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Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person!

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person!

Updated on Jun 14, 2022 | Published on Jul 26, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person - Know 23 Reasons

“Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?”

Imagine an unknown man showing up in your dreams night after night – sometimes following you as you return from work, sometimes helping you escape a fiasco, sometimes talking to you! Creepy! Isn’t it?

Dreaming about someone you dated, encountered, crossed paths with a few times, or never met is normal until that person becomes a recurring subject of your dreams. 

When you start seeing that person for days, weeks, and even years, you know something is off. There has to be a specific reason why he or she keeps visiting you in your dreamscape. And you’re right because there is! 

In this article, we will explore why you repeatedly dream of the same person. 60 to 75 percent of global adults experience dreams with recurrent themes. For some individuals, such dreams began at an early age and persist throughout their life. 

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person - Know 23 Reasons
Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person – Know 23 Reasons

What Does It Mean When You Keep Dreaming About Someone?

You are bound to have recurring dreams about the same person if he or she is constantly on your mind. It may also happen if you miss that person and wish to spend time with him or her. Sometimes, the dream may be connecting you to a soul mate. Or it could also be a soul crossing over towards you. 

As per research, there are several reasons behind recurring dreams. Some of the most probable ones listed by experts are-

1. That person is constantly on your mind

One of the most common reasons you keep dreaming of the same individual is because he or she is present in your mind – either consciously or subconsciously. 

2. There are unresolved issues between the two of you

You’re likely to dream of a person if there is unfinished business between the two of you. 

Realistically speaking, if you have pending matters that involve someone other than you, you will probably think of it now and then. 

Similarly, those nagging thoughts find their way towards your subconscious mind, and you’ll keep dreaming about that person until you settle the issue with him or her.

Your dreams may be your subconscious’ way of telling you to take care of the matter between the two of you. 

3. You spend a lot of time together 

You are most likely to dream of a person if you spend a lot of time with him or her in your waking life. That person could be your parents, siblings, close friends, and partners. 

In that case, you do not have to dig into the spiritual symbolism and significance of those dreams as they reflect your reality. Such dreams may also be a continuation of your time together with that individual. 

4. You wish to spend time with that person

If you long for the presence of someone or if you want him or her to be with you all day, every day, you’re bound to have recurrent dreams of them. 

5. You associate him or her with something important to you

Recurring dreams about the same person may mean you associate that person with something important to you. 

For instance, you may be someone who takes life as it comes with no worry about the future. Although it is advisable to live a stress-free life, it isn’t advisable to leave your future in God’s hands altogether. 

Having goals and working hard to achieve them makes life more fun and motivating. At this point, you may often dream of your sibling that is the complete opposite of you. Perhaps he or she takes life and goals very seriously, unlike you. 

In that case, the dream is not about your sibling. Instead, it highlights the importance of keeping goals and working hard each day to accomplish them. 

6. That person misses you

“If you have recurring dreams of someone, does it mean that person thinks about you?”

This is one of the most interesting questions often asked by dreamers across the globe. 

While some experts give a flat ‘No’ to the question, some believe it to be true. According to some experts, that person’s longing for you is so overpowering that his or her mind transmits energy waves to you. 

You can look at this from another perspective too. If you spend a lot of time with someone, that person thinks of you often. During the hours and days you stay apart, he or she might miss your presence. And that could also be a reason for your recurring dreams. 

7. You miss that individual

Let’s assume that your best friend you grew up with left the country for a job abroad. Without a doubt, you would feel lost all of a sudden. Until you get used to the new life without your friend, you will miss and think of him or her constantly. 

Ultimately, your feelings, thoughts, and emotions will find their way into your dreams. 

If that person has passed away, your dreams imply that your subconscious has still not come to terms with reality. Or it may also mean you regret the times you couldn’t spend with that person while he or she was alive.

Perhaps you wish wholeheartedly that his or her death is nothing but a nightmare.

You are likely to dream of someone if he or she is connected to something you desire presently. 

Suppose you had some of your best years with an ex-lover. You guys may no longer be together, but you know very well that you were happy during those times. 

Perhaps your subconscious reminds you of the happiness, and contentment you experienced earlier and therefore directs you back to that person that gave you joy. Maybe your subconscious mind longs for those feelings to be happy again.

