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What Does It Mean to Be Drunk in a Dream? Explore the 40 Scenarios

What Does It Mean to Be Drunk in a Dream? Explore the 40 Scenarios

Updated on Jan 04, 2023 | Published on Jun 03, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

What Does it Mean To Be Drunk in a Dream - 40 Scenarios & Meanings

What does it mean to be drunk in a dream? This question came to you when you have seen yourself in an intoxicated state in a dream.

You must be wondering about this bizarre experience that wakes you up in great distress. This dream represents your unstable position in waking life.

Sometimes, this dream indicates your deepest fears that you do not want to face just by staying in a boozed state of ignorance and lack of awareness in waking life.

Stay on to know more about the various dream scenarios and their meanings in the next few sections of the article.

What Does it Mean To Be Drunk in a Dream - 40 Scenarios & Meanings
What Does it Mean To Be Drunk in a Dream – 40 Scenarios & Meanings

What does it mean to be drunk in a dream?

Drunk in a dream is a symbol of lack of control and poor clarity about waking life. The dream represents a careless lifestyle with a lack of responsibility. You are not aware of real-life incidents impacting you in a big way. 

Being drunk in a dream may not mean anything at all or it could also mean many things. Either way, you will stay in a baffled state between imagination and reality.

You may feel thrown off in some unknown land trying to decipher the interpretation of your mind musings. Are these dreams reality, or just the imaginative figments that crept into the sleep state just to puzzle you? 

If you dream about intoxication and drinking, do not freak out! Sometimes it is a common vision if you are losing grip over your real-life events.

In waking life, drinking alcohol or drug abuse is marked by carelessness, reckless behavior, and lack of responsibility. In dream symbolism, being drunk indicates the same meaning as in real-life situations.

The dream symbolizes your carefree and casual attitude towards life. You are not serious about matters that are important and need your close call.

Being drunk in a dream is an indication of mental clouding. You are not aware or rather unclear about the various situations of waking life. A kind of mental fog has overpowered your sense of responsibility.

We know that dreams are fickle fantasies of the subconscious mind. Sometimes it reveals truths that remain hidden from our conscious awareness, possibly because we do not want to face them.

At other times, dreams are just imaginations, without any reality present in them. Several controversies relate to drinking dreams as well. 

Being drunk in a dream doesn’t mean you’re a drunkard in waking life. These dream themes are symbolic and relate to some areas of waking life that was neglected and never faced in reality.

The dream connotes your carefree nature. You’re not someone who is enough confident to face struggles in life. It could be some hidden fear of performance that is manifested in the dream.

The symbolic meaning of being drunk in a dream

As already discussed, being drunk in a dream signifies carelessness and moody behavior. It symbolizes various things in dreams such as the following:

  1. It is your not-so-serious nature – Probably you’re someone who prefers to remain happy and carefree in waking life. You do not want to take things seriously.
  2. Fixation on some bad habits in waking life that is hampering your personal growth.
  3. The dream of being drunk also means an irresponsible attitude.
  4. You desire freedom and do not wish to be stuck in one place.
  5. Preoccupation with certain thoughts or feelings that are unhealthy
  6. The dream of being drunk symbolizes escaping reality. You do not want to face your fears and anxieties.
  7. The dream represents losing control over real-life events. 
  8. The dream of being drunk also signifies vibrant social life.
  9. This dream theme suggests ecstasy and celebration.
  10. Hardships and obstacles of waking life that will be difficult to control

40 different dream scenarios of being drunk in a dream

Let us now discuss the most important dream scenarios related to being drunken dreams.

1. Being drunk in a dream

The dream of being drunk symbolizes losing control over waking life events. Things are falling apart fast and you’re unable to control them. It could mean losing a job, loss of happiness in a relationship, etc.

You are afraid to go through hardships. Maybe you are trying to escape from some harsh realities of waking life. 

The dream symbolizes your fleeing tendencies. You are getting into a groove of darkness by not facing your problems.

At times, this dream symbol speaks about financial troubles, crises, and chaos of waking life.

