Are you curious about your boomerang dream meaning? Wondering why you had that dream?

Well, if you recently played with a boomerang, this might be a simple rerun of your reality. However, most of the time, these dreams hold significant messages from the higher powers. They often reflect urgent situations in your reality.

So, find out what your boomerang dreams mean here…

Boomerang Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dreams about boomerangs ask you to be careful while sharing confidential information with others. Moreover, it says you want to take revenge on someone.

Boomerangs, when thrown, return to you. So, you might assume that good or bad things that you did to others will return in your life. You have every reason to feel anxious if the dream means anything like that. 

But, let’s not overthink and get straight to the meanings here… 

1. Your past affects you

This dream says your past actions or mistakes are affecting you in your present life.

2. Someone around can hurt you

Dreams about boomerangs ask you to be very careful and not trust everyone, as people around can hurt you by breaking your trust.

3. You want revenge

Boomerang dreams say someone has hurt you in the past and now you only want to seek revenge.

4. Think about your actions

This dream asks you to rethink your decisions before acting. Think about the consequences of your actions.

5. You are expecting something

The dream also says you expect something in return for your hard work and efforts. You are not leaving it upon the universe to bless you for your deeds. Instead, you have something in your mind to get as a result.

Dreams about Boomerang – 60+ Types & Their Meanings

In your dreams, if the boomerang was blue, it signifies the emergence of your genuine side but a yellow one indicates an urgent emotional issue.

Based on similar details, your boomerang dream may imply several different things. So, if you remember more, grab your interpretation here…

1. Dream of throwing a boomerang and it not coming back

Dream of throwing a boomerang and not coming back represents a change of residence. It also says you will get an opportunity you have long desired and make the most of it. You will probably go to another country to work. 

2. Dream of boomerang heading towards you

As the boomerang heads toward you, this dream tells you to avoid dishonest individuals. Everyone around you is not honest. So, you must carefully select your business companions to avoid being cheated.

3. Dream of tossing the boomerang that comes back to you

The dream of tossing the boomerang that comes back to you warns you to be away from dishonest connections. You believe everyone is honest like you and does not want to harm others.

But, you will find that your belief needs to be corrected and that you must be careful when selecting business partners. Moreover, you must supervise every move they make.

4. Dream of pointing a boomerang at someone

When you dream of pointing a boomerang at someone, it means that you want to get back at them. Most likely, they made you break up with someone.

You won’t be able to calm down, so you’ll start thinking of ways to hurt them. Even if you do that, it won’t help you so it’s best to forget about it.

5. Dream of hitting someone with a boomerang

If you dream of hitting someone with a boomerang, it says you want to keep a big secret from everyone.

Your mind isn’t at ease, but you don’t want to tell anyone about your secret. It concerns people you care about and don’t want to hurt or disappoint them.

6. Dream of being hit with a boomerang

This dream is a sign of bad luck. If you have hurt someone in the past with harsh words or put a loved one in danger with your actions, life will pay you back now.

When you least expect it, you’ll know what the saying “What goes around comes around” means. It’s time to pay attention to how you act.

7. Dream of buying a boomerang

If you dream about buying a boomerang, it implies you have built a wall around yourself to stay away from people who might hurt you.

It also says that things that happened in the past still affect you, and you don’t want them to happen again. Hence, you keep your distance from everyone and don’t let anyone get close.

You often feel lonely or sad, but you think that’s the price you must pay to avoid getting hurt again.

8. Dream of selling a boomerang

When you dream of selling a boomerang, one of your plans may fail. You might have been planning a vacation, but you won’t be able to go for it because of certain things.

You’ll be sad as you’ll miss a chance to relax and rest, but don’t give up! Soon you’ll have other chances.

9. Dream of bestowing a boomerang

If you dream of bestowing a boomerang, it means a loved one will do something to hurt you. Your partner won’t show you any love, and you won’t be able to talk to each other properly.

You’ll try to figure out why, but you’ll realise it’s time to discuss it openly and honestly. Don’t say anything that hurts each other. However, let them know what’s bothering you subtly.