9. You love that person

When you love someone, it’s a given that you would think a lot about him or her – you would be in touch constantly and share how your days went by. Even when you aren’t together, he or she will be on your mind. 

The dream may also mean it’s high time you acknowledged your true feelings and confessed to the person concerned. 

You may say-

‘what if I get rejected?’

‘what if he or she does not like me back?’

That may happen, but if you want such dreams to end, you must take action and be clear about where you stand. 

That person could be anyone – your parents, friends, lover, or even a crush. Whether you are in communication or not, the fact that you think of him or her for most of the day is enough reason for your recurrent dreams. 

10. You want that person to like you 

One of the reasons you repeatedly dream of someone is because you want that person to like and appreciate you. 

For instance, let’s assume that you toil very hard at your workplace because you want your boss to notice you, see your potential and acknowledge your skills and talents. 

In such cases, that boss is more than likely to show up in your dreams. Perhaps until you receive the due recognition or maybe till the time you give up. 

11. You want him or her in your life

When you like a person, he or she is likely to be on your conscious mind for most parts of the day. And that continued even in your sleep. 

During sleep, your body takes rest, but your brain doesn’t. It stays active, and what you think about during the day slips into your sleep and shows up in one of the stages. 

In some cases, your conscious mind may not even be aware of how you feel about that person. The recurrent dreams hint at it again and again until you realize what is going on. The dreams repeat to encourage you to let that individual know your true feelings. 

The more you like that person, the more you will dream of him or her, and the more you see him or her in your dream plots, the more you will want to have that person in your life.

One way to stop such dreams is to confess and see what happens next unless, of course, you enjoy seeing him or her every night. 

12. That person reminds you of someone 

Suppose you encountered a girl in your high school that resembles your deceased sister in some ways. You would probably dream of the girl you recently came across. 

That doesn’t mean you have anything to do with her. Instead, it is the memories of your sister flashing back after they have been woken up by the girl that looks like her. 

13. You’re worried about that person

Sometimes, you may dream of someone if you are anxious about their welfare. 

14. You feel guilty

Have you wronged that person in the past? Perhaps your mind is aware of the harm you have caused him or her and deeply regret it. But maybe, you are not ready to accept your wrongdoings openly. 

It may also mean you are ready to fix the wrong deed but aren’t sure how to. 

If that is the case, start with an apology. There is nothing a heartfelt apology cannot fix. Whether that person accepts it or not is another matter. But regardless of the outcome, you can do your part because that is the only way you can keep your mind at ease. 

If that person has died, the only remedy would be to repent sincerely and move on with your life. 

15. You went through a messy breakup 

Were you in a relationship that ended abruptly? 

Everything could have gone by smoothly, and you must have felt like you are the luckiest when all of a sudden, your ex-lover declared he or she needed a break. That might have shattered your hopes and dreams and left you feeling victimized by the whole affair. 

If he or she provided no reason behind the unexpected breakup, you would be left thinking where the relationship went wrong and what you did that is unpardonable. 

And these thoughts and questions will compel you to have recurring dreams of that person. 

If this is relatable, you may try talking to a relationship counselor to help you get over that person. Else, there’s no saying when your dreams will stop tormenting you. 

16. You are trying to forget that person

During your waking hours, you try hard not to think of him or her, you keep yourself occupied and push the thoughts of that person away. But during your sleep, he or she managed to slide into your dreams.

That is likely if the person in your dream is an ex you want to forget. You try hard to convince your conscience that you must move on when you know perfectly well that you still love him or her. 

Or it could also be your best friend who ditched you for a new buddy. You act like you don’t need him or her anymore in your life when, deep within your heart, you wish him or her to come back for you. 

More than you wish to admit your mind knows what exactly you long for and gives you hints through repeated scenes.

17. That person has personality traits you admire

You may also dream of a person repeatedly if you admire some of his or her personality traits.

For example, let’s assume that you keep seeing your ex-lover in your dreams. That doesn’t mean you still have feelings for him or her, though that may be true for some individuals. 

Instead, it could mean you seek the qualities he or she possesses in your next partner. 