2. Feeling drunk in a dream

If you are boozed out in real life but still dream about being drunk, it represents your carefree nature. You are behaving like a cool dude in waking life. 

Overcoming struggles is not for you. Thus, you are happy to be careless and irresponsible in your actions and behavior.

Sometimes your intoxicated state in a dream signifies insecurity to face reality. You would rather prefer to live in a state of low awareness and clarity. 

You may think that being aware of reality can make you face hardships and in such a case, you will lose your carefree life.

3. Seeing someone drunk in a dream

When you see someone else drunk in a dream, it symbolizes that others are trying to control your life. There are people in your waking life who are deliberately putting you in big trouble.

This dream carries a negative meaning. It symbolizes jealousy, false accusations, or getting into trouble because of the careless behavior of someone else. 

Another interpretation of this dream relates to fun and frolicking with friends. You are neglecting your responsibilities and spending time with friends and family.

4. Driving drunk in a dream

If you dream about drunk driving, it means you are approaching your destination and life goals very casually. You are not at all serious about the outcome of your actions. 

Drunk driving in dreams carries a negative meaning. It means you have lost focus. Your life goals are dwindled and hazy.

There is a lack of clarity and awareness about what you are aiming at in reality.

The dream connotes your reluctance to take responsibility. You are avoiding or escaping from something very important in your waking life. 

You are a poor decision-maker just because you lack seriousness and commitment in your actions.

5. Seeing a friend drunk in a dream

If you dream about a drunken friend, it could mean that you’re concerned about their careless and reckless behavior. 

The dream related to a friend reminds you to make them aware of their casual lifestyle. It could be that your friend or a loved one is passing through a dark phase in waking life. 

Your dream is just a premonition of something dreadful and scary happening in your waking life.

6. Dream of being drunk at work

This dream refers to bad decision-making at the workplace for which you might have to pay a heavy price. Your carelessness has cost you in a big way in waking life. 

The dream warns you to get rid of your casual nature and become more serious about work and actions.

You will have to work hard to overcome the negative outcome that resulted from your mistakes and bad decision-making. Otherwise, you will suffer even more in the future also.

7. Dream of being drunk at a pub

If you dream about this scenario, it means you are suffering from boredom in waking life. Your life has become uninteresting and monotonous. You have fallen into a rut of sluggishness. 

A pub is a dream symbol of excitement and enthusiasm. Maybe you’re seeking a lot of interesting stuff in your waking life.

8. Dream of being drunk at home

Seeing yourself drunk at home is a sign of irresponsibility. You are not taking enough work responsibilities at home. 

Off late, you have stopped paying attention to the needs of your family members. Thus, you are feeling guilty.

Another interpretation suggests your loneliness. There is no one to make your life interesting. The dream symbolizes your emotional emptiness and lack of ability to stay connected with loved ones.

9. Getting drunk in school

This dream symbolizes fear of taking responsibility in waking life. The school in dream symbolizes your child-like self.

You do not want to grow up. It refers to your immaturity and poor sense of accountability in waking life.

10. Dream of drinking alone

If you dream about drinking alone, it symbolizes shame and guilt. You are regretful about your mistakes in waking life.

The dream manifests your remorse and reminds you not to repeat your mistakes in waking life. 

It could symbolize hurting someone’s feelings in reality for which you’re feeling ashamed. You may be looking for an opportunity to apologize and seek forgiveness from the concerned person.

11. Dream about drinking alcohol with others

This dream signifies celebration and fun in waking life. Maybe you just finished off with a wedding party or came back from a vacation. 

The dream scenario just represents your fun and frolic mood, and the amount of enjoyment that you had by being part of such an event.

12. Dream about observing other people drinking

When you dream about other people drinking, it means you’re missing your carefree lifestyle. It could represent the emotional pain of not being able to relive the olden days of freedom and enjoyment.

The dream represents your need to get back something that is lost and no longer a part of your waking life.

13. Dream of being excessively drunk

If you dream of being excessively drunk, it symbolizes your escapist tendencies. You are not keen to take responsibility in waking life. You wish to move away from reality. 

It means running away from problems, neglecting your daily responsibilities, lack of ability to resolve the various issues of waking life. 

