An arson dream meaning consists of fears, jealousy, insecurities, guilt, reviving the old, new beginnings, endings, test of strength,  resilience, new ideas, caution, hatred, lack of control, and spiritual realizations.

General Dream Interpretations of Arson

Dreams of arson can hold various meanings for every dreamer. It can be as simple as new beginnings and old memories or as intense as your negative feelings and chaos.

Some of the general interpretations are given as follows –

1. These dreams are signs of repressed anger and hatred towards someone in your waking life.

2. You wish you could start your life again in a new place.

3. Maybe you want to remove the existence of some things in your life.

4. This dream reflects feelings of jealousy about your underachievement in comparison to others. 

5. You want to fix some things but cannot find the will to do so.

6. The broken relationships in your life need to be mended for finding peace.

7. You are trying to think of different ways to overcome obstacles in life. 

Now, let’s dig into its specific scenarios –

Dream about Arson – Various Scenarios and Interpretations

Read on to find out the meaning of this specific scenario –

Seeing an Arson Dream Meaning

Dreaming of arson symbolizes feelings of anger and jealousy. You are acting out because you cannot suppress your emotions any longer. Maybe you are envious of someone else’s achievements in comparison to yours. 

Besides, it suggests that you have faced many failures in life and want to become successful. It may indicate your feelings of anger and distress. 

Dream of Planning an Arson Attack 

This dream suggests that you want to hurt someone’s dreams and goals. You want to take revenge for the way they have hurt you in your waking life. This dream scenario is a sign of jealousy and envy. 

Besides, it might show that you want to inflict the same pain on others that you have been feeling. You have bottled your feelings inside yourself. 

Seeing an Arson Attack on Your Home

You are having trouble gaining control over your life. This can be a sign that you feel like someone is constantly manipulating you to make decisions that are beneficial to them.

Maybe you are struggling to take back control from someone else. You are having internal conflicts regarding some incident in life.

Facing an Arson Attack 

This dream represents someone who might be holding feelings of bitterness towards you. Someone you know is holding a grudge and wants to see you fail. 

Protest and Arson

People around you are not happy with the way you are handling things. You are becoming aware of this scenario because of the way they are acting.

Witnessing an Arsonist Committing Arson

Your issues in life are consuming you. You have a strong and prolonged obsession in life. You want to fulfill your dreams.

Attempting an Arson 

This dream is a sign of uncontrollable rage and bitterness. Your temper is out of control and you are losing sight of what is right and wrong.

Successfully Carrying Out Arson

You wish for someone else’s failure in their personal and professional projects. Maybe, you want to see their reputation fall. 

An Arson on City 

If a city is being set on fire, it means that you are having difficulty in interacting and communicating with people around you. 

An Arson on Your Valuable Property 

This dream signals that your property or your assets will be at risk in the near future. You might lose some investment or your house due to poor decision-making. 

Arson in a Car

Arson in a car usually refers to some hindrance in your journey towards success. Someone does not want you to reach your goals.

An Arson in a Museum

Intentionally setting a museum on fire is a sign of your creative dominance. You are a very artistic and creative dreamer.

An Arson in a Garden

It shows that you are drowning in feelings of guilt and regret. Something inside you is stopping you from letting things go and moving on. 

Spiritual Dream Meaning of an Arson 

Spiritually, it symbolizes the expression of your inner anger, frustrations, and overwhelming emotions, leading to the purity and calm you need.

A word from ThePleasantDream

A scene of arson might make you afraid, worried, or simply restless. But with a bit of inner reflection, you might realize its inner symbolism. 

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