You may be looking for a new partner in your waking life. Perhaps you want to hang out, go to the movies, go on dates with a partner. However, since you are presently single, your subconscious could have randomly chosen your ex-lover to fill in the spot. 

18. That person is likely to take advantage of you

If you keep dreaming of a person you are on bad terms with, the dream is a warning. Chances are, he or she will take advantage of you in some way or the other. 

19. That person is your soulmate

When you see a person in a dream, you may feel like you are the happiest and the luckiest within the plot. After you snap back to reality, if you feel lost and empty as if someone has snatched away a part of you, chances are that person is your soulmate. 

Contrary to general perception, soulmates need not necessarily be life partners. They can even be a friend or a sibling. 

20. That person has a de-stressing effect on you

If you are riding through tough times, if nothing soothes and comforts your mind and soul in your waking life, you may have recurring dreams of someone. 

In that case, that person appeared because he or she makes you feel alive like no other. 

21. The dreams are forewarning you

If the overall energy of the dream series is unpleasant or if they make you feel anxious, stressed, and nervous, chances are they are warning you of something. 

For instance, if you feel uneasy each time you dream of an acquaintance, your higher self could be warning you of something regarding that person. 

To mention a real example, a man reported having recurring dreams of another man. In one scenario, that man was a threat to him. At other times, he did wrong to the dreamer. 

However, in waking life, the guy often takes out the dreamer for meals and tries to get closer to him. 

Because of these gestures, the dreamer believed the man to be good when in truth, he is a creep.

Here, the dreams may have happened to warn the dreamer against getting involved with the man. Perhaps the plots were trying to give hints to the man to see the reality. 

22. That person is you

According to Carl Jung, the human mind comprises both feminine and masculine counterparts. Due to the androgenetic nature of the psyche, sometimes recurring dreams occur to connect you with the opposing energy to maintain your life balance. 

23. It could be a manifestation

According to Sigmund Freud, dreams comprise unconscious desires, thoughts, and motivations. Considering his theory, recurring dreams of a person may be a manifestation of your desires and wish fulfillments.

Dreaming About The Same Person: Various Dream Scenarios

Recurrent themes in dream plots may have different interpretations and significance depending on who that person is. Before you try to decode any frequent dream theme or spectacle, first try to figure out if you know the person in your dream or not. 

Do you know who he or she is?

What is your relation with him or her?

What are your feelings towards that individual?

Proceed with the interpretation only after you have your answers clear otherwise, the overall meaning may be misdirected. 

1. Recurring dreams about the same person

According to clinical psychologist, Dr. John Mayer, recurring dreams of someone or something must not be taken literally. 

“The dreams are usually not exactly the same each time, but the recurring theme is usually something in your head that is somehow unresolved.”

Unless that person is on your mind for most of the day, recurring dreams of the same person are symbolic of a feeling, emotion, or something else.

2. Dreaming about the same person every night

Dreaming about the same individual one night after the other may mean you need to draw boundaries regarding that person. Each relationship needs a limitation. Just because he or she is close to you doesn’t mean that person can behave whatever way he or she desires with you. 

For a relationship to be healthy, there needs to be mutual respect between the two parties. If you dream of a person night after night, it may mean he or she has crossed boundaries with you. 

You might have brushed it aside, thinking it’s not a big deal. But your subconscious lets you know that it is a matter to think over. 

3. Dreaming about the same person for years

You may have recurring dreams of a person for years if you relate him or her to a past traumatic incident.

Perhaps that incident is deeply ingrained in your mind that it remains fresh in your memories though years have gone by. And for some reason, you associate the incident with a person. That individual could be the perpetrator or the rescuer.  

You are likely to keep dreaming of him or her as long as the memories of the incident haunt you. 

If that person has caused you pain, the dream advises you to cut him or her off completely from your life. 

4. Dreaming about the same person every day

If you suddenly start having repeated dreams about someone, they could be premonitory dreams, which are dreams that foretell the future to some extent. 

Perhaps something terrible is about to befall that person, and the universe is sending you signals to prevent the worst from happening.

Maybe the person in your dream is struggling to stay afloat. Perhaps life is testing him or her most cruelly. Before you conclude, evaluate each of the elements, and try to connect the dots keeping that person in the center. 