Excessive drinking is a dream symbol of irresponsibility and reckless attitude. It also refers to avoiding unforeseen circumstances that could hamper your freedom and happy-go-lucky nature.

14. Dream of refusing to drink

If you dream about refusing to drink, it means you are feeling guilty about your carefree attitude in waking life. 

It also represents your dominant personality. You are in full control of your vices and pitfalls and refrain from doing any big mistakes in waking life. 

15. Dream about someone not allowing you to drink

If you see this dream scenario, it represents that your family members and friends are concerned about your physical and mental health. They love and care about your well-being.

16. Dream of not allowing someone to drink alcohol

This dream symbolizes your concern for loved ones.  Maybe they are not taking your advice seriously or trying to ignore you in some way. 

The dream reminds you to take care of them and not allow them to move in careless ways in real life.

You are desperately trying to imbibe good values in them so that they can become more responsible bout their life and living.

17. Being forced to drink in a dream

If you dream about someone forcing you to drink, it means provocation of wrong actions in waking life. It could be someone in your real life who wants to put you in big trouble.

The dream reminds you to eliminate bad company and not to engage with people in waking life who has bad intentions.

You should avoid hanging out with such people who will always influence you in negative ways.

18. Dream of being forcing someone to drink

This dream scenario signifies you will soon lose the friendship. Some of your old friends will part ways with you.

You will become lonely. They will leave you because of your lack of responsibility. Maybe they will not like your carefree nature.

You may try to insist them to have an open conversation with you but in vain. They will avoid you at all costs.

19. Dream of being drunk with your partner

This dream symbolizes your fun and enjoyment in intimate relationships. You are enjoying a cozy space with your partner and sharing good vibes with each other. 

The dream denotes good communication and a loving relationship with your partner.

20. Dream of being drunk with parents

If you dream of being drunk with family or parents in particular, it symbolizes family time, spending your time and energy in family gatherings. 

The dream symbolizes togetherness, fun time, celebration, and exciting moments of love, care, and support for each other.

21. Dream of drinking with the boss

Dream of drinking with the boss symbolizes an attack by a superior. You are feeling threatened and out of control in your waking life. 

They may either try to malign your professional reputation or can harm you in some other ways also.

This dream warns you to stay alert about the presence of unethical and immoral people in your real life. 

22. Dream of being drunk in the moonlight

This dream symbolizes success and the accomplishment of goals. The dream represents progress in career and job endeavors. It means you will also win social respect. 

Another meaning suggests joy and celebration. You are happy about your success and feel relaxed after meeting your work commitments successfully.

23. Dream of being drunk by consuming whiskey

Dreaming about drinking whiskey and drinking a vehicle carries a negative meaning. You will have to face embarrassment in social life.

It could be falling unexpectedly in a public place, or needing to speak in front of a large crowd.

The dream symbolizes your anxiousness and low confidence level. You are not sure of your life’s path and can make many small mistakes that can make you feel uneasy and awkward in waking life.

24. Dream of being drunk by the use of vodka

If you dream of drinking vodka, the dream suggests your humble and sociable nature. You are always missed by old friends. 

Another meaning says negative about this dream theme. It means you’re a critical person who has nitpicking tendencies. Thus, your boss and co-workers do not like you.

25. Dream of drinking tequila

This dream symbolizes that you need to change certain old habits in waking life so as to taste success. The dream tells you to change yourself in little ways without feeling overwhelmed. 

You need to become more responsible about your actions. Then only you’ll be able to face challenges and control your life circumstances in a better way.

26. Dream of being drunk with wine

Wine in a dream symbolizes fights and opinion differences with coworkers and family members. It symbolizes annoyance at home and work due to various reasons. 

The dream reminds you to stay blissful and mind your words so that you need not harm people unnecessarily. You are warned not to offend people with your harsh words and unkind behavior.

27. Dream of being drunk with beer

If you dream of drinking beer, it means you are overtired. You need to take some rest so that you can get back your lost energy.

28. Dream of drinking cocktails

This dream is a positive omen. It represents happiness, fun, and celebration in waking life. Your mood is on hype and you are a part of a celebration or family gathering. 