If your relationship is the one, you don’t need to worry about the problem because it will soon fix in the best way possible. But if it doesn’t, you have no reason to stay.

10. Dream of receiving a boomerang as a gift

If you dream that someone gives you a boomerang as a gift, it’s time to stand up for yourself. Stop putting everyone else’s needs first and doing what they want.

Don’t be afraid to say what you think because you don’t want to hurt someone. Instead, try to make yourself happy. You deserve it just as much as other people.

11. Dream of destroying a boomerang

This dream means that you will get over things that happened in the past and won’t think about them again. You’ve been bothering yourself for a long time, thinking that you should have done something different to have a better life.

12. Dream of others destroying a boomerang

When you dream that other people break a boomerang, it means that you will meet a capable person who will help you reach some of your goals.

You’ll try to get closer to them so you can explain your plan. But don’t go overboard so that they don’t think you’re a pushy person.

13. Dream of burning a boomerang

A dream of burning a boomerang suggests that you are a sensitive person. Everything hurts you, so your friends and family are afraid to talk to you if you get angry. 

14. Dream of others burning the boomerang

If someone else lights a boomerang on fire in your dream, it says you will make up with someone you haven’t talked to in a while. You’ll finally realise you were wrong and try to make peace, which they’ll gladly accept.

You will see that letting something so stupid come between you was childish and immature. Your relationship will be stronger and better than ever after you make up.

15. Dream of catching a boomerang

If you dream of catching a boomerang, it symbolises good karma. Your good deeds from the past will come back to you in the form of good luck shortly.

16. Dream of missing the catch of a boomerang

Dreaming of missing the catch of a boomerang clearly denotes a wrong decision. You are rushing to meet a deadline and make decisions without fully thinking them through. Now you have to deal with the results.

17. Dream of boomerang breaking

Dream of boomerang breaking says you have a sad or regretful past. Your subconscious reminds you of the times you failed, which you can’t change.

It is best to make the most of every chance since this shows that no second chances will be given to you for mistakes or regrets.

18. Dream of boomerang flying past you

This dream of boomerang flying past you indicates your prior involvement in an unlikely event. You might have moved on and stopped thinking about it. But even after years, you and the people around you still feel its effects.

19. Dream of boomerang flying and not returning back

If you dreamt of boomerang flying and not returning back says that you should be careful about how your coworker treats you. 

20. Dream of throwing a boomerang at someone

Dream of throwing a boomerang at someone says that you want revenge from a past lover. You need to snap out of this trance so you can start dealing with these feelings before they get out of hand.

21. Dream of catching the boomerang you threw

If you catch the boomerang you threw in your dream, it says the work or project you are working on will soon pay off. 

22. Dream of catching a boomerang thrown by someone else

Dream of catching a boomerang thrown by someone else indicates that you will get help to understand any idea.

23. Dream of boomerang bumping in your back

This dream signifies you have done something wrong in the past.

24. Dream of throwing a boomerang while hunting

The dream scenario means that people will accuse you of being too focused on your career and unwilling to compromise.

25. Dream of throwing a boomerang in sports competitions

Dream of throwing a boomerang in sports competitions says you will implement your ideas.

26. Dream of throwing a boomerang in robbery

The dream vision tells that you will do something wrong and hurt yourself.

27. Dream of throwing a boomerang while knocking something from the tree

Dream of throwing a boomerang while knocking something from the tree means you must keep trying to avoid a mistake.

28. Dream about boomerang broken in half

Dream of a boomerang broken in half means you must cancel the plans you’ve already made because they won’t bring the results you want.

29. Dream about boomerang being stolen

This dream is about your social responsibilities, sense of right and wrong, how you think, and what you hope for.

30. Dream about a dirty boomerang

Dream of a dirty boomerang shows how you feel and how cold and firm you act.

31. Dream about an old boomerang

Dream of an old boomerang shows that you need to take some time out of your life to focus on yourself.

32. Dream about repairing a boomerang

Dream of repairing a boomerang means you can expect to get tricked by a long-time friend.