A deep analysis will reveal why he or she suddenly came to visit you in your dreams day after day.

He or she might need help, and chances are, that person counts on you to get him or her out of trouble. Study your dreams and take necessary actions before it gets too late.

5. Dreaming about the same person twice in a row

First, figure out who that person is. Is it someone you know in the real world? If you do know him or her, is he or she still in your life? What does that person remind you of – emotion, success, or evil?

There has to be a reason why that person visits you, and you would be the best person to find out why.

6. Constantly dreaming of babies 

Generally speaking, babies in your dreams symbolize your inner child, a fresh beginning and rebirth. 

However, from the spiritual point of view, they represent accomplishment, recognition, and acknowledgment. 

Considering that, the dreams could be an indication that you have given your best. You went above and beyond to accomplish your tasks and responsibilities, and now it’s time for you to sit back and go easy on life.

The dreams could also be suggesting you reward yourself by letting your inner child come alive. Let it roam free like a winged bird for a change!

Negatively, recurrent dreams concerning babies could signify an inner conflict. Perhaps your mind conflicts with what your heart seeks. 

7. Dreaming of your mother repeatedly

If you have repeated dreams of your mother, it is directly or indirectly related to your relationship with her. 

Not everyone shares a good relationship with his or her mother. Regardless of which, seeing your mother in dreams is a good sign. If you have love and respect for each other, the dream scenarios may mean you need to spend more quality time with her.

And if you are constantly at odds with her, the dreams are your subconscious mind’s attempt to make peace with her. This is also true if she is no longer with you in this world. 

You may also have repeated dreams of your mother if you are constantly worried about her hitting old age, health, and well-being. 

8. Dreaming of a friend repeatedly

You may dream of a friend for various reasons. 

Perhaps you befriended that person recently, and you find everything about him or her cool and fascinating – lifestyle, house, profession, dress sense, etc. In such cases, your dreams could be a reflection of your desire for a similar lifestyle. 

You may also dream of a friend you had fallen out with, in the recent past. Perhaps you want to get back together, but your ego stops you from approaching him or her first. 

You could also dream of your friend if you are constantly anxious about him or them. Perhaps you think of him or her as more than a friend and want the best to happen to him or her. 

Have you forgotten something concerning your friend? A birthday, maybe.

If you suddenly start having recurrent dreams of a friend you haven’t met in a long time, do get in touch with him or her. Chances are, he or she is in dire need of help. 

Maybe he or she needs you but is stopping himself or herself from reaching out because of some reason. 

It would be best to check in and see that everything is alright.

9. Dreaming constantly about childhood friends

If you have recurring dreams about a childhood friend, it may be an indication that you look back to the past when you were free from pressures and responsibilities. 

10. Recurrent dreams about your children

The dreams reflect how much you love your kids and how your life revolves around them and their well-being. 

Parents with teenage children often have recurring dreams of their kids. Teenage is a phase in life where one is rebellious of anything and everything that irks them. In that case, such dreams are a testament that you wish your kids wouldn’t talk and argue back to you. 

Sometimes, you may dream of your child getting into deep trouble. The dream advises you not to take it to heart because it simply means you are constantly worried about their safety. 

If you aren’t a parent and keep having recurring dreams of your child or children, the dream plots could be implying your inner child. 

Is there anything you wished to do when you were little? 

Did you give it up as you considered it impossible to achieve back then? 

Perhaps you want to give it a try now. 

By now, you know pretty well that dreams do not happen randomly. There has to be a reason behind the constant dreams of children when you have no child of your own. Better explore all the possibilities and see where they lead to!

11. Constantly dreaming about someone you know in real life

The recurring dreams have no underlying meaning if he or she is someone you hang out with, and spend time with most of the time. 

Since that individual occupies much of your conscious mind, the dream indicates that your subconscious also remembers that person.

Nevertheless, try looking at the dream plots from other perspectives too. They may have a deeper meaning than just being an extension of your conscious mind. It may be because you always look out for them. 

Such dreams are also likely if you got on bad terms with that person. Perhaps the awkwardness between the two of you gets on your nerves. If that is the case, talk it out with him or her. As indicated by the dream, you will never be free of such dreams until you clear the bad air between the two of you. 