29. Dream of being drunk by consuming rum

If you dream of being intoxicated by drinking rum, it means you wish to have a carefree and irresponsible lifestyle for yourself.

This is a wish-fulfillment dream that manifests hidden desires. It represents your casual way of living.

30. Dreaming about a drunk man

If you drink about a drunken man, it means you have issues with other men in your waking life. It could be someone trying to take the advantage of you in reality.

If the male happens to be your family member, then the dream represents a problem in your relationship with him. Overall, the dream symbolizes problems in waking life.

31. Dreaming about a drunk woman

This dream symbolism means just the opposite of the earlier dream scenario. The dream means that you have lost connection with your softer side. It could mean success and jubilation in one’s professional endeavors too.

32. Dream of being drunk and talking to people

This dream is a common one and represents your unconscious desire to connect with many people. It means you love to socialize and mingle with others. 

Drunken dreams reveal hidden secrets. Thus, this dream theme also suggests something negative. It means you have not kept your promises in waking life.

33. Dream about being excessively drunk and falling

This dream symbolizes some unfavorable circumstances of waking life.  It means you have fallen in your own eyes due to your irresponsible nature. 

Maybe some untoward thing happened in waking life due to your fault, and now you are feeling guilty about it.

34. Dream of being sitting next to a drunk man

This dream symbolizes your need to resolve conflict with someone in waking life.

It could be that you need to sit and work out some solution with someone with peace and the dream foretells a future happening. 

It could be a meet-up to end a past issue also. The dream represents irritation, anger, or overwhelming emotions that are robbing your mental peace.

35. Dream of being drunk while driving a car

This dream scenario means you will face hardships while achieving your goal. Maybe the hardships will cause a lot of mental tension and you will not be able to overcome them happily. 

Sometimes drunken driving symbolizes your careless nature. The dream tells you to remain cautious and take control of your life events as much as possible.

36. Seeing your drunk neighbor in a dream

Dreaming about a drunken neighbor symbolizes the carefree attitude that you hate. It reminds you to keep an eye on them so that they can resist doing any further harm in the future.

37. Dream about drunk people sleeping

When you dream about drunken people sleeping it means the dream is warning you to give up your unhealthy habits. 

Your reckless lifestyle may annoy someone. You could land up in big troubles in waking life. It predicts future fights and squabbling with someone in waking life.

38. Dream of being drunk and lying on the streets

This dream symbolizes careless behavior and unnecessary expenditure in waking life. You are not aware of what’s going on in your waking life. 

Maybe certain behaviors of yours are causing an issue. You’re under some big problem in waking life. The dream foretells more problems coming ahead because of your irresponsible lifestyle.

39. Dream of being drunk after consuming wine

This dream symbolizes overindulgence and excessive spending of money in reality. Another interpretation suggests your high-end social life. 

You are busy socializing and connecting with so many people in your waking life. You just hate being lonely.

40. Dream of drinking champagne

When you dream about drinking champagne, it means you will soon receive wealth or success in waking life. 

It foretells big success and accomplishing life goals that you have long cherished. The dream is a positive sign of celebration and jubilation.

Spiritual meaning of being drunk in a dream

Spiritually, being drunk in a dream symbolize a less controlled lifestyle. For others, it could be a way of celebration and enjoyment. There are many who consume alcohol or drink excessively to escape from their daily life problems.

The dream symbolism may vary. It depends upon the exact meaning of the dream and the waking life circumstances of the dreamer. 

In most cases, being drunk signifies carelessness and a non-serious attitude towards life in general.

It is obvious that when you’re not serious about certain things in life, you may have to suffer a lot of problems. Your indisciplined lifestyle can bring various problems in waking life.

If you dream about too much drinking, it could mean you are trying to solve your waking life problems in ways that are not healthy. 

Drinking alone symbolizes loneliness and feelings of loss of support from others in waking life.

The dream of being drunk represents your lack of conscious choice in real life. You are not aware of your mistakes. Maybe your life decisions are not as healthy as they should be. 

