Are you curious about your boomerang dream meaning? Wondering why you had that dream?

If you recently played with a boomerang, this might be a simple rerun of your reality.

However, most of the time, these dreams ask you to be careful while sharing confidential information with others. Moreover, it says you want to take revenge on someone.

Boomerang Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Boomerangs, when thrown, return to you.

So, you might assume that the good or bad things you did to others will return. You have every reason to feel anxious if the dream means anything like that. 

But let’s not overthink and get straight to the meanings here… 

  • This dream says your past actions or mistakes are affecting you in your present life.
  • Dreams about boomerangs ask you to be very careful and not trust everyone, as people around can hurt you by breaking your trust.
  • It says someone has hurt you in the past and now you only want to seek revenge.
  • This dream asks you to rethink your decisions before acting. Think about the consequences of your actions.
  • Lastly, it says you expect something in return for your hard work and efforts. You are not leaving it upon the universe to bless you for your deeds. 

Dreams about Boomerang – Various Types & Their Meanings

Boomerang dreams may imply several different things. So, if you remember more, grab your interpretation here…

Dream of throwing a boomerang and it not coming back

This dream represents a change of residence. It also says you will get an opportunity you have long desired and make the most of it. 

Dream of boomerang heading towards you

It tells you to avoid dishonest individuals. Everyone around you is not honest. So, you must carefully select your business companions to avoid being cheated.

Dream of tossing the boomerang that comes back to you

It warns you to be away from dishonest connections. You believe everyone is honest like you and does not want to harm others.

Hitting someone with a boomerang

It says you want to keep a big secret from everyone. Your mind isn’t at ease, but you don’t want to tell anyone about your secret. 

Being hit with a boomerang

This dream is a sign of bad luck. If you have hurt someone in the past with harsh words or put a loved one in danger with your actions, life will pay you back now.

Catching a boomerang

It symbolizes good karma. Your good deeds from the past will return to you in the form of good luck shortly.

Missing the catch of a boomerang

This dream clearly denotes a wrong decision. You rush to meet a deadline and make decisions without fully thinking them through. 

Boomerang flying past you

It indicates your prior involvement in an unlikely event. 

Boomerang flying and not returning back

If you dreamt of boomerang flying and not returning back says that you should be careful about how your coworker treats you. 

Catching the boomerang you threw

It says the work or project you are working on will soon pay off. 

Catching a boomerang thrown by someone else

This dream indicates that you will get help to understand any idea.

Throwing a boomerang in sports competitions

It says you will implement your ideas.

Throwing a boomerang in robbery

The dream vision tells you that you will do something wrong and hurt yourself.

A wooden carved boomerang 

It suggests you will have a project with great ideas and solutions for your business in two months.

Boomerang broken in half

You must cancel the plans you’ve already made because they won’t bring the results you want.

Various Colors of Boomerang Appearing in Dreams

Let’s explore what every color suggests!

  • Red boomerang – It indicates masculine factors.
  • Yellow boomerang – It tries to tell you that you have a big emotional problem that needs your attention.
  • Blue boomerang – It is a sign that your true self is emerging.
  • Black boomerang – It means you can control your actions and respond at the right or best time.
  • White boomerang – It means you have two sides and can’t deal with unfairness.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Whether your boomerang dreams bring good or bad news, don’t let them impact your mood. Focus on the message and have faith in yourself.

Even if it’s a negative message, be grateful to the higher powers for warning you beforehand. Stay optimistic, and everything will work out!

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