also push you to regain confidence and do your best whenever you are in a slump. 

Psychological Meaning Of Stocking Dreams

Psychologically, stockings in a dream show you feel tempted to give in to something in real-life – something you know is dishonorable. 


That brings us to the close of our web post, stockings dream meaning. 

Almost always, dreamers associate this type of dream with sexuality, attraction, and temptations. While these can be true, a dream featuring a particular piece of clothing can also tell a lot about how you are moving forward. 

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