Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?”

Dreaming about an ex-lover, acquaintance or a stranger is normal until that person becomes a recurring subject. Probably, something is off if the same person shows up repeatedly for days, weeks, and even months on end.  

Let’s figure out the reason why and what can be done to put an end to the cycle. 

Know - Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person?
Know – Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person?

Possible Reasons Behind Dreaming About The Same Person

One is bound to have recurring dreams about the same person if that particular individual is constantly on his/ her mind. But it can even be a sign of a soul crossing over towards the dreamer. 

There are several reasons behind recurring dreams. Some of the most probable ones listed are as follows –

There are unresolved issues between the two 

Unfinished business is another reason that explains such dreams. Nagging tasks and thoughts find their way towards the subconscious mind indirectly urging the dreamer to resolve the issue. 

The dreamer associate him or her with something important 

Recurring dreams about the same person may mean the dreamer associate that person with something important to him/ her. 

That individual is related to something the dreamer long for 

One might dream of someone again and again if he or she is connected to something the dreamer desire presently. 

That person reminds the dreamer of someone 

It’s common for someone to have recurrent dreams of a particular person if he/ she reminds the dreamer of another person, especially a loved one who has now detached himself/ herself from the dreamer. 

You would probably dream of the girl you recently came across. 

He/ she feels guilty

One can also have recurrent dreams of a particular person if his/ her conscience weighs heavy after having wronged the person who showed up in the dream.

A messy breakup 

One can also have recurrent dreams of someone, especially an ex-lover if he/ she feels deeply affected by a recent messy break up. 

The dreamer is trying to forget that person

During waking hours, the dreamer might try hard not to think of a certain someone – by keeping himself/ herself occupied and pushing the thoughts of that person away. 

But during sleep, all hell break loose and the image of that person manages to slide into the dreamer’s dream.

That person is likely to take advantage of the dreamer 

If one keeps dreaming of a person he/ she is on bad terms with, the dream is a warning

Chances are, he or she will take advantage of the dreamer in some way or the other. 

That person has a de-stressing effect on the dreamer

If the dreamer repeatedly sees someone while through a hard time in the real world, it may be because that person makes the him/ her  feel alive and happy like no other. 

The person is none other than the dreamer

According to Carl Jung, the human mind comprises both feminine and masculine counterparts. 

Due to the androgenetic nature of the psyche, sometimes recurring dreams occur to connect the dreamer with the opposing energy to maintain his/ her  life balance. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About The Same Person Repeatedly

According to ancient dream books, recurrent dreams of the same person symbolizes the psyche, life, and the person as a whole. 

Following this theory, whoever comes up in the scenarios – parent, friend, colleague, stranger signifies none other but the dreamer himself or herself. It can also mean he/ she shares a strong bond with that person in reality. 

If the person in the dream is a stranger, it could also be a soul crossing over. 

Dream About The Same Person: Various Scenarios With Meanings

Let’s unravel some of the key scenarios.

Recurring scenarios about the same person

According to clinical psychologist, Dr. John Mayer, recurring dreams of someone or something hints at an unresolved matter. 

Seeing the same person every night

Dreaming about the same individual one night after the other may emphasize the need to draw boundaries regarding that person. Chances are, he or she has crossed boundaries with the dreamer here. 

Each relationship needs a limitation. Just because he or she is close to the dreamer doesn’t mean the dreamer has to comply with whatever that person wish and demands. 

Seeing the same person for years

It’s possible to see the same person in dreams year after year if the dreamer relates that person to a past traumatic incident. 

Seeing the same person every day

If one suddenly starts having repeated dreams about someone, they could be premonitory dreams, which foretell the future to some extent. 

Perhaps something terrible is about to befall that person, and the universe is sending signals to the dreamer to prevent the worst from happening.

Maybe the person in the dream is struggling to stay afloat. Perhaps life is testing him or her most cruelly. Evaluate each of the elements, and try to connect the dots keeping that person in the center. 

Constantly dreaming of babies 

Generally speaking, babies symbolize the dreamer’s inner child, a fresh beginning and rebirth. 

However, from the spiritual point of view, they represent accomplishment, recognition, and acknowledgment. 

Considering that, the dreams could be an indication that the dreamer has given his/ her best.

The series of scenarios could also be suggesting the dreamer to let the inner child come alive and roam free like a winged bird with no restrictions. 

Negatively, recurrent dreams concerning babies could signify an inner conflict. 

Seeing mother repeatedly

If one has repeated dreams of his/ her mother, the scenarios has much to do with the relationship between the two. 

  • If the dreamer and his/ her mother has love and respect for each other, the scenarios may mean he/ she need to spend more quality time with his/ her mother.
  • And if the dreamer is constantly at odds with her, the scenario are the subconscious urging the dreamer to make peace with his/ her mother. 
  • From another perspective, one may also have repeated dreams of his/ her mother if he/ she is constantly worried about her health and well-being. 

Seeing a friend repeatedly

Such dreams show he or she finds the friend cool and aspires to have a similar lifestyle. Besides, when one frequently sees a friend he/ she has fallen out with, that is probably a sign that he/ she wants to patch up with the friend.

Another possible reason is that the dreamer feels anxious about a particular friend. Also, when a person suddenly starts having recurrent dreams of a friend he/ she hasn’t met in a long time, there’s a good chance that the friend is in dire need of help. 