12. Recurrent dreams of your boss

Recurrent dreams about your superior at work are directly or indirectly associated with a drive for success and professional life. 

It may also stand for obstacles heading towards you. 

13. Dreaming of colleagues night after night

Needless to say, those dreams are concerned with your professional life. 

Perhaps your higher self is trying to tell you to reevaluate your work life. Ask yourself these questions – Are you happy or are you not? 

Your dreams could also be advising you to push harder than you presently do. Perhaps your aspirations to excel and stand out from your colleagues are too strong. 

Anything is possible, good as well as bad. The key here is to recall your emotions and the supporting dream elements for a crystal-clear answer. 

14. Dreaming about your crush again and again

If you keep dreaming of the guy or the girl next door you’ve been crushing on, it means you are hoping for something to happen between the two of you. 

15. Dreaming constantly about an ex-lover 

If you keep seeing an old flame in your dreams, it indicates that you don’t feel at ease with your present partner. Maybe something is unsettling about the relationship, and you don’t feel with the current partner as you did with your ex. 

Recurrent dreams of your ex-lover may also mean you are still not over him or her. Maybe you long to get back together with that person again. 

On the other hand, it could be your subconscious mind reliving the past. That is especially true if you had romantic dreams and were in love with your ex-boyfriend in the dream. 

16. Recurring dreams of a stranger

Some experts claimed that you wouldn’t dream of a person you have never crossed paths with. 

However, that is negated by other analysts. According to the second group, you would see two or three different individuals in your dream during your REM sleep stage, and out of these, half could be strangers. 

That is to say, it’s normal to have recurrent dreams of a stranger. Generally, strangers in dreams symbolize rivals or people whose existence itself poses a threat to you. 

According to experts, half of the strangers in dreams would likely be male with aggressive nature. 

Dreams wherein you witness threatening strangers indicate your anxiety and worry over an issue. In that case, the character signifies a dangerous situation you and your people are presently facing.

Analyze the dream plot carefully. Figure out his or her reactions, where you see him or her, and whether you had a conversation or not. These are just as important as the fact that he or she came to your dreams. 

If your overall dream experience with the stranger was bad, you need to be cautious. 

On the flip side, if you had fun with that unknown person in your dream, it means you would get a pleasant surprise soon. If the stranger comforts you in the dreamscape, it means you have the potential to overcome any shackles that crop up in your way. 

Interestingly, the stranger in your dream could also be you.

17. Repeatedly dreaming of a dead person

In a broad sense, having recurring dreams of a dead person reflects your inability to accept reality. You desire to see him or her again and want him or her to come back, alive and well. This interpretation holds if he or she passed away recently. 

On the other hand, your subconscious may be trying to get close to that person once again through dreams. 

Sometimes, recurrent dreams of a dead person may creep you out. 

You might even start asking questions like “Has he or she come to take me?” or “Am I going to die?” As ridiculous as they sound, these have been asked by those who repeatedly dreams of dead people. 

However, the good news is that the answer to both the questions is no. Recurrent dreams of a dead person don’t mean you would soon have to prepare to leave the world. It’s nothing like that. It simply means you miss that person and the jolly good times you spend with him or her. 

It may also be your subconscious mind trying to fill in the space he or she has left behind. If the dead person is your late mother or father, the scenario is associated with the loss you feel or experience presently. 

18. Dreaming constantly that a dead person is alive

When you dream of a dead person being alive, you clearly miss him or her, the times you spend together and yearn to be united once again. 

But since that isn’t possible, your subconscious helps you achieve your desire through your dreams. 

19. Recurrent dreams about more than one person 

Since the repeated dreams include multiple people, it implies that you are all set to get into action. Perhaps you are finally prepared to get into a social circle and talk openly about yourself.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About The Same Person

According to ancient dream books, recurrent dreams of the same person symbolizes your psyche, your life, and you as a whole. Following this theory, whoever comes up in your dream plot- parent, friend, colleague, stranger signifies none other but you, your passion, happiness, desire, and so on. 

On the other hand, some experts believe that the person in your dream also reflects who he or she is in waking life. 