33. Dream of many boomerangs

Dream of many boomerangs means that you must work more to keep what you’ve already done. Or, you must improve something so that other people can understand it.

34. Dream about giving a boomerang to someone

Dream of giving a boomerang to someone indicates you will get unexpected earnings.

35. Dream about a big boomerang

Dream of a big boomerang might mean getting better from an illness or getting rid of sin.

36. Dream about a mini boomerang

Dreams of mini boomerangs mean you’re trying to keep your feelings to yourself.

37. Dream of killing people by boomerang

If you dream of killing people by boomerang, it means that you are about to get a shock.

38. Dream about a red boomerang

Dream of a red boomerang indicates masculine factors.

39. Dream about a yellow boomerang

Dream of the yellow boomerang tries to tell you that you have a big emotional problem that needs your attention.

40. Dream of a blue boomerang

Dream of a blue boomerang is a sign that your true self is emerging.

41. Dream about a green boomerang

Dream of the green boomerang is about your higher self, and it shows that you want to stay on track with your physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness goals by being more disciplined.

42. Dream about a purple boomerang

Dream of a purple boomerang means that you will be happy and successful in everything you do.

43. Dream about a black boomerang

Dream of black boomerang means you can control your actions and respond at the right or best time.

44. Dream about a white boomerang

Dream of white boomerang means you have two sides and can’t deal with unfairness.

45. Dream of an orange boomerang

Dream of orange boomerang means that you are hurt emotionally and may need to let go of your pride and be the first to drop your weapon.

46. Dream of a pink boomerang

Dream of the pink boomerang tells that you must think about how you live.

47. Dream of a brown boomerang

Dream of a brown boomerang means that you are very emotional.

48. Dream about a grey boomerang

Grey boomerang dream means you are trying to hide your worries or flaws by building a wall.

49. Dream of a silver boomerang

Silver boomerang dreams indicate that you want to leave something behind but don’t know why.

50. Dream about a gold boomerang

Gold boomerang dream is a sign of a missed chance and the frustration of being late and disorganised.

51. Dream about a multicoloured boomerang

Multicoloured boomerang dream tells you that you need to change some part of your life, like a habitual attachment or a bad attitude.

52. Dream about a boomerang as a man

Dreaming of boomerang as a man is a sign of the worries and problems you are having.

53. Dream of a boomerang as a woman

As a woman, a boomerang dream is about something very personal to you.

54. Dream about a boomerang as a boy

As a boy, a boomerang dream is a warning about being unfaithful in love or personal relationships.

55. Dream about a boomerang as a girl

Being a girl, a boomerang dream means that you need to get rid of that person or situation.

56. Dream of a boomerang as a teacher

If you’re a teacher, a boomerang dream is a picture of power, pride, and courage.

57. Dream of a boomerang as a student

As a student, a boomerang dream shows how much you depend on other people and how much control you have over your own life.

58. Dream of a boomerang as a child

Being a child, a boomerang dream means that you will worry about a close friend or family member for a while.

59. Dream of a boomerang as a worker

Boomerang’s dream as a worker shows that the change has begun but needs more energy to keep going.

60. Dream about a boomerang as a businessman

Boomerang’s dream as a businessman is about a surprise reward for a favour done in the past.

61. Dream about a boomerang as a driver

Boomerang dream for a diver is a sign of grounding your energies.

62. Dream about a wooden carved boomerang 

Dream of a wooden carved boomerang suggests you will have a project with great ideas and solutions for your business in two months.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your boomerang dreams correctly

Unless you pinpoint all the details of your boomerang dream, you can’t reach the right interpretation. But if you don’t remember everything clearly, don’t worry. Jog your mind and answer these questions, and you will eventually find your message!

1. What is the colour of the boomerang?

2. With what is the boomerang made?

3. Who saw the dream?

4. What did you do with the boomerang?

5. How did you feel in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Whether your boomerang dreams bring good or bad news, don’t let them impact your mood. Focus on the message and have faith in yourself.

Even if it’s a negative message, be grateful to the higher powers for warning you beforehand. Stay optimistic, and everything will work out!

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