Seeing childhood friends constantly

It shows the dreamer looks back to the past when he/ she were free from pressures and responsibilities. 

Recurrent dreams about one’s children

The dreams reflect how much he/ she loves his/ her kids and how his/ her life revolves around them and their well-being. 

Parents with teenage children often have recurring dreams of their kids. Teenage is a phase in life where one is rebellious. In that case, such dreams reflects the dreamer’s wish that his/ her children be obedient and not argumentative. 

If one dreams of his/ her children getting into deep trouble it shows the dreamer is constantly worried about the children’s safety. 

Constantly seeing someone known to the dreamer in real life

In this case, the recurring scenarios have no underlying meaning.

Since that individual occupies much of the dreamer’s conscious mind, the recurring themes indicates that the subconscious also remembers that person.

Nevertheless, try looking at the plots from other perspectives too. They may have a deeper meaning than just being an extension of the conscious mind. 

Such scenarios are also likely if the dreamer got on bad terms with that person. 

Recurrent scenarios of a boss

The scenarios are directly or indirectly associated with a drive for success and professional life. It may also stand for obstacles heading towards the dreamer. 

Seeing colleagues night after night

These scenarios are concerned with the dreamer’s professional life. Perhaps the higher self is trying to encourage the dreamer to reevaluate his/ her work life. 

The plots could also be the subconscious way of advising the dreamer to push harder than he/ she presently does. 

Seeing a crush again and again

If one keeps dreaming of the guy or the girl next door he/ she has  been crushing on, it means he/ she is hoping for something to happen between them. 

Seeing an ex-lover constantly

It shows he/ she doesn’t feel at ease with his/ her present partner. Maybe something is unsettling about the relationship, and he/ she don’t feel with the current partner as he/ she did with the ex. 

Recurrent dreams of ex-lover may also mean the dreamer is still not over the ex. Maybe he/ she longs to get back together with that person. 

On the other hand, it could be the subconscious mind reliving the past. That is especially true if the dreams are romantic in nature. 

Recurring scenarios of a stranger

It is assumed that one wouldn’t dream of a person he/ she has never crossed paths with. 

However, that is negated by other analysts and they believe that a person sees two or three different individuals during the REM sleep stage, and out of these, half could be strangers. 

That is to say, it’s normal to have recurrent dreams of a stranger. Generally, strangers symbolize rivals or people whose existence itself poses a threat to the dreamer. Interestingly, half of the strangers would likely be male with aggressive nature. 

If a person witness threatening strangers, it indicates anxiety and worry over an issue. In that case, the character signifies a dangerous situation the dreamer is presently facing. It might be a harbinger of trouble coming if the overall dream experience is unpleasant. 

On the flip side, if the experience is good, it means the dreamer would get a pleasant surprise soon. If the stranger comforts the dreamer, it means he/ she can overcome any obstacles. 

Repeatedly dreaming of a dead person

It reflects the person’s inability to accept reality. This interpretation holds if the individual in the dreams passed away recently. 

On the other hand, the subconscious may be trying to get close to that person once again through dreams. Another possibility is that he/ she miss the good times they had together. 

It may also be the subconscious mind trying to fill in the space the deceased person has left behind. If the dead person is the dreamer’s late mother or father, the scenario is associated with the loss he/ she feels or experiences presently. 

Seeing constantly that a dead person is alive

Such a dream clearly means he/ she misses the person, the times they spend together and yearn to be united once again. 

Recurrent scenarios about more than one person 

Since the repeated dreams include multiple people, it implies that the dreamer is all set to get into action regarding something. 

Dreaming About The Same Person: What Psychology Says!

Possibly, the series of scenarios is a sign that the dreamer needs to work on unresolved emotions, which could be anything from fondness to hatred, to move forward. 

At other times, these scenarios are a reflection of their current relationship. 

How To Stop Dreaming About Someone?

It certainly is no pleasant affair to dream of a person every day, especially if the overall tone of the dreams was negative. 

So, on that account, we have listed some ways to put an end to such a dream series

  • Be calm and do not jump to conclusions! – One of the reasons you have recurring dreams is because you are anxious about certain aspects of your life. However, you must refrain from believing that it’s the stress or anxiety causing the dreams. Before you list one more possibility and come to a conclusion, do some study. 
  • Keep a journal – Instead of making wild assumptions and jumping to conclusions, maintain a journal to note every single detail of the dreams. Jot down how you see him or her? What happens in the dream scenarios? Do you think he or she is symbolic of a particular feeling or emotion?
  • Evaluate the dream – Reflect on the dreams and the scenarios. Look at them from various perspectives. That will give you a better understanding of your dreams and help you make better decisions.  
  • Resolve unfinished businesses – One of the most common reasons for recurrent dreams is unresolved affairs. During your waking life, you may ignore the tensions concerning any pending business, but they will come to torment you in your dreams. 
  • Talk about it to someone you trust – Talking about and sharing your dreams will not only help you unburden the load, but you will also gain new ideas and perspectives concerning the matter. But remember to share it with someone who supports and looks out for you. 
  • Meditate – Meditating may help you relieve yourself from haunting recurrent dreams because it calms and destresses your mind and soul.

Wrapping Up

The next time someone ask, ‘Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?’, ask him/ her to decipher the plot not from one but from various perspectives. 

Putting the scenarios together, connecting the dots and being honest with one’s feelings and emotions while deciphering might give a hint to the answer.