If you see that person in your dreamscape more often than what is considered usual, it is because you share a strong bond with that person in reality. Perhaps the two of you share similar likes, dislikes, and energies. Maybe you feel an emotional connection with him or her, or maybe you two understand each other too well. 

In that case, the connection could be a Karmic relation, which can be either good or bad. If the person clicks well with you in real life, do not dwell much on the dream as they mean no harm. 

On the flip side, if you can hardly tolerate that person in waking life, you must do something to stop the dream cycle as they are likely to put you through mental stress. If the person in your dream scenario is not in your life, it could be a soul that has crossed over. 

Recurrent Dreams of The Same Person: Dream Examples

1. A woman had recurrent dreams of a man she knew in waking life. In real life, he confessed his feelings for her, but she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. 

That same night she saw him in her dream. In the dream scenario, he was disappointed to learn that she doesn’t feel the same about him and therefore told her not to marry him. 

The first time she dreamt of him, he was in a studio. He wore a white kameez from which bright light was reflected. The man looked her in the eye and smiled at her. 

In the second dream, they were inside an unknown household. The man also looked much older here. 

The next time she dreamed of him, they were kissing on the bed. When he asked for her hand in marriage, she said she feels insecure in some areas of her life. In response, the man said he didn’t care about any of those and continued kissing her when his whole family walked into the room. 

Here, as stated by the dreamer, it’s clear that she shared no relationship with the man. He was someone who went to the same school or college as her or someone who had a crush on her. 

Since he plays no significant role in her waking life, the dream is less about him and more about the woman and her inner conflicts. He is just a medium through which her unconscious and inner conflicts unfold. 

He could represent the woman’s fear and insecurities regarding her future, love, relationship, etc. The woman must reevaluate her life and matters more meticulously to find out what she feels vulnerable to. 

There is a high chance that there is a transformation – from purity( white and gleaming Kameez) to sinfulness. In the first dream, he looked her in the eye and smiled. 

In the second dream, the man could represent someone the woman is in a relationship with. The fact that he looked older than the first time means the relationship is not as serious as it used to be once. 

Several cultures across the globe forbid physical intimacy before marriage. Note that the two of them are not married. Keeping such cultural associations in mind, it is safe to say, the relationship moved on from love to lust or from purity towards sinfulness. 

Lastly, his family walking into the room symbolizes exposure. 

In short, here is the entire cycle of the dream summed up: 

The transformation from feelings of security and hope for a wonderful love relationship that would possibly end in marriage to an affair where lust has overshadowed love, to fear, anxieties, conflicts, and finally exposure. 

Another possible interpretation is that she has a matter concerning the man that has not been resolved yet.  

2. A woman had recurring dreams of her boss.

The woman here wanted to grow and expand her career. But the recurrent appearance of her boss means she already has her hands full with office-related work, leaving her little to no room to work on her career. 

Possible Reasons Why You Have Multiple Dreams About The Same Person

Some of the reasons you have these types of dreams are-

  1. You are concerned about his or her welfare. However, your busy schedule gives you too little time to dwell on that person’s wellbeing. 
  1. You are trying hard to forget him or her.  
  1. You are in love with him or her.
  1.  That person drains your mental energy on a daily basis. 
  1. For reasons good or bad- that person is deeply ingrained in your mind. 
  1. Something is wrong with that person and the dream urges you to pay attention to what’s going on in his or her life. 
  1. The universe is conveying a message to you via your dreams. 
  1. You are an overthinker.
  1. You are in a fix, and you look back to the time when that person underwent the same trouble. Perhaps you are trying to recollect how he or she solved the problem. 

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself If The Same Person Keeps Appearing In My Dreams (Dreamer)

Chyrese Soubasis, an intuitive dream reader, stated that the dreamer is the only person who can give all the correct answers concerning his or her dreams. 

According to Carl Jung, dreams are a window into the unconscious realm. As per his theory, dreams are symbolic of what is happening in the unconscious. That is to say, feelings and emotions that your conscious mind is not aware of could surface in your dreams. 

For instance, you could be gradually falling in love with your childhood buddy. Though you long for and want to be with him or her every time, your conscience will interpret it as friendship when in truth, you are actually in love with that person. 