Moreover, this dream also indicates your lack of patience in waking life. You are a hasty decision-maker.

Maybe you are not the one who is giving time and a good thought to deciding upon important issues of life.

Thus, your life seems to be irresponsible and careless.

Being drunk in a dream – Biblical meaning

The Holy Bible refers to drunkenness as a sign of inattention, neglect, and escape from one’s duties and responsibilities. It refers to the various waking life issues where the dreamer must have tried hard to escape from his/her problems.

In Bible, the dream of being drunk is a sign of carelessness. The dreamer is casual and indifferent when it comes to deciding upon some vital issues in life. 

The dream is a sign of a lack of interest in taking new initiatives to better one’s life and living. It denotes the dreamer’s unmindful nature in waking life.

In Bible, it has been referred that drinking should be in moderation. It should never become a means to resolve problems of waking life.

One should complete responsibilities with diligence and hard work. The dream reminds the dreamer about his or her obliviousness.

It tells the dreamer to look at life more seriously, not to escape from problems but rather face them courageously.

Dreaming of being heavily drunk is noted as a sin in the Bible. The dreamer is against God’s command that has approved only limited drinking.

Thus, drinking is not seen as a healthy behavior in the Bible. It is a form of physical and mental negligence that the dreamer is involved in waking life.

The psychological meaning of being drunk in a dream

Being drunk in a dream is a symbol of fear and insecurity. The dreamer is trying to cover his repressed feelings through this dream theme.

If you get recurring dreams about drinking dreams, it suggests your fear of something in waking life that you do not want to face. Thus, you’re trying to escape from your fears.

These dream symbols manifest your repressed feelings that are uncomfortable and thus are never faced in reality.

You are trying to behave in careless ways so as to avoid the responsibility of being accountable for your actions.

Sometimes, these dreams represent the chaos of real life. You are feeling uncontrolled in your waking life.

Maybe certain situations of waking life have overpowered you and you’re feeling stuck in one place.

These dreams are symbolic and may represent some issues of waking life that is beyond your conscious awareness. It symbolizes a lack of mental clarity as well.

Questions to ask yourself if you dream of being drunk

Dream interpretation is a tricky affair. If you’re interested to decipher some of the meanings on your own, you need to ask yourself certain questions regarding the various dream scenarios.

  • Do you see these dreams quite often?
  • Describe your feelings associated with the dream scenario?
  • Have you ever discussed your dream with anyone?
  • Do you think your waking life is out of control?
  • Do you manifest a reckless attitude quite often?
  • How would you like to interpret your dreams?
  • What life circumstances do appear out of control in reality? 
  • Have you ever visited a dream analyst?
  • What conclusion have you derived from this dream?

What does it mean to be drunk in a dream – The good and the ugly

From the discussion so far, it is evident that dreams about being drunk can have different meanings in dream dictionaries.

The proper interpretation of dreams depends upon their symbolic relevance to the waking life incidents of the dreamer.

Some of the good meanings associated with the dream of being drunk are as follows:

  • Ecstasy
  • Celebration
  • Fun-filled lifestyle
  • No tension
  • Less anxiousness
  • Lighthearted ‘self’
  • Good socialization skills

Some of the downsides of such dreams are:

  • Lack of clarity
  • Feeling hazy about what to do in  a particular situation
  • Careless attitude
  • Lack of control in waking life
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Faulty decision making
  • Overwhelming emotions
  • Inability to handle hardships
  • Feelings of fleeing from real-life problems or escaping reality
  • Failure to reach goals

Wrap Up

Drunkenness in a dream symbolizes brain fog and mental haziness. You lack clarity about the things that matter the most in your waking life. Thus, you are unaware and irresponsible in nature.

Your intoxicated state also reflects your inner fears of not being able to carry out your responsibilities in waking life, as expected. 

The dream indicates that your careless behaviors may bring new problems in waking life. You could also suffer big losses that would be hard to recover.

Thus, in general, we can say that dream of being drunk is a symbolic manifestation of the various incidents taking place in your waking life. 

It reflects the disturbing emotions that are all-consuming and is leading to further decline of your mental health.