All dreams can be interpreted if you, the dreamer, are completely honest with yourself and your answers. Therefore, try asking yourself these questions to get to the bottom of your recurrent dreams. 

  1. If the person in your dream is someone you know well in your waking life, do you constantly think of him or her? 
  2. What does he or she mean to you?
  3. What were the two of you doing in your dream plot?
  4. How did you feel in the dream? If your feeling about them keeps changing in the dream, the dream is about you.
  5. Were you happy with him or her? Or was the overall experience unpleasant to recall?
  6. Do you think that person is getting in your way?
  7. Are you over your ex-lover? Or do you still feel the same for him or her?

How To Stop Dreaming About Someone?

It certainly is no pleasant affair to dream of a person every day, especially if the overall tone of the dreams was negative. 

According to health psychologist, Traci Stein, six in every ten people have dreams with recurring themes, and that is downright normal. However, the matter gets worrisome if you keep dreaming of the same person night after night for days, weeks, and even years. 

On that account, we have listed some ways to put an end to such a dream series

1. Be calm and do not jump to conclusions!

One of the reasons you have recurring dreams is because you are anxious about certain aspects of your life. However, there is nothing such as one size fits all, even in dream interpretation. 

You must refrain from believing that it’s the stress or anxiety causing the dreams. Before you list one more possibility and come to a conclusion, do some study. 

Many times, recurring dreams have been reported to have no to little impact or relation to the dreamer’s life. So, leave no stones unturned. Retrospect, and you will find the reason for your dreams. 

2. Keep a journal

Instead of making wild assumptions and jumping to conclusions, Stein advises maintaining a journal to note every single detail of the dreams. 

Jot down how you see him or her? What happens in the dream scenarios? If you know that person, how was life when he or she was around? Do you think he or she is symbolic of a particular feeling or emotion?

“That could either tell you something about what you feel about the person that you may not consciously want to address, but that a part of you thinks it’s important to take a closer look at,” explained Stein.

3. Evaluate the dream

To end the ongoing dream series, you need to find out the problem, and for that, you must evaluate the dream.

Reflect on the dreams and the scenarios. Look at them from various perspectives. That will give you a better understanding of your dreams and help you make better decisions. Social psychologists believe reflecting on dreams influences the process of your decision-making. 

4. Resolve unfinished businesses 

One of the most common reasons for recurrent dreams is unresolved affairs. During your waking life, you may ignore the tensions concerning any pending business, but they will come to torment you in your dreams. 

For instance, assume that you caught your partner talking to someone passionately. The scene will lead you to question if he or she is cheating on you with that person. You might try to push the tensions away from your mind because you don’t want trouble to arise between the two of you. 

However, since the matter is not something that can be overlooked or forgotten, it will come to you through your sleep state. Perhaps you’ll dream of your partner breaking off the marriage after years of being together. 

And you’ll keep dreaming of your partner leaving you for someone else until and unless you resolve the problem. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner and steer clear of your suspicions. 

Perhaps they are not in that kind of relationship. Or even if they are, you must find out the answer to stop your horrendous dreams and think of how you can take the matter forward.

5. Talk about it to someone you trust

Talking about and sharing your dreams will not only help you unburden the load, but you will also gain new ideas and perspectives concerning the matter. But remember to share it with someone who supports and looks out for you. 

Don’t spill your dreams out to just anyone because you trust them. The trust might not be mutual.

6. Meditate

Meditating may help you relieve yourself from haunting recurrent dreams because it calms and destresses your mind and soul. 

Recurring dreams about a person are common dream themes and should be no reason for worry. 

However, as mentioned earlier, dreams let you dig into the unconscious. Especially when a person or a thing surfaces in your dream more often than what can be considered normal, you must remember that there is a high chance the universe is conveying a message to you. Of course, it might be a different thing if you spend half of your day with that person. 

Wrapping Up

So, the next time you ask, ‘Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?’, try to decode the dream not from one but from various perspectives. Put the scenarios together, connect the dots, ask the questions we mentioned above, and the answer would soon become clear to you.

Interpretations vary from person to person. What is good for someone may be detrimental to another. So, experts suggest you reach out to the person you have been dreaming of. Sometimes, your timely help may prove to be a blessing to that person.

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